Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Here, or there?

About 8 am at our house:

About 8 am at a public high school in Ohio:

Would you rather your kids were here, or there?

Sadly, this school shooting was no anomaly, nor an isolated incident. We hear about them all the time. And something else we keep hearing - "I never thought it could happen here!"

And for what? What are the benefits of throwing our children to the wolves in the public school system? Better education - hardly. If your child does well academically, it will only be because you taught them yourself at home, before and after school. Better socialization - hardly. Children in school are limited to hanging out with the same kids, in the same age group, day after day, often year after year. Negative influences and bullies are the norm, not the exception. While as adults we are accustomed to dealing with these, a child that is yet in his/her formative years may be permanently damaged by these. Family ties are destroyed as siblings and parents are separated and scattered all over town for much of the waking hours. 

I don't want my 10-year old daughter dying after getting in a fight at school over a boy. I don't want any single one of them around jerks that will paw all over them, use them, and discard them. Our daughters are so precious, their value so "far above rubies", that only the best of the best will ever even stand a chance to be allowed near them. That's what Dads (and big brothers) are for - to keep away the creeps, who would love nothing more than to defile a naive, precious, godly young lady. Sure, you may call me overprotective - I will be glad when it is not my daughter pregnant out of wedlock, living with a man she is not married to. If they were in school all day, I would have no clue who was preying on them, and giving them the attention they craved and deserved, and which I failed to give. I wish someone would have loved me enough as a child to protect me from perverts and freaks everywhere.

Drugs, alcohol, bad peers, pedophiles - none of these are in our home. Sure, I could expose my child to all of them, and hope for the best. I could also allow them to ride in the car with no seat belt, ride their bikes along a busy city street, or leave them outside to play alone after dark - but I don't do those things because I am a responsible parent that tries to minimize unnecessary risks.

This week, I read a really lame post by another, once-popular blogger, in which she indirectly makes herself out to be a better parent because she is "that parent" - the parent that is not snobbish, overprotective, perfectly manicured, and a mother to one young prodigy. I have no doubt that the entire scene she conjured up of the "perfect parent" is entirely fictitious to excuse her own failures. I don't think that in order to be a good parent, it is necessary for my children to be on antidepressants following my divorce, admitted to psychiatric clinics, physically assaulting me or their siblings, piercing their ears with safety pins, and at best turning out okay after years of stress and agony. Nor am I a perfect, rich mother to one perfect child. In between those extremes (sadly only the latter of which is fictitious, and the first this blogger's actual situation) is a third, right option: raising normal children, in normal homes, in spite of the normal struggles. No, I DON'T want to be "that parent" whose child kills another, defiles another, assaults another. No, I DON'T want to be "that parent" whose child is killed, defiled, or assaulted by another. 

No doubt, this lady is no better or worse as a mother in her intentions than I am, or most moms are. The difference is that I am a Christian that believes and tries to follow the Bible, and she isn't. I am not better or smarter - I just came across a better, and guaranteed recipe, for success, if applied correctly and consistently. Public school is not part of that recipe.

No thanks. I'll just take my chances with homeschooling. For us, it seems to be turning out fabulous, responsible, happy, caring, well-groomed, polite, educated, pleasant human beings - as the RULE, not the EXCEPTION. Since, at their respective ages, our kids are doing much better than the vast majority of their public-school peers, I'll just believe that this trend will continue. Not because we are better parents, but because we have a better method. Namely one based on the Bible and God's wisdom, not the wisdom of a murderous government that cannot even balance a checkbook.

If you are waiting for a devastating call from your child's school before waking up, it will be too late. You will be the one living with regrets, not us.


  1. so true! so much sorrow could be avoided if folks would simply do the right things in their lives and their childrens lives. thanks for being brave enough to put yourself out there with your blog. very inspiring. we might not totally agree on everything, but you do seem to love God and your family so very much. best wishes,

  2. So true! For what? What is the benefit? None for the child- it's all about the adults and parents wanting free babysitting, people want to get paid and let's be honest it's a failing system. I just saw online a story of a teen who commited suicide after texting a picture nude to her boyfriend and he showed it to the whole school and made her life miserable. She was an only child, she wanted to stop going to that school but parents made her, she hanged herself in her bedroom..and these stories are becoming more and more common. I just recently told my parents about the pervert teacher I had in 5th grade and weird stuff he did in his preferential treatment of me. They even allowed him to visit me at home unannounced. They told me I was crazy and making it all up and the weeks that followed came reports of SEVERAL teachers in the area where we grew up that were arrested doing unspeakable things to little kids..now at least they stopped asking me every single visit when I am going to send them to "real school."

  3. Zsuzsa, this is really insensitive. How about offering up a prayer for the victimes and families of this horrific event, instead of bragging yet again that homeschooling is superior (in your opinion)?

    Unfortunately, bad things happen in the world. It is a result of our sinful nature. Bad things can occur any time and without warning, to anyone. The key is to trust God and not be fearful of the world around us. Using our heads and logic to keep ourselves safe is a given. But our God does not rule by fear.

    And from what I hear about the young man who did this (unconfirmed reports, of course), he had a very troubled home life. I am not giving him a pass or an excuse by any means, but not all children have the advantages of your children, i.e., a mother who wishes to homeschool them.

    Please take some time to think about things before you post them. Because this post just looks ignorant and horribly insensitive.

  4. I don't beleive our children are being too sheltered by being kept at home instead of shipped off to public school, or forced into dealing with situations on their own when their minds aren't yet capable of making informed and logical decisions without some guidance.
    If children were capable of dealing with life on their own, God wouldn't have entrusted them to parents to raise until maturity. Many parents these days aren't mature enough or capable of dealing with what life throws their way half the time, and yet we're asking children to step out in the world and "learn the ropes" We can't do it without God, and our children can't do it without us and our direction towards God either, and they're not going to have time to learn much of that, if they're not home learning from us.
    As for shootings, most (if not all) are by children being medicated. You should watch Generation RX very eye opening.
    Anyway, you made some very good points on a topic I'm very passionate about...as you can tell by the rambling. ;)

  5. I've been reading your blog for a little over a year now, and have never commented. I admire much of how you do things...especially in the food department. I think we agree theologically about 95%. I am a homeschool mom of a girl, and a boy who are 14 months a part and are now in 5th grade. (I was able to start my son early) You are SO right in your comparison of homeschool vs. public school. I've seen it over and over again, and even experienced it myself. I want better for my children. I just wanted to give you a hearty "AMEN!!" ~Kellie

  6. I am neither pro or con on homeschooling - whatever works for your family is what you should go with - home or public, your kids, your choice.
    You are blind if you think this can't happen to your kids becasue you school them at home. Unfortunetly violence has permeated our society - mall shootings, church shootings, car jacking and even home invasions -violence can & sadly is happening everywhere. While you can control the other bad influences on your child, someday they will be exposed to unpleasantries of some sort -so please don't bury your head.
    I enjoy your blog, I even have it on an RSS feed - but remember the victims parents who you seem to be ridiculing for sending them to a public school are greiving right now, their lives shattered - as a Christian you should show some sort of compassion rather than playing the "I told you so" game.

  7. I do not find your post horrible or insensitive. The horror and sorrow you feel for those children and parents is in every word. And it is unspeakably sad. God's will can and is often thwarted by His creatures. Satan is more than delighted to use our free will to lead us to Hell. I pray for all the fallen that they may find the Light which guides us all, if only we are willing to listen and follow.

    in His peace,

  8. I'd like to offer a prayer to the victim and her family--what a horrible, bizarre crime, truly a mother, father, and teacher's worst nightmare. As I read it, the teacher's training in first aid saved this small child's life, and God was truly with her in her brave acts.

    Also, you mentioned big brothers (and big sisters! They, too, can be protectors!) I thank God every day for my elder brother, who helped me so much during the divorce of my parents and through so much else!

    God bless you, Dad, and the seven,


  9. I went to public school and was quite happy in it. I was more intelligent than the other schoolers and got easily bored, but I made good friends. I can't think of anytime when I was in a dangerous situation, but it happens. I has happened in a school next to mine : a piece of the roof flew to a student and stabbed him in the stomach, he didn't die but was griefly hurt.

    I have been going to the scouts since I was 8, and during many years, my sister came too. Now I'm the leader for the little ones and I love it. My sister stopped going because she was always having problems. Once, she was stung by a swarm of wasps, and discovered by the same occasion that she was allergic. Once she fell off her bike and got seriously hurt (concussion of the brain). All this time, I had zero injuries, and not a single problem of any kind. I guess it's just bad luck, as with schools.

  10. Of the four homeschool families with which we have frequent contact, THREE have daughters who have given birth out of wedlock. The fourth family has only sons; and all of these families homeschool for reasons of faith, just like you.
    In our public high school of 400 students, there have been TWO teen prgnancies in the last two years.
    Temptation enters all lives. It is not only public school children who make such lasting mistakes.

    Also, Andrea Yates homeschooled her children. They certainly were not safe, were they?

  11. I would be careful about making predictions about your kids when they are 5, 3 and 1. Plenty of homeschooled girls get pregnant, live with men, etc. Homeschooling is not a protection against all the world's sins, unless you plan to keep your kids locked in a closet.

  12. Were John truly ahead of age-related public schooled peers, he would not be writing certain letters and numbers backwards, (as shown in your "You Couldn't Pay Me..." post from earlier in Feb,) which is concerning enough in a 7 year old.

  13. Imagine if Anna's birth had turned out differently and tragically with the placental abruption. How would you feel if anti-homebirth bloggers posted it as 'proof' home birth is dangerous? Would you be chastened and switch immediately to hospital birth? Or would you feel hurt, and ridiculed, and judged by someone who has not walked in your shoes? You're changing no one's lives by this, just rubbing salt in a wound.

    Please show a little respect for the parents of the victims. They are no better or worse in their intentions as a parent than you are, and their intention that morning was to send their child to school to be educated.

    The issue is not with the parents who just sent their children to school that day. The issue is with a child growing up in a home where they felt a gun was the only solution to their problem.

  14. I suppose that all those making ad hominen attacks on me regarding my supposed lack of compassion or prayer had to do so because they have no facts and/or statistics to prove me wrong?

    At least I have enough compassion to boldly state the truth, and how to prevent your child being shot or molested or defiled in school.

    My children are 100% safe from school shootings, so long as they do not set foot in one. Yours can be, too, with that same principle.

    Do people get shot elsewhere? Sure! Did I say that is always preventable? No! But unlike going to the store, or the mall, sending kids off to be educated by heathens all day is in direct violation of God's word. If you choose to do so, it is "at your own risk", and God likely will not feel obligated to protect you in your defiance to Him.

  15. Andrea Yate's children would still be alive if she had sent them to school instead of homeschooling.

    These ARE isolated incidents. Most children are abused by family members. Drugs are more often used not by schoolchildren but by the undereducated and underemployed. CHildren being homeschooled have fewer educationally based skills so that would suggest that they are more susceptible to drug use.

    I went to public school, and college. I even got a Master's degree. I was a virgin as was my husband. My husband was in one fight in High School because he went to a pretty tough school. I went to a rather small and upperclass public school where I never saw a single fight. There are good public schools and there are bad public schools.

    And horrible things happen all the time. Would you stop going to the grocery store because there was a shooting at one? 2 people were shot at Chicago store recently.
    Would you stop going to a McDonalds because there had been a shooting? It happens quite often, but I'm sure it doesn't stop people from going.

    I could go on and on. But unless you're locking your children into a bunker and never letting them out they will never be free from all dangers. There is always danger, whether you are in the house or outside of it.

  16. I am not Andrea Yates. I am not advocating leaving your children in the care of any homeschooler. I can only vouch for my husband and myself, not the doubtless many freaks everywhere.

    Homeschooling will not make your family normal if you are a pervert. But neither will your children turn out right if your home life is perfect, and they are raised in school. There are TWO necessary factors: home life, AND right influences. By exposing wrong influences, I am not negating the need for a godly home life. In fact, the post made that very clear.

    Besides, if perverts sent their kids to school instead (as most do), they would still have plenty of opportunity to abuse after school is out. Duh!


    In order for any girl to end up pregnant out of wedlock, they would need to be around questionable company, which we do not permit. Neither do we allow unfettered access to the internet and social media (actually, zero at this point), youth groups, etc. In order for a 16- or 17-year old teenager to go off the deep end, they need a certain infrastructure. They don't just leave at 17 and live on their own, with a job of their own. They usually move in with someone - someone they never should have been allowed to make friends with.

    Then again, if a 17-year old is only doing right because of constraint, the parents have already failed their job, and it becomes a question of "when", not "if".

    Our oldest is 10, the same age as the girl that died in a fight over a boy. A sensual thought regarding the opposite gender has never so much as crossed his mind - as is only natural in children not perverted by TV and society.

    Sudden placental abruption without any warning signs can neither be predicted, nor prevented, at home, or in a hospital. So bringing that into the discussion is foolish. Besides which giving birth at home, unlike sending kids off to public school, is not a sin.

    It's like saying that if prostitutes can get HIV, and newborn babies can get it from their mother, we should never ever speak out against sexual immorality because some innocent people might be suffering from similar consequences due to no fault of their own. It's downright stupid.

  17. I for one will not ever send my kids to public school. I have experienced first hand the horrible influences that one faces in public schools, and I am one of the few lucky ones that was not completely damaged by it... though I was almost defiled completely against my will. Yes, it's painful to bring that up, but people need to understand that rape is so, so common for girls today that attend public schools, no matter what their background is! Anyone who fully understood this would not be criticizing you, Zsuzsanna.

  18. ZZ,

    You do not know what your son is thinking, or has thought. That is something you cannot control.Maybe he has "sensual" thoughts, maybe not--it's not up to you.

    In my own experience, girls of 10 are way more ahead than boys. I know of plenty homeschooled girls who like boys. TV has nothing to do with sexual maturity, which will come despite everything you do. Boys of 10 are usually pretty oblivious to girls--again, that's not something you did, it's just nature.

    But my message is that you cannot control your kids becoming sexually mature, and you will have no idea when that first "sensual thought" crosses your sons mind. Boys don't tell their parents about such things.

    Unless you plan to be next to all 7 of your kids during every moment of their adolescence, you can't know what they will do.

  19. There was a homeschooling family with 8 children just last week , that had a tragic fire at least 3 of the children were killed. This happened at 10 am so one could argue..if only they had been at school... my point is bad things happen no matter what we do or don't do. EVERYONE has the right to choose the best way for there family, that does NOT make the child less loved or protected. I'm sure many many children wish thier parents loved them enough TO send them to school. It's hurtfull to even suggest a parent doesn't "love" enough if they send them to school I would die for my children! I admire you I really really do.. but I detest people who believe thier way is the ONLY way..more and more I've found that attitude with mom that homeschool. Why? Its very judgemental you have no idea what someone elses situation might be. In this case why not just ask for prayers for these families... thats what it should be about.

  20. "Sending kids off to be educated by heathens all day is in direct violation of God's word. If you choose to do so, it is "at your own risk", and God likely will not feel obligated to protect you in your defiance to Him."

    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me.

    Let's not forget the word in our haste to chastise others.

    I would also direct you to Proverbs 16... Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.

  21. The public school system is for fools! Anyone who reads their Bible would know this, instead of attacking you. My dad never read the Bible to us. The world does not have the same values as Christians. You can tell your kids have values and love God. I am raising my 4 kids and can't wait to have more. I want to keep them from the evils of the world. There is nothing wrong with protecting your blessings. People send their kids off with post haste. Today the kids had a picnic with gypsy creams,derby scones and admiral's pie.

    -Marjory & Stewart Baxter

  22. There's no guarantee that homeschooling is safest since someone can still break into the home and kill children. I don't have anything against homeschooling if parents think it's best for their children, but sometimes locked doors and windows aren't enough to keep out the most determined criminal from breaking in.

  23. Andrea Yates homeschooled her children--and 100% of her student population died.

  24. The question was not whether the circumstances surrounding placental abruption could have been predicted, prevented, or turned out differently in hospital.

    The question was, if it had gone wrong how would you have felt if your tragedy was being made the poster child for home births being dangerous? Would you appreciate your choice as a parent being spread around by haters and condemned for your choice?

    For the record, I have noticed a number of my comments, no matter how polite have gone unpublished, you seem to have a habit of rejecting posts with a logical and well written argument that not only opposes your view, but clearly states why my opinion may be considered correct, and could cause people to question the teachings you follow.

  25. So if a homeschooling mother kills her children by drowning them in a tub, beating them to death, putting them into a car and sending it into a lake..etc...I should really be asking myself if I want them to be homeschooled or become a homicidal lunatic?

    No..why? Because you can't relate the two. Homeschooling your children is not equivalent to a protective bubble around your children. Unless of course you lock down your house like a fortress and dare not leave the property. After all, you could get in to a car accident or some homicidal person could come into the establishment that you and your children are currently in.

    Homeschooling is a great way to educate your child but they face dangers just by living on this Earth. Tomorrow is no guarantee for anyone, including a homeschooling child. THEY WILL GROW UP AND FACE THE SAME WORLD THAT PUBLIC SCHOOL CHILDREN WILL FACE.

    My prayers are with the many families dealing with this tragic event.

  26. Raising your children in a godly, christian home isn't a guarantee that your daughters will not become pregnant out of wedlock. I was raised in a godly christian KJV only IFB home. I was home schooled, sheltered and protected. I became pregnant at 17 out of wedlock. I rebelled strongly against my upbringing as did many of my siblings. I gave my life back to the Lord later in my life but most of my siblings have not. I home school my children, I pray they do not make the same mistakes I made in my youth. I teach them and train them from the Word of God but I do not assume that they will be free of the world's temptations because they are not in a public school. I use my life as a learning tool to let them know what not following the Lord's plan can do.

  27. Zsu, you said:

    "Besides, if perverts sent their kids to school instead (as most do), they would still have plenty of opportunity to abuse after school is out. Duh!"

    Don't you realize that public school functions as a safety net, with teachers reporting sexual or physical abuse or neglect of children? Duh!

  28. Sudden placental abruption, along with many other pregnancy complications, can and do happen very quickly and cannot be predicted. All the more reason to give birth in a hospital. If you truly feel that children are blessings, don't they deserve the best medical care from birth?

  29. Wow, I am wondering about your words here.

    I am a homeschooling mother of many children, but I do not believe that keeping them home will prevent them from being killed. People have been killed in church, including pastors.

    Scripture actually tells us in Psalm 139:16 that our days are numbered by God.

    It also tells us in Ecclesiastes 7:1 that the day of our death is good - and it is for those that have hope in Jesus, for He is the only way to Heaven.

    Scripture also tells us the condition for salvation - which is a free gift, and not based on works. So, sending you children to public school would not make them or the parents of those children, automatically go to hell.

    I have been homeschooling for 12 years, and I have seen homeschooled boys and girls who have crushes on each other, and those who have gotten pregnant out of wedlock as well.

    Homeschooling is not a prescription that will prevent your children from sinning. I have seen plenty of people go through public school and make it out okay.

    I went to public school myself, as did many many homeschooling parents.

    I have many reasons for homeschooling, but a guarantee of my children's salvation is not one of them. I teach and live out Christ on a daily basis, and that, coupled with prayer will be what my children see. This is what will influence their own decision that will bring them to salvation.

    I agree that this will be easier accomplished by homeschooling them, but not THE only way.

    There are many reasons a family would have to send their child to school, and I think the best thing to do - as a believer - when something like this happens is to reach out and show your love to them.

    I am sure you did not mean to come across as so harsh with your words, or so insensitive with your pictures. As a mother yourself, I am sure you can only imagine how much pain these parents are feeling.

    Now is the time to reach out with love, compassion, and prayer for those hurting people, just as God commands us to do, and like Jesus himself did when He walked this earth.

    Thank-you for taking the time to read my comments, and may our time be blessed by doing as we were commanded - to go and preach the Good News.

  30. I see two issues with this post. I have homeschooled my family, public schooled my family and private schooled my family. No one solution works for every family all the time. Homeschooling is one of several choices. I'm glad it works for you at this time, but equally there are many families where children thrive in other environments.

    Secondly, please don't assume that because you have constant full day contact with your children you are protected from tragedy. Home invasion robbery, a car accident, pool drownings, or a neighborhood gun incident are just the beginning of the list which your family and anyone elses are not immune from regardless of the educational setting.

  31. Homeschooling is great if you have healthy kids with no learning disabilities or neurological issues. There's some folks, alas, that won't ever be able to do the homeschooling thing. They may have to work, lack education to do a proper job, not be the best instructor for the child or have health issues. If you are not faced with these issues, go for it. Since luck or nature or whatever alleged deity did not grant me disability free kids, I have to entrust them to the highly educated instructors of the public school system that are better equipped to educate them and hopefully become independent successful adults. As a parent who would not wish for any other parent to outlive their kids, I send love to the victims families and if possible assistance. I hope they can one day heal, survive and thrive, in spite of life's cruelties.

  32. My 3 siblings and I were home schooled for all but two years of our lives when we attended a Christian school.

    During my home school years, I was repeatedly molested by my grandfather. During my high school years, my sister was repeatedly molested by my brother. Upon finding out about all of it my parents protected the perpetrator, blamed the victim, and provided no comfort, solace, guidance, healing, or help. Maybe you're blind to it, Mrs. Anderson, but for some of us home schooling was hell. And the sexual abuse was just one tiny part of the suffering we endured at the hands of our parents. By the way, assuming you didn't know all this, my parents are exactly the flavor of religious you'd feel comfortable with. Homeschooled for religious reasons, hated public schools, were always telling us how bad public schooled kids were and how much better we were, always proclaiming those fear-filled horrors about crime statistics and every bad thing that could happen, hated gays, didn't explain anything to do with sexuality (by ten, some little boys are sexually active KWIM?), sheltered us to the extreme ("only" friends were church friends), told us that our siblings should be our best friends, mom didn't work outside home, dad worked a poor job and we always wore used clothes, ate cheap home made stuff, etc., we had a garden, we weren't kind to animals because "they aren't people"...

    I'm NOT saying that your kids will turn out badly, Mrs. Anderson. I'm not. But---I am saying that you're following the footsteps of many, many parents who THOUGHT they were doing it all right but sometimes things still go wrong. I personally think my parents are to blame for making us girls so submissive (they spanked us for each and every transgression, never did any other punishment; this continued until I was 19 and moved out against their will), and I think my parents are to blame for not having taught us what we really needed to know, about sexuality, and REAL dangers in the world besides "kidnappers, robbers, etc." On paper, we looked fabulous: my mom graded hard, and I still made an A or A+ in every class every grade all the way through graduation. I made a 3.98 at college. Got on all the national honor lists and things. I made a 32 on the ACT. CLEP tested out of a bunch of things. Yea, academically I looked smart. Inside, I was an immature, undisciplined, lazy, naive, ignorant and yes, misused individual who has, in the 8 years since I've graduate from high school, been on my own so to speak rediscovering things that I'd never known, searching for real truth, and growing up as quickly as I can because in many ways I still act around 10 years old.

    Also, I am a Christian, completely committed to God. By all accounts I am conservative but my choices come from the inside out, not outside in. I speak and talk of God often. I believe He is sovereign and orchestrates my life, and the universe. I feel conviction of sin and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. My prayers are answered. I am different than you, in faith AND practice. But I include evidence of my spiritual walk at the end of this comment so that it may, perhaps, convince you of my sincerity.

    Again, my whole point is that while home schooling is good, bad things happen sometimes and "I home school my kids" isn't a *guarantee* against bad things happening. There is so much more that takes into account. And sheltering a child is only half the solution: evil can come from within. I included the very personal tragic story above about my siblings to prove that point. One more thing, Mrs. Anderson, and that is that I actually plan to home school myself once my children are older. By my post I meant neither to judge home schooling as an inherently flawed method, nor to uphold it as the only bastion of success possible for turning out properly educated and wise children. Please keep that in mind.

    In Christ,
    ~A. Nony Mouse~

  33. Yes, these were terrible tragedies...more so because they could have been avoided. Zsuzsanna simply points this out. I thought this was a great post, that confronted some of the many social problems associated with sending children to public school.

  34. I am more pro-home education and pro-home birth(midwives) than ever after recently reading James Wesley,Rawles's book, Patriots, and his survivalblog.

  35. There's an interesting article over at fanaticforjesus.blogspot titled, The One World Classroom.

  36. I'm alive today because my mother had sex with my dad out of wedlock and got pregnant. I can't complain. I rather enjoying being here. :)

  37. I am a homeschooler because that's what works for our family. I have no problem with public or private school it just doesn't work for us at this time.

    Your reference to keeping the kids home (especially the girls) to protect them from perverts and freaks is an interesting one and one I totally disagree with. See, we need to teach our girls how to stand up to and deal with perverts and freaks. Not all schools have them either. I went to public and private school all my life. It was a very safe place. My home, on the other hand - after school was not. The pervert and freaks were in my neighborhood and in my home. Had I not learned how to 'deal' with them, I wouldn't be here today. TEACH your girls rather then sheltering them.

  38. I was homeschooled. I was also abused and neglected as a child. Homeschooling is no protection from the horrors of the world. This is a very insensitive and misguided post.

  39. Zsuzsa~

    You are dead on! Also, it is not like you are blowing off your opinions here. You give all the facts and some can not handle the truth, because they would have to take some responibility in their hearts and lives.

    I am so glad I homeschool. I am so glad many others do too and I hope that more and more families will start taking complete responsibility for their children and stop making excuses about our lame public school system. It is wicked, stupid, God-hating, perverted in many ways and more.

    Good Post!!!! To those who do not agree with this post, you ought to question your hearts and tell yourselves the truth for the sake of your children.


  40. It seems many missed the point. She was explaining that raising her children by the Bible with God, away from constant ungodly influences, will be the most beneficial way to raising children who won't fall into those types of sin. I do not believe that Zsuzsanna believes that her children can't fall into sin, but that she is taking every possible precaution in training them so that they will be most unlikely to.

    I never see others condeming women who brag about being "super moms" while working outside of the home and barely seeing their children. Usually these moms are praised. That to me, is sad.

    Keep on with it Zsuzsanna. I think you're a super mom!

  41. "But unlike going to the store, or the mall, sending kids off to be educated by heathens all day is in direct violation of God's word. If you choose to do so, it is "at your own risk", and God likely will not feel obligated to protect you in your defiance to Him."

    You are awfully close to preaching salvation for works. Just a word of caution.

  42. I'm a homeschooling mama to many who loves and follows our Lord but honestly I was saddened to see your contrast of photos of your own smiling children verses the tragedy that occurred.

    You are doing what the media does and oversimplifying, perhaps even sensationalizing a horrible problem of society by inferring that if those children had only been homeschooled their lives would have been saved.

    Yes, that may be so.

    But, that kind of unfair comparisons is what leads the media to horn in on a so called "homeschooling" family's child who ends up dead from abuse with the caption "If only they had been under the "watch" of school personnel, this never would have happened.

    They could just as easily snap a shot of many happy children gathered in a classroom and compare it to the beaten, battered, unclean, child(ren) from the homeschool family and there you would have it. A story in pictures that says why homeschooling is evil and shouldn't be allowed.

    The words of your post may be full of much wisdom but your photo choices leave me feeling like you are exploiting those poor lost lives, just as the media does.

  43. Hi Zsuzsanna, First of all let me say Amen to this post!

    I just read a disturbing article this morning. You can read it here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/9113394/Killing-babies-no-different-from-abortion-experts-say.html

    I had to think of you and your bravery of speaking out against abortion. We need more people like you who are not afraid to speak the truth. The rate this country is going something like this isn't to far off in the future.

    I look forward to reading every time you get a chance to post to your blog.


  44. I agree with you totally. As for some of the comment's about homeschooling families , some people homeschool with out God the real God and their efforts are as vain as any other works with out God. The truth isn't politically correct but it's the truth.

  45. James 4:16 But now ye rejoice in your boastings: all such rejoicing is evil.

  46. I don't mean to be the devil's advocate here, but I was homeschooled all my life. Raised by very Christian parents... What did I do as a teen? I rebelled. I got pregnant at 16 and ended up in rehab by the time I was 19.

    Homeschooling and raising a strict Christian household is not all its cracked up to be. Children will be who they will be and you may or may not have some influence on that.

    Just a side note, I have since received three college degrees, married and am raising three of my own. And yes, they go to public school because you can't shelter them from everything...

  47. anna,
    Zsu's comment about not having God's protection when you send your children off to public institutions had nothing to do with salvation. People can be saved and still make choices that contradict God's direction. If they do this, then they shouldn't be surprised when it turns out less than ideal.

    God gave us instructions for a reason. I choose to trust His instructions rather than gamble. In my opinion, that's what Christian parents are doing by sending their kids off- gambling...with bad odds. If their kids do manage to make it through school unaffected by the worldliness, it would be by the grace of God alone. The parents should thank God for his merciful intervention despite their sinful choice to throw their kids to the wolves. I'll just trust God's plan and keep my kiddos with me.

    Anyway, it has nothing to do with salvation, dear. Being saved doesn't make you immune to consequences of bad choices. Zsu is not claiming people are unsaved for ridding themselves of their children daily, she is merely warning about the result of being outside the protection that comes with obedience to God.

  48. I think my favorite comments on this thread have to be the ones telling me "See, you went to public school, and you seem to have turned out ok", and then going on to tell me how hateful, insensitive, callous, stupid, mean, etc. I am.

    Well, I'll just blame it on my public schooling! :)

  49. We were recently told by a very elderly grandmother about a great grandfather. He had many brothers and sisters. One sister was in an abusive marriage. The brothers got together and the abusive husband left town. My mother had older brothers and when she was "with child" with me at 17 she and my father(18) were immediately married and moved in with my paternal grandparents. My daughter became "with child" after she went to the community college and met the baby's(she's a blessing) father(our daughter lives at home, has a job and a car but they are still together). The men relatives in the family are constantly discussing what to do about the situation. You are right-that's what Dads and older brothers are for- to protect,etc. You are also right about home education. I read Voddie Baucham's book-What He Must Be-if he wants to marry my daughter.

  50. I understand what you are saying and I am a home schooler but this can happen anywhere. I live in this town where this school shooting happened. It's a small Norman Rockwell type town. The boy that killed these students didn't even go to the school. He caught a bus there that took him to an alternative school for at risk kids.

  51. After reading some of your replies in your comments section...I have to say, you are wrong. I do believe you are making good choices for your family and you seem so hands on and loving, but being a "perfect" parent is not going to save your kids from a life of sin or protection from being sinned against. I'm a home schooler myself and I've been around plenty of them.

    You put so much emphasis on what parents should be doing, where does that leave room for God to work. There is not a magical formula of things that a parent can follow to make sure their kids turn out okay.

    Your children are small yet. Teens will change how you look at things. You will see in time.

  52. We were called to be influencers in the world, to love our neighbor as ourselves, to shine a light in the world, to be the salt of the Earth. As someone who was raised by two Christian public school teachers who saw it their goal to love children who were otherwise not being loved, I find your post and all of them destroying the public school system to be the opposite of the teachings of Jesus Christ and incredibly offensive.

    I spent my life in the public school and when Jesus says taught us to experience life with others through His example, I can't help but think that this is a good way to do it. Growing up for ten years with the same kids and seeing each other grow is incomparable, and I regret that your children may never understand contributing to a community like the paan Public School children do. I pray they will not only be little angels, but they learn to show love to those around them that are different.

  53. Don't forget, though, that poor Andrea Yates, a homeschool mother, killed her whole school (her own children in her homeschool) when she snapped. Bad things happen everywhere. No one way is perfect. I'll understand if you don't want to publish this.

  54. ^^^ anon,

    I get so tired of the same dumb argument. I am not vouching for Andrea Yates, or all homeschoolers across the board. I am vouching for MYSELF. My kids are safer in my care than in anyone else's, because I know who I am (but I don't know who they are).

    If you are not confident of the fact that your children are safer with you than random strangers, than please, by all means, put them in the care of those random strangers.


Your KINDLY WORDED, constructive comments are welcome, whether or not they express a differing opinion. All others will be deleted without second thought.