Saturday, January 14, 2012

Today's Produce Basket

Our produce basket was such a great deal today, I wanted to share with everyone.

We got: 

3 bunches or rainbow chard
2 heads of green lettuce
1 lb of heirloom tomatoes
5 bananas
4 kiwi
3 lbs of apples
2 lbs of Yukon gold potatoes
3 packs of blueberries

As usual, everything was organic. How much would you pay for this at the grocery store? Around here, depending on where I shopped, and if I was willing to go to different stores for this week's sales, this would run about $25-45

We get a better deal than that by buying produce every week by cases from a wholesale produce house, and then splitting it with other like-minded friends and acquaintances.

How much did we pay?  


I love getting a good deal! Even if it means dragging my sick self out of bed when it's cold and dark outside, and bringing along the kids because my husband won't be back from a work trip until later today. I guess satisfying the tightwad in me makes it all worthwhile. :)


  1. Good for you!!! What great savings! Here in NY, we pay an arm and a leg for anything that is produce. You are blessed to have such wonderful options. :)

  2. HA HA I did a post SO similar to this today! I just saw yours now. Wow this is funny. That is a great deal, I wish we had something like that where I live.

  3. Do you know of any websites where I can find good deals like this in my area (I'm in the 'burbs' of Chicago). I am vegetarian, and my husband is mostly veggie too, so we go through a lot of produce! If I could get it cheap, that would be amazing!

  4. I can't eat greens thanks to surgery I had on my insides. Well, I can eat them but I get very ill. It all looks so yummy!!

    Sorry, I don't have a website so I don't have anything to put in the form.

  5. Seriously jealous over this fantastic basket (and the pricing!!) and wish we had something like this where I live!

  6. I'm trying to figure out how eight people manage to eat well with so little weekly produce.

    I see less than one fruit per person, per day. Is that accurate?

    Even half a serving of fruit per person, per day would be 28 servings of fruit per week -- and I see maybe 30 fruit servings in the picture (and an equivalent amount of veggies).

    How do you do make up for the rest of the 5-7 daily servings of fruit and veggies? (Frozen? Canned? Dried?)

    Maybe it would be worth splitting a case differently and paying for more fresh produce at such good prices.

  7. Oh I wish I could find someone else like this here, I'm so sad that my fruit and veg shop closed, I'm just not having sucess purchasing anywhere else. I'm reduced to supermarket veggies

  8. Sara,

    I don't know of any such websites. My best suggestion would be to check out for organic u-pick orchards in the summer. For now, you could try calling produce houses to see if they sell organic to the public. Good luck!


    you are mistaken on several levels.

    (1) A fruit/veggie serving for an adult is not the same as that for a child.

    (2) Basket sizes are based on the needs of the majority of our participants. This is PLENTY for the vast majority of them. Personally, we often get two shares for our family. How many shares I buy has little to do with the price of one share, or its relative value, does it?

    (3) This week, I already had in the house before buying this:

    an almost full 10-lb bag of carrots

    about 15 lbs of tangerines, oranges, grapefruit, and lemons

    13 bananas

    3 avocados

    2 lbs zucchini

    an English cucumber

    1 pomegranate

    8 apples

    2 bell peppers

    arugula, lettuce, and spinach


    about 10 lbs of fingerling, red, yukon, and sweet potatoes

    onions, garlic, fresh basil, and celery

    Furthermore, I am expecting a delivery of 38 lbs of oranges and 20 lbs of apples for juicing this Tuesday through a different co-op.

    In addition, we use lots of frozen berries in our daily green smoothies, as well as frozen corn, veggies, peppers, etc for cooking. As far as canned, I have canned (in honey, not sugar) throughout the year when they were on sale: peaches, pickles, relish, cherries, tomatoes, cantaloupe, and jams. We use these whenever we get a hankering for them.

    By the time the kids were done with breakfast today, they had each had more than the daily recommended produce servings, thanks in part to green smoothies. Up to this afternoon, they have each had: banana, strawberry, apple, tangerine, rainbow chard, blueberries, orange, pomegranate, tomato, kiwi, and apricot-apple sauce. Their dinner will include zucchini, carrots, celery, bell peppers, onions, and corn.

    Our kids get more produce than 99.9% of American children. Why not worry about your own nutritional needs instead?

  9. No matter what the negative comments might say, I don't think anyone could deny you are a very hard working mom. Between shopping around for organic fruit and vegetables, running a house, homeschooling and caring for small children,I admire your dedication as a mother.

    Hoping for a speedy recovery from both your sickness and hurt wrist!

  10. To those asking about home delivery of produce, has anyone tried I haven't tried them yet, as I'm just starting to look into home produce delivery.

    Zsuzsanna,that looks like a great load of produce for $15!

  11. Did you like how preserving in honey tasted at first and what do you do about babies and honey? I just do not like the taste of honey at all, my kids love it and don't mind using it in place of sugar but I just can't stand the taste of it and wondered if I just needed to get used to it.

  12. I am so jealous. Your family eats so well! I wasn't brought up with a variety of produce- or fresh produce- so I am struggling to learn to like many of the things your kids eat! They are so lucky and will appreciate it later on if they don't right now.

  13. Very nice. I got two shares this week because I'm juicing still. I also go buy produce on top of my share basket because I own a car and drive and live by stores and have money, rather than let my family starve to death. I mean, DUH.

  14. Lyndsae,

    that website looks promising. I remember when we lived in NW Indiana, the conventional produce tasted so terrible, and organic was much more expensive than here. I think it might be worth giving them a try.


    I have loved honey every since I can remember, because my Dad used to keep bees. Usually, the lighter-colored the honey, the milder the flavor will be. The one currently available from our local bee keeper is creamy, almost white, and extremely mild. It changes seasonally. That being said, I do not find that the syrup in the canned fruit tastes much like honey anyway. My husband used to hate honey, but has grown to love it, so maybe you will, too.


    later I was thinking the same thing. It's like assuming that what you see in someone's grocery cart at the store is all they will eat that week. Who ever goes up to people in the store, calculates the respective servings in each category, and then challenges the prospective buyer??

    If only my nausea would go away, I would be so thrilled to juice more. Cleaning the juicer is a major pain right now. At least I can tolerate greens again, a definite improvement. Thanks for the chicken tip, please let me know how it goes!

  15. $15! What is an amazing bargain, for all those organic goodies!

    Our local produce is still VERY pricey. But just this week, our big supermarket as gotten in a lot more organic veggies, and at a reasonable price too! I was seriously excited!

  16. I have to say, Zsuzsanna, although I disagree with you on...pretty much everything, I do admire how devoted you are to feeding your kids good food. I hope to do the same when I have kids. It's so important to be healthy :)

  17. Out of the quietly reading that I usually do when I visit here to comment.

    I want to say thank you for sharing your life. I want to say thankyou for saying yes when many people each day choose to say no to life. I want to thankyou for staying home, when many women staunchly say no, so they have money~and many will justify their reasoning for working. I want to thankyou for being the wife you are as many women say no, to being a wife that allows her husband to lead. A real woman understands this is not suppression, nor being subjugated. I wish to say thankyou for taking the bible to its word and training up your children, when so many say no and send their children off to public schools.

    I wish I could say that those I was referring to that say no, were of the world, but I cannot. The majority of those saying no to the very lovely defined roles of husbands, wives, mothers, children, and family are those that consider themselves to be covered by the Blood of Jesus.

    I am not disparaging one suggesting that they are saved or not. I am suggesting that we should lift up not bring down.

    We should cheer when a woman embraces children and the gift of God that they are. We should cheer when a woman can raise the children to be obedient, loving, and kind. We should cheer when we see a woman teach to her children while they are young to love the Lord. We should cheer when a woman is serving ANY fruits and veggies to her children~AS IN America~she is NOT THE norm. She is the rare one. Most like the Proverbs 31 woman.

    I love my visits here. My children are older but the precious, sweet love that the children have reminds me of mine when they were babies. I love that I see another taking the time to educate her children and not see it as a burden but a joy~even dealing with pregnancies that are not so easy.

    I pray that this family, these children, and this momma understand that I delight in my visits because the Light of Jesus is welcome here and allowed to shine here.

    Take care

  18. I don't know, it doesn't seem like much for $15. The cost of living is higher than ave. where I live and the price seems about average for a trip to one of the many farmers markets around here. Maybe I'm just spoiled by being on the west coast and near so much organic produce that grows year round south of here.

    Anyway, it looks like great quality food.

  19. "A fruit/veggie serving for an adult is not the same as that for a child."

    Thank you for stating this! It goes without saying a child's stomach is not the same size as an adult's stomach and the servings work the same way across the board when it comes to all foods. The portions of food children are sometimes offered leave me agog. What was once considered an adult portion now seems to be a child's portion!

    God bless you, Dad, and the seven,


  20. P.S. Just ONE pomegranate? Your poor children. ;) I wonder how many children know what a pomegranate tastes like, let alone have one in their home.

  21. $15 Awesome!!!!! I wish I could do that. In my area I need fresher produce, more options, like Kale, and lower prices.

    PS- I am so glad I found this blog! Funny how I find the best blogs from the most negative place. It's like God rolodex LOL.

  22. As a newbie to organic knowledge, that looks like a great deal! Grocery stores price organic food so high up here in Maine. I admire your stick-to-it attitude in taking care of your family even in the midst of sickness! Keep it up, you're a great example to mothers and wives!

  23. Anonymous, even in a regular store, and even to my really cheap only in the summer small farmer's market that provides non-organic produce, I would never ever get that amount for 15$. I actually find this deal amazing! If I wasn't busy with earning money to live, I would totally try to find people to get them together and buy from farmers...

  24. I think that just the blueberries alone would be more than $15 at my grocery store, so that is a great deal!

    I try to buy organic when it's available at our small town grocer's, but other than that, I take what I can get.

    Maybe it's my palate, but I've never been able to distinguish a great deal of difference between the organic and imported products.

  25. Hi, I have to tell you that my hat is off to you for how you feed your family. You have literally made it your JOB to feed those kids healthy non toxic food every single darn day, and how you get your organic produce stuff is fabulous! :) and I think it's great. :) It also is day in and day out since you are a homeschooling mom, so there is another hat off to you as well. :) Take care and be happy and blessings to your family and YOU. :) Elle

  26. Here in Delaware, we have a service called Suburban Organics that we can get organic produce from. It's quite a bit more expensive ($39 for a box of produce slightly larger than what you have there) but the quality is good. We are a smaller family so we only get a box every two weeks.


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