Friday, January 13, 2012

A Note on Comments

Through the years that I have been blogging, I have had a number of different approaches for dealing with comments. At times I would allow none, some, or most negative comments (barring only those that contained profanities or obscenities). Sometimes only those with a Blogger ID could comment, other times, anyone (even anons).

Whichever I did, some would criticize me: If I chose not to publish negative/hateful comments, I was "suppressing free speech". If I did publish them, I was "trying to get attention". Obviously, people who want to be hateful will always find something to hate. 

My most recent approach (for probably the last 2 years?) has been a pretty permissive one, but it seems that lately the unnecessary rudeness in the comments section has reached new heights (or rather, lows). I am well aware that there are entire websites dedicated to ridiculing people like us, and they have every right to do so. However, I find that people who frequent those sites usually develop really nasty habits, amongst which are running on and on at their loud mouths, which inevitably spills over into the sites they like to attack. Publishing their comments does not seem to help them get whatever is bothering them off their chest, but rather, seems to encourage them to become more belligerent. I just pity the husbands and children of these women.

Like I said, they may do as they please on their own websites, but I for one have come to realize that my blog is not the right platform for them. There is no reason why nice readers should be subjected to having to wade through the stream of mire issuing from the hearts, minds, and mouths of a few haters. 

With that, as of immediately, rude comments will no longer be published. You may disagree kindly on a specific subject if you have something new and worthwhile to say, but if there is even the slightest hint of an ad hominem attack on another commenter/reader, Christians in general, our church, our family, or myself, I will not even finish reading your comment and delete it immediately.

And since I am not asking anyone's opinion, there are no comments at all allowed on this post.