Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year

It's been an uneventful week around here. With me still down with NVP, we are on "survival" mode. 

We had a good New Year's Eve. Thankfully, I was feeling relatively well the whole weekend, and was able to make the cheese and chocolate fondues that we traditionally have. The older kids stayed up until midnight playing board games, and then watched as our neighbors lit fireworks for quite some time. 

Anna LOVED (no, really, she LOVED) the cheese fondue. Which should not have surprised me because cheese is one of her favorite foods. I wonder how many babies in high chairs eat fondue?

 I am happy to report, she did not poke any eyes out

 White and semisweet chocolate swirled together - so pretty, and even more yummy

In spite of feeling lousy most of the time, I have been making an effort to do at least something fun with the kids every day, even if it is just simple like story time before bedtime. 

Solomon as the oldest, aloof though he can be at times, has had a huge part in helping me keep up with the laundry. The four oldest are now to a point where they can do every step from sorting, to washing and drying, to folding, hanging, and putting everything away. Normally, I do about half of the laundry and they share the other half, but Solomon has taken it upon himself to do most of my share as well when my husband is not home to help me with it. Wow, what a load off my shoulders! Both Isaac and Solomon have taken over completely caring for the dogs, chickens, and the hamster. Isaac is the one who does all the heavy lifting and physical jobs, like hauling out the trash bags, carrying in groceries, loading the baby in and out of the car, etc. It really is nice to have big helpers!! Still, my house is in shambles from me being unable to clean as usual, but this, too, shall pass.

This was our first week back to our regular homeschool schedule since Christmas break started in the middle of December. Thankfully, the older boys can work on their core subjects (Math, Grammar, Spelling, etc.) independently as long as they can come to me with questions or to have their work checked, which I have been doing from the sofa. The girls are just playing near me, practicing their letters and reading, and working on their little workbooks. For the other subjects, we are continuing "Cantering the Country", and are on to Delaware this week. Some of the subjects we will be covering (they all relate to Delaware) are Howard Pyle, Annie Cannon, the Lenapes, chemicals, and ladybugs. We will also be building log cabins from Lincoln Logs, since allegedly the first log cabin built in America was in Delaware. For the special meal, we will be making Jello (you guessed it, an all-natural version of it - no fun allowed for these poor kids!) because the Jello factory is also in Delaware. This all may sound like a lot, but is actually the bare-bones minimum. I am trying to stick to the schedule I laid out at the beginning of the year so that we can finish at the end of June as planned. Baby is due sometime in late July or early August, so that would give us a nice baby break at the perfect time. 

The weather here has been so beautiful. I guess this is what fall is like in most parts of the country - mild days with warm sunshine, leaves falling off the trees, a gentle breeze. I love to be able to leave the front door open all day long and enjoy the fresh air. Our lemons are finally ripe, and we have generous friends who supply us with lots of oranges, tangerines, and grapefruits this time of year, too. Actually, we had a few of those grow in our own yard this year. About five years ago, I put in some young citrus trees. Last year, we got one orange! This year, we got about a dozen oranges and grapefruits each, so I am hopeful that eventually there will be a huge crop. The first year that we moved into our house, the lemon tree was young and "only" produced 35 lemons that winter. We now get hundreds each year. 

I have been craving honey lemonade, lemon squares, lemon sorbet, lemon soda, and every other yummy lemon treat. I'm also craving just eating tangerines and oranges fresh, so I guess it's a good time to be pregnant during citrus harvest.

Not much else is going on. Like I said at the beginning, I am just trying to survive. My hope is that I will get well by the beginning of February (16 week mark), in time to be able to throw birthday parties for Isaac and Miriam.

Have a great week!


  1. my mom fondued when we were young. it was always fun. my parents always had fruit and pecan trees, flowers, a full garden. not sure i appreciated it like i do now. they added a berry vine. the grapes didn't take off, nor did the strawberries, though maybe they should have tried harder. potatoes did ok but they didn't continue those either. they grew corn, tomatoes, bell peppers, turnip and collard greens, limas, green beans, purple hull and black eyed peas. their carrots and watermelon and lettuce never did great. the fruit trees were apple, peach, pear, plum, and they had two pecan trees. i just started some of this last year, late and unplanned but got some growth, so it gave me hope. i got baby canteloupe, pumpkin, watermelon starts that were really neat to see. i got some gourds and cucumbers. i may try again. my body's not young anymore, but I'm out of shape too. i tried some herbs and flowers too. its all been fun, but i doubt my house will ever be featured in Better Homes and love to have a beautiful home though....i checked on fruit trees last year and thought some prices seemed really good, them i was told by someone else it may take a few years to get a yield. not sure i have a five year vision. planned. id love everything quick, but my parents even told me they started things year by year. anyway the fondue and food look good. good luck with the trees. i guess you could trade lemons with someone. happy new year.

  2. Anna is getting so big ! I mean, as a big girl, a toddler, not as a fat person. She is so cute !

    I'm glad to see pictures with your husband on them. In some of his sermons he says that he works something like 60 hours a week : is that even possible? Is he home a lot ? He seems to be present in the children's life, though, and a very caring and loving father and husband.

    I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well. By the way, do you think of names before the baby is born, or do you just wait until you see his/her smile and decide the name then ?

  3. Wow. I cant imagine being sooo sick, but in the end its ill worth it!! I have always heard that jello is made out of cow hooves...but have never looked it up for myself. Eww! Well, have a good week and just enjoy the kids :) praying for you!

  4. Aw, what's up with the little frowny face in the photo of your family and the fondu? It's always hard to get a bunch of people all looking at the camera and smiling at the same time. My mom has a bunch of photos from the Christmas I was 9. I apparently thought it would be hilarious to pull a funny face in every photo she took that Christmas. Must have driven her bonkers to see her three daughters all dressed up in their Christmas dresses, with me making a goofy face.

    My mouth watered at your mention of lemon bars. I usually will choose a chocolate or caramel sweet over anything fruity...but lemon bars suck me in every time!

  5. What a fun NYE tradition! Yummy! Praying for you, so glad your oldest boys are such a help!

  6. You will survive and you are amazing to even be doing all you are doing right now. Remember, just take it easy and don't worry about too much right now.

    I am nauseated on and off in the day but nowhere near what you go through!!! I am praying for you and know He will bring strengh and grace! You are such a good mother!!! Tell the boys how blessed I am to hear what good helpers they are!!!


  7. YUMMMMM! Your fondue looks so delicious! Lemons are so good for you too...they are known to help with morning sickness. I often sucked on them when I was feeling my sickest and they did help lessen the nausea. Probably why your body is craving them! I love lemons. :0)

    Anyway, everyone looks so happy and healthy. Hope you are on the upswing soon as well. Blessings for a wonderful and prosperous New Year!

    "Thou crownest the year with thy goodness; and thy paths drop fatness." Psalm 65:11

  8. I live in Delaware! Enjoy learning about our "Diamond State" :)

  9. Aw, what a sweet family! Anna is so cute. And it makes sense that a baby would love fondue, though I've never tried that with my godson.

    Glad you guys had a good New Year's even with a sick mom. Hang in there.

  10. The fondue evening looked brilliant! I'm glad you all had a great time!

    Your "bare-bones" schedule still looks super exciting to me! Glad your boys are being helpful to you...older kiddies sure are amazing helpers!

    Have a great week! Praying for you! :)

  11. Happy New Year! So glad you've had a few good days, and I hope you have many more coming!

    Your kids are getting so big so fast! They are beautiful!

  12. What a fun and yummy tradition! Also, Anna looks JUST LIKE your husband! She's really growing..

  13. Just an FYI but a little lemon juice will keep the cut of fruit from turning brown. Equally yummy and much more visually appealing than browning fruit.

  14. You may have a vitamin c deficiency thus the reason for the citrus craving. I used to crave tomatoes something fierce while I was pregnant.

  15. I do not care how close you were to Anna or that your husband is holding her, that child should NOT have that fondue fork! That is an accident waiting to happen (and yes, Zsuzsanna, it would happen in the blink of an eye no matter how close you were to her or how quickly you thought you could move).

  16. Oh my! I usually don't agree with the haters who question your parenting on your blog, but I must comment on little Anna with the fondue fork. How could you let a baby handle something so dangerous? That is absolutely a tragedy waiting to happen.

  17. Looks like everyone had a great New Year's eve. However, that fondue fork makes me nervous too. I would have given Anna, her own little bowl of cooled off fondue and let her dip to her hearts content with her fingers.

    Babies are just not coordinated enough to handle such a sharp object.

  18. I am truly sorry you've been so sick! Anyone could tell you are only doing the bare minimum by how dirty all of the clothes are! My goodness! If your 10 year old is doing the laundry, you should tell him to use soap.

  19. Thought you might find this interesting. Not only did this scumbag cop beat up a woman he then threatened a Vet and tried to steal his phone because he recorded his criminal behavior.

  20. I am really not trying to be unkind but I have a couple of questions and comments. #1 Your 10 year old son should not be shouldering the responsibilities of your families laundry, that is so sad and since your husband obviously refuses to step up and do what a decent husband should/would be doing and help you by cleaning your house and doing the laundry since you cannot when you are sick I want to ask. Where are the ladies in your church in all of this? Why have they not stepped up and helped you? I can't for the life of me understand letting a lady in my church especially my pastor's wife struggle like you are without any help. The other question I have is I know you mentioned in previous pregnancies bringing in midwives from out of state. Is there something wrong with the local midwives? I know there are several very good midwives in your area. Are you seeing one right now at all? I had severe hg with all of my pregnancies that caused anemia and vitamin deficiencies. My babies were born big and healthy but I had a lot of weight loss and low blood pressure and dehydration because of it. You need someone to care for you and it doesn't seem like anybody is.

  21. So many anons with nothing to do but be busybodies.

    Fondue fork: Anna is used to eating with a fork. The fondue fork is not "sharp", as one person said, although it is pointy. As are pencils, another everyday items she is used to handling. Apparently, she fared well with it, so what is the concern? That I might let her have a fondue fork again next year, when she is 2? For the record, none of our six children have ever had a broken bone or required a trip to the ER, so I think we are doing ok on the accident prevention front.

    Laundry: yes, by 8 pm in the evening, our kids clothes are dirty. In fact, they usually have stains on their clothes by lunch time. I guess that is normal for kids who take care of animals, help in the kitchen, and play outdoors for hours each day instead of rotting their brains on TV and/or video games. I see no reason to change their outfits in the evening just to stage photos for my personal blog. If we have an errand to run and they are dirty, I make them change, but if we are just at home one outfit per child per day is plenty, thank you.

    Kids and chores: None of the kids are overworked on laundry. Like I said, I do half, they share the other half amongst the four oldest of them. Solomon, of his own accord, offers to hang laundry for me when he sees that there is a full hamper of clean clothes. He likes sorting stuff, and quietly working by himself. And he loves his mom and tries to help when he sees a need. Maybe you are just jealous because you have to iron your one child's underwear?

    Outside help: The ladies from our church often offer to help me with chores, housework, errands, etc. When my husband is not at work, he does a lot of my work for me, and would do more if I asked. I simply do not like to burden others with my responsibilities if I can help it. Since I do feel well for some time on most days, I am able to keep the housework on track somewhat. Other stuff I am neglecting, knowing that once the nausea is past, the nesting instinct will help me get caught up on those areas. The other ladies in our church all have families with lots of young children, they do not need to be leaving them to help me. But yes, sometimes I do take them up on their offer, or ask them for help with a specific task, such as picking up something at the store. Just this week, one lady spent hours shampooing our sofas. My midwife sent her student midwife over to clean my bathrooms and wash my floors (which took all morning). Why this is any of your concern I do not understand - did anyone ask you for help? Are you truly concerned about my welfare, or rather just trying to point out how much more helpful you are than ladies that you have never even met?

    Midwife: every single midwife I have given birth with in AZ (three babies, two midwifery practices) was from AZ, and practicing in AZ. For one of the births, my midwife was temporarily on an assignment in Mexico, so she flew up here to see her family and attend my birth. Again, why is this your concern??? Am I not free to have whoever I like best attend my birth, without having to seek your approval??? Do you have no life of your own to analyze and improve?

    All you busybody anons need to take a chill pill.

    And withal they learn to be idle, wandering about from house to house; and not only idle, but tattlers also and busybodies, speaking things which they ought not. I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.
    (1Ti 5:13-14)

  22. Wow, bitter much? I was/am truly concerned for your welfare. You seem very tired and over worked and you are on your blog telling everyone how very sick you are and that your children are doing your laundry. I have multiple children and still would find a way to help a sister in Christ who was struggling as much as you claim to be because I would feel compassion for her. I felt concern that your needs were not being met and that no one was taking the time to take care of you and I don't think you take the time to take care of yourself but you have it all under control so good riddance. I guess I should not have actually cared.

  23. No, not bitter, just tired of people who know everything, except how to sign their own name behind their snarky comments.

    I figured I could talk about how sick I felt, even if it was only 20 hours out of every 24, and I was still able to survive by working during my four better hours each day. If you prefer to think that I am not really as sick as I say I am, or that our church is filled with lazy selfish women, you may think that. Please go troll in your own circles then.

  24. This debate is completely flawed : anonymous members have obviously not read much of the blog. Obviously, the children help with laundry because they love helping, and they love their mum ! There is nothing behind it, she doesn't enslave them, they are just caring children !

  25. You come across as very bitter and ugly when you have such an nasty response to someone who was trying to show some concern and compassion for you. She must have hit a nerve for you to have lashed out so hard.

  26. Blah Blah Blah.. Really? Does no one else ever have dirty kids? I love when ANON people leave nasty/critical posts on peoples blogs... Whatever..
    She is not dying.. she is pregnant.. that happens.. Her people are fed, they are dressed, they are still learning school and basic life skill tasks.. Why the fuss.
    Heck I make my kids (9/6/6) do laundry, dishes, wipe their pee off the toilet when they miss... I would be setting them up for a long hard life if I catered to them 24/7. I also let them use campfire forks when we roast things over they fire they have yet to fall into.
    Had the baby been WALKING AROUND with the fondue fork I would have been concerned.. but she was appropriately secured in a safe seat..
    ...(and I do not know this family don't live anywhere near this family and only found her blog through a blog making fun of her!)

  27. I'm sorry you are so angry and have to look at everything in such a negative light.

    I have tried really hard for the last year or so to enjoy your blog and your adorable children despite our many many many differences, but you are just so angry and hateful that I think I am done.

    I have two children. I have never, ever, judged anyone by the number of children they have. I have quite a few friends that have seven or more children, I have quite a few friends that have one child. To each their own.

    Yet, I constantly read the same theme on your blog that you look down on women who only have one or two children, like you are superior because you choose to have many children (comments like ironing my one child's underwear are what lead me in this direction).

    Just thought you should know that even though I am a control freak when it comes to laundry - I don't iron underwear - ever - and I am certainly not jealous.

    As far as Anna with the fondue fork, common sense tells most of us that is a dangerous choice, but your child your choice.

    That would have been the perfect response, but instead of just saying that, you have to go about how your children have never been to the emergency room, etc. etc. etc. Well my kids have been in the emergency room for broken bones. My son broke his leg while riding his bike on a walk with his dad and sister. My daughter broke her elbow while playing outside on a swing set.

    Oh, but wait, If I follow the general theme of most of your posts regarding people with only two kids, they can't possibly go outside and play. They must be ill behaved brats who stay inside and play "Grand Theft Auto" all day, that is when they are not being taught about all of the evils of the world at the local public school.

    I wish I could say it has been nice spending this time with you, but I can't.

  28. anon and Traci,

    it is neither "bitter" nor "angry" to defend myself against the endless barrage of ad hominem attacks I receive daily from people who don't even know me.

    I posted about being happy that, unlike Christmas, I actually felt human on New Year's. I shared a picture of my little daughter laughing ear to ear because she enjoyed the food so much, and because she got to eat with a real fork like her big brothers and sisters (yes, SHE was insistent on holding it herself, and I saw no reason not to let her).

    In response, you and others get on here attacking my parenting. When I turn around and say "Well, I must be okay because look at my safety record" I am bitter and angry. What does that make you, who sought out someone else's blog to criticize? I am simply not rolling over dead and telling you what a horrible parent I am, apparently the only response you deemed correct.

    The fact that we are even talking about this after a harmless post with family pictures shows that people like you just wait to latch on to any little thing to attack me over.

    No, I do NOT think that parents are more godly the more children they have. BUT I do think that how they got to their size family says a lot about how much faith in God they have. I know people who have one or two children in spite of never using birth control. They gave God control in this area both by not using birth control, or assisted reproductive technology. Thus, they have exhibited more faith in God than someone who has six kids, but got there either using birth control to their convenience, or through ART.

    It is a statistical fact that the vast majority of people with few kids use BC, so yes, when I make generalizations about BC, I will usually point to a small family rather than a large (even though there are large families who use BC, and small ones that don't).

    Yes, there is a HUGE difference between Christians who try to control God, and those who try to follow and allow His will by faith. You can hardly claim that selfishness or lack of faith is my motive for going through the terrible morning sickness I am again enduring. I do it because I know that God knows best, even if I feel like I cannot again endure this. In retrospect, it is always worth it, and I trust it will be this time, too. But it would always be so much easier to just stop where we are at and get comfortable, rather than being stretched to my limits, and then being stretched again just as we start to feel comfortable again.

    People like you have a chip on your shoulder because you are unwilling to submit to God in this area. Which is your prerogative, and I could not care less - you are not in disobedience to me, but God. However, where I do take issue is when you attack me to salve your conscience instead of either getting right with God, or being content in your disobedience to him if you are so sure of yourself that you are doing nothing wrong.

    And yes, I was thinking of a specific mother of one who DID iron her son's underwear. NOBODY with more than one child would EVER have the time or inclination to do that. This is a simple fact, why it is wrong of me to say so I do not understand.

    You have a huge chip on your shoulder. I could not care less if you continue to read here or not, but it seems that if it affects you so negatively, you should get off the internet and find something better to do.

  29. I am the mother of 3 lovely daughters. That was all I was gifted because of an illness. I homeschool my kids for some of the same reasons you do, but some others as well. I use the best judgement I can regarding safety, while taking into account the maturity of the specific child.

    Interesting how folks think you're always talking about THEM. I take no offense to what you say, because it's YOUR right to have an opinion. I don't agree with everything you post, but I enjoy reading about your kids, your school day & your life in general.

    I try to remember that when I point fingers, there are three pointing back at me.

  30. YOU ROCK!!!!!!! That's all I have to say about THAT! lol You really do, woman.

    When I read some of the hag comments I just consider the kind of female sitting behind the computer. You know living in mom's basement, wine in one hand a joint in another, wondering why they can't get a handle on things. The "significant other" is cheating and the welfare check is late. On top of all of that she/he/it can't find thier own meds much less the kids. Poor things.

  31. I do apologize for being a busy body and expressing some genuine concern for your well being. You don't ever state in your blog that you are receiving help of any kind so I was concerned that with everyone that you were caring for, no one was caring for your needs. I did not accuse the ladies of your church of being lazy but I did imply that they were not caring for your needs as they should be and I do not apologize for that. Kids or no since you are so sick they should be grouping together to help you with your needs because you are a sister and because you are the wife of their pastor. You come across as quite bitter when you start spewing nastiness to those who express concern for you. I don't have a blog but if you really need my name, I'll leave it.

  32. Zsuzsanna, you do realize that Timothy is talking about young widows?? He does not recommend marriage for every woman here, since this would be in contradiction to Pauls advice to singles to remain single if they don't burn with lust. Pls interpret the bible in context.

  33. I don't always agree with everything you say, but I just have to say that if having a 10 year old do laundry is abusive then my son is definitely abused too. He does his own laundry of his own free will, and actually will do diaper laundry for me if I ask him to! I think it's important for children to have chores and household responsibilities, and boys just as much as girls--after all, no one is going to be doing his laundry for him when he's in college!

  34. Anonymous - January 12, 2012 2:48 PM:
    That doesn't sound like any FJite I know of. Perhaps you have better insight in the FJ-community than I do.

  35. I like your husbands anti-fluoride shirt,via Alex Jones. My husband and I are big fans, also. My own husband has a few of these shirts too. I actually was led to your blog by looking up natural child spacing via breastfeeding (which I am also a proponent of.) I happened to see his shirt...which is why I am now commenting. :-) Keep up the good work!

  36. If one has a blog, there is always a possibility of such anonymous and bad comments. Maybe you would want to try locking the blog down to be private or restricting it.

    I'm sorry this is happening. It takes all kinds to make the world go 'round. This is one of the reasons I don't understand blogs.

    I hope you can find something that works. We get enough negative comments when we go out, that i know you really don't need more.


  37. You can also disable anonymous commenters.

    See here:

    I hope this helps.

  38. If you would like citrus all year around-jucie your lemons and put one tablespoon in a plastic ice cube tray, then pop them after freezing put in ziploc-you have fresh lemons juice all year. Other citrus that you have juice them and freeze them in pint jars then you can either use them for smoothies or to drink. Lemon squares in the middle of the summer with real lemon jucie is heaven.

  39. I know that you are following what you feel is God's calling have as many children as you can and that is wonderful that you being obedient to this calling but just because this is your calling does not mean this is Gods calling for all women and to say they are not obeying God because they lead different lives than you do is very unkind. Not all women feel led to have large families I do not think they are disobeying God because they choose not to do so. That is your personal conviction and saying otherwise is extra-biblical teaching. I know you have verses that back up your personal reasons why you do what you do but it is still your personal conviction and unless God actually convicts someone else in that direction, no one else is in disobedience to him by not living the same lifestyle.
    In love
    A sister in Christ

  40. Those freejingers.....such hate and negativity.... One day something will happen to each one of them and they will question themselves on why they spent precious time being so evil. They will be filled with regret. Sad really. Who wants to spend their time, their L I F E being like that?
    I pity them...... Life and time are too precious to waste. The pain and suffering they caused others will haunt them.

    When they judge and gossip about you and others, they don't define you, they define themselves.

  41. Anonymous January 14, 2012 4:56 AM:
    Many FJites have a policy to never comment on blogs, just on the forum. I doubt all the negative comments come from FJites. I rarely comment on blogs either. However when you talk badly about us, there's a possibility that some of us will comment.

    Anon: FJites are not evil. You are making sweeping generalizations. I have met many kind people there.

  42. Hi Mrs. Anderson-
    I don't think I have commented on your blog before. I really do not understand why you would visit a website that talks negatively about you. Simply delete the comments if you feel they came from that site. I have been following your blog for awhile and in the comments when I read something that might have come from a negative site and the responses from your readers, it sounds like a bunch of Christian ladies who are themselves resorting to un-Christian like behavior. It makes me sad, truly because I think your blog is a well of information and I enjoy your blog, also enjoyed Sarah's and Jessica's blogs(come back, Jessica!). I see nothing Christian in judging these people or assuming they are "evil" because they don't share your beliefs. They will be judged by God someday, it isn't up to us to judge them. Chalk these people up to a bunch of folk with no lives and mean streaks but don't sink to the level of being insulting back or assuming they are terrible mothers (one can be a terrible person and good to ones' children, sad as it may seem). You can make up your own mind whether you will post this or not, but I wanted to give you my opinion. I think that if someone was talking badly of me, I would feel awful but remember it was not a reflection of me, but rather them and pray to the Lord to give me strength to not stoop to that level and be insulting back. By the way, I think your children are beautiful and always look happy and well-cared for! Your home looks like a happy and nurturing place!

    Hailey (I don't have a blog so my comment will appear as Anonymous I think)

  43. Dearest,
    The sad truth is that the interent brings out the experts on all of our lives whether we are seeking out their expert opinion and advice or not. I keep a blog on caregiving my mother with Alzheimer's, and when we had to make the decision to place her in a care facilty due to 2 strokes and becoming wheelchair bound and our having 20 steps from our driveway up to our front door, people were cruel. No regard for the fact that I also care for my husband with cancer. It is sad that people seem to aspire to be so mean.

    I enjoy your blog, your children are beautiful.

    Blessings dear one

  44. The fondue looks yummy , I am glad to hear that your children help you when you are sick , it shows how much they love you . Until I saw these photos I just realized how much your kids have grown since I started reading your blog , they grow up way to fast , hope you start feeling better .

  45. Mrs. Anderson,
    You CANNOT possibly pay attention to a bunch of ill-mannered, miserable, bitter anti-women who's only entertainment is reading a few fundie blogs and discussing every bit and inch of each entries, because they are so horribly bored with their own lives.
    All they do is eagerly follow people's blogs, and they troll the heaven out of online children's games and family blogs.
    They have bottles of champagne in their freezer for occasions when any blogger they mock and stalk just mentions them. To them it means: wow... someone paid attention! To me! Does that mean I have a life?
    Please forget them.
    Ps if you wanna have a good laugh, read a few topics where they complain about their lives. It's a feast.

  46. Gosh, my daughter has to tidy her room, make her bed, help me fold her laundry and put it away, and she helps me round the house, does small chores etc, and she's ONLY 5. I guess she is also being used and abused! :o
    By the end of the day both my kids are usually grubby and bath ready. I don't have the time or the energy to do any more laundry than I already do, so unless they're really disgusting, as in poo, puke, or something really icky, or we're going out, I don't make them change clothes. Also, by the age of 11, I was doing my own laundry, ironing and simple cleaning, at boarding school, these are basic life skills, which I don't think do a 10 year old boy any harm to learn and if he wants to help, when he's at an age where he can see and understand that you're feeling grim and unwell, then good for him.
    We did BLW with our children, my son eats with a normal fork, has been since he was a year. Maybe a fondue fork isn't "that" safe, but he could poke his eye with a fork, so I'd have done the same. Maybe you should puree everything so she can't choke, because after all, nothing is really safe is it? ;)


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