Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Face of Evil

What can I say, I am a bad parent with a long pattern of child neglect. But you already knew that, even before reading the comments on the last post.

Here is John, age 1, suffering greatly at our 6-year wedding anniversary dinner at The Melting Pot. We know only the most disadvantaged of all children ever get to eat there. 


What you did not know is that ever since this evening, John has had two glass eyes and is actually completely blind. It has been our secret all these years. I feel so much better now that I have come clean and admitted to it.

I have to run along now and quickly pretend to check on the kids, who are in the yard practicing shooting their rifles, throwing knives, and lighting the fire pit with a can of gasoline. But  I am sure some anonymous readers can boldly step forward to keep the discussion going in the comments section. 

Sesame Street, Communists, and Mr. Janet Napolitano all agree: If you see something, say something. 


  1. Ba ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Great post.

    While I think that a skewer can pose dangerous risks for an UNATTENDED child, it is YOUR decision and prerogative to allow YOUR child to use them in supervised environments.

    I was in the library the other day and the lady in front of me had at least 8 "kids" DVD's she was checking out for her son (who looked to be about 5). These were due in one week. What parent allows their child to sit in front of the TV for that long??? To me, that is more dangerous than allowing a child to use a skewer. Turn their brains into jello now, while you still have the chance, people!!! Wow. I was shocked. No wonder kids are turning out like monsters today.

    I'm GLAD that Anna had a yummy treat from a skewer. Good for you. (and as soon as I saw that picture, I thought to myself...oh are really trying to bait the Zsu Zsu haters now! LOL!)

  2. HA HA that is so funny! Those hags will just wait for something in your next post with family pictures to insult. They must have no life of their own and can't stand to see a happy family.

  3. Hahahahahahaha!!! Too funny!!!

    Beautiful photograph of you and John by the way! :)

  4. Sorry to leave another comment Zsuzsanna; I just went back to look over the comments left on your last post. I am completely shocked!

    Do the internet busybodies have nothing better to do, than scrutinise your family's photographs? Who knew people could be so unbelievably nasty?!??

  5. LOL! Zsuzsanna I'm so glad you don't let these people, who have nothing better to do than look for things to criticize, get you down! Oh that we were all as perfect as some people think they are! I hope you feel better soon. :) Michelle

  6. This post was funny. He looks so cute. You are a wonderful mother of whom I look up to. I am 24 years old with 3 small children and read your blog regularly. I am so sorry people are posting such negative comments. Please just keep blogging because you are blessing so many lives. Thank you for putting yourself out there.

  7. That was funny!!

    I think shooting is a great skill for kids to have. My husband and I don't know how to shoot and we live in a suburb of Manhattan so shooting rnges are hard to come by, butI have taught my elder 4 to throw knives, the 4 yo and the 2 yo aren't ready yet.

    in His peace,

  8. I've been gone for what seems like forever and it's very belated, but I wish you the best pregnancy possible. Your track record is excellent and your foal crop has shown prime running ability, as they say where I reside.

    I have to give Anna a belated birthday kiss (I adore her new update and love that she is loving music!) and, I had to take a second look when you said your eldest girl had been baptised.

    There are things that make all the fuss worth it, you have it all around you and in your womb. Ignore those that seek to discourage you. You must be going through a great deal of stress and senseless comments can't be helping.

    I wish people would realize that their angry and senseless comments are exacerbating your stress, which isn't good for mum and baby, let alone family.

    If you'll allow, Mrs. Anderson, may I ask your readers if they would be so cruel as to go up to a vomiting pregnant woman and berate her for not having her other children's faces and clothes clean or ask her how she's going to manage this or that?

    At least lay off Zsuzsanna a little until she's not constantly ill, at the very least for the fact she's with child?

    God bless you, Dad, and the seven (wow, I couldn't wait to write that today),


  9. Ha! This was funny! I, too, agree that OBVIOUSLY it can be dangerous. But, NOT when you are sitting right with them!!! It is obvious to your blog followers how much you care for your children. PLUS, I believe that rather than FORBID the use of something dangerous, it is our job as parents to teach them how to properly use something!

  10. I understand what you've been through and I'm so sorry you've been treated in such a negative light.

    Those are your children and you do whats best for them. Most of those people who commented probably have nothing better to do but snark on others who are actually doing some good in this world.

    Your kids are adorable, by the way! When are you due with your next one?


  11. I love reading your recipes and hearing about homeschool adventures. But lately you seem to harp on all the awful comments and make it such a negative blog to visit. I think I will be taking a break from reading for awhile. Wishing you and your cute children the best.


  12. Ha! Too funny. I know the Melting Pot well and in fact we have taken our son there before as well. We even took similar pictures of him enjoying the yummy food. Guess that makes two of us :) ... But in all seriousness, neither of us are the first nor the last to do so. I know we loved it there as I am sure you guys did. I am sure it is such a wonderful memory and I am glad you could all enjoy some fondue this year for New Years together as a family. What a great tradition and another great memory for all your beautiful children! Praying you feel better in the days to come!!

  13. I'm going to have to stop commenting if someone is using my name. Zsuzsanna, you have my home address. Someday we hope to visit your church. God bless my Christian sisters and thank you.

  14. Wow! Zsu, you have really aged!!! Your most recent photo compared to the one in this post is the difference between day and night!! You look at least 20 years older! I can only imagine how bad you would look were it not for all the organic food!!

    But, wait! Maybe that is why all heathen women look so good? All the preservatives in the food? Hmmm....

  15. Have you all forgotten that ZsuZsanna CHOSE to have yet another child? She did, in spite of the fact that she and her husband obviously can't even care for the children that they have now. Most who speak up on this blog aren't "busybodies;" they are genuinely concerned with child neglect.

  16. John looks so cute in that second picture ! He's having so much fun.

  17. umm I didn't use "your" name. It is my name too. I don't think there is anyone in this world that has the one and only of their name. Thats odd you would never comment again because someone else has the same name lol! I'm surprised you haven't seen it on here before.

  18. I don't think you are neglecting your children. Considering the fact that you don't send them to public schools/prisons, I'd say that you give your children plenty of attention.

    In my opinion, children who are sent to daycares or public schools (prisons for children) are the ones who are being neglected!

    Pay no attention to the haters, Mrs. Anderson. You're doing a great job!

  19. Taryn, I hope you continue commenting. It is such an encouragement to read your posts and benefit from your experience in home schooling! Maybe the other commenter did not know you are a regular commenter here?

    Zsuzsanna, John is absolutely adorable in those pictures! I love his tie and it looks like he had a lot of fun.

  20. Zsu you have a beautiful family. Many things to be thankful for. When you have a blog to share your life with others don't fool yourself on it's intent. Ask yourself if your blog is intended to demonstrate the 'correct' way to raise a family. Ask yourself if you are attempting to be a model for other families. What is the true intent of blogging your life and thoughts? If you are trying to show others how they should be than do not be surprised and play victim if there are people who disagree with you-and maybe not so nicely. Usually it is best to share the details of one's life with the people who are actually part of one's life and not every anonymous person out there. Do not put your life on the anonymous auction block of exposure and expect only good reviews.

  21. Wowzers - I sure did miss the hullabaloo on the last post. Looking back to the comments now, I see mine was unbelievably benign (all I said was "happy new year!")

    Anyway, Zsuzsanna, if you don't mind humouring me, here is my hypothesis as to why you get comments like that. I believe there are two factors.

    #1 - People, in general, are judgemental. You, yourself, have blogged about the appropriateness of this on several occasions. And, it makes sense. When one mother, for example, decides that she would never let her child use a fondue fork, she is implicitly saying this is the right decision, and therefore, when you make a different decision, she would feel it is the wrong one. In my opinion, people who say they don't judge are lying to themselves and to others, because we all judge every day of our lives.

    However, most of us have learned social mores and tactful behaviour, so when we see somebody in person doing something of which we don't approve, we try not to be obvious about our "judginess." (Except in really extreme circumstances or for really meddlesome people who can't mind their own business.) By contrast, when we are safely "behind the screen" of the computer and reading somebody's personal blog, it seems somehow easier to spout vitriol on them. But just because it's a blog, that doesn't make it any more appropriate or polite.

    Which brings me to factor #2. Although I think the haters should just go read something else if you bother them so much and should mind their own business more (would they go up to diners at the Melting Pot and tell them they were horrible parents and their kids' clothes were dirty?!?!?), your blog does seem to incite intense emotions in readers. I think you must know this is the case because you, too, decide to say things that are controversial, judgemental and, some might say, quite hateful. For example, I'm sure gay people think you're hateful and rude for saying that they will all go to hell. Certainly, that isn't any less inconsiderate than picking on you for your kids' dirty clothes.

    One of the main differences between your controversial comments and theirs is that THIS IS YOUR BLOG. By its nature, you are free to voice your personal opinions on pretty much anything under the sun. That right is enshrined in the constitution. So, what I don't understand AT ALL is why these people even keep reading here.

    For the record, I think that the criticisms from the last blog are absolutely ludicrous. I'm not in any way condoning them. And, like I said, those people who hate you so much should probably just find something else on the Internet (it's a big place, people). That being said, if you insist on saying things that will offend a large swath of the population, I suppose this will be par for the course.

    For me, personally, I disagree with you on a lot of social and religious issues but agree with you on many others. I see that you are an intelligent woman, a devoted wife and mother and a very creative person. I like hearing your ideas on a lot of things, and when I start reading one I don't like, I just click off the blog right away or, at best, leave a polite dissent. I suggest others do the same.

    Hope you feel better soon...

  22. Just for the record.... I only have one child and there is no underwear ironing going on here!

    I don't think you can win at blogging. If the pictures showed your kids dressed up you would be criticized for putting on airs.

    You have children that do household chores? Oh, the shame! How dare you raise children to be productive members of society.

  23. Hi there. I'm a first time commenter and fairly new reader. I really don't want to comment so much on the bantering between posters and you, etc. I think other posters have made good points in regards to that.

    However, like most humans out there I feel like my heart would be torn to shreds reading some of the things people are saying to you. With that I wanted to say that your children always look happy and content. They also look very loved by you and your husband. I don't care that you have many children and that their shirts might look dirty at the end of the day. What matters to me is that there are a group of kids who are being nurtured and loved on by their parents. Sadly there are many children out there who do not live in homes like that.

    So when you have to read such hurtful comments, be proud of what you provide for your children.

  24. Ha ha ha ha ha. I can't believe that a skewer got you more hate comments than the gun post. I thought you were losing your touch!

  25. Anyone who would accuse you of being neglectful and a bad mother is just looking for an argument. It should be very clear to anyone who reads your blog that you are 100% dedicated to the Lord and your family. I don't always agree with everything you have to say and I'm sure you would disagree with a lot of things I had to say but that doesn't mean we couldn't get along, you know?

    A lot of mothers feel that they are "in competition" with everyone else. They try to show each other up, you know, the ones whose children and home are always spotless, who never have disagreements with their spouses, who never burn the toast..etc.

    We're all on the same team here (we should be). Mothering/parenting is a gift from God Himself, and we should all be supportive and loving and encouraging, not trying to tear each other down.

    I always say people who feel the need to attack others are doing so because they are lacking something in their own lives.

  26. :) You are so clever. You look beautiful in this picture and little John, so little!!! Adorable.

  27. A most cleaver post!
    I love the Melting Pot :)



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