Saturday, December 24, 2011

Recent pictures

Boy oh boy, has this last week been an interesting one! The "morning sickness"/NVP/hyperemesis roller coaster has had me clutching on for dear life as it seems. While it's been a general downturn for the worse (as in, MUCH worse), with me being mostly out of commission and incredibly miserable, there have been a few windows of feeling functional. I read on another blog where a mom recommended eating at least 11 g of complex protein every two hours. While I knew protein helped me, I now have an exact figure I can shoot for. Will someone please leave a comment telling me that ice-cream is a nutrient-dense, high protein snack? Thank you. I also like the "minimal activity" part... at the beginning of this pregnancy,  I was still running with my husband, but have since had to stop because of the nausea and was feeling bad about that. When all else fails, lying down on the sofa always makes me feel a little better (the same cannot be said of my chores and other obligations).

Okay, so being sick is majorly horrific, and I could sit here and go on and on (and on and on) about that. In fact, I can still, in horror and great detail, recall every single past experience with hyperemesis. When I start to think about it, I get a feeling like I am being suffocated. Then I think about the hours, days, weeks and months that I am likely still going to be sick for, and it only goes downhill from there. Living moment by moment is the only way to go right now. It seems that whenever I get to feeling the worst, one of the kids is extra specially sweet and loving, reminding me of why it truly is so worth it. Annie now gives kisses when asked to, and is a sweet little cuddlebug in general, so she always lifts my spirits just by being around. Please know that your prayers are always greatly appreciated, and much needed. 

Here are just some recent pictures of stuff we have been doing, that I never got around to posting.

Becky and Miriam, my sweet daughters

German doughnuts - we traditionally make these on 11/11. They are filled with jelly, except for one that is filled with mustard and hid among the good ones. Nothing like greedily biting into a fresh hot doughnut and finding it filled with spicy mustard... :) Can you tell the kids are on a sugar high??

Our Thanksgiving meal - it seems impossible now that I ever used to enjoy eating

 Anna loving on her dolly

Look at those chompers!


 She didn't waste much time looking guilty...

 Making a gingerbread house

 Up north cutting our Christmas tree. Don't let the snow on the ground fool you, the temps were in the 50s - cold enough for us!

Up next: Christmas photos!! :)


  1. Oh I know exactly how you're feeling, except I have 8 months to dread instead of two heh, I guess we just have to take it as it comes.

    Ice cream may not be nutrient dense but it IS food, and that's better than no food. However, if you're up for a FOOD MENTION (skip this comment until you are), I have been buying whey protein and adding a tablespoonful into some milk, perhaps even with some fruit. If you can handle ice cream perhaps you can manage a smoothie with some whey protein in it. I have an awesome natural organic one that also comes in vanilla and chocolate flavours and doesn't taste too bad. Also, another one is frozen yogurt, a little more nutrient dense than ice cream, but almost as palatable. I know it seems like work, but if you can get hubby to buy it and a child to bring it to you, it could give you that extra protein and nutrients you need.

    Another quick protein fix, though it does sound gross, is tuna. That tinned tuna basically disolves in water, and I found I could put a spoonful in my mouth, take some water, and get it down without chewing which would trigger my gaging. If you're only managing sips you might still be able to get small amounts down during a good period.

    It will be over soon, and it's all worth it. I wish I could be there to give you some support.

  2. Each and every child is totally adorable but ... are those toy guns ?!!! I assume they are because you are a good mother, and wouldn't let your children play with real guns, but I'm dead afraid of guns, I have never seen one in my life in real and really hope to let it stay so.

  3. I love picture posts! The kids are all just so beautiful!

    I'm praying your "morning" sickness will get better. While mine doesn't sound nearly as bad as yours it was still really bad and I'm SO not looking forward to it if I ever become pregnant again. Many Prayers and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!!

    -Karen E

  4. Explore super foods like spirulina in capsules (extremely high in protein). There may be something else along this line.

  5. Hi there! I am so very sorry to hear of your ongoing symptoms. I once endured months of misery while on a medication that I had no choice but to take. In my darkest moments I often thought of the better days ahead and tried to remain hopefull of a good result, which in your case will be a new baby!!!!

    This is very off topic but I have a question that comes from pure good natured curiosity. When you have a new daughter, do you clothe her in dresses from the beginning or wait until later? What about pajamas? Do you use nightgowns instead?


  6. Hey! So sorry you are so sick :( I don't know if you knew this or not...but ice cream is a nutrient- dense high protein food :) just trying to help. Praying for you!!

  7. Merry Christmas to you and yours! Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Beautiful... Gorgeous.... Heart-warming.... WHAT THE @&*$# ???? Kids with guns? Please tell me they're fake.

  9. Beautiful pictures! I hope you feel bettter soon.
    Merry Christmas.

  10. Go see a medical professional they can help you. Also HG can be dangerous to your fetus.

  11. I always thought morning sickness was just morning sickness. But I'm wondering now if I had what you have. An extreme version of it.
    With my first pregnancy I was so sick I literally could not even get out of bed for anything other than the bathroom, for a few months! My second, and last pregnancies were really bad too.
    I hate being pregnant! But I love feeling my baby kick inside me. :) So that part always makes up for the horror ill feelings and the fainting in public.
    Hang in there Zsusanna, at least you know you can do this, (It's not as horrifying as when it's your first and you think you're going to die you have no idea what's going on, lol).
    You've done it six times before, You're a champ! lol. Get lots of rest. Eat as much ice cream as you want. :)
    May God bless you a safe delivery and a healthy baby.

  12. Your Tksgvng meal looks delicious with a golden brown turkey. Are the French fried onions on the green bean casserole organic?

  13. The guns are BB/airsoft guns. So while they are "real", and treated as such, the chances of injury are rather small. Learning proper gun handling and safety should start at an early age. Our three boys also have their own pocket knives.

    Baby girls and clothes: when our babies are little, I keep them mostly in one-piece sleepers around the clock for the first several months. It's the most comfortable for them, and keeps them nice and warm. I understand that there is a certain aspect of fun in dressing a baby like a miniature adult, but I imagine it would be very uncomfortable to be stuck on one's back all day in "street clothes". At that age, I am not at all concerned about making sure the girls are wearing skirts or dresses. Babies are born naked, which is okay for them, but not for adults. Women are also commanded to have long hair, yet babies are often born bald, and our girls do not have what could be considered long hair until they are at least 2. So obviously with babies and young children, there is a certain gender neutrality. Even so, I would consider sleep wear on the same level as underwear (i.e. not for public viewing) and have no objections to our daughters wearing jammies or one-piece sleepers even at their age. When they wear nightgowns only, they tend to slide up all the way at night, making them cold and prone to getting sick. Personally, I only wear nightgowns, but if it gets very cold outside I will wear pajama pants under them. There is nothing inherently wicked about pants; the point is that there is supposed to be a difference in outside appearance between men and women.

    The fried onion rings were organic because I had made them myself the day before. I do believe Whole Foods sells organic ones, though.

  14. Why is everyone so upset about kids with guns? Do you think they are so stupid they don't know that guns kill? Do you think Zsuzsanna and her husband are so stupid they just hand them out without having taught them how to handle a gun? Gun handling and shooting are good and important skills for chldren.

    Zsuzsanna, I'm sorry you are so ill. I will continue to pray for you and the littlest one!

    in His peace,

  15. Oh, if that's what you think about gun, then I understand. I would never do that because I'm scared even looking at a picture of a gun, but I get your point, and don't think you are wrong.

    I had a pocket knife when I was a child, but it was more for scouting and DIY activities.

  16. So Sorry!!! I feel so bad. Maybe the Lord is using you to help other women see that even though it is not easy, you are still obeying and allowing God to bless you with children. Despite all the hardships, you are willing and that is a great testimony. Someone told me that once about my breastfeeding/postpartum sickness stuff. I hope it all ends for you sooner this time!!! Praying for you.


  17. How could you "stomach" making onion rings when you were sooooo sick?!???

  18. A friend of mine had HG, and she got some relief from taking Emetrol, which is a otc anti-nausea syrup. Please try to stay hydrated, getting dehydrated is bad for you and the baby, and in a desert climate it is so easy to do.
    Have you been consulting with a doctor or a midwife? There are some excellent ones in the Phoenix area, they might be able to help you out.

  19. Sybille,

    I understand why you feel that way because, like you, I grew up in Europe where guns are almost universally illegal. It is ingrained in everyone's mind that a gun is a dangerous tool that kills people.

    The truth is that guns don't kill people, people kill people. While they sometimes use guns to do so, many more times, they don't. For example, you do not look at a bottle of alcohol and think or mortal danger, yet almost all crimes and motor vehicle accidents involve alcohol. In America, over 40,000 people die each year in car accidents, the vast majority of which involve drugs or alcohol. Tens of thousands more die as a result of taking prescription drugs CORRECTLY, not counting the hundreds of thousands who die when doctors make a mistake. Yet, nobody looks at a doctor, hospital, or bottle of medicine and gets scared of dying (well, I do, but that's a different story!).

    The safest way to be around guns is to be familiar with their use, and have the safety rules thoroughly internalized.


    you are looking at a picture of our Thanksgiving meal, at which time I was still feeling well enough to cook pretty much anything. What are you trying to prove??


    I used Emetrol with my first pregnancy, with almost no effect. Besides, it contains questionable ingredients such as food colors, artificial flavors, and methylparabens. I have been staying in touch with my midwife and keeping her updated on my condition. I am not in danger of dehydration of malnourishment, and have actually had much worse nausea with some of the other pregnancies. This time around, I do have some time on most days that I feel somewhat functional and can keep food down. My husband got me a SodaStream for Christmas, and the carbonated water is really staying down well.

  20. My 7 and 8 year old boys hunt whitetail deer with a .410 shotgun, under adult supervision. They were each given hand pump BB guns when they were 4, at which time they began learning to hit a target. Today, for their ages, they are fine marksmen, making some shots I've seen adults miss. They would never dream of shooting someone. They are very safe.

    Furthermore, a gun can be a useful tool. For example, we had a wild boar come up on our land once. I had hoped he would just wander off, but he decided to stay. He began turning over trash cans and making a mess. A pellet to the rump sent him on his way.

  21. I have seen the SodaStream and wondered about it a few times. Are you just drinking the plain carbonated water or have you tried any of the flavors? I wonder how they taste.

  22. "Campaign for Liberty." You voluntarily entered this country and became a citizen. You had a choice. You still have a choice. Is it the government you're so unhappy with, or life in general?

  23. Three cheers for teaching young men (and ladies) to properly understand and handle a firearm so they dont grow up terrified of them and full of unfounded ideas about the moral issues surrounding the right of an individual to own and use a firearm. An extra cheer for the capitalist(s) who conceived of the idea of producing a non-leathal version of common firearms that can be used as a training aid without endangering the trainee or anyone else so that when they are mature enough to use a full-power firearm they will already be well versed in the basic safety rules and proper handling and application of lethal force.

    Sorry you're not feeling well, Zsuzsanna. I hope that the ideas Erika wrote about on the blog will help you, they helped here tremendously!

    Best regards from the Shupe family, happy new year!

  24. Why did amazingsix get the boot from your blogroll? Did they turn liberal or gay?

    1. Nope. LOL. It's probably because we have such drastically different views on Christianity. I still love Szuszanna. She is fun to hang out with. :)


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