Sunday, December 18, 2011

John's 7th Birthday

Hard to imagine that my baby boy just turned SEVEN. Wow, time sure flies! 

 Solomon (3) holding John (a few days old)

Johnny, as the youngest of the boys, is still my baby at heart. He is the only one of our children that was born in Indiana, so he likes to blame his quirkiness on the fact that he is a Hoosier. I remember what a hassle it was trying to get a birth certificate for him because he was born at home, in a state where midwives are not allowed to attend home births. So officially, my husband was the one who delivered the baby - which by definition is the person who cuts the cord (at least that's what I was told). To get the birth certificate, in addition to providing all sorts of ridiculous identification, a nurse also had to come by our house to make sure we had running water, and food in the fridge, because only druggies would ever dream of having a baby at home, right? Ah, memories! :)

Isaac (almost 2) with John (about 2 weeks old)

Back to John - he is such a sweetie. We waited to tell him that I was pregnant until right before his birthday, as a special surprise. He truly was thrilled. He said that last year, Anna was born just 3 days before his birthday, making it a special birthday gift just for him, and this year he found out he is getting another little brother or sister. It is so sweet to see how excited he (as well as the other kids) get about a new baby. One would think that in a large family, such news is rather ho-hum, but just the opposite is true. I guess I would find that hard to believe myself if I didn't see the living proof of it in our own home. Of course the kids have their moments of frustration with each other, but by and large, they are much more loving and pleasant than me and my siblings ever thought of being. 

Due to the nausea, it took me the course of the entire last week to make John's birthday meals: cinnamon rolls for breakfast, tacos for lunch, and steaks for dinner. Tonight, finally, I crossed the steaks off the list and was officially done. I am just glad I was feeling well enough to throw him a party and fulfill any food requests - usually, both of these would be completely impossible to accomplish with full-blown HG.

 Love John's face when opening Solomon's gift!

 Becky playing with parts of the felt BBQ set I made for John

Since John's birthday fell on a Sunday, we didn't do much that day besides going to church and hosting his party in the afternoon between the services. We did a jungle expedition theme - the last time I did this party was when John was 2 months old, for Isaac's 2nd birthday. He had seen photos of it and wanted to have his own party just like it.

The birthday ribbon was a gift from Isaac

 She is looking more like Dad every day...

 Becky doing the obstacle course

 Miriam doing the same

throwing sticky frogs for highest point value

 Pinata time

I stuffed it with individual little packets of raisins, ducky crackers, various cookies, and fruit gummies - all organic, no food colors or other junk, and everyone STILL dove for it like crazy.

The cake - I was too sick to make one myself, so this was the next best thing. Everyone at our church LOVES the cakes from Whole Foods.

It was a nice party, and John enjoyed it very much. The next day, for a special birthday outing, my husband took all the boys ice-skating.

John's main characteristic is that he is very creative and artistic. He is almost always wearing a costume of some sort, and his hands are permanently stained by markers. He draws remarkably well for a child his age - he notices and includes many details in his art work that I would not even pick up on. He has always been an advanced speaker, too - speaking in sentences almost since the day he started talking. I remember when he was very little, younger than 2, he looked up at me and told me "When I grow up, I'm gonna call you 'Mom'. 'Hi Mom, how are you doing, Mom?'" He meant as opposed to calling me Mommy, his usual name for me. It was so funny to see him make that distinction between adults and children when he was almost still a baby. Another time when he was very young, about 18 months old, he was standing in front of the shower door crying. When I asked him why, he pointed at the shower and asked "Only adults do that?" He was upset because he wanted to take a shower like us, but knew he was too little to do so. It was so strange and funny, like he had this adult brain in a toddler's body. He learned his ABC's with almost no input from me at all, so I was very surprised to find that he had a distinct dislike for learning to read, and just could not wrap his mind around it for the longest time. Only recently has he started reading books by himself, and he still struggles with some words, while excelling in all other subjects. I guess the "rules" of reading just go against the grain of his free-spirited personality.

Happy Birthday, Johnny!


    This is so amazing...You just described DANIEL to a T! Everything you said about John's personality is true for Daniel! That is tooo funny :)
    Well, looks like everyone had a wonderful time celebrating!

  2. A very happy birthday to John! You did a great job with the party considering you've been so sick lately. Looks like the kids loved it!

  3. Happy 7th Birthday John!

    What a wonderful party...a brilliant theme! Loos as though they all had a great day!

    Lovely photos! All your children are just beautiful! :)

  4. Happy birthday to the sweet little boy ! I hope he is happy all the rest of his life :)

    I wonder if your coming child is a boy or a girl. We'll see !

  5. Happy birthday, John!!! So cute to see him growing up through those pictures...

    And, belated congratulations on your pregnancy news. You know, in a sense it is predictable, but I was still surprised. It's so fascinating to me how every woman's body works differently - when I was nursing my kids, even when I was down to just once a day, I didn't get my period. It only ever came about 2-3 months after a complete cessation of nursing, even with my #3, where I nursed longer than a year. So, I was expecting that you also wouldn't get pregnant for a while yet. I guess God had other plans!

    Best of luck with the HG - one of my best friends had it, and I know it can be awful. She had to be hospitalized, but it sounds like you've been able to get yours more under control, which is great. I hope you manage to keep well and don't worry if the kids' school work lags behind. I'm sure you'll be able to catch up once you are feeling better.

    P.S. My husband and I were just discussing this past weekend whether we would like to "try" for a fourth child. (Or, perhaps more accurately, stop trying not to have one...) I was thinking how overwhelming it might feel and how tough on my body and then I read your announcement. Inspiring! Maybe we'll name our fourth kid after you ;-)

  6. Happy birthday John , the kids looked like they were having so much fun at the party .

  7. Happy Birthday to your big boy!

    I found the info on Indiana interesting, especially considering their large Amish communities... who often homebirth...and often DON'T have running water LOL. (Unless they don't do birth certificates? Not sure about that)

    Congrats on your new little blessing. I've known two people with hypermesis, and it was awful to see them having to go through it, so I feel for you and hope it eases up some. It's nice that you have a family willing and ready to pitch in when needed! It's a blessing!


  8. wow Isaac really looks like you in that two year old photo! :)
    Your kid's are so adorable Zsusanna. :)
    Hope he had a great b'day! Love the jungle designs and the obstacle course, it's a great idea for birthday fun. :)

  9. Your youngest son and middle daughter are the cutest! they both look like they would be the goofy ones of the family.

    By the way, Mrs. Anderson... Just out of curiosity I googled your name and I'm taken back by all the hate and slander out there about you. There's a woman who used to attend your church who has made herself out like an angel who was victimized by you. She says you almost destroyed her life and have destroyed the lives of at least ten others who have gone to your church in the past. Is this partially true or does your church just attract some nuts because of it's internet presence? If the latter is true, have you ever considered closing down your blog just to get these people off your back? has your husband ever considered closing down his youtube channel for the same reason? It seems that they come from all over the country and move to Tempe to attend your church. While I agree with much of what you husband says. I would never quit my job, sell my house and move to a completely foreign place on the other side of the country. The only peaople who would move somewhere based on something they've seen on the internet have to be total nuts and need to take some time off from the computer.



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