Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving week - YAY!

I have waited for this week for quite a while now. It is our first week off from homeschooling since we started the school year the day after Labor Day. That means 11 weeks with no break. It may not sound like much, but believe me, it is. It is almost one third of the school year!

Keeping up with five different students on five different levels, making sure they all keep a steady pace and don't get behind on their work in any one subject, is stressful. It doesn't matter if I am tired at night or behind on everything else, I still have to check all their work from the day, and set up the next day's assignments. Even when we took a short vacation or went on field trips, we still made up for all the work allotted for that week in the remaining days. It will be nice not to have to be so disciplined this week. 

After this week, we will be doing school for three more weeks before taking a two week Christmas break. In the new year, I think the longest we go without a break is eight weeks - so the hardest part is definitely behind us. 

Some of our projects for this week are to get the grocery shopping for the Thanksgiving weekend done - we generally like to go into hiding and not even get anywhere close to any store for those four days because of the mad dash shoppers. I am working on making some hair bows for the girls, as well as other Christmas gifts, and also need to figure out what to do for the kids' advent calendars. Anna will have a cupcake party for her first birthday in two and a half weeks (can you believe it has been almost a year???!?), and John is having a jungle birthday party in three weeks, both of which I have much work left for. Then I think I may finally drag myself to switch the closets from summer to winter. Not because it is cold here, yet - I just don't have time to tackle a project like that during a school week, and surely, it will have to get cold sometime, right? The boys won't like me putting away their shorts for the next, oh, two months? Can you tell I am excited about doing this?

Then of course there are the funner aspects of taking time to make Thanksgiving crafts, having extra time for read-aloud stories, making yummy seasonal treats, and just generally switching into a lower gear. We will see how that works out! I guess I started this "week off" out on the wrong foot by getting up at five something this morning...

Have a wonderful week all, and don't forget to thank God daily for what He has blessed you with!


  1. I Love this time of year too...I think this week we are going to put some gift baskets together and deliver them to a couple older widows in our church.
    We are only taking Thurs. and Fri. off this week, but we will probably also take a two week vacation around Christmas.
    The wedding was beautiful...what a sweet and beautiful couple! Praise the Lord. Great family picture from the wedding. I love the colors :)

  2. I'm reading through your blog and wow, you sure are one busy woman! I am the oldest of six (and not quite old enough to be your mama but close) and I remember how difficult it was for my grandma to keep us in line.

    Being married to a preacher must be a fascinating life. You must always have to be available for the "flock" I would imagine. I hope that this week is fun and peaceful for you and yours.

  3. Our school year begins the start of February and ends just before Christmas. Is it very different in US? When is ur labor day? Or r u on a different schedule with ur homeschooling than American public schooling?

  4. Amen, Zsuzsanna, many of us have much for which to be thankful!

    I'm glad that the hardest part is over, school-wise, although it seems that you don't get a break, you just downshift from FAST to LITTLE BIT SLOWER THAN FAST!

    I'm with you regarding 'black Friday' (can it still be called that since it now starts on Thursday?)and the insanity of holiday shoppers. I'd rather switch out the children's clothes than be in one of those stores--ha!

    Anna being a year old...oh it will take some time to adjust to the concept.

    Enjoy your partial-break, you deserve it!

    God bless you, Dad, and the six,


  5. I can't believe Anna's birthday came about so quickly! Also our Meg's birthday is just after Anna's Yikes, where does the time go?!

    Enjoy your week "off"...sounds like you have some lovely things planned!

  6. Yes, yes, we are entering my favorite time of year. However, we do not get to take the week off (my kids will be lucky if we even get Thanksgiving completely off- LOL). We don't have any family in Arizona, so it will be just us. Though I'll be tempted, I won't break out the schoolwork after turkey (quail for us) dinner. This semester we participated in too many things that prevented me from executing the schedule consistently. So, I eliminated a major one so that I can do better the rest of the year. I just want to thank you, Zsuzsanna for being such a great example. Not only do you proclaim the Word, but you live by it as well- all of it (even the part that says children are good to have, which for some reason even the most conservative of Christians refuse to believe these days). It's amazing how those of us who think it's right to allow our bodies to function as God made them are considered "crazy," but it's "normal" to break our bodies through surgery, take unnatural chemicals, use other unnatural interferences, and even abstain from the marital act for the sake of preventing what God says is a blessing. The child- preventing Christians are the freaks, not us. But anyway, as I was saying, you are a good example to those that are on the homeschooling journey. You are consistent and take schooling seriously (as we should). I don't believe God wants us to train up stupid kids with good character or kids who love the Lord but can't write a coherent paragraph. (I've met some who think they have a Christian homeschool, but are nearly ignoring academia). It's important that we are diligent in our schedules, so that our kids are learning and growing in wisdom each day. I really struggle with maintaining consistency, because I never had been taught discipline in the home (housekeeping, routines, etc.) The thought of executing the schedule for more than a week or two straight nearly intimidates me to death. So I have to work hard at establishing the discipline necessary to accomplish all that needs to get done. You are a real, live example of my goals (superscheduled school implemented without fail, time to sew, and even time to blog)! You are an encouragement to me, so just keep on telling the truth. Just like the sign off of your posts- love it. I've never seen such an honest statement on a blog. I'm going to steal it here. "Thoughtfully written instead of doing chores by"... Jenifer

  7. We have the week off from homeschooling here too and I have been looking foward to it as well. :) I hope you and your family have a lovely Thanksgiving together. Also just wanted to say that we are so thankful for families such as yours that are a wonderful example.

  8. Hey have you seen this advent calender already? Pretty creative, cheap and cute I think
    I also think you would like the felt one..
    Are you really going to make 6 separate ones? Well 7 if you count your husband You are inspiring me to do the same with my family since I have never done one before.


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