Thursday, November 10, 2011

OH NO!!! She's pregnant AGAIN??!?

Not talking about myself here, in case the title gave you heart palpitations. No, no, I'm tackling another hot-button issue today, and that is that of Mrs. Duggar and her announcement this week that the family is expecting their 20th child.

Just in case my title is giving the wrong impression, no, I am neither surprised nor angered by the fact that she is yet again "with child", the more biblical term. For me, there really is nothing to this news beyond thinking how happy I am for the family, and praying that Mrs. Duggar will have a healthy pregnancy and birth. End of story.

Yet looking at the comments following the various news clips, you'd think the Duggars just confessed to having committed a heinous crime of some sort. Our society accepts sodomy and all sorts of filth. Child molesters no longer face the death penalty. Husbands can cheat on their wives and give them STDs in the process, but that's all fine and dandy. Spouse-hopping (aka divorce and remarriage) is the widespread, accepted norm, as are the dysfunctional children resulting from these sorts of lifestyles.

But oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, a husband and wife who love each other and have raised nothing but friendly, happy, caring children are an abomination because they don't feel the need to get perverted gadgets or drugs before enjoying the marriage relationship. A couple of disgusting perverts adopting 12 unfortunate children out of foster care is hailed, while normal couples raising a dozen or more of their own children is angering the nation. I think there would have been much fewer negative and hateful comments if the Duggars had announced they are going to get a divorce, which is a sad sign of our times.

Since I know Michelle is much too busy and nice to respond to these fools, I will be so kind as to put in my two cents on her behalf on some of the most commonly repeated idiocies.

It is sad that the older girls have so many obligations to this birth family that they can't move on. Most 17 years and older kids are going to college or working. These girls are missing a chunk of their growing up period. Later, missing this stage will play out in some way, and not in a positive way. Also, the oldest son was announcing that he and his wife are expecting a third child? Of course, their older child is already two. Good grief!! 

Let me get this straight: The older kids should be working - just so long as it is not at home, helping their own family? They should be preparing food - just so long as it is at a minimum-wage fast food place? They should be cleaning up after other people - just so long as those people are not relatives? They should be sharing bunk beds and rooms - just so long as it is in a dorm room with other students, not at home with their siblings?  Now THAT makes a lot of sense.

People are just jealous because the self-absorbed, lazy brats they have raised won't lift a finger around the house, except to make more messes.

I cannot believe she got pregnant on her own at 45. There had to be some fertility treatment! 

Hahaha! Actually, the fertility treatment that God offers goes like this: The more kids you have, the more fertile you become. Simply put, this is because pregnancy and lactation suspend a woman's monthly cycles, preserving and extending her (limited) number of eggs. 

This is beyond ridiculous and totally irresponsible to continue having so many children. Guess it will be good for their ratings and keeping the cash coming in.  

Oh yes, they are only doing it for the show. That's why they had more than a dozen children DEBT FREE  and without government assistance before the world had ever even heard the name "Jim Bob Duggar". And because having 20 children is the new "get rich quick" plan of the lazy and selfish, people are doing it everywhere. Oh, wait, they are not. Maybe it doesn't work that way, after all??!?

Isn't almost losing the last baby and Michelle enough for these people? Is the publicity so much more important? explain how a grandmother of two is still having children herself. stop being selfish people and exploiting your family!!!! 

The number of people commenting that Josie's birth should have caused the parents to stop having babies is unbelievable. Why do people care so much about the health and well-being of a child that according to them, should not even have been conceived in the first place? Sounds like worst case scenario, if everything were to go wrong and the child not survive, the result would be the same as if they had never had the child (except that of course its eternal soul will live in Heaven forever). But chances are, the baby will be healthy and well. Why for sure not have a child in case you might not be able to have a child?

This is just rediculous [sic]. These people need to get a life and STOP HAVING SO MANY DAMN KIDS!!!!! We're populated enough.  

These people are addicted to children! Haven't they heard of overpopulation? Mass extinctions coming? It should be a crime.

Oh, the myth of overpopulation. The Duggars are hardly starting a nationwide trend of large families. Is there really a statistically significant difference if they have 2 or 20 children? I mean, with as many millions of people as live in the US, are 18 more just the straw to break the camel's back?

20 children! How can you pay special attention to 20 children. No, its not possible  

No, not for dimwits like you it isn't. But if you knew the first thing about homeschooling and living TV-free, you would know that being with your child 24/7 gives you TONS of time with each of them. Much more so than the kids from divorced homes who get to see their parents every other weekend, or who spend every day from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm in the company of strangers, only to come home to tired parents who are zoning out in front of the TV. 

I am not looking forward the sequel - "The Dysfunctional Dugger Offspring" .Oh it's coming! There's no way these kids are getting the attention they need & they'll eventually seek it where they can. From what I can see the kids are raising each other! 

Well, hey, looks like they are doing an awesome job!! Especially considering how "dysfunctional" they all are... Again, jealousy is the real cause here. You just don't like that your 2.3 kids from two different dads are constantly at each other's throats.

Must be nice to get government money because of the tax write-offs they get for all their children. They probably don't even have to pay taxes!

Yes, being charged less is now considered getting paid. Getting a refund check from the IRS is really just receiving a welfare check. By that notion, if you ever buy anything at a reduced price, or get a refund at the store for having been overcharged, I hope you consider that "income".

The show is not multicultural enough.

It will be, as soon as Jim Bob and Michelle, a white couple from Arkansas, can figure out how to have dark-complected babies. Evidently, they are still practicing.


  1. LOVED your answers to the "comments"! I practically sprayed my morning coffee all over the computer! Ha!

    CONGRATULATIONS to the Duggar Family!

  2. I often think you are quite harsh in your blogs, however with this one Zsuzsuanna you hit the nail on the head! I agree with you 100%.
    I love the Duggar's. The world needs alot more God-Loving, God-Fearing, respectful, kind-hearted families like them. We can all learn a great deal of good from the Duggar Family, which is much needed in a depraved world where we have sex, drugs, alcohol, war, hate, selfishness, materialism, and fake God's shoved in our faces from all directions every day.
    The only way in which this world will be restored to holiness and sin destroyed forever is with the return of the King of Kings. Until that time we have to live in this sick darkness where good is evil, and evil masquerades as good. We must be Christ's light. The Duggar's large brood sure give off alot of light! :)

  3. Just read your 'disgusting perverts adopting 12 unfortunate children out of foster care'.
    Here's my two cents worth. "Pappa" AND "Daddy"?!?!
    This is Satan's work if ever I've seen it. In order for any of these TWELVE children to come to the love of Christ and follow Him at the bible's teachings they would have to rebuke their own 'parents' as being an abomination in God's eyes. Their 'family' being an abomination, and there seems to be alot of boys in this 'family', I hope they aren't raised thinking being a boy-girl is so acceptable they'll end up like their 'Daddy's' too.
    Then of course you get main stream media to glorify these 'wonderful, generous, lovely' men who are sexually confused and willfully sinning against God Almighty and make them some kind of heroes and make it acceptable in society, as main stream media also does with their mass agenda for homosexuality, feminism, divorce, teenage sex, prostitution, pornography, etc, etc, etc. Make people numb to it all. Make it the norm. Make Christian's feel like they would be wrong to speak out against it... Satan's very clever and he's done a brilliant job of pulling the wool over the world's eyes. It will only get much worse before Christ's return.
    & no, I don't hate gay people at all. They all need to be prayed for and need Jesus to save them. This whole world needs Jesus to save it. What I hate is satan, his world system and all the evil he causes.

  4. Thanks for writing this post. Well done. I'll link to it or post it on my blog if you don't mind. Excellent answers. It is such a shame that American preaches tolerance of everything except the normal, fruitful, family. Unbelievable!!

  5. WOWWW... I can't believe people can be so upset over someone having CHILDREN. It's not like the single mom who couldn't take care of any of her 8 or 10 or 12 or whatever it was, children. These children are LOVED and HAPPY and JOYFUL and serving the Lord! I guess I cannot wrap my mind around the fact, that like you said so perfectly, people cannot accept THIS but can perfectly accept "woman's choice" aka Murder, "Sexual Preferance" aka SODOMY, "General Assistance" aka Welfare...these terms all just go to show how we have taken this ugly wickedness, and accepted it as OK, and changed the name to sound not so bad...
    Well, I am thrilled that the Duggar's are HAPPILY expecting another "child" aka...BLESSING!

    If a woman says, "I don't want a child" and get's an abortion, she is rubbed on the back, applauded even. What if she decided to have the baby...gave birth, and decided after a week or two that it really just wasnt working out...Woman's Choice",and kills her baby. Now it's murder?

    K, let's get mad at people having their beautiful and wonderful children and taking care of them and loving them.

  6. Woman, you amaze me!

    It is sooooooo refreshing and gives me hope to read people standing upright. You are so unlike so many other Christian blogs that chose to stand for the world instead of standing up for righteousness.

    The past few days, with the Joe Paterno and Penn State fiasco, I have come to realize that the majority of people really don't know right from wrong and they make a conscience decision to NOT seek out the difference much less live it.

    Thank you for being a righteous voice.

  7. I was planning on doing a similar blog post, but so many of you have done great ones that I'm not sure I need to now! Love that last one especially. :) Maybe I'll still get around to it. :)

  8. This is the kind of topic where my opinions differ from yours. However, I am not as quick-tempered as those commenters, and would never dare insult this mum.

    I do think that, in a family of 20 children, each child gets less one-to-one personal attention than in a family of 3 - 4 (the "maximum" considered "normal" by most people ... which I don't totally agree with). But it doesn't mean I think this children are unhappy. They must have real strong relationships between siblings, and always someone to talk to, or someone who might explain something in the context of homeschooling. I most certainly don't think they are doing a bad thing there.

    I would never have such a large family. This is simply never going to happen. I'm a very motherly young woman, I have great contacts with kids in general, and I love children, don't take me wrong. I just have zero ground for being so fruitful (because I don't have any scriptures that tell me so, I'm an atheist), and I would not like that life. It's not my personnality, I will have children but not so many.

    The argument of telling that Josie's difficult birth should have been a warning is also ridiculous. If you look at their wikipedia page, you can see that for instance, their 2 second-born children were twins, born by C-section. This is a kind of specific birth, and it didn't prevent them from having more children, far from it. My own sister had a difficult birth, and my parents still had another baby : me !

    Also on the topic of homosexuals, I have totally opposite opinions than you : I'm all for marriage, no matter what the gender is, and I don't think it should be forbidden to fall in love. I personnally have several homosexuals as friends and have never noticed anything even remotely close to them being sick perverts. I won't change my opinion on that, either, and I hope it doesn't bother you.

    I think people commenting on the Duggars family could do better, I don't mind their having children, and I don't really care, either. As long as they take care of each child, and that everyone is happy, I don't think anyone should make a fuss about it.

  9. All your answers were were great. I don't know why people are so outraged, what is one more when you already have 19? They all act like they didn't see this coming lol! People forget children come from God, no one has children unless God wants them too. God gave them another child and God doesn't make mistakes. Yeah, I love how they are all so concerned with Josie, but if it were up to them she wouldn't be here at all!

  10. Why would we have "heart palpitations" because we thought YOU were pregnant?

  11. The Duggars have flaws just like any other family.

    The fact that you can't see or mention (even in passing) any of these flaws. . . that tells me you are a biased observer.

    You're going to like what you see no matter what they do

    As for the 12 kids who were adopted. . I suppose you'd rather have them in foster care. How Christlike. If you are that concerned about kids in foster care, why not adopt some of them yourself? Christ does tell us to care for the orphans--do you just ignore that verse?

  12. Michelle Duggar is a feminist. She can thank feminism for having the choice to live life as she wants to. She had the choice to have a career, to be childless, to remain single, or to have 20 children. The choice that she made is fine, but she has feminism to thank.

  13. For the un-saved they can't understand the Duggars way of life because they are lost. For the saved that oppose them so much is sad. They are I am sure feeling the prick of the Holy Spirit and that is why they have to "vent" about why the Duggars should stop having kids. What I don't get is it's not like the Duggars go around telling people they should leave their family size to the Lord. That is just the level of Faith that they are trusting the Lord with. Their reason for thrusting their family isn't for fame, money, or glory for themselves. It is as Jessa put it
    : “It’s not about us, but about helping others see the love of Christ!”

    As for Michelle being a feminist, which she is not. She could have disobeyed her Biblical calling of a wife, mother, and "Keeper at home", but rather is going against the grain of modern society of "making a choice" to step out of her GOD GIVEN ROLE! Feminism has nothing do with that, they are responsible for the broken homes and dysfunctional families that are out there today. Since women have gone to work, the FAMILY has certainly not gotten better, it has been neglected and fallen apart destroying those in it.

    1. i know people who want large families that are not "saved" and in the christian faith. they love children and want to do things more naturally, which seems to be the trend the last decade or so. it has nothing to do with being "saved" or "lost". there are many people all over the world with large families. you only speak like this bc fundamental christianity is all you have ever been taught.

  14. Z put this right up there with stupidest comment ever! -"Michelle Duggar is a feminist. She can thank feminism for having the choice to live life as she wants to. She had the choice to have a career, to be childless, to remain single, or to have 20 children. The choice that she made is fine, but she has feminism to thank."
    - Before feminism women stayed at home and had lots of kids. She would be doing this even if there was no feminism movement! This is such a ignorant comment. Feminism did nothing but harm to the world. We owe it nothing!

  15. The thing is: a baby is not just a one time deal. That baby does not disappear the moment it is born. I am basically a slave to my children. I work all day and the money goes to their care and comfort. When I am not working at an actual job, I am caring for them, cleaning, doing laundry. A mother is an indentured servant for at least 18 years. By being against abortion, you are *for* slavery. ~ I read this comment at FJ and thought,This is how our society looks at children and motherhood, so sad. I guess this person has never heard of the fact that 2 million couples wait for adoption. Your only two options are not kill the baby or be a slave! I feel sorry for this persons children. Doesn't seem like she loves them at all.

  16. Why so people care about a child who "should not even have been conceived in the first place"? Because she was born and is here now.

    On the Duggars' own website they say, and I quote, "We try to have regular talks with each one individually on a weekly basis.". Try. They try to talk to each of their kids one-on-one on a weekly basis. How is that more time than all kids of divorced parents?

    The Duggar girls are being deprived of learning to take care of themselves. None of them have the tools to make decisions for themselves. Say Jinger wanted to leave. She doesn't have an adequate education nor would she have any way to get a job outside the house right now. But keeping these kids servants at home working for no pay, they are prisoners. The difference between cleaning up after your many many many younger siblings or cleaning up after someone else is that you get money for cleaning up after someone else, and you can use that money to get your own home or apartment if you wanted to leave the family lifestyle. it's about options. Earning money gives options. Michelle had options. She went to a legitimate college (College Plus is NOT a college, and only fools think it is). She got to work, earn money, and make per own friends. Then she and her husband decided this was the life they wanted instead. Their daughters have been deprived or preparation and support to make their own decisions, as well as deprived of the necessary education.

    You say what harm is having 18 more kids than 2. Well in five generations, if each of their offspring has 20 and they all keep having 20, that is 32 MILLION people born in the fifth generation.

    You want the rest of us to get out of the bedroom activities of the Duggars who put themselves on TV claiming their lifestyle is the one right way. So how about you get yourself out of the bedroom activities of gay people? Oh, I forgot, being gay is abusive, but whipping kids with plumbing pipe, as long as you're straight, is fine. You're sick, you know that? You would prefer your husband sexually abuse your daughters over them being in the presence of a gay person who would protect them. That's the sort of thing that lands kids in foster care. But you would rather have this skids go back to homes where they are heated, molested, etc., as long as the parents are straight.

    You've made god in your own image when he hates the same people and actions that you do. Think about that. God didn't make you in his image. You've created god in your own image, and the proof is that he hates who and what YOU hate, and since you think of yourself as perfect, he hates anyone who isn't just like perfect little you.

  17. Funny how "pro-choice" people scream their heads off about wanting women to be able to be allowed to choose to butcher babies in the womb but should a woman choose to have a large number of woman they spit out hateful comments about her. But it's ok for a couple of queers to adopt 12 and doom their souls.

  18. "Why do people care so much about the health and well-being of a child that according to them, should not even have been conceived in the first place?"

    Well, by that logic, if a lesbian couple has a child by artificial insemination, you shouldn't care about that kid. But I'm betting you'd have a thing or two to say about such a situation.

  19. All Christians should be lifting this courageous family up in prayer. They are such an encouragement to families and truly live in great faith, to allow the Lord to control their family size. So exciting to be given the gift of 20 children. What a blessing. They have encouraged me personally and I am thankful.

    Oh, Jane: REALLY?? :)Lol.

  20. I agree completely!! These people that say she doesn't spend enough time with her kids.. they are probably working 40 hours a week, and then sitting on their couch watching TV the other waking hours, telling their kids to "Go play, mommy is busy!" While they criticize a mother of 20 children who is always with her children. It's absurd!! :(

  21. I think it's wonderful that Michelle is pregnant. I wish I were, but God doesn't seem to think it's a good idea. :-(

    You know what I find saddest? There is a lesbian couple in California who are giving their 11 yo son drugs to retard puberty because he/she hasn't decided if he/she wants to be a boy or a girl. It is beyond horrifying, yet no-one is as outraged about this as they are about Michelle's impending blessing. I don't know how to link an article, but if you google "Moreno Lobel Tommy" the articles come up. Moreno and Lobel are the last names of the lesbian couple, Tommy is the child they are abusing.

    in His peace,

  22. Chad and Jessica's family- Jessica I miss your blog so much! I hope you start again soon!!!! It was such a blessing to me.

  23. Another stupid and ignorant comment- "Why do people care so much about the health and well-being of a child that according to them, should not even have been conceived in the first place?"

    Well, by that logic, if a lesbian couple has a child by artificial insemination, you shouldn't care about that kid. But I'm betting you'd have a thing or two to say about such a situation.

  24. Jessica, Michelle spends much of her time traveling and talking about what a wonderful mother she is, sometimes with a few of her children as "proof" while the rest are at home being raised by siblings. So how do you figure she is always home with her kids? How do you explain the buddy-system where the babes are passed off onto a "buddy" who is totally responsible for the care of that baby? Why do these kids have to make appointments to see their parents? If there is so much time and attention, why to JB and Michelle only "try" to talk with each child weekly?

    Miriam, I know plenty of people who are pro-marriage-equality, myself included, who are appalled by that couple for attempting to retard puberty and feel that using medical science in that way, when there is no medical need, is abuse.

  25. I read somewhere that Michelle only breastfeeds the babies for 6 months. That's another untrue statement. On page 84 of their first book it mentions that one of their children was nursing at 9 months. The reference to a plumbing pipe in a previous comment may refer to the Pearls. I disagree with them and have read the articles about them at I have both of the books by the Duggars. I am not a Gothard fan or a fan of some of the other home education curricula the Duggars use. I like that they say on page 92 of their last book that they are NOT a part of the QuiverFull movement. People should read their books before commenting about them.

  26. I love the Duggar family. They're great people who give back to the community. I don't care how many children they have, (actually, I think it's nice that they have so many kids; the world has a lack of good people!) they are a wonderful family. I live very close to the Duggar family and I would love to know what church they go to.

  27. you know her healthy birth is going to be compacted due to the c-section she is having

  28. To you free jinger hags who want to know how the Duggers live debt-free. They had income long before TLC and will have it after they no longer have the show. Both Jim Bob and Michelle sold insurance before they started a family and Jim Bob used to own at least one used car lot. They own a number of rental properties that supplies them with a steady income as well.

  29. Oh No! 12 children no longer living in foster care, and being raised in a happy and loving environment by two men! That is disgusting. How did you Good Christian Folk™ let this happen?
    What, with all the volunteering of Good Christian Folk™ to taking in foster children, and adopting unwanted babies, oh wait . . . .

    I read your blog because I think you lead an interesting life, and I also think you are an exceptional parent to your children (I also read it to see what trouble your husband can get himself into next, because that amuses me.) But Really?

    Did you actually read that article? Did you notice that Arizona law says that preference will be given to a heterosexual married couple over a single person in the cases of adoption, and that the only reason these men were able to adopt these children was because NO-ONE ELSE WANTED THEM? That's right, no Good Christian Folk™ wanted these children. I would like to know why the Andersons have not stepped up to foster or adopt some unwanted children with disabilities? If for no other reason than to ensure that the Evil Gays™ don't get their pervy little paws on them!

    Where is your sense of charity? Is it not your duty to take in as many of these unwanted children as possible? If you don't, they will end up going to the Evil Gays™.

    The same sentiment goes to every other reader of your blog who was "appalled" at the idea of gay men adopting children.

    I hope that I have made it very clear that my point is that these men were only able to adopt these children because all the heterosexual GOOD CHRISTIAN FOLK™ DID NOT WANT THEM!!
    That's truly appalling!

  30. So if you have the right to call someone a disgusting pervert, even though he's not harming anyone by living his own life, why do you say that people don't have the right to give their opinions about people who are neglectful and manipulative parents?

  31. Every ones objections would cease if they actually met this family. I have met this family and wow! These children can and could do whatever they set their mind to do. If you think about it, the parents are not forcing the older children to stay home. It is a choice. They are a living example of Christs love. You just need to meet them. The fruit of the womb is His reward. God is rewarding them!

  32. I'm a Christian, and childless by choice. But I don't have a problem with the Duggars having a large family, as long as the kids are happy and well cared for, which they seem to be.

    I do have a problem with a Christian referring to Christ as a "disgusting pervert." Oh wait, you thought it was just a pair of gay men you were calling that? But those men, like every other human being, are bearers of the image of God. Might want to get out Mt. 25 and have a quick review. The executive summary of Jesus' statement: "Be good to other people, because what you do to them, I am going to take personally."

  33. I'm not sure what you mean by "preserving and extending" her eggs. If someone was accusing her of using fertility drugs to get pregnant they were just ignorant, since considering her age she would have realistically used IVF/donor egg (that's not an accusation, by the way). The issue isn't number of eggs at her age, it's quality. The eggs are the age they are, she can't change that. It puts the baby at risk for various genetic problems, some are fatal some are not (I know everyone always thinks Down's...there are worse things out there). Personally, I would have held off on announcing because the risk of miscarriage is so much higher. But that's me. If they know the risks and don't care, that's their business.

    We don't have cable and don't watch much TV so I've never seen one of their specials or shows. But I'm inferring from the comments above that the Duggars themselves don't have television. So they won't watch TV because it's evil but they will accept money for allowing cameras to follow their children around? Either they think it's a bad thing or they don't. That hypocrisy is bothersome. That they would take money, particularly where their children are involved, to me, says volumes about their values. Perhaps the lure of fame and money was a little too much.


  34. Page 155 of the Duggars' second book says that they are supportive of their daughters becoming firefighters. On page 157 they discuss their daughters going to the local community college or the University if they want to attend.

  35. Mina, those two homos are harming all 12 of those children by being just what they are, sexual deviants who will do nothing but cause harm and eventually doom their children's souls to an eternity in Hell if someone doesn't step in and show them the truth. The Duggers are loving caring parents, they do not manipulate their children. The Anderson's are raising their own birth children, maybe if they had been unable to have children of their own they would have adopted but God blessed them with their own children. I can't understand that line of thinking.

  36. On page 93 of the Duggar's second book they say that they are not against tv. They have had a tv Christian celebrity pastor on their tv series. They go to his sister's house to watch tv as they say on page 94. They consider their tv series a family ministry(p.94).

  37. One time I read some comments similar to these and the thought I had concerning Michele not being able to give each child individual attention is that most moms start taking their babies to daycare around 6-8 weeks old. That child grows up not knowing where it's mother is, even when they are old enough to know "mom's at work" they don't know where she is. The Duggar children always know where their mom is, they can go find her in the house or they know "mom's at the grocery store" or whatever the case may be. Most of these nasty people commenting about the Duggars have children that, given the opportunity, would gladly go live with the Duggars and suffer such "neglect" as those poor Duggar kids!

  38. This post should have come with a warning. :)

    I love how people are "tolerant" of everyone and everything except for born again Christians and their decisions.

    So much for tolerance.

  39. You said:

    Let me get this straight: The older kids should be working - just so long as it is not at home, helping their own family? They should be preparing food - just so long as it is at a minimum-wage fast food place? They should be cleaning up after other people - just so long as those people are not relatives? They should be sharing bunk beds and rooms - just so long as it is in a dorm room with other students, not at home with their siblings? Now THAT makes a lot of sense.


    You are very adept at circular logic and the erection of strawmen.

    Honey, my parents told me when I was 14 that they would feed me and put a roof over my head, but if I wanted clothes, or whatever, it was on me. And these were people who had just converted to your brand of Christianity. My dad was an architect and could well afford to clothe me. Following this path of irony, my father's second wife, who adopted me after my other adopted mother's death, was the youngest of 12. Awesome!

    Except the father died when my mother was 6 months old and the mother, a stalwart immigrant, was not able to take care of her children.

    My mother and her 3 older sisters were lucky to have been raised foster care during the Depression through WWII.

    God's will for large families is not the fantasy you provide here. Most of the people who CHOOSE to have large families these days do so because they can afford it. The radicals taking risks are idiots.

    Michelle Duggar has money and people who think she is in actual "need." I want YOU to redirect such gifts to people who could really use them. The Duggars are a case of overabundance...too many gifts that are arbitrarily dispersed: Michelle says to pray for a child as if it will happen...people do that for years and are childless.

    If you post this, I'll send you a postcard! FWIW, my username is the phonics of my initials, ironically a deadly sin. Have a sense of humor!

  40. Kerri, of course, everybody agree that a stay-at-home mum gives more attention to her children than a working one.
    But a housewife gives more one-to-one personal attention to 5 children than to 20, I think.

    Against, I don't think those children lack love, VERY FAR from it, I think they receive a lot of love, and attention, but a large amount of it comes from the siblings, and one-to-one attention is not as easy to get when you have 19 children to take care of than when you have, let's say 3.

  41. Kerri - Seriously a baby who goes to daycare doesn't know who their mother is?

    I did not put my children in daycare, but quite a few of my friends who did work (because they had too) still breastfed their children, still slept with them at night, still bathed them, fed them, and took care of them and those children knew exactly who their mother was.

    Not everyone is lucky enough to be a stay at home mom, and I despise the argument that somehow a stay at home mom is a better mom than a work outside the home mom.

    There are stay at home moms who spend their days sleeping, on the phone, on the computer, or watching TV, I know my neighbor is one and her kids are either outside running around barefoot in the middle of winter, or playing outside until 11:00 at night in the summer - as toddlers.

    There are mothers who work outside the home who spend every single second they have with their child, rush from work to pick him them up as soon as possible and stay up half of the night doing laundry and housework after they have put their little one to bed.

    G-d made us all different for a reason, and as women we should support each other and our choices, not tear each other down.

  42. I have 6 children ranging in age from 19 to 2, or course the 2 yr. old gets more love and attention from his 5 older siblings, there are more of them then myself and my husband! My point is that most of the people who think the Duggars are the scum of the Earth for having so many children don't have a fraction of the relationship with their own 1 or 2 children that the Duggars have with their 20! If a child is playing and gets hurt and wants Mama they go find her, the Duggar kids can do that! If they need their Mom they know where she is! To say she is trying to give individual attention to 20 kids is silly! Josh is married, John David owns his own business and the 3 oldest girls have their own activities they are busy with.No matter what, people who hate Christians are going to hate the Duggars and no logic is going to change their minds.

  43. @traci that is very sad about your neighbor. Have you endeavored to help her, offer to look after her kids? Befriend her? She is probably desperately unhappy and in need of someone to show her love like that of Jesus

  44. A bit off topic, but I'd like to give a big WAVE to all you lurking FJers who apparently are so fascinated with Zsu's blog.

    I did not know freejinger existed until it was mentioned casually in this blog, so I've been lurking there and reading to get a grip on what those people are all about.

    Well, turns out they get all beside themselves if they're ever mentioned here (as if they are then famous), they all like to think they're incredibly intelligent, so they prove it by typing novellettes as posts with what they consider to be snarky and witty humor (eyeroll).

    They give shoutouts to readers here who supposedly are lurking there, and yet they do more of it here than they care to admit.

    They have no clue about Godly women like Michelle Duggar, so their only outlet is to ridicule what they don't understand.

    I think they're hoping you, Zsuzsanna, will not publish their posts which are designed to shock and outrage you. Of course, you have more courage than they do, and you seem to always post whatever drivel they have to spew.

    This is one of the best blogs I've read, and I applaud you for sharing so much with so many who need the blessing.

    God bless you, Zsuzsanna.


  45. Traci, read my comment more carefully. I said "where" not "who", those little details make a big difference. My comment was aimed at the people who say horrible things about the Duggars but don't provide their own children with what Michele Duggar provides her children. Yes, we are all different but we are all instructed to teach our own children, not a daycare worker or school teacher. (Deut. 6:7) I've had children in daycare, I worked a job that started at 10:00 in the morning so by the time I took my son to daycare all the other children were already there. At one point a 6 wk old baby girl started going to the daycare and every morning when I brought my son in she was screaming her head off! No one would pick her up so finally I asked a worker if the mom knew the baby cried like that! She said "she'll get used to it" meaning get used to being ignored, not held, not comforted! They didn't tell the mom because she might take the baby out of daycare and they'd lose money! How sad! This was a high dollar daycare where NFL players and doctors took their children, it's just the way daycares operate. Not tearing anyone down, just speaking the truth.

  46. The Duggar children are nice and well mannered. They seem to truly love their parents, and their parents love them.

    Like an earlier poster stated, I believe you're a mother who loves her children dearly and makes choices/follows beliefs you find to be in their best interest. Most mothers do - working or stay at home. And we all make mistakes - working or stay at home.

    I appreciate you presented discussion points to people who do not understand the Duggars. HOWEVER - you are a very smart woman, and reasoning such as "just jealous" offers no favors to the Duggars or those who support them.

  47. I knew you and I would agree on something eventually! I love the Duggars. And, for my own sense of mind, I will skip the comments. I'm sure ignorance is bliss w describes many of them.

  48. Anonymous at 12:33 a.m. - I used to take her kids home, actually pick them up and walk them up to the door. She thought she was a fine parent and didn't need or want help from anyone. I was so thankful when they finally moved. It was difficult thing to watch.

    Kerri - I'm sorry I misread your post.

    My point was that as women, we should support each other and that includes Michelle Duggar.

    We should support the woman who chooses to home school and have many children and we should support the woman who chooses (or has) to work outside the home and have one or two children.

    Like I said before G-d made everyone different and thus, everyone makes different choices.

  49. Kerri, I have worked at a daycare, you are 100% RIGHT. Those people getting paid min. wage don't care about your child. They let them scream, hit and do whatever. The babies just cried and were left in cribs or bouncers. The daycare I worked at cost 275/week per child. The workers got min wage and were mostly trashy, unclean people. They would even scream and fight with each other when with the kids. But when it was pick up time of course everything was different. They always make things look different for the parents. I have found this the same with church nursery's :/

  50. Anonymous at 7:49AM - it's unfortunate that you've had such a bad experience with daycares. However, much like there are good and bad parents, there are also good daycares, and there are bad daycares. It's the responsibility of the parent placing their child in a daycare to ensure that the quality of care provided (and this is not necessarily indicative of the money spent on childcare) is top-notch, and nothing less. My son began attending daycare when he was a 1-year old and it was an incredible child-care environment. He simply loved going there every day. The workers were well-educated women working toward receiving their Early Childhood Education diplomas. They were not only well-versed in child psychology and behaviour, but most importantly, loved playing and interacting with the children immensely. It was apparent at the beginning and end of the day that the children (and the daycare workers) were well-cared for, happy, entertained, well-fed and clean. And this was also apparent during my surprise, middle-of-the-day drop-ins. The daycare itself was bright, spacious, very well-equipped and very well-maintained. All meals were healthy and cooked from scratch by "Oma" - a one-woman cook who the children loved and who, in turn, loved the children as much as the workers did. Not all daycare centres are run by negligent people. Please don't paint the world with a single-colour brush. It's simply not realistic to generalize.


  51. People seriously think that nearly losing a child is a reason to not have children? I don't think criticisms can be put down to "just" jealousy though. I am jealous of anyone who can have a child every two years but it doesn't mean I'm going to criticise people who do and I cannot see what sense there would be in doing so.

  52. I will confess that I was surprised that Mrs. Duggar is with child, given various factors, but what a wonderful surprise! I admit I worry for her and for the baby she is carrying. I firmly believe this is in God's hands.

    I pray she has a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Not even the most cynical among us would wish them the heartbreak caused by Josie's grim prognosis as a micro-premie, or anything similar. (If you wish this upon them or anyone, you need professional help.)

    "Never judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes." The Duggar books and programmes don't tell the whole story. I haven't spent any time with the Duggars. I don't know them as their own family and closest friends do. It's not my perogative to make speculative comments on their lives beyond the cameras. And guess what!? *Shock, awe* they do have personal lives beyond the cameras!


  53. Kirsten- the daycare you talk about would be a very rare thing. You are not with your child all day so you don't know everything that goes on. You also don't know what your child is being taught ect. Just because your child finds it fun, doesn't mean it's a good daycare. Children will find a lot of things to be fun that are not good for them. :)

  54. But it IS a good daycare. That's my point. There are good daycares out there. There are many, many good daycares in the city in which I live. I don't believe that's a rare thing. I'm curious to know why you believe good daycare is so rare. Because you don't agree with daycare? That doesn't make it bad - that just makes daycare "not for you". I think that bad daycares are the exception, not the rule. You just have to do the research. And my son, who is now 8 years old and doing brilliantly in public school, was taught exactly all of the things that he needed to learn (from the daycare staff during the day, and from me the rest of the time) in order to prepare him to succeed in school.


  55. Did you learn that the poor lady had a miscarriage? I immediately sent an email to tell the family I felt sorry for them.


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