Monday, November 14, 2011

Cabin Fever

My husband and I took the crazies to a cabin at Dead Horse Ranch for a night last week. We left early Thursday morning so we could spend the day hiking in the beautiful forests between Prescott and Jerome. At about 6000 ft elevation, the weather was still nice and fall-like, although we did have to wear sweaters for the first time since last winter.

 Anna didn't get the memo that this was supposed to be fun.

 There, that's better

Do you like large, hairy spiders? No? What's wrong with you? Just kidding. I have seen three tarantulas "in the wild" in Arizona, and all were right around this area. We won't be moving there anytime soon (especially since the other nuisance there seems to be an overabundance of cops).

 This one is actually very small. The other ones we have seen were several times the size of this one. 

 I like how at 10, Solomon still brings his stuffed animals on trips with him. He has names for all 31 of them.


 My husband is standing on the edge of a cliff. I didn't mind until I realized he had my baby on his back!!!

 Becky got tired so I carried her out in the back carrier, while my husband carried Anna in his arms. 

We got to our cabin in the early afternoon, and enjoyed playing in the surrounding forest, hiking the trails there, and going down to the stream that ran right near the cabins. For dinner, we roasted hot dogs and read "Little House in the Big Woods" around the campfire.

 Our cabin

The inside. It really was very cozy and comfortable. The best feature? The heater/air conditioner!! We put another air mattress on the ground for the rest of the kids.

The boys kept taking Anna "off-roading" in the stroller, leading to its demise after having been in use for close to 8 years. I am now in the market for a triple stroller.

 I totally forgot to bring the fixings form making marshmallows :( 

Tree climbing

Friday morning, after a leisurely breakfast of bacon and potatoes cooked over an open fire, we did some more hiking at the ranch right there. We then headed to Jerome for some window shopping and the obligatory stop at the awesome fudge shop there. Jerome is one weird town - it's impossible to describe if you have never been there. Basically, the entire town is built in to the sides of a canyon, making all the roads very windy and steep. From there, we headed home in the early afternoon.

We definitely want to go back to these cabins again sometime soon. 


  1. How fun! I have never been camping. My husband is not a fan but getting a cabin sounds like the best of both worlds..woodsy and comfortable. :)

  2. Picture of the spide...SCARY! Picture of your husband and sweet Anna on the edge of the cliff...DOUBLE SCARY!
    Looks like you guys had a great time! It looks really beautiful there. I love it also that Solomon is 10 and still has 31? stuffed animals, all named! Impressive!! I, too, love when my children stay young, play young, act young, look young....It's just so great that we can keep them young longer but homeschooling and keeping them from the pressures of the world.
    Well, looks like it was a beautiful time

  3. You gave me a slight anxiety attack with those pictures of that spider!! :S Lol.
    What an awesome camping area!
    I would love to go to the states and see your country side.
    I love Laura Ingalls Wilder books! Kudos for reading them to your kids. :)
    Are there bears and wolves there? (Don't laugh at me if it's a silly question, I'm not from USA!)

  4. That sounds awesome! Can I ask the name of the cabins? I have been trying to find something like this for ages, but without luck.

    You are an awesome mama.... I can't believe you guys travel so much! I have such a hard time just getting our family of 4 out of the house a couple of times a year for trips.

  5. That does look like fun! My husband and I love to go hiking. The sights look beautiful there.

  6. What a pleasant looking vacation!

    I have the same double stroller and love it. It's slowly falling apart on me but after 6 kids I should probably allow it to rest. Is needing a triple stroller a hint about anything?


  7. This looks gorgeous ! I wish I could go to America one day, just for the landscapes.
    I'm a scout (at present a scout leader for the little ones, but I've been a scout since I was 8), and from 8 to 18 years old we camp every summer. It is really fun, but it's in tents, so much less comfortable.
    I never liked hiking, though. Just watching the surroundings.

  8. Nicole,

    My 11.5 year old still plays with dolls,and has names for all her stuffed animals. And she's a product of public schools! It's not homeschooling that "keeps kids young", it's personality and family life. When you need to keep justifying homeschooling, it sort of seems like you don't like it ("Well, I really don't like this, but there are so many benefits. . . ")

    I'd hate for people to think that public school is going to turn their kids into backtalking, sexually precocious (the biggest fear, I know), gloomy, depressed mini-adults. Hasn't happened here!

    Looks like a fun trip!

  9. Looks like such fun although the spider pictures are creepy! Is the triple stroller a hint???
    Kaje x

  10. No one is trying to defend homeschooling. Why can't they just say what they like about it? That is not defending. I am always thinking of the things I like about homeschooling, that doesn't mean I don't like it. I love it and think it is the best choice for many, many reasons. I didn't read where they said they didn't like it? Also, The people your kids are around all day, everyday does have influence on them. No mater how good the family life is. It sounds like you are defending public school, I see a lot more of that. People that put their kids in public school always seem to have to defend it, when someone says something good about homeschool.

  11. I apologize for being off topic but have you seen this?
    There are really people this stupid that would equate co-sleeping with cuddling with a butcher knife. Maybe you could make a post about it.

  12. Dear Anonymous who commented to Nicole,

    If you have any doubt that she doesn't like to homeschool then please check her blog and you'll see how very wrong you are.

  13. Glad you all had a lovely time on your trip!

    Such a sweet photo of Becky passed out asleep in the back carrier! The log cabin looked so comfortable and cozy! Lucky you! :)

  14. I'm glad my kids are influenced by the people they meet in public school. They are wonderful people, with many strengths that I do not have. My girls benefit from being around them.

    It does sound like many homeschoolers are terribly jealous of the public school families. They seem particularly jealous of the fact that the kids are away from home for many hours, allowing moms and dads to get things done. ZZ, in particular, seems quite envious of that--and no wonder, she hasn't had a moment to herself in years. I'd feel the same way, myself!

  15. I can say 100% I am in no way shape or form envious of public school families. That is really laughable. I get plenty done with my children home as well as have the flexibility to do things, go places as a family without having to wait until my allotted vacation time. I think if one is envious of the other it's public school families envious of home school families. I don't see at all where Zsuzsanna ever comes across as envious either especially not of you fj feminazi's. You could have the common courtesy of addressing her by her actual name or Mrs Anderson must you people always be such nasty hags?

  16. My goodness, using initials instead of a long name in an internet post makes a person a "nasty hag"? That's not a very nice thing to say.

  17. That looks like a great place to visit, I love the cabin. I think I'm adding it to my bucket list. But the big spider, yikes, I can do without seeing any of those.

    One advantage of home schooling is being able to go to places like this during the week when it's less crowded than on weekends.

    About the stuffed animals, my son went to Catholic schools and at 10 still loved stuff animals. In fact, as a 34 y.o. he still has all his stuffed animals! a

  18. Those cabins look nice , and it just looks like a fun place . That view was also beautiful but I don't think I could stand on the edge of that cliff :)

  19. ZuZu or ZZ is not initials. Z or Z.A. would be.

  20. Anonymous said...

    My goodness, using initials instead of a long name in an internet post makes a person a "nasty hag"? That's not a very nice thing to say.

    November 20, 2011 3:04 PM

    ZZ, Zsu Zsu (like she's a toy hamster)and any other way you people address her is very rude and she's not the only one you do this to "Jim boob and mullet." So yes, nasty hags is quite is the mildest thing I can say. No matter what you think of their beliefs you could at least be adult enough and respectful enough to not make fun of people's names like you are in elementary school but I guess that is the mentality of people like you fj'ers.


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