Monday, October 24, 2011

Solomon's 10th Birthday

Wow, birthday season is upon us! Within 4 1/2 months, we celebrate the birthdays of all six kids, as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Solomon is first during this crazy season of each year with his birthday in late September. 
 Good morning, birthday boy!

 One of his gifts - he loves anything to do with space.

 Birthday breakfast: palacsinta (Hungarian crepes). Traditionally in our family, you are supposed to eat one for each year of age, but Solomon was only able to have 8 of the 10. By comparison, I had two...

Since Solomon's birthday was on a Wednesday, we had pizza and cake with everyone before the service. 

Solomon has been eagerly waiting for his 10th birthday for a couple of years now, ever since he found out that F1 Race Factory (an indoor kart-racing place) has a minimum age of 10. Naturally, that is what we did after church was over, along with another family in our church whose children were old enough to go (most of them are not). 

Isaac was sooo disappointed that he was still too young to drive.


After everyone was done racing a couple of times (the adults went, too), Miriam started tidying up and organizing all the helmets there. The guy whose job it was to do that paid her $2 - she was so thrilled!

Last week, we celebrated Becky's third birthday, and had a party for her at church yesterday. More on that later this week. 


  1. What a lovely boy he is ! I have never driven a kart (except on Mario Kart, I assume it doesn't count), it must have been a wonderful birthday !

    I love the smile on Isaac's face next to Solomon : he must be so sweet to watch his brother play with the cars, when he can't, and still be able to smile and be so nice. This is something to be proud of, envy is one of the hardest thing to resist. Congratulations to both big boys !

  2. Wow, looks as though Solomon had an amazing birthday! I bet the go-carting was SO much fun too! :)

  3. Happy birthday Becky and Solomon!!

    Yes, birthday season is here for us, as well. Between 9/9 and 12/29 all eight of us have birthdays, plus Thanksgiving, Christmas and our wedding anniversary! By 1/1 we are all tired of celebrations and some of us are a bit heftier!

    in His peace,

  4. Did you celebrate Becky's birthday early? Because if you celebrated it LAST week, wouldn't she be the one starting things off?

  5. Sybille and Sarah, thank you!

    Miriam, that is a lot more busy than we are!! Wow!!

    Terrie, Solomon's birthday is in late September.

    Becky's birthday is three weeks later, in October. I just now got around to posting the pictures from Solomon's birthday.

  6. From what I have read and seen about Solomon on your blog, I gather that he is a very adorable child ! :) He is my absolute favorite ! He will grow up to be a very handsome man....Happy Birthday Solomon ! :)

    From India

  7. Happy birthday Solomon! Zsuzsanna, could you please post some pictures of the boys' rooms ? I remember seeing the post where you painted the murals for the jungle theme, but do not remember seeing the finished room :) Could you please put it up for us ?

  8. Oh man, I know what you mean. Within 3 months we celebrate 6 birthdays. It feels like a whirlwind! lol

  9. Same here, although a little bit more spread out. I've got 2 in Oct, plus our anniversary, 1 Dec, 1 Jan, 1 Feb (will be adding another in Feb ☺) and 3 in March. So busy, but so fun! I'm not so thrilled with all the parties, but I LOVE the joy it brings them!

    Happy Birthday! To all your kiddos!

  10. You guys have so much fun! I don't know what it is about Becky, but she is the cutest little girl! The faces she makes, she seems to have 1,000 different facial expressions.

    And the cows on Miriams skirt, rofl (= rolling on the floor laughing)! Who came up with that design?

  11. I know I have already mentionned Isaac's smile, but I hadn't noticed before : it seems that Isaac is the only among the siblings to have light eyes ? From what I can see, the other five have brown eyes, and he has grey (maybe tinted with blue or green, I can't see that close).
    That is special, I wonder what color your eyes are ? (and Mr Anderson's)
    Well, if you both have brown eyes but a hidden blue-eye-gene, then it's about 1 chance out of 4 to have a blue eyed child, so that's not far.

    I wonder why I'm asking such things, that is not very important :(

  12. Happy Birthday, Solomon! And by now, Becky as well! It must be difficult work but joyful work to keep up with 'birthday season' around your home, especially as it coincidences with the holidays! Poor Isaac's just under the age to drive--before you know it you'll be able to race your older brother!

    And what a sweet girl your Miriam is, stepping in to be handy just like that! I also love her skirt with the cow print, how adorable!

    God bless you, Dad, and the six,



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