Monday, October 10, 2011

Hello, world

The summer heat finally broke last week. At the beginning of October, we still had days over 100 degrees, but one big thunderstorm last week finally ended the last 6 months of heat, and brought cooler weather. For us, that means being able to go outside again. Hence my lack of blogging - wow, there's a world out there! 

Solomon is the one caring for our chickens every day. Of our 8 chicks, five made it to adults in this summer heat. Two or three of them are laying now, and hopefully the rest will start soon. 

My husband is such a pushover with the girls. They know it, too, and take full advantage of it. Anna loves it when he is home. As soon as he walks through the front door, she will speed-crawl over and beg him to pick her up.

 Beard kisses

 Does this look scary to anyone else?

 After a breakfast of chocolate waffles

 Becky loves playing outside on this swing the boys made. Why wear rain boots when you can wear flip-flops in a mud puddle?

I guess living in Phoenix is not so bad, after all. :)


  1. Awwww...Anna's face as she is getting "beard kisses", is just so adorable!

    LOVED all the photographs in this post! :)

  2. Great pictures. I hadn't thought of the heat and the chickens earlier - wish I had. When we had rabbits we used to fill 2 liter bottles (any plastic bottle will do) 3/4 full of water and freeze them, then set them in the rabbit pens. We had them for the dogs too. This helped to cool them a bit. They would cozy up to them.

  3. So cute! It's so nice to see a loving, responsible father- so many kids unfortunately don't have one.

  4. Little Miss Becky is not only swinging without her wellies, she has her good dress on, to boot! Although she's so sweet in her little petticoat, blowing in the breeze.

    I loved the beard kisses photograph, too, Sarah. I just pray that she and all the girls find deserving, respectful men that love them as much as their Daddy--don't panic, Zsuzsanna, it'll be a long time from now!

    God bless you, Dad, and the six,



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