Monday, October 31, 2011

Becky's 3rd Birthday

It's hard to believe Becky is already three. Seems just like yesterday she was born. We had a great time celebrating her birthday.

She got a tutu and matching shirt in her favorite color, purple, ...

 ... and a few other goodies.

 I made Becky a play purse out of felt from this book...

 ... complete with lip stick, cell phone, ...

 ... and a wallet with a bank card. She won't leave home without it any more.

 Isaac wrote her this hilarious card

 Becky is still little enough to have trouble blowing out candles

For breakfast, she wanted the one thing I try to never serve around here: cereal. I'm not even talking the gross, toxic, sugary, dyed waste that most people think of when they think cereal - she just wanted some "honey hunch and hoats" (Becky starts most words with an "h" these days), and "Handa Huffs". Becky LOVES cereal - she would eat it all day long if I kept it in the house.

After more than two years without one, we finally renewed our zoo membership in time to take Becky there for her birthday. We have been there four times in the last two weeks! :)

 Solomon bonding with his supposed great-great-great-...-grandpa

 The kids paid for their own camel rides: the boys from money they earn each week, Becky from the birthday money she was given by her big brothers, and Miriam was jointly paid for by her generous big brothers as well because they did not want her to miss out on the fun. These kids are so sweet.

 Lined up by size (and length of legs)

 We saw this curious little animal trying to bite her way out

 What a little muffin!

 We had a birthday party at church.

 Annika just recently started pointing, and it is so cute.

 The party was butterfly-themed, so for one game everyone had to cocoon a family member. 

 There were sugar cookies shaped like bugs and bees and flowers to decorate (and eat).

Side note: all natural food colors are not as colorful, but they get the job done.

Happy Birthday to our crazy child!


  1. Now THAT is one happy and adorable birthday girl!!! :) What a special day for her! :)

  2. What fantastic butterfly cakes! Well done. :)
    Lol, she soo doesn't look like she just turned three, more like four! Must be all that hair!

  3. Looks like it was a fantastic day for her! Your zoo looks like it is fun, I'd love to see it. Too bad camels would be pretty cold here in Colorado!

  4. is anna's full name annika?

  5. Happy birthday Becky!
    My little boy just mastered pointing as well. You'd think i had never seen anyone point the way I gush over it... Too cute!

  6. What a beautiful birthday girl! She looked SO happy playing/opening her gifts! Happy 3rd Birthday Becky!

  7. Ohhh That looks like so much fun! The camel ride is so cute :) Evan turns three in January and still feels to me like such a little baby. I have to admit that I LOVE it though...Since I have no other baby to love on.....yet (?) My BEST friend just found out she is pregnant... I am so excited for them, but had to pray for contentment and that I would not be jelous :)
    Anyway....Birthday party looks great! I love the butterfly idea, might have to do that with Bailey next year! Enjoy your beautiful children!
    I was a little envious by your comment about SWIMMING and SWEATING...I wanna sweat!

  8. My, how time flies! Happy Late Birthday Becky.

    Anna is getting so big, is she pulling herself up already? My goodness!

  9. I can't believe you called your daughter crazy!!!! You must be NORMAL and have a silly crazy girl like me:-) She looks so happy and cute.

  10. Your childen are so genuinely gorgeous. Pity that you are a hate filled maniac, intent of poisoning their minds.

  11. Your children are so adorable! All 6 of them! I am praying for your precious family always.

    It's good that you are home-schooling and all-natural!

    The greatest blessings of God be with you. You're great!

  12. I like that you made the purse. I googled-crib recalls-and also read about recalls of children's play jewelry(lead and cadmium poisoning),play make-up(I never bought my two daughters play make-up or jewelry. I never bought nail polish but they both polish their nails.),board books(lead),play purses,etc. There were many recalls on bunk beds, swing set parts,stroller parts,etc. There were many pacifier recalls as well. Everyone should read this.- I like zoos but we had a friend who was a clown(he went to clown college) in a circus and when they were in Florida we went back by the animals,etc. I no longer like circuses.

  13. Happy B-day to Becky!

    I remember when she was a baby, because her and Joshua were being strolled around by us!!! They grow so fast. Hope all is well with ya'll. Tell Pastor A. hello from Chad and I too, and give the kiddos a big hug!!! They are so sweet.

    Oh, Hannah is walking now!!! My earliest and it is so sweet. I am sure Anna is next any day!! :)


  14. I could make a comment on every single picture, but I'll spare you! :-)

    Isaac's card to Becky is hilarious, but also precious.

    I love "Bank of Dad."

    Becky has a smile that makes you smile with her. I am sure her laughter is infectious!

    I adore the photo of the legs in graduated lengths.

    It is wonderful that any time I see Pastor Anderson, unless he's behind the pulpit, he's holding a baby.

    The butterfly cake is amazing. I could learn tons and tons from you. Wanna move to Florida??

  15. Oh, Elizabeth, I must agree with you--it seems like Pastor Anderson always has one little Anderson in his arms!

    A purple butterfly party--I think I'd be daunted to pull that one off, but Zsuzsanna, you pulled it off beautifully-oh, those cakes!Becky has always struck me as a delight in the way you describe her and in photos, and she looks so pleased with her gifts and treats! A purse is a big responsibility, I hope Miriam will teach her to watch it well!

    One of the (many) things that I love about your children is that they go to efforts to make their other siblings' birthdays as enjoyable as their own and to spread their own birthday joy to the other children. It is so refreshingly wonderful and should be commended! I will confess the camel ride story got me a bit verklempt--such a little thing, but meaning so much.

    God bless you, Dad, the 5, and the the birthday girl Becky!

    P.S. Isaac's note is so wonderful--he has intellect beyond his 8 years, what a little author he's becoming--yes, 3 is a big milestone--haha!


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