Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Blurbs

Whew, can you tell I have been busy? You know I have too much on my plate when I no longer even have time to blog. This being my last and only hobby, when I don't have time for that, it means I am working all day, every day, without so much as a break.

Just a few random blurbs on recent going-ons:

  • The first week of school went very well. It was just the right balance between too much and too little work. The kids had good attitudes all around, which makes a big difference.
  • Having Miriam and Becky on the same Math level is working great! Except today, when Becky refused to use her workbook, because "it has an 'M' on it, and 'M' is for Miriam!" She was referring to the 'M' in 'Math'...
  • I have been using this to make the kids worksheets and word searches with their weekly spelling lists. There are lots of other wonderful free resources on that site.
  • Anna is learning right alongside her older siblings. She can now say mama, dada, I-aac, and - doggie! One day I was playing with her, and told her: "Say: I'm a bad baby!" to which she replied "I'm a bad dada!" She's got the pincer grasp down, which never ceases to be cute no matter if it's baby #1, 6, or 16. She uses it to turn pages in board books, pick dirty crumbs off the floors, and pick at our teeth while we are talking. She must be training to be a dental hygienist.
  • Speaking of Anna and teeth, at 9 months of age, she still doesn't have any!
  • It is starting to be fall in Arizona! Still hot in the daytime (yeah for swimming outside until the end of October), but cooler in the mornings and evenings. Still almost no rain, just clouds and dust. So what if it just looks like fall from all the dirt in the air??
  • Last week, I finally got my garden beds seeded. One of the kids ("Notme") decided to help by raking most of them up again - argh!! Whatever was left is coming up nicely, and with any luck I'll be able to re-seed again in the next couple of days. 
  • Did you know it's very easy to bottle your own lemon and lime juice? (I am using a citrus juicer, and starting on step 7 of those instructions.) We usually freeze the juice from our lemons, but I bought a box of organic limes last week for a steal, and will be bottling the juice to use in cooking and limeade. 
  • Speaking of which, I found Saturday's co-op share from Bountiful Baskets totally disappointing again. Any readers out there having the same experience? This Saturday, I am trying something different - I will be pooling money with about 10 or 12 local health-minded friends to buy cases of organic produce straight from a produce distributor in Phoenix, and splitting it amongst ourselves. I priced it out last week, and for about $20 each we could get about time and a half as much as what BB has been giving us for $26.50/week. It does involve me going to the produce house at 5 am on Saturday morning, but sleeping in is overrated anyway.
  • As I am typing this, there is granola baking in the oven. This recipe is SO GOOD! With some minor adjustments, I have also made my version of "cinnamon apple & walnut granola"
  • Also as I am typing this, the four oldest kids are folding a whole bunch of clothes from the weekend. They do all the pieces that get folded, while I do all the ones that get hung. It's nice to have indentured laborers. They are listening to "Patch the Pirate" while working, so they actually think it's fun. Hahaha!
  • My favorite new tool? A laminator! We use it almost daily. How did I ever live without one?
  • This evening, I am going to a cloth diaper swap. Curious what that will be like. After trying about 15 different detergents, I have finally found one that gets the diapers clean in our super-hard water, AND is gentle on baby's skin (Rockin' Green, "Hard Rock" version). I continue to use disposables overnight, or if I am out of the house for any length of time. Sorry, dragging poopy diapers around with me in public will never be my cup of tea. 
  • Yesterday, we were talking with the kids about how people who do not go to church often spend as much or more time on hobbies, such as watching football on Sunday nights instead. Which led to talking about how a few years ago, all the Christians who stayed home from church on Sunday night to watch the Superbowl also witnessed Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction". Today, John (6) comes up to me and asks: "So Mom, why was Janet Napolitano singing and dancing on stage with some guy who ripped her shirt off?" I about died laughing. Could you imagine having to see the ugly hag's shirt being ripped off??? EEEWWWW! She looks disgusting enough with her clothes on. Personally, I think she might be a dude in drag.
  • Oh, and since I already needled the haters with my comments about Janet NoNo, this is my only contribution regarding the 9/11 anniversary. The terrorists are VERY real, but I don't think they are who most think they are.
Okay, friends, Romans, and countrymen, it's back to the grind for me. I'll try to be less of a slacker blogger this week.


    1. Loved the 9/11 video! It sad people think the government are such good people, that would never do such a thing.

    2. I can't believe Anna is saying so much already...she is a smart baby! Meg can say dada and dog, but they kind of sound the same when she says them! ;)

      Meg too (almost 9mths) STILL has no teeth! She is my latest baby to crawl or get teeth!

      I LOVE laminating too! I'd be totally lost with my laminator, label maker and list making!

      Glad your first week of school went well! Enjoy your week!

    3. As a homeschool graduate, and one who plans to homeschool her children, I found the following article helpful: Perhaps you will be able to gain something from it as well. Glad to hear you all are healthy and happy. As for Anna's not having teeth yet at nine months, neither of my first two got theirs until right around 12 months of age. :-)



      here's another picture of Janet. I don't know much about her, but she looks better in this photo than in the one you chose to post. I don't think she'd ever be known as a beauty queen, but she looks better in this picture. She also looks happy. I see life behind her eyes........

    5. I just watched the movie and laughed out loud. It is so true and very, very sad! I agree that people really need to wake up and see who the REAl terrorists are!

    6. Charlies Soap is great for cloth nappies :)

    7. Love the post and I know what you mean about the diapers , I still use disposables at night to .

    8. My kids grew up only seeing the last half of the super bowl because we did go to church on Sunday evenings but still went to a super bowl party at a church member's home. Even after worship service and some fellowship time, my husband still managed to see Janet Jackson's breast. He leaned over to me and whispered "I think I just saw her breast...." He would be in a padded room rocking himself if it had been Janet N. because that experience was distasteful enough. That's when we realized the super bowl really isn't a family show; but thankfully all the kids were in another room playing so they were oblivious to the whole thing.

    9. This is off topic, but I think I am remembering you talking about the idea of dinosaurs being related to birds. I thought of you when I read this article today about dinosaur feathers recently discovered that were preserved in amber. Interesting:

    10. I'm so pleased Annie knows 'doggie'!

      Where oh where are those teeth?!

      Speaking of teeth, etc., I'm curious as to how and when you check your children's eyesight and hearing and if you take your children to have yearly physicals.

      God bless you, Dad, and the six!


    11. I grew up with parents who are atheists. I'm trying to find my way spiritually at age 42. Seeing something written by a Christian woman like "I about died laughing. Could you imagine having to see the ugly hag's shirt being ripped off??? EEEWWWW! She looks disgusting enough with her clothes on. Personally, I think she might be a dude in drag." scare me so much. It's so hateful. I don't know much about this woman but wouldn't Jesus pray for her instead of writing nasty things about her?


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