Friday, September 30, 2011

I love Coke

Last week, I ran over to the produce house to buy a case of organic on the vine tomatoes to make roasted tomato soup.

While I was there, I found these:

A whole flat of these organic strawberries (12 packages) was $6. Two days earlier, they had been $20 - but all the strawberries still looked absolutely perfect.

In case you didn't know, conventionally grown strawberries are among the very worst offenders for toxic pesticides. Even if you do not eat exclusively organic foods, you should avoid conventional strawberries at all cost, especially for children.

I called all my "health nut contacts" and asked them if they wanted me to pick up a case for them, too. In all, I bought all remaining 9 flats.

We ate some fresh, made strawberry shortcakes, and then for a change of pace I dehydrated the rest. We already have frozen strawberries, as well as canned jam, and frozen strawberry syrup for pancakes from previous good deals on them this summer.

It took about 10 of the individual little boxes to fill this quart-size mason jar!

These are SO GOOD in my favorite homemade almond vanilla granola!!! Later, I also threw in some dehydrated blueberries. It would have been nice to have raspberries, too, to make it a "triple berry", but I didn't have any. There's always next time!

Plus, now I will be able to make Strawberry Scones even when strawberries are not in season (frozen ones don't work in that recipe).

I love Coke. Coke Farm, that is.


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  2. So funny that I read the post title and said, "Zsuzsanna loves Coke? Yeah, right!" When I saw the photo of John and the tall flats the light bulb went on: "oooohhhhh... Coke farm."

  3. Ah! You didn't call me! Oh don't know me and I live in Texas. Oh well, it's nice to dream. Enjoy the strawberries!

  4. Oh, man. That is the best deal ever! You totally win!!!!!! I am salivating over that deal.

  5. Oh, strawberries are my absolute favorite and I envy that you got SO MANY of the organic ones so cheaply! My husband knows that a package of strawberries goes much further with me than flowers, although they're awfully dear, as you as said, especially the organic ones!

    Oh, I hope my craving for them disappears overnight for the sake of our pocketbook!

    I have a question about your strawberry shortcake, and perhaps you've posted the recipe before, but what do you use as the cake beneath?

    I have to laugh at the coke: 'Ah ha! That's how she manages to stay up 23 hours a day and get so much done!'

    May God bless you, Dad, and the six,


  6. Wow that is great, a whole flat! We could easily pay $6 for one package of organic strawberries here! That granola looks so good too!

  7. Last evening my daughter and I went grocery shopping. I paid $5 for a package of organic strawberries. They taste so much better than the nonorganic. We were leaving the store behind an elderly gentleman and he heard us telling my granddaughter(20m.) Uncle Michael(18) would be there when we arrived home(he recently moved in with our oldest son-and his family- because his new job is closer to his brother's house). The man turned around and told us his name was Michael and asked if I knew what it meant. I told him that I was a Bible Christian, I knew the Bible meaning(he already knew what it meant) and we ended up talking for 10 minutes. I invited him to our Baptist church and told him to try reading the KJ Bible(he read another version). He asked me how old I thought the earth was. That was 5 minutes of the conversation. My daughter had parked next to him!

  8. Wow thats cheap!!! Mmmmm and so good!

  9. Zsuzsanna, is this place open to the public? I'd love to check it out. Would you mind emailing me the website or address? Thanks!!

  10. This summer I dehydrated raspberries and they took FOREVER. The end result was a bitter sweet berry. I think it took right around 18 hours, even longer for some. Just in case you decide to dehydrate some of your own sometime. What a good deal!


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