Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Growing Up

Today, our oldest is turning 10 - the whopping double digit birthday! No longer am I the mother of only little kids. How exciting, and how sad. It really does go by in the blink of an eye!!

It is just past midnight as I am typing this, and I only just now finished decorating the main area of the house. As I was doing that, I started wondering how many times before I had decorated late at night, after also doing my regular chores, wrapping presents, and working on last minute preparations. That would be 30 between all the kids - thirty birthdays complete with parties, decorations, special meals, gifts, cake, and the whole nine yards. And to think our oldest is only ten. Wow, funny how a birthday here and a birthday there adds up so quickly.

Here is a picture of the last time EVER in my WHOLE LIFE that all my babies will be in the single-digit age range.

It'll be a fun day, no doubt. We have some special things planned, and also worked ahead in our schoolwork so we won't have to do any today.

Speaking of growing up too quickly - look at this little peanut.

 "Does this diaper make my bum look big?"

 "Why, yes, it does sweetie, but you wear it well!"

Oh, delicious and kissable baby!

Anna is at that age where she so badly wants to run around with the big kids, but she can't walk yet. It's a frustrating experience for the babies every time, and they get all squirmy and impatient. She's such a lovable little doll!!

I am so thankful for the time I get to spend with our children. They are growing up so quickly, and pretty soon it will be "growing, growing, growing, gone". 


  1. Happy 10th Birthday Solomon!!!

    Ah, this post touched my heart! Watching them grow is so bittersweet...I have been known to cry whilst singing "Happy Birthday"!

    I CANNOT believe Anna is standing up! Such a big girl!

    Hope you guys have a GREAT day!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Solomon!

    It does go much too quickly :-(. My eldest two are 15 and 13 now. I really don't know why everyone complains about teenagers, my girls are so good and so much fun! But, I'm very glad the baby isn't even 2 yet. Someone said "the days are long but the years are short" and I find that so true. It is good that you are hanging on to every precious minute, even the ones that are no fun, because these times will not return.

    in His peace,

    p.s The baby is absolutely adorable!!!!!

  3. Oh wow!! Happy Birthday Solomon!!! Anna is such a cutie too...she will be walking soon! :)

  4. Happy birthday to Solomon! Double digits scare me, but I'm sure he will pull it off!!

    It's kind of cool that you get to have such a wide range of ages in your house...

  5. Happy Birthday Solomon !:)

  6. Happy Birthday Solomon! What a blessing to have a large family!

  7. My baby girl is crawling everywhere and trying to stand at the moment, so cute!!! It seems so recently she was a tiny thing in my arms. She has gone from baby to toddler so quick.

    Happy birthday solomon!

  8. Look at it this get to watch your adorable, bright, kind son grow up into a man able to stand on his own two feet and face the world, and that is a gift :)

    I hope Solomon has a very happy birthday! Ten is a big deal.

  9. I cried when our youngest turned 10 and I cried-sobbed-at our oldest son's wedding rehearsal like it was a funeral. We have the same kitchen cabinets.

  10. Happy birthday Solomon!

    It feels like just yesterday I was on the eve of my own tenth birthday and I felt very old indeed. I can't wait to see the party pictures!

  11. I agree with Miriam - teenagers don't get enough credit for being fun and enjoyable. I have loved the teen years and think they have been just as magical as every other phase.
    I will always miss the baby phase but each chapter is wonderful.
    Happy tenth birthday to your boy!

  12. What a lovely child ! Lovely children, actually.
    I understand it's very difficult to see your children grow.

    This week, I was surfing on Facebook a bit, and I saw some pictures of a family friend (grandson of a friend of my parents), and he is 13, and had posted a picture of him when he was 6. I was like "well, isn't it what he looks like now ??" and I saw his present pictures and he's like a teenager, I felt old already.

    Speaking of growing up : am I hallucinating, or John has got really big ?! He seems just like the bigger boys' size, but he's still the youngest ...

    Happy birthday to the birthday-boy, anyway :) I hope you enjoyed it and that the cake was good !

  13. Happy Birthday Solomon! When my oldest turned ten, I really began to see the man he is growing up to be. I love being able to tell him I'm proud of the path he is on.

  14. Happy Birthday Solomon! Such a special young man!I remember staring at myself in the mirror the night before I turned ten really thinking about how I would never be a single digit age It's a big deal!

  15. Happy 10th Birthday, Solomon! I pray your future will be as bright as the smile on your face!

    And your 'single digital babies' picture...too, too sweet, all your ducklings in a row! How proud you must feel with so much life in your home!

    I know birthdays and weddings can be so bittersweet, but they are celebrations of life and of love, and should be treated with smiles and happiness, not tears!


  16. Aaaaaaww how preicous they all are! Beautiful children!


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