Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day One

Our first day of homeschooling went very well today. For those of you who are interested, I will give a brief re-cap of the day, which was actually a very typical day for us. While I don't have a set minute-by-minute schedule, I do follow a certain pattern every day.

6:30 am

My alarm goes off. I get up anywhere between 5:30 and 6:30 am every day. Usually, I don't need an alarm, but I had stayed up late the night before because I went running after the kids were in bed, and then I still had chores to finish up on, too.

Take puppy out to go potty, start laundry, get dressed, fix hair, start cooking breakfast while working on my memory verses. 

 My bed-headed breakfast helper

7:30 am 
All kids except the baby are up and dressed. They are busy doing their morning chores (empty dishwasher, feed and water both dogs and the chickens, water the garden, make their beds and mine, do their personal Bible reading, etc.)

8:00 am 
breakfast - I try something new: biscuits and sausage gravy. All but one child like it. Anna is up by now and absolutely LOVES this meal. 

Kids clear their dishes and brush their teeth, we take pictures outside and play until we start promptly at 

9:00 am
My husband heads out for a job, and we start "school." First is me reading the daily Bible portion from the One Year Bible. Afterward, all kids but the baby sit down to do their book work (i.e. spelling, handwriting, English, and math): boys in the school room, girls in the kitchen at the counter. It is a very busy time for me as I keep making the round working with each one of them. 

The kids know the rules in mom's school room:
#1 "SILENCE!" 
#2 Don't get up!
#3 If you are done, wait until I get to you. 

New this year, I put a huge "lazy Susan" on the table where the boys work, on which we keep each of their water glasses, a box of tissues, lots of pencils, and a bell. That way the glasses don't get knocked over, and they have no excuse to get up. Sounds strict, but if one gets up, they suddenly all need to get up, and what should take an hour takes three, and causes lots of frustration all around. Obviously, if they need to go to the bathroom they can get up anytime. The bell is for them to ring once when they are done with whatever assignment they have been given. Again, it beats yelling "I'm done!" because they can signal that they are done without opening the flood gates of their little chatterboxes. While waiting for me to get them working again, each boy is allowed to color or draw.

Miriam and Becky work in the kitchen at the counter, where they are allowed to be much more distracted and loud. They both do great working together in Math, and have to have their books taken away because they want to just keep working and working.

 We're still working on the correct way to hold a pencil. It's a pet peeve of mine.

All this time, Anna is sitting on the floor of the school room playing with various manipulatives, talking with the puppy, and happily observing the madness.

by 11:00 am
The boys are done with the work assigned for the morning. They play outside and drive the neighbors nuts with all their screeching and riding their bikes down the street like maniacs. I sit outside and practice reading one after the other with Becky, Miriam, and John. Since we are done in the school room for the day, the boys clean up whatever is still out while I serve lunch.

12:30 pm 
Lunch - leftovers from the previous night's dinner, like every day. Today it's leftovers from our Labor Day BBQ: T-bone steaks, oven potatoes, garlic bread, and corn. It all reheats really nicely in the oven and everyone is happy. My husband stops by in between jobs just to grab a plate and leave again. While the kids eat, I reload the dishes. It is strategically absolutely necessary to have the dishwasher running both for naptime and bedtime, as it makes the girls drop off to sleep instantaneously. 

1:15 pm 
I give Anna a quick bath because she is grubby from playing on the floor and from lunch, after which she immediately falls asleep. Then I tuck Miriam and Becky in for their naps, while the boys clear their dishes and sit down for "silent time": they each read 2 non-fictions books relating to this week's subject (stuff about New York state). After I get the house back in order and the kitchen clean, I take care of some business on the computer, such as renewing library books, ordering stuff we need, and checking the blogosphere. Miriam gets out of bed after Becky is asleep, as she is allowed to do on most days.

3:00 pm
I teach the boys and Miriam some German, and we play a game to learn some new words. They have a snack and the boys head out to the pool. Anna and Becky wake up shortly before 4 pm, and we chat and read some picture books while watching the boys swim.

4:00 pm
My husband is back sooner than expected, so I decide to run over to Costco for a few items. I herd the boys in from the pool and tell them to pick up the house while I'm gone with the girls (there was almost nothing to tidy up). While shopping, I think of 10 more reasons why I hate Costco - I only go there for the organic items they carry but hate everything else about them.

5:00 pm
Get back home. My husband needs to leave again The boys look suspicious, but there is no tell-tale mess. Then I realize the oven is on even though the kitchen is still spotlessly clean. I don't let it on that I have a hunch what they are up to, and act surprised when the timer goes off a minute later and they pull chocolate chocolate-chip cookies out of the oven that they made by themselves, from scratch, for all of us, while I was at the store.

Oh, these babies were GOOD! Denise, are you out there? What is your psycho-babble analysis of this nice gesture? (For those of you who don't know, Denise is a regular, and (may I add) cantankerous, commenter, who on a previous post suggested that the fact that my kids act so loving towards us parents is a sign of their deep-rooted psychological damage, and that they may in fact grow up to kill us).

How the kids manage to bake stuff without ever making a mess is beyond me - I was gone for less than 45 minutes total. Solomon tells me he turned the mixer, that had nothing but flour in the bowl, on the highest speed to show his brothers why that is a bad idea (i.e. flour everywhere), but all signs of that mess were cleaned before I got back. My husband, on the other hand, can't hardly pour a glass of milk without making a complete mess of the kitchen. Go figure.

Kids go back out in the pool until it's time for dinner

6:30 pm
Dinnertime: chicken soup and buttered bread. I didn't have to cook it tonight because I made a huge batch last night when I took some to a young couple in our church who just had their first baby, and the bread was in the freezer from another day when I baked 5 loaves at once.

7:30 pm
Kids do evening chores (water garden, empty dishwasher, tidy up house one last time, fold and put away some laundry, brush their teeth, put on PJs, etc.)

8:15 pm
Storytime: We don't do this every day, but probably four days a week. We like to work on character books and chapter books. Currently, that's "Created for Work" and "Robinson Crusoe". I do a quick review on Bible memory verses with the boys because it really helps with their retention.

9:00 pm
Lights out! Silence! Each child insists on being tucked in and prayed for individually. As I do so, I have to sit on their bed, rubbing their back. Miriam asks me to stay there all night and keep rubbing her back, "it feels so nice". When I tell her I can't, she says she will never get married so she can stay living at home, and after the other kids are all grown and gone I can rub her back all night long, every night because I won't have any more work to do. 

9:30 pm
My husband gets home and eats dinner. Kids tucked in, Anna goes to sleep as soon as I sit down to nurse her, while I read the latest issue of "Taste of Home". Once she is in bed, it's chore time for me.  My husband is tired from working all day and heads to bed, which helps me because it keeps Annie fast asleep as she snuggles up to him. Tonight, I mop the floors in most of the house, and tidy up our office/guest room. While doing so, I discover a big fat Black Widow spider sitting smack dab in the middle of her web behind the costume box in the school room. I feel kind of glad to see it because I have been finding her webs back there and tearing them down, hoping to run her off, but then the webs would appear again without any sign of the spider itself. Well, she's toast now! So far this summer, we have found and killed two black widows, one brown recluse, and three scorpions. Lest you think our house needs to be treated for these critters, they are arachnids, which means that they do not groom themselves. Thus, they would not ingest the poison while grooming like other bugs do. Arachnids can only be killed by direct contact, but they usually hide. 

11:30 pm
Chores are done. Usually, if there is any time left before bedtime, I go online or do a craft - I just started working on Christmas presents for the kids. Tonight, I furiously type out this blog post.

Just before midnight
My goal is to be in bed by midnight-ish.Which means I'm off right now!

Now only 179 more days of this, and all the kids will have bumped up a grade! :) I love that I get to be the one teaching our children and spending time with them all day long. 


  1. What a day!!!!!! Whew!!! :) I kept finding spider webs in a pair of shoes that had been outside no more than a week or two. Even when I brought them in and tried to get rid of the web, more webs were there. I even put a foot in one of the shoes I think. Then maybe a few days or a week later I saw a black spider in one shoe...gross and scary!!! :( I got rid of it for sure this time in the bathroom!!! I don't know what kind it was, but it was gross and pretty scary, and the web was so strong!! I don't like those kinds of webs!!!! A few weeks after that I killed a spider outside that was making a huge web out there. It was big and black and had white or yellow on its back!! The one inside was black, but I don't know about its coloring. We've had big brown spiders inside this house before, mostly the first years we were here, I guess because this neighborhood was new and built on a field, and we never did sign up to have anyone come in and spray inside regularly--just two adults here, so I was not as worried. Unfortunately there are rodents everywhere, even in the best and biggest of houses!! I do not like most spiders. We have tried to be clean here and my mother always tried to be clean and there were spiders occasionally in her house. And, I can't say I have ever lived anywhere where a mouse has not gotten in.........:( Anyone out there want to tell me that a rodent or pest has "never" been in your house; I'd love to hear......:) Good Luck with school.....:)

  2. I cannot believe you posted this today!

    Just this morning I was lying in bed (wishing I still had another hour to sleep) when you popped in my mind and I thought to myself "I wonder how Zsuzsanna gets everything done in her day, with six children in tow...I wonder what her schedule is like"

    ...Now I know! ;)

  3. Lovely children, and pictures :)
    That's a busy day for you, for sure !

    But why do you start school on a Wednesday ?

  4. "Now only 179 more days of this, and all the kids will have bumped up a grade! :) I love that I get to be the one teaching our children and spending time with them all day long. "

    ~ Amen to that! It's such a blessing isn't it?

    YAY!!!! for showing my home state in that coloring book! Where did you get that coloring book of the states? I REALLY want that, could you share so I could order one ?

    Wow, so I never knew that those acts of kindness and love toward us parents were going to result in I am fearing my life, I wonder which one of my 5 caring, thoughtful, loving, selfless children are going to get to me first and be the one to unleash all of their inner anger and kill me....yikes!

    Also thought I would share that there is a website for homeschoolers that sell t-shirts, tote bags, etc. that have some really funny sayings on them and I guess they are having a t-shirt sale this week. Normally the shirts are $13 each and they are all $5.99 right now.

    A homeschool friend emailed this website to me,I had never heard of it. But my favorite t-shirt on there says, "WARNING: Unsocialized Homeschooler"
    Well, anyway...check them out if your interested.

    Loved your post sharing your school/typical day! Sounds something like mine, minus all of the POOL fun ;)

    Also I do the EXACT same thing at night, sit on the edge of their bed, rubbing their back and praying with each of them individually. And Brynn is my one who wants me to rub all night...FUNNY FUNNY thing is: she is 8 and she's my one that also tells me she is never getting married~ huh? I wonder if she is "normal" or has deep-rooted psychological damage??

    Enjoy the rest of your school week :) And if you remember or can please comment on where to get those coloring books! Thanks so much!

  5. Love it! What a wonderful day and blessed life!

  6. Ps~ I dont agree with everything on that website I suggested...just liked some of the t`shirts for homeschoolers,they have some pretty "worldly so-called-christian" stuff on there under the other products...

  7. My 4 sons and 2 daughters liked Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I think it was set in upstate New York. Jedidiah Smith was born in New York-his bio is at Christian Liberty Press(5th grade and older). Don't forget Long Island-we just felt an earthquake and had a hurricane(we didn't lose electric but our older daughter's house-their basement was flooded- did and our second son,Jonathan and his family did). Traffic lights were out,stores and restaurants were closed,etc.- Our sons cooked and baked. My 100% Italian,born in America, father owned a pizzeria(no alcohol) and I grew up seeing the Italian men in our family cooking and baking.- Long Island has deer(we have many deer-crossing road signs),wild turkeys,raccoons,opossum(the only North American marsupial),etc.

  8. Wow - you are impressive! Is every day so busy???

    OK - I have some clarifying questions if you have the time to answer. My kids are not home-schooled, but I am thinking about homeschooling them for one year next school year (Sept 2012), just to get a taste of it and have had that experience.

    (1) How do you manage to complete all the school work in 2 hours? I know they are getting much more personalized attention, but still...

    (2) Are there any particular websites/books you would recommend for somebody considering homeschooling? I need help getting myself started...

    (3) Slightly unrelated...You once "promised" (ha!) to write a post about your chore method and the way you allocate chores to your children. I have a meethod that I use now but, as you seem very organized and your kids are obviously very accomplished and helpful, would love to hear what you do.

    I know you're super busy but would love to hear your thoughts if you get a moment.

  9. Oh - and one more thing. Have you considered pencil grips for Becky? Both my older kids had inefficient pencil grips initially, and they saw an occupational therapist at school who worked with them. The pencil grips really helped. There are also activities you can do the strengthen the grip of the thumb and forefinger so that it's easier for the child to use the correct tripod grip.

  10. Your day sounds exhausting like ours. It's all worth it though.

    We have found at least 30 black widow spiders at our house this summer. It was ridiculous. My husband likes to use a blowtorch to kill them =). We were reading about them and learned that daddy long leg's are predators of black widow spiders. If you have some daddy long legs around, it's a good idea to keep them. We also learned that black widows eat cockroaches, where we live there is an abundance of them. They are the big huge ones, not the little ones that destroy the kitchen. My husband sprayed for cockroaches and about a week later we had no more black widows. I'm assuming they fled to the vacant house down the street where the roaches probably are. I'm so glad we don't have those brown recluse spiders here in CA. My husband's cousin has been bit twice by one out in Indiana.

    Your psychologically damaged children baked some super delish looking cookies. My kids are constantly making me things and cooking stuff for me too. I guess we should start sleeping with one eye open. lol

  11. It probably wasn't a brown recluse. They aren't found in Arizona, but there are a lot of similar looking spiders that are. Thankfully, the similar looking ones are generally harmless.

  12. What is the law in Arizona regarding home education? In Florida in the eighties our large support group recommended having homeschooled children in the backyard not the front during school hours. Then when we moved back to New York we were told by homeschoolers it would be best to join Home School Legal Defense Association. We did and they recommended the same thing. Then we joined a co-op and they agreed with HSLDA. In New York we have to register with the school district and have the children tested or evaluated every year(plus quarterly reports). In Florida someone called a truant officer on us. When he was at the door-we were told to never let them inside- he said he was a Christian!

  13. Sybille, we started on Tuesday b/c Monday was a holiday here, plus growing up school always started on Tuesday to make that first week a short one.

    Nicole, I bought it here:

    The kids love it!!!


    (1) We don't. That's how long it takes us to do the workbooks for English, math, spelling, and handwriting. The other stuff is covered during the girls' naptime, either through independent reading/study, or taught by me. The two oldest do close to 5 hours per day between all subjects.

    (2) There is lots out there. Maybe some of my readers can suggest their favorite sites?

    (3) Still coming - sometime soon.

    (4) Pencil grips - yes. We have them. Some kids are helped by them, others find them bothersome. Becky is still young and just starting.

    anon, you are wrong. We have the "desert recluse", otherwise known as "Arizona brown spider". And yes, that is exactly what I saw.

    Taryn, homeschoolers must file an affidavit of intent to home educate. They are required to teach the basic subjects, but there are no annual tests or any such thing. Back in the 80s they used to have those, but the homeschooled students always did so much better than the public school students that it was a source of embarrassment to the state and they did away with it. I take a stand against locking my kids away out of sight during "school hours". HSLDA just wants everyone to be needlessly worried. We are not doing anything wrong or illegal, so why hide it? If we do, it soon WILL become illegal. Are kids in public school only allowed recess out of sight? Surely, our neighbors will not think it strange that our kids are out of doors up until 9 am, then for a half hour or so before lunch, and then again from 3 or 4 in the afternoon onward. Why should they think we hide in the house all day? If we did, we probably would be accused of "sheltering" our kids, or "cutting them off from society", as I have seen other homeschoolers accused.

  14. WOW, I love love love your blog. You such a great example of what I want to be like. Your kids are amazing because of you. I hope to be as good as you are a mother to my little Hannah! -AShleY

  15. Huh, checking it out, you're right that it exists and is venomous. However, it's not the same as the Brown Recluse, so we're both a little right. And I learned something new, so it's a good day.

  16. I'm going to tell my daughter-in-law she doesn't have to join HSLDA(save about $100 a year). We have to write a letter of intent to home educate every year to the local school district in NY. We had the Rod and Staff coloring books,etc. I like their catalog- P.O. Box 3,Crockett,KY 41413. I have 2 KJ Scripture magnets on the refrigerator that were in the catalog. In our state the older children are required to do "school"work for about 5 hours a day.

  17. This is a personal question so feel free to ignore it. I was wondering how your family (I believe they all still live in Germany) feel about your homeschooling. I was told that in Germany homeschooling is discouraged. I was also wondering how they felt about your becoming a Christian. Were they supportive of you and have they been born again too? I am curious how they have reacted to the choices in your life.

  18. Thanks for this post, it is so interesting to hear about your daily schedule and how you manage to homeschool, cook nutritious foods and keep on top of the housework. I was wondering about how you keep your own energy levels up? I am usually so exhausted about 9.30pm that I could never contemplate starting big chores like mopping the house at that time. have you just always been an energetic person or do you have any strategies that keep you going? Thanks, Hannah

  19. Ok, I am the dreaded public school parent but I gotta say: surely people don't hide their kids in the backyard. Do they? I think nothing of it when I see a mother with her school aged children at the grocery store during school hours. I simply assume they are homeschooled and a mom's gotta run errands, right? I don't go running to the cops and tattle. I really
    have more important things on my mind than trying to rat out home schooling parents.

    I do feel bad for people who feel they have to be secretive about their educational choice, and I'm thankful that our community seems to be fairly receptive to all options. We have homeschooled children that come to our school to participate in chorus or band or the art club, etc. and they are just part of the group. It's really no big deal. I'm sorry that some communities make it so difficult for all of us to have choices on how we raise our children.

  20. I don't understand. If you see school age kids during the day what could you have against them to call the cops? They are not doing anything wrong. When I homeschool I plan on taking the spring and fall off and not the summer, maybe work longer 3-4 days and have a extra week day off. Just because you see homeschool kids out in the day, doesn't mean they are not doing enough school. Cops should not be able to do anything about how you want to raise your kids. Homeschooling is illegal. It also is not illegal to do school during different hours and days than public school.

  21. I am truly impressed by the way you manage your busy life :)

  22. Anonymous at 8:24 - I'm not sure if your comment is directed at me, but I was merely responding to Taryn's comment where she had said they've seen suggestions where homeschooled kids should be in the backyard during school hours. I assumed this means that this is out of fear of the authorities stepping in and assuming they are truant.

    My comment was somewhat facetious, but wholely in support of parents who wish to homeschool. I was trying to make the point that, in my opinion, it is simply sad that parents who choose the homeschool option have to worry about being reported. That is why I made the comment about "not calling the cops" because, frankly, with homeschool being more and more common these days, anybody with common sense would understand that a mother out during school hours with her children is probably a homeschooling mother and simply using her time that day to run errands, when perhaps she already finished her schooling that day or is using the errands as a teaching time. I get it.

    Believe me, I may not have chosen the homeschooling option but I am in full support of parents having that choice. I am also very well aware of the flexibility that a homeschool schedule offers. That
    is why I said I think nothing of seeing school aged children out with their mothers during school hours.

    My comment obviously was worded all wrong but, again, even as a public school parent, I am in support of your decision to homeschool and to use your time as you see fit with your own children. I thought my comment was one in defense of your choice and outrage at the powers that be who make parents fear ramifications for their choices.

    I hope that clears it up a little because I really hate that I might have added any fuel to the fire in the schooling debate.

  23. Sorry that should say Homeschooling is NOT illegal.

  24. lol that brings back memories, the old days of homeschooling where you actually did have to keep your kids in during the day! It's not like that anymore, homeschooling is widespread enough and I don't know anyone who keeps the kids in now. But back in the 80s and 90s, people WOULD call child services, a policeman WOULD stop and ask why the children wern't at school, and a nosy neighbour used to be able to cause a lot of trouble. Now what you were doing wasn't nececarily illegal (though, back then homeschoolers often did end up going off the system, 'illegally' schooling their children, heck in Australia most of us still have to! We've been burnt enough the past two decades not to trust the new system brought out a few years ago) but the trouble of having child services show up wasn't exactly appealing to anyone and was better just avoided where able, not to mention the neighbours who you would have to deal with constantly.

    Things did change though, and by the time I was in high school it was the new millenium! By that point, as long as we could ignore the looks and glares and comments at the shopping center (which there were a lot of!) we had a lot more freedom. People knew what homeschooling was by then, and child services no longer assumed all homeschooling families to be abusive. As long as you had some sort of record of work, even the 'illegal' homeschoolers were able to get by (though the extreme natural learner/unschooling crowd, seemingly a much larger movement here than in the states, were still screwed with no records or proof of work :D. We didn't mind, no one really liked them anyway lol. In all seriousness though, it was a big movement here because it became the default for burnt out mothers, and I'm not talking student led learning with books and projects to supplement and math edged in there somewhere, I'm talking those people who do NO school, where measurments in the kitchen is the highest level of their maths unless they choose to pick up a textbook one day. I'm yet to see a good result from an NL family in my country, though I'm sure they do exist in small pockets.)

    I'm so glad I won't have to keep my kids indoors the way my mum and my husbands mum had to.

  25. I enjoyed this- some of your commetns made me chuckle! Can't wait to have a homeschooled brood of our own :o)

  26. Wouldn't you just kill for two dishwashers? My friend Misti has two dishwashers and two sets of washers and dryers. I've killed her at least seventeen times. Lucky for her it's only in my mind.

  27. I can now see why you trash Scripture. You can't even comprehend a blog comment in English. Do you need an interpretation of the comment you linked to?

  28. The desert recluse spider, also known as the Arizona spider, is a cousin to the brown recluse. It is in the non-brown recluse category.

  29. A 16-year-old girl we know has to get up by 5:45a.m.(she sets her alarm for 5:30) then the bus is at the bus stop at 6:35a.m. She asked me why high school has to start at 7a.m.(she said she can never fall asleep early enough the night before-and she doesn't drink caffeine). She also said she has a hard time staying awake in the morning classes. I told her it was because the older children get home first to watch any younger children that arrive home from school a little later. It's for the working parent(s) and so the bus companies can use the same buses(my mother managed a school bus company). Then I told her school is really a baby-sitting service so there can be more tax payers. It's all about paying taxes to the government so the government schools have this system of education/programming. Our oldest son went to a Christian school during his high scool years and the whole school went to school between 9-3. The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto(secular) explains a lot. High school starts too early in the day and should be less than 3-4 years. In one school district we know there is no homework for grades 1-4- that's the way it should be everywhere(no evening homeschooling).

  30. Denise, I understand your frustration and disagreeing with just about everything written on this blog, but is the constant mean-ness really helpful or constructive?

  31. Denise - please don't stop commenting - you really give me a great laugh just about every time. In fact, I'm starting to think that Zsuzsanna has made you up just to entertain her readers! (See - although I don't believe in Sept 11 conspiracy theories, doesn't mean I can't concoct one of my own :-)

  32. You have a very long busy day!
    I wish i was as organised as you are. I enjoyed reading about your school day some good tips there.

  33. Zsuzsu, if you sprinkle a little borax wherever you think a spider is lurking, it might get rid of it (ie, kill it). The Borax gets under the spider's exoskeleton and desiccates its insides. Works for fleas and roaches too--anything with an exoskeleton. Borax is not poisonous in normal amounts, so it's okay to have a little behind your furniture.

  34. Taryn, I went to a private Christian high school. We started at 7:20. I just went and checked their website since I'm 20 years out. They still start at 7:20. To my knowledge, this is not a government conspiracy. It just is. Or I guess since it's a religious school, it's God's conspiracy. God wanted me to get up early and get a good education and go to college and become a doctor. AND I FELL FOR IT.

    Programming? What???


    P.S. Our parents drove us. No buses. So much for that theory.

  35. Talking about theories,the government schools teach the theory of evolution only(an example of programming). I used Christian textbooks-Abeka,etc. that teach Creation and the theory of evolution(ex.- Abeka's 7th grade science chapter 10). I went to a Catholic(not Bible-Christian) high school in the seventies and we did start early. I took the bus. My mother and her bus driver friends explained the logic of the bus company having the government schools,etc. share the buses so the bus companies would purchase the least amount of buses. My sister went to a government high school and graduated in 3 years-here on Long Island. After the first year she arranged her schedule so she didn't have to start so early after she saw what my brother and I went through. We had changed to the government high school and had to walk to school if we missed the bus-missing those first classes(we lived the farthest from the school). My sister graduated with the minimum amount of credits, went to a community college,etc. and now has a masters degree(she works in a hospital). My daughter has type I diabetes and also arranged her classes so she didn't have to start so early. I had shared these experiences with our family friend and I gave her compassion when she explained she was almost falling asleep in class. I also suggested she read books on the history of education.

  36. We learned about this other thing in my high school. Paragraphs.


  37. Zsuzsanna, thanks so much for this post! I have kept it up in my browser and have kept coming back to it for inspiration. You are doing an amazing job! Thanks for taking the time to blog.

  38. I never use paragraphs when I comment. I also don't use semicolons when I comment on blogs. If I had my own blog then I would use both on my blog but not when commenting. No paragraphs or semicolons. That last sentence wasn't a proper sentence but I consider it acceptable as if I was writing a friend a note. PTL.

  39. I realize this is a bit late, but I enjoyed the post! My favorite part? Recess, active play, letting the kids get out and tear up the street with their bikes, whatever way it's done!

    My husband's brother was thought to have attention deficit disorder and was put on medication. (Please realize this was the beginning of what I personally consider to be an epidemic of overmedicated children.) After trying medication and saying that he hated the way it made him feel, his mother pulled him out of school and decided to homeschool. It turned out that his 'issue' for which teachers and doctors felt he needed *prescription medication* was treatable by allowing him more time to be active than the school was allowing. I'm pleased to report he's a contributing member of society.

    Whenever I see another school cutting sports, recess, and physical education classes, I cringe and wonder what would have been of my brother-in-law if he had been in school now instead of 15 years before or my mother-in-law so stubborn about the well-being of her children. KIDS NEED ACTIVE PLAYTIME! It's good for their physical AND mental health!


  40. I didn't really know where to post this comment, but I think you'll end up reading it anyway, so here it is !

    Could you write an article about books? I know that your main reading is the Bible (individually and in family I think), but what other books do your children read? What are their favourite ?
    Which books do you consider too sinful, which are right ?

    For instance, my favourite author as a child, and still as a young adult, is Roald Dahl. Since some of his books are about magic (he wrote both for children and adults), you might not like them, would you ?

    I'm very interested in books in general, and always anxious for new books to read - for children or adults, I enjoy both.

    I thank you in advance if you do post something about it :)


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