Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Random blurbs

  • My husband found a scorpion in the middle of a room last week when we got home at night. He said it was HUGE, and he is not one to exaggerate. I find myself afraid to walk barefoot in the house any more. I mean, I know that technically there are scorpions, snakes, and other mean critters in Arizona, but we have never before seen one on our property.

    • Solomon has a bad cough. Not sure how he managed to pick up a cold in the middle of summer? Please pray for him.

      • We are officially starting homeschool again in 5 weeks. Never mind that we do school work year-round, starting a "new year" is still fun. The kids can hardly wait. I love homeschooling them! Not because I necessarily enjoy the extra work and responsibility, but because I simply cannot imagine losing all the time that they would be at school. As it is, there are not enough hours in a day to do all the things I want to do with them - go to the library or on a field trip, work on a craft, have art and piano lessons, memorize Bible verses, make a special treat, go swimming, ride bikes, go to the park... the list is endless. So much to do, so little time!

      • Trader Joe's had 2-lb boxes of organic strawberries yesterday for $5. I bought the last two boxes. They were SO VERY GOOD!! We had them fresh, as well as in a strawberry milkshake. I am making strawberry shortcakes with the rest for breakfast. They also had boxes of organic cherry tomatoes for 99 cents each - the kids eat them like candy, so I bought three of those.

      • Speaking of Trader Joe's: While we were shopping there, a random, slovenly-dressed and unkempt guy stopped me and my nicely dressed, well-groomed kids, and with a bewildered look, said: "Please tell me those aren't ALL YOUR KIDS???!?" I feigned a look of horror, and exclaimed: "Oh, NO, of course not!" He looked somewhat puzzled, so I pointed to the next aisle over and said: "They have them on clearance in the other aisle." 

      • During the same trip, another lady asked "Are they all yours?" when she saw me with just the three girls. I always love the priceless look on their face when I tell them no, I actually have three more across the store helping me get an item. I try to avoid going to TJ at night because there are always weird people there, whereas in the mornings it's other moms like me.

        • Anna prefers to fall asleep alone in bed to being nursed to sleep some nights now. How did my baby grow up so quickly? She also prefers to cuddle up to Dad all night to sleeping next to me, except when she rolls over to me to nurse. She is another Daddy's girl, just like her sisters.

        • And while we are on the subject of babies: Just today, we had the 10th baby born in our church since we started 5 1/2 years ago. For the first three years, I was the only one having babies, and all of a sudden in the last couple of years we have lots of pregnant mamas and new babies. And you know what? All 10 babies, some of which were born at the hospital, were natural births. One other family who moved out of the country while they were expecting has had a successful home birth since, so we can technically even claim 11. That sure beats the national statistic, which says that we should have had 3 to 4 Cesarean births between all those moms by now. I don't think we are somehow unusual - it just goes to show that when moms are educated, supported, and encouraged, they tend to have better births. And no, I am not down on anyone just because I am advocating avoiding major surgery unless absolutely necessary.

        • My next blog post will be the 700th one. I should do something cool like a giveaway, but I am at a loss for prizes. Maybe spiral-bound copies of my very own, almost finished, one-year menu plan complete with all recipes and shopping lists? Does anyone besides me think that would be cool? We shall see. Check back soon! :)


          1. Your church birth statistics reminded me of my son's music class. 6 births (since Dec 2010), 4 natural, 3 being VBAC with 100% success rate, and the two sections were both for placenta previa. Got to smile when I see women raising the statistics in favour of low intervention, safe normal birth.

          2. I think that prize would be AWESOME!!! You gotta do it :)
            The scorpion thing is scary! We are starting school again in 3 weeks. I cannot wait!
            Well, have a great week. Praying for no more colds!

          3. I think the year-long menu planner would be very cool. Hope you put it up for sale for those who don't win. Think about print-on-demand publishing! It's the way to go now. . . . . . And watch out for those critters. When we lived up in the mountains I found a huge centipede in my kitchen sink one morning. ~Liz

          4. I just don't understand how people can make those comments in front of the children! I like your menu plan giveaway idea too :)

          5. Spiders and snakes we deal with too. A scorpion? I don't know how well I'd handle that. :-)

            Poor Solomon. My Ethan (now asthma-free due to natural medicine) seems to still get lung infirmities. I'm sure you know about these wonder "drugs" but mullein and licorice work well.

            I say this will all the love I can, but please thank God every day for your natural births. My 5th c-section is scheduled for September. I am a 100% natural mommy and hoped for all home births since before I was even married. Nothing is more disconnected and horrifying (imo) than having your precious little one ripped out of your body like a tumor as you lay there, tied down and not feeling a thing but your guts being moved around. Never take it for granted. You are blessed beyond words. *hug*

          6. Speaking of c-section rate...there is a hospital within 25 miles of our house (pretty local for us) that has a SEVENTY+ PERCENT c-section rate. Staggering, isn't it?

          7. Anna is so cute! Just looking at her face, I can tell she has so much personality. Makes me want another one. After 4 boys a girl would be so amazing.

            What makes me mad about c/s is the way it's treated so casually by medical professionals, like it's no big deal. There is no such thing as minor surgery yet they act like "oh we're only cutting through all your core muscles and into an organ-NO BIGGIE!"

          8. Anna is so stinkin' cute!!!! h

          9. Our granddaughter(18m.) has a summer cold with a 100 degree temp. My daughter brought her to the doctor and that's what they said it was(no medicine but a $15 copay). It's going around here on Long Island. When I went to the stores and people remarked I would tell them about books that said there was no such thing as overpopulation(except in the cities) like The Birth Dearth and others. Then I would tell them I wish I had more children. As for asthma mentioned in a comment-our daughter-in-law has asthma. In her childhood bedroom she didn't have a rug,tv,bookcase,stuffed animals or anything else that was dusty. She does the same with her daughter. We also don't hang things on the bedroom walls because of dust. I gave away the hutch/china cabinet a few years ago because I wanted to spend less time dusting. We had red ants,etc. in South Florida when we lived there in the eighties. I can't imagine a scorpion.

          10. I loved your response to the large family naysayers in the grocery funny!
            I wish we had a Trader Joe's nearby; it seriously sounds amazing.
            Your church's birth statistics sound similar to my church's. This year, all but one birth has been natural (one lady had an epidural), but most have had natural homebirths. A couple of moms had their first homebirths starting with babies # 6 and up!I love my family integrated church- at least I don't have to hear about babies being a burden at church!

          11. I just about died laughing seeing your adjustments to the comment section at the bottom of your posts. At least you can keep a good sense of humour about the situation! :)

          12. I LOVE the reply you gave the man and woman at Trader Joes. HA HA!! Our church has alot of babies coming this year too! As of right now, one was just born and there are 3 more on the way. Praise the Lord! :)

          13. Anna is absolutely beautiful.I think the menu planning notebook would be a awesome giveaway.I sure would love to get one.Did you say recipes would be included in the notebook?

          14. I would love the notebook, so you should definitely do a give away.

            The weather keeps changing from very hot to cool back to hot; I'm blaming that for my whole family's cold. Feel better, Solomon.

            I would totally freak out about a scorpion in my house. Thankfully, we don't have them where I live.

          15. I, too, would like the one year menu plan with everything. That sounds like a real good idea.

            We just got 2 Trader Joe's last month, and I have yet to go to one of them, although I really want to!

          16. Thanks for the smiles. I love the photos of the baby...she is getting so big!


          17. I was going to laugh about your "on clearance" comment but then I scrolled down to the Anna pictures and melted, ahhhhhh....

            I tell people that I got my kids at Costco in a multi-package.

          18. Seriously LOVE the food idea - in fact - I'd love to just buy a copy from you (hint, All of your menus and food you talk about always sounds SO good and frankly I might be a bit on the lazy size to try to figure out all of those recipes on my own. And you do everything organic too?! Heaven as far as I'm concerned.

            I would like to go all organic - not sure how my husband would love the idea and I'm sure with going organic I'd have to give up my biggest fix, Diet Coke. I know it's horrible for me..but I sincerely love the taste of it. *Sigh*

            Seriously though, if you would allow me to buy a copy if I don't win it (I never win at contests/give aways so I won't hold my breath I will. :)

          19. The rudeness of some people never ceases to amaze me. "Please tell me those aren't all your kids" what if they are, what business is it of anyone else's?

            I don't agree with everything you post but it could not be more obvious that you're a good mother and your kids are lucky. :)

          20. Your church stats reminded me that I wanted to let you know about my daughters birth.

            When we got to the birthing center the midwife said "breach." Now a days we all know that means c-section. We transferred to the nearest hospital where I was allowed to have her naturally. No C-section. I got one of only two doctors in the hospital who still know how and will deliver a breach baby.

            Score one for lowering the c-section rate in Florida.

          21. wow, so beautiful. i love it. thanks

          22. Hope Solomon is better and the other children didn't get it. Aliyah's temperatures were 100-101.7. We were told to not give her anything until the temp was 101.6 or more. She was sleeping alot. Then after a week her fingers,hands toes and feet started to peel. The doctor said that was because of the fever and virus(cold-coughing,sneezing,runny nose, etc.). I had 6 children and never saw their hands and feet peeling. Aliyah wasn't eating much-just yogurt and ices for her sore throat. She was drinking and had wet diapers so dehydration wasn't a concern. Then suddenly she was better. It lasted about 10 days. PTL.


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