Tuesday, August 23, 2011


... our new puppy, "Lucy".

Lucy came into our family this Sunday. On our way to church, we were actually EARLY for a change. That happens so rarely I have to blog about just so I won't forget. :)

On a street in our neighborhood, there was a sign that read: "FREE PUPS". The kids begged me to turn down the street and check it out. 

No sooner did I pull up near the house slowly, than a little girl came out with a cute ball of fur in each arm. The kids were instantly enamored, of course, and I didn't want to be rude to the little girl and just drive off without a word. As I stepped out, right next to another "FREE PUPS" sign, I saw a sheet of paper trampled on the ground that had "Pups for 5 bucs" scrawled on it in a young child's cute lettering.

Between the funny sign, the sweet little girl, and the adorable pups, I found myself rather defenseless. I asked the girl if her mom or dad were at home, and she called out her older sister. All our kids liked the same one of the two pups better, so I held that one for a minute and asked the girls some questions about the mother, where the pups came from, etc. 

I told the girls that we would come back by in a couple of hours after church and let them know if we wanted to keep the puppy. My husband agreed to drive by their house with us on the way home from church, and of course he couldn't resist the cute little fuzzball. 

Lucy has been a great addition to our family. Becky really does not like our black Lab (who is as gentle as a lamb with the kids) because she is so much bigger than herself. But she LOVES this little puppy. All day long, she comes up and asks: "Can I hold the huppy?" As I am typing this, she is pushing Lucy around in her play shopping cart. Earlier, she was filling her food and water dishes. When Lucy is sleeping (which she does a lot), Becky keeps asking: "When will the huppy wake up?"

Isaac has mostly been the one in charge of taking the doggie out to go potty, something he is doing great with. Lucy is smart as a whip, and has only had a couple of accidents in the house. She is not allowed in the bedrooms or the kitchen, so when she "crosses the line", we turn her around, say "no, no!" and set her down just outside the room. Only two days later, she is already catching on. She is also learning to "come" and "sit."

Our other dog, Bella, is getting along great with Lucy. For now, we cannot allow Lucy in the back yard unsupervised, though, because she is still small enough to fit through the slats on the pool fence - I am afraid she might fall in and drown. Can puppies drown like that? I don't know, so I didn't want to risk it. She likes the front yard, but as soon as she is done going potty she runs right back to the front door and waits to be let back in. 

Oh yeah, and even though the pups were free, we gave the little girls "5 bucs"... :)


  1. Oh she is SO cute! I can see why you all were unable to resist her charm! Do you know what breed or breeds she is? It is VERY wise not to let her in the back yard near the pool till she is bigger as pups most certainly can drown that way. We kept two pups from our last litter of Great Danes to raise and show and they are waring me out!

  2. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FLUFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't even like dogs all that much, I'm a cat person, but lucy is so cute!

  3. Lucy is very cute! Isn't it funny how puppies and kids just naturally go together? And yes, pups can definitely drown like that and she likely would.

    in His peace,

  4. Lucy is soooooo sweet! I love how fluffy she is :)

  5. Why "Lucy"? We only had one female dog-a German Shepherd. She was so sweet. Our male dogs were Max(he was our little furry dog), Sam,and Rocky. We paid many vet bills. Our last dog(he was big and strong-not for little children) wouldn't let us cut his nails so we had to take him to the vet-they would muzzle him and it cost $15. The vet would only cut the nails if we were updated on physicals and shots. If we didn't cut the dog's nails he would have nail injuries with bleeding and the vet bill would be more expensive(this happened twice). The dog also wouldn't let me put the flea/tick lotion on him so we had a cloth muzzle for home(he never liked being outside). For one dog we had a van come to the house every spring and they would bathe/shave him for the summer. An earthquake was felt here on Long Island(we all were dizzy for a few minutes) yesterday. Last November one was felt only on the south shore. We're in the center but our last dog was barking when it happened. We've had cats also. We won't have any more pets but I enjoyed training them(book-The Loved Dog-it's not perfect but worth reading) and will enjoy our married children's pets.- She is really cute.

  6. She is adorable. She looks like she might have pomeranian in her because of the "ruff" around her face. I miss having my "puppy" she is a 5 year old mini daschound. She is staying with family right now until we move into a pet friendly place in March. We are living in a shelter for abused women right now and cannot have her with us. I miss her so much.

  7. I'm not fond of dogs, I prefer cats, but Lucy is very cute and fluffy. I'm sure her hair is very soft, too !

    Becky has changed a lot ! Her hair seems longer, and she is lovely, as always.
    I hope you have lots of fun with this puppy !

  8. Lucy is precious!! I especially love the look on her face in the pic where Becky is holding her. Too cute!!

  9. Will you stop it. First all the Anna pictures and now the most adorable puppy. What a sweetie!

    I've always wanted a puppy but knew at this stage in my life, I couldn't handle training one--just not enough hours in the day, lol. We got an older dog from the pound, and what a joy he has been. I think next time, we will get a puppy so we can all experience that : )

    I love having a dog in the family, they are worth their weight in gold.

  10. She is sooooo cute. Makes me want to get another puppy, but I don't really have the time to train one now. I'm busy teaching and training kids. :)

  11. My, oh my she is CUTE! We are definitely a dog house too. We have two knuckleheads - 1 - Boxer (purebreed) and my girl is a Boxer mixed with what we believe to be Great Dane (looks more labbish, but they said the mother who was purebreed was put into a pen while in heat with a Great Dane. What genius did that, we'll never know!). We don't have children so our dogs get spoiled something rotten. I love the name, Lucy, as well. Ours are named Maggie and Ike (for General Eisenhower). ;-)

  12. Can I just say awwwwwww! What an adorable puppy, and a great experience for the kids!

  13. She's just too cute!

    I know you're very much an advocate for natural food. May I suggest checking out the ingredients in your pet food, too? Before little Lucy gets fixed on a particular brand, you might do a bit of research on what's in the food. The balance of cereal filler, food coloring, and low-grade meat scraps in some pet food is terrible and can affect their health.

    (but I say it's going too far to purchase what I've seen in organic natural food stores - and I promise I'm serious - vegetarian dog food)

    I wish I'd known more about it before our cat got used to two particular brands of dry food. I buy what I thought were good brands when we first got her and it turns out that there is still too much in there of what cats are not created to eat (primarily cereal).

    That said, I know there are plenty of animals who do just fine on "main" brand food and/or table scraps. It's just that pets can get the same diseases that humans do from the same unhealthy ingredients in their food.

    I hope you have many happy years with Lucy! Pets are such a wonderful addition to a family; they seem to play their own unique role.

    Other Sally

  14. God Bless You!

    I really love your blog. Thank you for the time you take to post. I wanted to ask you if you could do a blog sometime about childrens old christian songs. I am trying to teach my children old hymns and bible songs. I once heard this song many years ago…but I only know some words. Does anyone know this song?
    “I know a boy who is Christian 3x How does he live his days? He reads his Bible everyday. He witnesses to takes time to pray. And when his mothers calls he says okay. That’s how he lives each day!

    It is also sung for girls…but I don’t know the words. Can anyone help?
    Thank you so much for your time.

    God Bless You,

  15. Oh Miss Lucy! My good friend had a little girl right around the time you had Anna and they named their her Lucy! As I recall it means 'light' or 'bright.' So it sounds like a great name!

    I'm glad she's fitting in and it's so nice to see Becky with the 'huppy'! It reminds me of mums so enamored with their babies they want to wake them just to hold them! They make quite a cute little pair, double trouble!

    My only advice is to get her spayed, or you may have more than two 'huppies' on your hands.

    Extra time, children, free puppies with a cute sign, and adorable is a dangerous mix! LOL!

    God bless you, Dad, and the six, and Bella and Lucy,


  16. I looked the name up in the book of names we have before I commented-Lucy means "light". We had one dog we named Max after a great-uncle. My sons were into the "Rocky" movies and named one dog-Rocky. Sam means good listener so we named one dog that and he was a good listener.

  17. Oh, I could just die from the cuteness! And in answer to your question yes, my friends dog drowned in her pool. I am sure the lab would do great as they love water but a little guy might tire out before he figured out how to get out. You are a great dog mama too!

  18. Lucy is adorable, congratulations!

    We currently have 7 pets in our house. My husband teases me that once we were done having babies, I just started adding pets to have a baby in the house.

    Our youngest is child is 12 and our pets are: Sassy (cat) 14, Ginger (lab) 8 1/2, CT (cat) 7, Annie (yorkie mix) 4, Bailey (cat) 3, Zeke and Elton (guinea pigs).

    Recently I have started to want another 'baby', but if I brought home another pet I think my husband would run away from home. lol

    Pets are great as another tool for teaching older kids responsibility and empathy for others.

    I second about the dog food, you don't have to buy the most expensive, but a medium priced brand with either chicken or lamb as the first ingredient is great.

  19. She is so fluffy!! Aww, she looks like a stuffed animal. I'm happy she found a great home.

  20. Awwww...Becky and the "huppy"!!!! Too cute!

  21. I love puppies too but I'm TERRIBLE at training. Argh!

  22. I have a weird question...I know you don't believe in vaccinating your children. I realize people and animals are two very different things. (Duh, but some people...)

    Do you get shots for Bella or eventually Lucy? (I hear free jinger mumbling already!)


  23. I am glad you didn't buy your puppy in a puppy store. If people would stop buying puppies at puppy stores,then the Amish, Mennonite,etc. puppy mills would go out of business. I wonder if the Amish still grow tobacco. I read somewhere once that some of their religious leaders discouraged the growing of tobacco.


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