Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Get ready to melt

You know the Chinese proverb that says:
There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it.

Well, you see, but I really AM that mother with the prettiest baby. :) 

Not really, but I sure do love my little dumplings. And this one is just utterly delectable.

Can you believe she is eight months old now? Eight months old on the eight day of the eight month. We sang "Happy 8-month Birthday to You", and then her brothers changed the words to:

Happy 8-month birthday to you,
you live in a zoo,
your brothers are monkeys, 
and your sisters are, too.

No teeth yet, but lots of drooling this week, so they are probably just about to pop through. I do so love toothless baby grins! 

Anna has been such a mellow, happy baby. Always smiling and content. She loves food and eats like a horse, which you may not suspect judging by how small and dainty she is for her age. She continues to nurse every three to four hours, and scarfs down adjusted versions of what we are eating at mealtimes. Her favorite drink is ice water - she prefers to drink it out of a dinner glass and snubs the one baby bottle I bought her for this express purpose.

Last week, I was at a thrift store on a day when everything was 50% off. I found some great deals, but was a little disappointed when I saw a great "find" in someone else's cart. Should have gotten up earlier and been at the store sooner! Then I turned around to my own cart, where Anna was smiling at me, and I realized that I always have the greatest find of all right there in my cart, and five more just like it within arm's reach of it. 

At the store yesterday, there were two sweet ladies who just kept oohing and aahing over Anna in the shopping cart. I was quite embarrassed because Anna had made a mess of her face with a snack she was munching on, but the ladies thought she was just wonderful. They kept laughing and smiling, and admiring her little hands and feet. Anna was just eating it up and rewarding them with lots of coos and giggles. It was such a pleasure to watch how much joy one little baby that can neither walk nor talk can spread. It is putting a smile on my face right now just remembering it. There simply is nothing more wonderful this side of Heaven than babies!

She loves her Daddy, and laughs with excitement anytime he walks in the door. She will reach out her arms for him to pick her up, even if I am holding her, which none of our others kids did at such an early age. Her Daddy got her in the habit of falling asleep while getting a back rub, instead of during the last nursing session of the night. Last night, when my husband wasn't home, she was fussing while I nursed her. I laid her down in our bed, where she immediately flipped onto her tummy and then grabbed my hand from next to her and tried pulling it onto her back. As soon as I started rubbing it while laying next to her and nuzzling her little head, she made purring sounds and drifted off to sleep with a sheepish grin. The fact that she was drooling because of her teething made it all the more cute. Oh, she really lives the life!

I am never worried that I am "spoiling" our babies with love and affection. Chances are, with God's blessing, Anna will grow up to be a busy mother of many for the vast majority of her life. This is her time to just enjoy and soak it all in, so she will be able to grow up and pass it on. 

Well, I have to run. Stay tuned for the next post - there will be a giveaway!


  1. She is absolutely precious. Of course, there is no way to spoil a baby with too much love! Babies should be held and cuddled and kissed as much as possible. I certainly did with all 6 of mine, and even though the youngest is only 20 months old I miss cuddling and kissing a baby.

    in His peace,

    p.s. Did I mention how absolutely adorable Anna is?

  2. She's adorable!

    We were just discussing a similar proverb over lunch today: Everyone thinks their dog is unique, but ours really is.

    You are blessed to be such a happy family! ~Liz

  3. Oh,boy - this child must be in daily danger of being eaten up by her parents, siblings and/or passing bystanders! So cute! Makes me want another one :-)

  4. My little one loves to smile at strangers, often even when she's grumpy with us! She can be throwing a hissy fit, but if she catches eye contact with a stranger her usual grin appears. (On which note, I never expected temper tantrums from a 6 month old! she's easily frustrated, but how do you dicipline that? she's too young to understand! I think she's going to be a handful!)

    Oh but she misses her daddy when he's away. He wasn't working for the first 4 months of her life, so having him leave was an adjustment. These days, she is very good on monday and tuesday, but by thursday she's getting grizzly and friday we're just desperate for him to get home from the time he leaves! When she sees him she bounces and squeals and reaches out for him, it's so sweet. At least he knows he's loved and missed!

  5. All of your children are so adorable. :)

    I can feel the love you have for them through your written words.

  6. Just beautiful. I agree...MY children are perhaps the most gorgeous babies on the planet. Hee hee! Great post and I love how she falls asleep with her back being rubbed. CUTE!!!

  7. Awwww! I know exactly what you mean, their smiles and giggles are so precious and you can't get enough of them! I love kissing Emma's soft cheeks :)

  8. She looks delicious!!! What a cutie...no wonder you're proud of her!

  9. Could that little face be any more perfect??

    Just adorable!


  10. Awww, how sweet!!! I agree...spoiling a baby is nonsense! My 5 year old still loves me to "scratch his back" a few minutes before he falls asleep. I look forward to it and will miss it when he no longer has that need!!! :)

  11. She's just squeezable! Love that grin!

    Can't wait til our "next" gets here.

  12. She looks a lot like John, don't you think ? I mean on this picture.
    Of course I have never seen John for real.

    She is adorable, I'm sure she will grow up to be a nice and helping daughter.

  13. Melting...

    Impossible to spoil a baby. Even if you went crazy over the top and showered them with love and attention every second of every day. Impossible--they just grow too quickly--you turn around and they are 6! There's just not enough hours in a day to spoil a baby. Love how you correlate a baby's time to to soak in the love to later pass it on : )

    I am so sad when I hear a first-time mother say, "Oh, I don't want to spoil him/her." and then find ways to hold the baby less : ( You can never get those dear, precious minutes back! But usually, those mothers soon change their minds and if they have a 2nd, leave that "don't want to spoil" notion in the dust. Who came up with that crazy notion anyway???

  14. Thats so funny about the back rub , my mother has done this with every one of my kids and so they expect me to do it to .

  15. This has nothing to do with the post, but thought you would be interested in this.

  16. Zsuzsanna,

    It would be a great deal to my husband and I if you somehow, someway, acknowledge the 50th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. It seems such a small thing but was utterly amazing, to me, watching the footage unedited, again.


  17. She is just ADORABLE!!!! I can't believe how big she is already.
    -Karen E

  18. She is too cute. She looks a lot like her Daddy. :)


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