Monday, August 15, 2011

Crazy busy

Life is never dull around here. Last week, I canned 32 lbs of peaches and processed 24 lbs of nectarines (used fresh in smoothies and froze for "winter"). I used honey for canning instead of sugar as explained in this book. Sadly, it is no longer in print, but the information contained in it is entirely up to date and in line with today's canning standards. Truly a wonderful book!

 Just before being processed. We got a total of 15 quarts.

Also, I did several translating assignments, organized our co-op orders, and tried to keep up with the daily cooking, laundry, and such.


Ugh. Poor baby. It's been rough on her, and on us parents. At night is the worst - she is so tired, but just in too much discomfort to fall asleep. The tooth is still not through, so we will see how this week goes.

My plans this week are:
  • Have a delivery from a monthly co-op order I organize (it takes upwards of 2 hours of my time on delivery day, plus an extra 2 for me to put away my order and organize the pantries)
  • Pit and can 30 lbs of cherries
  • Pickle 20 lbs of cucumbers in a fermenting crock
  • Organize the new school books, work on lesson plans (3 more weeks until we start)
  • get my gardening beds ready for fall/winter gardening, and put out seeds and plants
  • and obviously the usual errands, grocery shopping, laundry, and chores.
Not too bad, so long as I plan each day the night before, get up early, and am able to sleep at least 5 or 6 hours a night in spite of Annie's itching, sore, swollen, red gums. My poor baby! The only other of our children who had a rough time teething was Solomon, but it was nowhere near this bad. 

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  1. Do you have any secrets for pitting cherries?

  2. Oh that poor baby. I hope her tooth comes through soon. Your post makes me tired just thinking about all that.

  3. Oh poor bub. My baby is coping with teething fairly well, it dosen't wake her up, and it comes and goes. The problem is it's been coming and going for 4 months with no tooth!

    I'd love to try just canning fruit. I've done pickles before, but it makes sence to can the stonefruit when it's in season.

  4. Poor Anna!!! Teething is certainly a difficult thing for any baby to go through. My son cut 6 teeth in one week and THAT was pure torture...for him and me! Praying for all of you! And, your peaches look great! Sounds like you are keeping busy. :)

  5. Poor Anna, I hope she feels better soon! None of mine (so far) have had bad teething pain, although my son had a very bad nappy/diaper rash that bled for days! It was hard!

    You sure have been busy! I have never heard of anyone canning with honey before? It would be great if I could access this information, as my dad keeps bees as his hobby! I have a post coming up about canning! I am about to can for the first time ever and need all the advice I can get!!!

    Hope you are enjoying your week!


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