Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Your tax dollars at work

This is just so unbelievably disgusting. Please watch the entire clip. In all my wildest imaginations about how sick and evil the people and Planned Barrenhood are, I never could come up with this.


  1. I have some very mixed feelings about this... I'll come right out and say I was forced into some very nasty things as a young teen, I wasn't a christian and things wern't good for me. I know what these girls are going through.

    On one hand I hate how she's so cool with this, and the advice and the coverups. It makes me ill knowing this situation, knowing they're facilitating it.

    BUT. On the other hand, the majority of these girls are not in it willingly. Especially for the underage trade, most of them are forced or coerced, and even once they are adults, many feel like they have no choice for a variety of reasons, especially if they're under a pimp rather than independent or a madam. And because of that, I would hate to see them come to unnececary harm.

    If pimps knew they'd be reported, they'd never send their girls. Within weeks of the policy begining, you'd have nothing to report. They would go on having an untreated STD, which is very bad. Or, if they got an STD they may have to stop working (things aren't what they used to be, a lot of girls keep clean these days) and, in the case of immigrants, sometimes kidnapped or purchased immigrants, that's possibly even worse, especially if they're deported. In their countries ideals, they are ruined, and many times it was through no fault of her own.

    As for abortion, the pimps will ensure an abortion happens, and if they can't get a clinical one, it means a coathanger if they're kind, or a terrible beating if they're not. If it's going to happen either way, I'd rather it be humanely.

    I know it's easy to say these girls could get out if they wanted, they could tell someone, they could run etc, they bring it on themselves, but you know we have very similar values, and I'm saying from experience, it's just not that simple. The physical limitations, the terrible state these girls are in emotionally and mentally, it's just not that easy. And even if one gets out, the rest of the stable suffers because the pimp needs to ensure the others don't get any ideas. By the time a girl is dumped or too old or whatever... she is so broken inside that quite often she's begging to come back.

    So yes, what they're doing is terrible, but at the same time, it is, in a twisted way, protecting these girls as well. It's stopping them from living untreated, it's stoping them from very dangerous or painful 'procedures', none of which they would have any say over. I don't know what side I take... I guess I see it as a nececary evil, as sin forcing sin. I believe the bible is set in an ideal world, but I believe that the fact we are fallen, at times, forces us to sin. Can you say you have never been forced to lie to prevent something worse happening? With the government the way it is, it's becoming more common. I suppose I see this the same way, the sin of the pimps means this has to happen to prevent something worse.

    I don't know, it's a complicated situation. Ideally all pimps would be thrown in jail forever, but the police seem to prefer imprisoning the girls instead, another reason help is so hard to find. It's just bad all around.

  2. Mrs. Anderson, I feel sick after watching this. This is absolutely disgusting. Especially at 4:40 "send them right HERE if they need an abortion" if they're 14 and under. I wish at times I can watch all those suffer in the eternal fire at the appointed time that engage in this type of sin.

  3. oh my... don't even know what to say about that. It is beyond disgusting. My son does cub scounts, but we refused to partake in girl scouts with my daughter because of their adding a badge to complete a planned parenthood class.

  4. Ahhhhh! This was horrific!!! I am actually just speechless! I don't know what to say. Wow!

  5. I find this womans behaviour reprehensible, but you cannot paint an entire organisation with the brush of a single womans actions.
    In the beginning of this video it states that this person was fired. At the end it also states that her actions violate PP's commitment to the welfare of minors.
    How can you compare this vile womans actions to the nurse mentioned in the video, who obviously does not think the same way?
    Fred Phelps is a supposedly Christian man, who preaches the death of children, and protests at military funerals - is it okay to paint all Christians with the Fred Phelps brush?

  6. Oh my goodness! I cannot believe this video! The Planned Parenthood "office manager" is a twisted, evil woman!

    The words that stuck with me the most were:

    ...We want to make things look as legit as possible...

    ...If they're fifteen then theres more "playing room"...

    I was shocked at how she gave the man advice on how to put his underage, sex slaves back to work, while they recovered from their surgeries!!!

    Did she also suggest that she would be open to bribery?!

    Beyond disgusting! Thank you for highlighting this Zsuzsanna!

  7. Abba12 brings up excellent points. That doesn't make it OK at all but...

    Reminds me of ACCORN and all the fuss. No one really took issue with that group putting drug dealers and prostitution into communities. Just that they were using public funds to do so.

    This administration seems to be at least somewhat 'business friendly'. It just depends what business your looking to start up, I guess.

    It's a crazy crazy world.

  8. The person who made this video is not a real pimp. It was a republican muckracker who had to go to dozens of Planned parenthood while posing as a pimp clinics to get that footage, of course he won't show the footage of planned parenthood workers who behaved ethically and follow the law.

    The woman in the video was later fired for her actions.

    The girl scout badge in question for girl scouts is an AIDS education badge. It has nothing to do with abortion.

    PP doesn't pay for abortions with tax dollars.

  9. This lady was fired. She is not representative of Planned Parenthood. They spoke out against her, in fact.

    Why not show a video of a planned parenthood employee in good standing? Then we can accurately judge whether our "tax dollars are at work."

  10. The Bible-King James-is not set in an ideal world. I am 55 and I have never been forced to sin. Just as slavery was abolished, abortion should be abolished. Sometimes people argue about abortion like the pro-slavery people in the 19th century did. There's a William Wilberforce biography at keepersofthefaith.com and many other books that we of the 21st century should read-Booker T. Washington's autobiography, One Race,One Blood(answersingenesis)that speaks of the evolution-believing slave owners,etc. The evolutionists today are pro-abortion. I pray for the killing of unborn babies to be abolished. I was conceived before marriage and would have been aborted if it was legal-I know that to be a fact. I have a "mixed" granddaughter-full disclosure. I pray for the captives to be set free(Luke 4:18 KJ).

  11. This video has been repeatedly debunked. They went to multiple planned parenthood locations and in only a handful of locations were they even able to get anything that could be deceptively edited. And the planned parenthood office did, in fact, report this incident to the police.

  12. Planned Parenthood helped me obtain general medical help when I needed it.
    I have 4 kids now and we are ALL healthy.
    I think this clip is a fake.

  13. Yax dollars do not pay for abortions at Planned Parenthood. It's against the law, and they are audited regularly to ensure compliance.

  14. Totally off topic here, but I was hoping you all fared well through the dust storm.

    I was also wondering if your little tomatoes did well. :-)

  15. Planned Parenthood helped me get pregnant.

    They provide basic medical services to low income women.

    It has been disheartening to see the crusade against them because it means women don't get medical care.

    I would love to see the Pro Life movement put some money into an alternative organization that would make those health care services available rather than just cut off all access.

    If you're (general you, not you personally) killing people to save lives, how does that not violate Christian principles? This is where the Pro Life movement loses me. All life has value.

    I think the implementation of the Pro Life movement is just as unethical, at times, as this PP manager.


  16. I thank God for PP everyday. When I was in college I started having some very painful female issues. I had no health insurance and went to PP because it was cheap. They treated my condition, which if went untreated could have caused infertility. My 4 boys are here to today because of them.

    PP can be used for good like medical treatment or for bad like abortions. The same could be said of anything, though. A hammer can be used to build a home for a family or to kill someone. It's all in how we use it.

  17. I am not sure of the purpose of showing this. This was one bad person that was fired by Planned Parenthood. Likewise, you could show a Christian preacher who commits a crime, does that mean that all preachers are criminals? The implications in the title are misleading, since Planned Parenthood does not use public funds for abortions.
    I would like to point out that abortions are a minimal part of what they do. Planned Parenthood is the only place where women/girls can always go right away if they need help from an ob and they don't have health insurance. Imagine finding a breast lump and not having any help insurance....

  18. Ugg. Wow. I think I have seen this before somewhere but either way, it is still so evil and disgusting. Those Planned Parenthood people better watch their step...God has them in His sights, no doubt! They have much to answer to!

  19. I have already been to planned parenthood to get birth control pill, and it wasn't at all like that. This is sick and disgusting, my place was comfortable, and the people were honnest and kind.
    I hope that woman had to pay something, or was at least punished for her behaviour.

  20. I just saw a book titled unPLANNED by Abby Johnson(with Cindy Lambert). She was a director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas. She walked across the street and joined the Coalition for Life.

  21. Wow! You live in the sickest country! This world is so damned!! Woohoo Jesus is coming back to put an end to all sin forever! This word is disgusting!! That woman needs her head examined advocating prostitution and the murder of babies!! She really, really needs Jesus!!


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