Monday, July 11, 2011

The Wild Wild West

You may have heard about the unlawful acts of the police and councilmembers in a small town here in Arizona.
From WND:

A small town in Arizona is suddenly a YouTube sensation after a town-hall meeting devolved into a physical clash as a woman was forcibly removed from speaking during the public portion of the event. 

Jennifer "Jade" Jones, 45, of Quartzsite, Ariz., was taken into custody by local police at the behest of Quartzsite councilmembers, over the objections of the mayor, who pleaded with officers not to remove the woman. 

The incident took place June 28 during the "call to the public" section of the meeting, as Jones, a pet groomer who also publishes the Desert Freedom Press, was addressing matters of taxation and meeting protocol.  

Some councilmembers interrupted Jones as she was addressing the council and audience, ordering her to relinquish the microphone. 

Councilman Joe Winslow of Quartzsite, Ariz., led the charge to have Jennifer Jones removed from speaking.

"You may leave, or you may be escorted out," Councilman Joe Winslow warned Jones.  

Jones immediately told Winslow, "You can leave or be escorted out as well. You are out of order." 

Then, as police Sgt. Fabiola Garcia attempted to take the microphone away from Jones, Mayor Ed Foster came to the defense of Jones and interjected, "Officer, that woman has the floor. You're violating my rules of order here. Sergeant, I have control of the meeting."  

Jones was able to speak for a few moments more, but councilmembers insisted police move in and subdue her. 

"Do not resist the officer!" Police Chief Jeff Gilbert instructed Jones, who responded, "I am not resisting!"

When Jones refused to give up the microphone, officers forcibly removed her from the premises, and cited her for disorderly conduct. Jones suffered a torn ligament in her elbow during the scuffle, and was transported to La Paz Regional Hospital. 

In an interview with WND, Jones said she was never informed she was "under arrest," and so she'll seek charges of kidnapping and aggravated assault against the officers.

After the above story went viral and drew the rage of citizens and patriots across the nation, the town is now under martial law after the city council (those are the evil goons) declared a state of emergency in a secret meeting (source here):

Quartzsite, Arizona, the town now infamous for arresting a citizen for speaking during a public city council meeting, has apparently declared martial law.

This, according to Quartzsite Mayor Ed Foster, happened after a secret meeting was held during which the city council voted in favor of declaring a state of emergency.

Jennifer Jones, the woman who has gone on a full scale crusade against corruption in the small town of 3,600, posted an urgent update on here blog The Desert Freedom Press.

“At about noon today, the town council, at the request of the police chief, declared an official state of emergency. Sgt Xavier Frausto was dressed in tactical gear when he and the police chief demanded the mayor get in their car,” wrote Jones.

That’s right, according to this report, police in tactical gear ordered a sitting mayor to a potentially illegal secret meeting. 

The Mayor instead drove himself to the meeting which he himself later called illegal.

World Net Daily spoke with Jennifer Jones who now fears for her safety in the small town 2 hours outside of Phoenix.

“They’ve got their tactical gear on, the police chief and his sergeant,” Jones said. “I don’t know what that means. I need to get the word out in case they come here. I am very concerned for my safety.”

An Arizona Republic report confirms that Quartzite Mayor Ed Foster has indeed called the situation in his town a form of martial law but also quotes the Vice Mayor as saying that while she condems the meeting, martial law is not necessary the right word to use.

“Foster said the council had imposed martial law, but Vice Mayor Barbara Cowell said that does not accurately characterize the action. She added that the city attorney had condoned the meeting and that a recording of the session will be made accessible to the public today,” The Arizona Republic reported.

The situation in Quartzsite has been heating up as the story of Jennifer Jones and her unlawful arrest during a city council meeting has gained momentum after being covered by multiple mainstream newspapers.

The initial arrest came as Jennifer was exposing the corruption of the local city council as well as the police chief who is already under investigation by The Arizona State Dept of Public Safety.

The police chief is under investigation for alleged criminal acts. According to a June issue of the Desert Freedom Press, all but three police officers in the town were going to cast a "no confidence" vote against their police chief (that's 80% of their police force). Yet apparently, those same officers had no problem obeying the unlawful and illegal order from the council members and the police chief to remove Jennifer Jones. This just proves, once again, that they are mindless puppets who follow orders, no matter how illegal those orders are.  

Please repost this information to help expose such egregious government corruption, and to protect the victim who the police chief no doubt would love to get rid off.


  1. It's always been my opinion that small-town law, I won't call them law enforcement.......small-town cops are dangerous egomaniacs who love to wear the uniform and the badge. They are the WORST! However, many police and sheriff departments across the U.S. are fairly corrupt. Oh, the stories....and your husband's experience with border patrol, I'm afraid, is becoming more and more common.



  2. I wouldn't trust anything WND says. They continue to deny that Obama is an American against all the evidence and they support a whole range of conspiracy theories.

  3. Something similar happened in 1946 and was taken care of by we the people.

  4. That video made me sick to my stomach. What an abomination the counsel and law law enforcement in that town is.


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