Friday, July 8, 2011

Missing in Action

Just catching my breath for a moment to write down on the projects I am trying to wrap up:

  • Making my own chore system for the kids (I am about half-way done) - I will blog about it when it's done.
  • Working on a 12-month menu plan complete with accompanying grocery lists. 
  • Moving our US and world maps to the hallway, with pushpins for every place that has sent us a package/postcard to date, and mounting the postcards around them - BIG JOB, but we are so thankful and excited about all the wonderful mail we have received.
  • Update the map on the right -->, which is hopelessly out of date, much to my embarrassment. Many thanks to the Peattie Family from the UK for the package, which we received yesterday. More on that in a future post!
  • Sew the curtains and pillowcases to finish the boys' room remodel. 
  • Finish a "Risk" game that I started with the boys two weeks ago.
There are  many other projects I am slowly plugging away at, but these are just the most pressing ones. Please excuse my lack of blogging.


  1. Please blog about your meal plan/grocery lists

  2. I second that motion! Would love to hear about the menu/list plan. ~Liz

  3. This sounds like me. You sort of look forward to school starting back just so you can slow down a bit. haha

    "Finish a Risk game..." I bought Risk for my husband as a Christmas gift. It's one of those cute wooden vintage editions. Anyway, I must have incredible comprehension problems, because I CANNOT figure out how to play by the rules included.

  4. Out of all the board games I've played, Risk is probably the one that I don't like the most. When you're outnumbered the chances of you winning are disproportionately low.

    Why can't Risk battles be more like Judges 7? :(

    Also, are you still accepting "Cantering the Country" post cards?

  5. I was just saying to my mum this week, that I will have to go back to menu I am just too forgetful!

    Your post gave me the motivation I needed to start planning! Would love to see yours when your done!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. With another baby on the way I finally made a chore system that works beautifully at our house. We are all happy with it!

    I look forward to seeing what yours is.

    Making a 12-month menu plan sounds like a challenge I want to try. So far I was thrilled when I made a week's worth of menus in advance.

    Our children and I keep meaning to send a packet your way for your Cantering the Country project. Hopefully one of these days.

    My sewing machines are both on the fritz right now which is a shame since we have so many things I would like to sew. Looking forward to seeing the curtains you make.

    I have never heard of Risk before. The game that bogs me down is when we play "Construction"

    Enjoyed your post.

  7. Wow! A whole year's meal planning??? I'm impressed.

    That reminded me, though, of your gardening attempt this year. I say "attempt," because you've indicated that your previous gardening attempts have proved unsuccessful. Still, you'd said this year seemed to be going better - and I wondered about those veggies and how they'll factor into your meal planning. You can't predict to the day when they'll be ready to harvest.

    (and I'm asking because I'm thinking of growing a few Autumn veggies, myself)

    Other Sally

  8. I have a meal/grocery list for five weeks. I just rotate through the five weeks. It is one thing I have done for years - even before I got married. I do revise it from time to time, but I stick pretty close to what I have written. Sometimes I pick out a new meal to try. If it is liked by my husband and the most of the kids than I add it the next time I revise my lists.

    I wish I could get a chore system that works for us. I've tried several, but haven't really found what I like.

    I'm need to do some school planning this month before my parents come to visit.

    I enjoyed this years camping trip, and my daughter really enjoyed seeing her picture on your blog. :)

  9. One thing I don't understand is the need for a "chore system". What happened to telling your kids to do something and then making sure they did it? A chore system sounds as useless to me as a "home management binder" that were the mommy blogger craze a while back.

    I'm not trying to be mean, I'm genuinely interested in why people think they need this stuff, because I don't "get it".

  10. I have been doing menu planing complete with a shopping list for years now. At this point I have at least a years worth of menus if not more. It is so useful and one of the things I have kept up with and use. My weekly meals begin on Monday and run through Sunday dinner. I also keep a shopping list on the fridge to list other things we need such a TP, laundry soap, dish soap, etc.

    I know you are going to appreciate your menu shopping list.

  11. Katy-Anne,

    We have a system just so our kids don't have to come find me, ask, wait in case I am busy doing something important, etc. They have their chore cards, can find them, do them, and chores are complete. It gives them a sense of accomplishment, independence, and a bit of control (if they want to pick up their bathroom before they make their beds, fine). That's why we do one.

  12. Oh, I'm so interested in your first two projects. Please do blog about them. I'm working on much the same things. I sometimes struggle with the appropriate level of chores for my kids - frankly, I don't think I'm challenging them enough. And as to menu plans, I always do a weekly menu. Long ago, i used to have a monthly one that I kept reusing for a few months, but my family got sick of eating the same thing!!! 12 months seems like a big project that will pay off really well for you. When I considered doing something like this, I left one day per week or every two week for a new/novel recipe. Just to keep things interesting.

  13. It looks like you had a good if tiring weekend. I loved the idea of heating the hotdogs on the engine - although I am not sure I would have wanted to taste one!

    One thing though Zsuzanna, I am atheist and I do not hate 'God'. I don't have any belief in any god(s) so it would be a little hard to hate. I don't believe in fairies either, do you? Do you hate fairies? To me it is exactly the same concept.

    I don't hate anyone. I do dislike some people, not very many though. As for you personally, I don't hate nor dislike you either. There are some things that you do that I very much disagree with, and no doubt vice versa. There are some things that I have a lot of admiration for you in; the way you love your kids for one - you come across as one heck of a Mama Bear who would fight to the death for your kids. That's a good thing and is something that I am too.

    Atheists are just people Zsuzanna; we don't hate as a rule (although in every demographic atheist and theist alike there haters). I certainly don't hate the concept of what you consider to be 'God', just like I don't hate the concept of 'fairies'.

    I just have no belief in either.

  14. I like maps(and timelines). I have a map of Long Island in the dining room. We also have those learning placemats(rainbowresource). The timeline at Rod and Staff looks good($14).

  15. We have a good timeline. I can't remember where we bought it. I threw out the Christian Liberty Press lesson planning books I used every year, homeschooling since 1985(This was our last year), where I wrote everything down. I may have confused the Kent Hovind videos we saw with the Moody ones(rainbowresource sells them separately). I think I bought our timeline with Lifetime books and gifts(for homeschoolers),but I don't see it there now. It was $6 years ago. The ones I see there now are expensive. Rainbowresource also has timelines.

  16. Christian Liberty Press has a timeline packet($17)-grades 9-12. I recently bought a $5 laminated Quick Study at CBD when I ordered the Duggar's new book. It's called, America The 50 States. It has a US map and a chart of the 50 states with each state's song,bird, flower,etc. Bob Jones has a homeschool book with the same info available at rainbowresource but I think it's about $14 there. I gave our BJUP book about the states to a family in our church with many children. It was fun, giving away our home-education books through the years. II Cor. 9:7 KJ-"...for God loveth a cheerful giver."

  17. Warren,

    yes, we'd love to get a postcard from your neck of the woods! The mailing info is in the side bar on the right. Thank you!


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