Saturday, July 2, 2011

I talk babytalk, and I wear no bike helmet

Seriously? Can I no longer blog about ANYTHING without someone taking exception to what I am sharing on here? One of these days, I will have a blog post about nothing but wishing everyone a good day, just to see what will be deemed wrong with that. 

Yes, I talk to my babies in a happy, chirpy, high voice. Not that I even care what any expert thinks about this practice, but since it is so universal the world over, and has been for thousands of years, I'll take my chances and continue to make my babies grin from ear to ear as they understand that I am talking to THEM and THEM only. I will also continue to smile really big and coo at them every time I see them, since maybe that is why our babies are so exceptionally smiley. 

Since we are onto my baby-care shortfalls, did you know I also open my mouth when I spoon food into THEIR mouth? It's true. I also don't baby-proof the house, buckle them on the changing table (in fact, we don't even have one), take them for portraits at regular intervals, wash behind their ears, and sterilize any toy before giving it to them. And, let's not forget about the most reckless of my parenting choices, namely the fact that I don't use any birth control and actually think that children are a blessing! Basically, I am just one big Neanderthal of a mother, and it's a wonder five of the kids have made it through infancy in spite of me caring for them. 

And bike helmets - seriously? What percentage of my adult readers wore a bike helmet as a child? Come on, anonymous know-it-alls, say it [cue whiny voice]: "Yeah, but back then, they also didn't use seatbelts in the back of cars, or car seats for kids, or airbags, or ..." Except that kids on bikes have only ever gone a certain speed, and it is just not all that dangerous. Sure, kids can get hurt if they fall off a bike. They can also get hurt if they roll out of the top bunk of their bed, decide to jump off a low roof or balcony, play chase outside, or do anything besides sitting on the sofa and watching TV. Boys especially seem to be wired for this kind of stuff.

Still, just to ease your mind, yes, ALL of our kids ON BIKES wear their own helmets. Not because I think it will make them any safer, but because of obnoxious know-it-alls who like to stick their nose where it doesn't belong. But bike helmets on kids who are riding in the back of a bike trailer (which is also labeled as a stroller) - are you serious? Do you make your kids wear bike helmets in the car, or at the playground, or at home, or in the stroller? Because it would be comparable to that. In the extremely unlikely event that a car were to mow us over on a bike path that is only open to non-motorized users (bikes being the fastest of those), a helmet would do little good. There are no cars ANYWHERE, because the trail winds along golf courses and open fields, not roads. The chances of kids in the trailer overheating from wearing a helmet for no apparent reason seems a bit more real. 
And me? I refuse to wear a helmet. There. Can you believe it? It's not exactly like I am riding down the freeway on a motorcycle. Some people RUN faster than I can RIDE - should they put on protective body gear??!? In almost three decades of riding a bike, I have yet to encounter a situation where a helmet would have been of any benefit, including when I was broadsided by a car once when I was leaving school. Again, the path we use has ZERO cars on it, or even anywhere near it. 

And no, I am not just trying to save money and cut corners at the expense of anyone's health and well-being. Otherwise, I would hardly be spending three and four times as much as we "need" to on groceries to spare us all from the poison that conventional "food" is. The chances of getting cancer in America are 1 in 2 for men, and 1 in 3 for women. The chances of riding in a bike trailer and being involved in an accident that a bike helmet could have prevented: 1 in a million, at best. 

Can everyone with their underwear in a twist just find some other outlet for their grumpiness for a while?


  1. I don't wear a helmet biking either, Zsuzsanna, though my kids wear helmets. Guess I'm a horrible mother, too.

  2. all I can say is "AMEN" loved your blog today.

  3. Ok...I am so frustrated... Really? I loved the photos of the children and you in the bike and travel bike trailer. We had one kind of like that when my youngest was new.

    The venom and hate in my opinion stems from the reason most people hate. They hate the Light, and therefore attack anything in the Light. You will do nothing correct in the eyes of hating folks. You will never be good enough.

    Your photos will be clicked on so that the background can be seen clearer and to find dirty walls, dirty books, or dirty anything. When nothing pans out...they look for something else.

    Yes helmets are effective. Do you need one to be a loving mom? No. Did I need one growing up in Ohio, with 8 brothers and sisters? No, and we are all alive today. Believe it or not, we skated on roads in the winter, tossed lawn darts, used bb guns, as well as rifles to hunt in the fall, and sat on the back ledge of the car while traveling. I recall drinking out of gas station hoses while we were having the car fueled up, or drinking from a washed out bleach gallon filled with water.

    I wore hand me down clothing, and took a lunch box that was filled with no prepared peanut butter and jelly sandwich that you buy in the freezer section of the store, but with tuna salad sandwiches and whatever soup mom made for the week for us kids to take. Dessert was homemade brownies or something.

    We were fearful in those days of being punished in school, because double would occur at home, and anyone that was out of high school was Mr. Or Mrs.

    Stores school and activities were off or closed on Sunday.

    I rode the bus to school and shared a room even though we had plenty of space, because Mother wanted to have a guest room for guests.

    We ate two meals every day at home(during the school year) and three in the summer. Mom cooked and the children took turns through the job list cleaning up. We grew a garden, ate watermelon every day of summer, and went barefoot. We swam in the horse trough with the green mossy slime, and slept outside under the stars in our sleeping bags.

    We went to bed at assigned times based on age and may have thought sass to our parents but never said a sass because we knew what was expected.

    I am really tired of the pedestal parents that have placed their children upon a pedestal and think we all should ooh and aww at the children they have created that have zero manners, demand everything, and are given everything.

    I am tired of driving at night and every single vehicle has at least one tv going in the back for children to watch a movie while traveling. I am tired of seeing little girls dressed up as mini whores at eight and nine. I am tired of seeing little boys act like thugs.

    I am tired of this hate, the venom and the lack of true parenting...

    I find your blog, your family, and your corner of the world a lovely breath of fresh air.

    Please continue on,


  4. Just goes to show you that you can find something in common with anyone.

    While I disagree with most of your parenting choices and I am sure you would disagree with mine, I too talk to my babies in a sing song voice (often called mother~ease), always smile and coo at them and threw away the strap on the changing table while we were putting it together all those years ago.

    As far as the helmets go, common sense goes a long, long way, something that most people seem to be lacking today.

  5. Amen to that! I am young enough to have had to wear a helment growing up, because it was illegal not to. But I agree that, unless you're being pretty reckless, they're pointless for adults, because we will put our hands out to protect our heads etc. If you're on the road then yep, wear them because if a car hits you it might stop you from dying, but on a bike path? Come on. The kids in that trailer looked very unlikely to flip, the only ones who need to wear a helment in my opinion are the children who may not be old enough to react quickly should they fall. But these people attacking you, do they actually think helmets are important, do they really think they save lives on bike paths? Or are they parroting the various ads the government has used when making them manditory? I would guess it's the latter.

    And talking to your kids in a high voice? who HASNT done that? I've also been blessed with a VERY smiley baby and I believe it has a lot to do with how much we, and strangers, smile at her (she will often smile for strangers even though she's grouchy with us >_<). Do they think babies only learn about words when we talk directly to them? Babies listen to ALL our speech, and I don't use that voice all the time. I also intentionally speak to baby in a normal voice quite regularly when I am talking about things, but only after I've gotten her attention with a higher voice.

    I've been on this forum and these people honestly have nothing better to do with their time? They talk about 'fundie following' as an obsession. They talk about how no one in their lives understands their obsession like other forum members do. They obsess about fundamentalism in their own lives (quite a funny post atm about a young boy who said he didn't like women wearing bikinis and was sad their body image was so low that they felt they needed to. They were debating whether this is good or fundie. Apparently it's ok to dislike bikinis if you are not religious, and not at all sexist if you are a young boy. They're talking about what a good kid he is, for holding a viewpoint they have attacked us for having for years? It shows me that something inside them knows we're right in some way, they simply can't bear to admit to that. They agree with our viewpoint as long as it dosen't come from our mouths.

    I'm sorry for getting so nasty about it but this forum makes me very angry, as I know a number of the other women they make fun of, and a heap of women they haven't even found yet but would make fun of if they did! It makes me scared to try and begin blogging again.

  6. Awwwe Zsuzsa! I just can not even understand these people. Talking in a different voice to baby, comes natural to any sensitive, nurturing mother. In fact, I would question someone like Latraviata who says differently. I open my mouth too, when I feed my babies, so does Chad!!! I wonder what she says to that? That must mean we are bad mommies too???? OH MY!!!!

    Well just for the record. You are a wonderful mother. I have seen with my own two eyes and your children are blessed to have you. Utto, one of my children is jumping on the trampoline......I BETTER GO GET THEIR HELMET!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!


  7. I talk baby talk to my babies too! I think most "Mommy's" do! So sad that people can't keep there personal opinions to themselves. Like my pastor said "opinions are like armpits, we all have them and most of the time they stink." ~I guess some people need deodorant~
    I also open my mouth when I feed my kids. :-) It is a funny habit, that I just do.
    I just go a trailer for my bike and I can't wait to use it. I think I have helmets for all my kids, but I WILL NOT WEAR ONE either! Here in Cali it is the law for anyone under 18 to wear them. I don't want a ticket:-) Plus we won't be on a trail but in a regular bike lane.
    I can't wait to go on family bike rides, it is one of my favorite memories as a child. Other than my mom talking baby talk feeding me with her mouth open! LOL

  8. LOL!

    Amen! Preach it, sister!

    Keep on pedaling.


  9. Baby talk actually has been proven to help babies learn how to speak! You're helping your kids learn how to pronounce words and understand the meanings of different things by doing that. Plus it soothes them so who cares even if it didn't help their development. Go pick on the moms who don't even speak to their children and who have 3 years olds who barely understand basic English. Those children would benefit a lot from baby talk. Which in developmental psych classes is called "mother ease" and is strongly encouraged.

  10. I spoke baby talk to both of our kids and they didn't suffer one little bit for it. I have done a little baby talk to every baby I have come in contact with and none have any long term effects(no short term that I saw, other than big smiles). People need to get a grip on those things. If you pick on everything a person ever does, it makes people not take you seriously because we know that nothing she does will ever truly be good enough for you.

    Bike helmets - we do them. I do them because I saw what happened to my brother with and without one. I have seen them in action actually help someone. So, we do them when we ride a bike. Gasp, I don't put them on my children when in a wagon that I pull, guess I am a horrible mother. Oh, I also don't put them in one when they are in those cute little foot powered pedal cars that Little Tikes makes, again, horrible Mom.

    However, I don't care if someone else uses them and wouldn't notice if they didn't. Guess that's what happens when you keep your nose in your own business and are having too much fun with your own children to look over and worry about what someone else is doing. Do I think they are a good idea for bike riding kids? Yep. Will I give your kids even a passing glance if they don't wear them? Nope.

  11. Guess 10-year-old son jumped off the house roof onto his trampoline.....tore all the ligaments in his right knee.


    It had been 3 minutes since I had my eye on him.

    Of course, he is an incredibly happy, well-adjusted boy who loves the Lord, and he also doesn't want to sit on the couch in protective gear.

    I'm an awful mom.



  12. This was an AMAZING post!! You know, the whole bike helmet thing is funny. I have been trucking down an interstate, going 70-75 MPH and have had motorcycles SCREAM past me...the biker wearing NO helmet. So, why does everyone get their panties in a wad over a stinkin' bike helmet???? HA! There. I feel better. :) Seriously though, you are a wonderful mother and your children are happy. None of them look, seem, talk like they are sad. They are surviving...rather, THRIVING from what I can see.

    Gotta go get them in the tub now..UH OH!! Better get their helmets on them! They might FALL and BREAK their heads! (I know it happens...I am just being sarcastic. LOL!) Keep on keeping on. ;)

  13. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog, and it's very helpful in a lot of different ways. I learn about the bible, about cooking, about being a mother, about organizing and tons of other things all while improving my English, which is not my mother tongue.
    I almost never comment because I I don't think that I have anything valuable to contribute, and I guess that a lot of other readers feel this way. So those stupid people who take every opportunity to critizize you are probably a small minority while the other readers love your posts and your anecdotes about your family life.

    Greetings from accross the ocean

  14. Why do you read that forum if you know all they're going to do is attack you?

  15. I actually stopped riding a bike as a child because helmets were required and I utterly despised them. Now I don't even have a bike, but if and when I get one, I will not be wearing one of those blasted things!

    Keep your chin up, some people just love to nitpick!

  16. I grew up not wearing a bike helmet so I'm not a fan of them. I don't know what the laws here for bike helmets are.I also don't like that you can't buy a new(ish) car witout an air bag. I'm short and heard they can do more harm than good for people who have the seat close to the steering wheel in a fender-bender. I also don't think you should get a ticket for not wearing a seat belt-this is America. My son has a classic car that doesn't have seat belts or an air bag. Rear-facing infant car seats bother me. I know, I saw the films. None of our children had them. I couldn't wait for my granddaughter to weigh 20 pounds so she could face forward. She stopped crying in the car seat that day. I don't like that there's video cameras at every other light. They say it's for our own safety. I don't think so. I talk baby talk to our babies and grandbabies. I thought everyone did. Everyone in our world does. And I think the new cribs may be more dangerous than the old ones. You can't lower the mattress enough if you're a short parent.

  17. We don't have a changing table either-for our 5 granddaughters. We do have a changing pad on an extra bed. I change one granddaughter on the couch. One granddaughter likes to be changed on the extra bed. Another granddaughter likes to be changed on the floor. My son says he will get me one but I'm fine without it. I would be fine without the crib but my daughter wants it. I prefer using a playpen in the bedroom for the baby(17 months) to sleep in. She prefers sleeping in the beds with us(that's where she mostly sleeps). All this baby furniture,etc. is not necessary. I have to say though that I would not buy a trampoline-they make me nervous.

  18. I'm still waiting for the day when these women get a life!!!! Who really has enough time to critize people they don't know. Your children are loved, cherished, and provided for; I pray that these women will stop taking time away from their own families to critize you. God Bless you and thank you for sharing your beautiful family and convictions on your blog.

  19. I love reading your blog- I actually agree with not putting helmets on kids in the bike trailer, after doing some research.

    Jessica- will you please open your blog back up? I miss seeing pictures of your adorable children and hearing all the adventures you are having!!

  20. Seriously, I understand about know-it-alls. Some weirdo commented on a youtube video and I asked what he meant. He took that as a high insult and is now cussing at me for no reason...and I'm only 14 for Pete's sake!

  21. This isn't exactly the same, but it's similar- I was riding my pony on flat, level ground in a fenced-in area at a walk, doing absolutely nothing dangerous whatsoever, when he tripped and we went down rather violently and my head hit a rock. If I hadn't been wearing a helmet, I would be a vegetable right now. Just because you don't think something will happen to you doesn't mean that it won't, and accidents happen really, really quickly.

    And frankly, you do kind of ask for people to comment on you when you put yourself out there on the internet. You've made some really hurtful and unpopular statements, you've gotten the attention of people. If you choose to make yourself and your life public, you can't then get upset when the public stops to make comments. You dig?

  22. I just loved this post , I tried not to laugh so hard to keep from waking up Leah , and who doesn't talk babytalk to their babies , I geuss they would really talk about me if they could hear how I talk to my soon to be 5 year old , they would probably say that I need to correct her on that by now :), and everyone should be allowed to decide wether they want to wear a bike helmet or not don't we still live in a free country ? I can't believe people like that have nothing better to do .

  23. My son put those plastic things in the outlets when I started watching his daughter. I told him to leave one empty at each end of the house for the vacuum. He also put locks on the 6 bottom kitchen cabinets but I asked him to not put them on the drawers. When our children were young we didn't have those cabinet locks. When our granddaughters open the drawers I tell them not to and they do listen. We did have to put a high lock on the front door for our older daughter when she was younger. My oldest son use to take horse riding lessons and he wore a helmet. I just don't want anyone telling me I have to wear a bike helmet or seat belt(I do wear one). My second son quit football because the helmet bothered him. I remember our 4 sons stopped wearing their bike helmets as soon as the law allowed.

  24. In New York the law says anyone under 14 riding a bicycle must wear a bike helmet.

  25. Helmets can help you walk away from an accident without a traumatic brain injury or not. However, if you want to take the chances or let your children take the chance ... that should be up to you - no matter how stupid of a choice it may or may not be. Not everyone lives in an area where they can ride their bikes without the possibility of cars crashing into them. It has NOTHING to do with odds! Would you rather wear a silly hat on your head for a couple of hours, or have your brains splattered across the road?

    I think people are just quick to jump on your pictures without knowing everything behind them. I would be more lenient on the kids wearing a helmet while riding in the cart if I knew it was an enclosed bike path set away from the street. Where I live? I wouldn't dream of putting my kids in one at all. We had an incident not too long ago where a car turning a corner took the kids in the cart with them (and didn't stop for blocks, killing one of them) before the parent could pull them up onto the curb.

    I don't agree with about 90% of much of what you say, however word of advice: why bother even trying to defend yourself? It just gives people more reason to criticize even more. Just ignore them.

  26. I have to agree with Ellie here. Once I was riding my bike and a someone's pet ran in front of me and when I swerved to avoid hitting it, I fell off my bike, hit my head pretty hard and broke my arm. I certainly wasn't expecting it to happen, and am very lucky to have not ended up with a serious head injury. You don't take safety precautions like helmets because you're expecting something to happen, you do it so that IF something happens, you're protected.

  27. You might find this interesting in light of your issues with Arizona law enforcement and immigration policies:

    Have you been keeping up with the AZ law enforcement hacking situation?

    It would be interesting to hear your (or your husband's, if you prefer not to comment) opinion on this...

  28. I've been smoking cigarettes for almost 30 years. I've never gotten cancer - nothing has ever happened to me, so that means nothing ever will, right?

    At almost 50, I've eaten the average American diet my whole life. No cancer. No heart disease. Healthy as a horse. So, that means I will always be healthy, right? I turned out just fine without organic home made food, so who needs it and why bother?

    The argument that nothing has happened (yet) and your kid jumped off a roof but lived are nothing but ignorance.

  29. Just to clarify: this blog post was based 100% on comments I received, not what someone may or may not have said about me on some other blog or forum.

    I make a point NEVER to visit any such sites. I'm afraid if I were to get into that pigpen, I'd come out smelly and dirty like the people who post there.

  30. I have no idea who is making the criticism, but I was not aware of any recommendation for kids in trailers to have helmets. Is there one?

    I am working on getting a bike for myself and we do use helmets, no exceptions. One, my kid has motor development delays so even though she can ride a bike, she is also more likely to fall.

    Two, when I was a kid my Dad hit a pothole (a car blocked his ability to swerve) and flew off his bike. Had a concussion and arm in a sling. He was very lucky. It made quite an impression on me and I am very pro helmet as a result.

    As far as the people ganging up on you, from my observations of online bullying once you are on the radar they will nitpick every little thing, especially in the absence of bigger fish to fry. So you could take this as a sign that you are actually not controversial at all, they just need an outlet for their perceptions of you.


  31. The photograph of "bucket-head" was priceless!

    Loved you last comment Zsuzsanna! Ha! ;)

  32. Regarding bike helmets it's all about common sense. If you're riding a bike down a busy street downtown with many cars it is probably prudent to wear one. If you're riding on a bike trail with no cars and you're fairly confident with riding a bike wearing a helmet does not seem necessary. With these sort of things it's all about using common sense to judge the situation.
    Two kids in a cart on a bike trail = helmet probably ads very little to safety.

    Generally I sometimes think there are so many rules and regulations in western society these days that people forget to use their brain an use common sense when making a decision.

  33. Although I disagree with many of your beliefs, you seem like a wonderful mom. What normal mother doesn't talk to her baby in a high pitched voice? It's actually supposed to be good for them. Some people have too much time on their hands.

  34. First, I do have to say that I support proper helmets with a safety harness for riding horses, most especially for younger or inexperienced riders. That being said, a bike doesn't buck, rear, spook, or bolt. Helmets for bikers ought to be up to the rider or the riders' parents.
    There's a book I read in which the author had a small child around three or four and found himself being overprotective of his son to the point of obsession. At one point, he came to his wife with one of the baby-proofing magazines Zsuzsanna loves so much (haha!) and points out a helmet for a child to wear ALL THE TIME, including in the house. Thankfully, the mother said no, and 'helmet' became their keyword for when he was becoming much too overprotective of his child, for example, thinking swings at a park were too dangerous. When she said 'helmet,' he knew he had taken things to the extreme!
    My niece and nephew (5 and 3) came to visit us this week, and you know, they had bruises on their legs and arms--(NOT FROM ABUSE). The five year old spent fifteen minutes telling me how she got each one, from knocking herself in gymnastics to hitting the side of a swimming pool. Small children are made to be ACTIVE, and sometimes that active play comes with 'owies' and 'boo-boos.'
    I'd much rather they have a boo-boo being active than have them sitting on the sofa immobile.
    And Anna...what a little pumpkin! It's a delight to me to see her grow!


  35. This is so funny. People really need to mind their own business. It's just that busy ness. I was a wreck as a child. I was actually asked if I was abused because I was an accident waiting to happen. I fell off my bike ALL the time! Ended up landing on my head a couple of times too. I'm not bragging. I just learned that with everything you take chances. I still ride my bike, even now with a trailer attached with child in tow and one growing inside. Yep, I even ride while pregnant! Oh the horror!  and birth control? Not in this body. I appreciate what God has gifted and blessed me with. So yes, I'm on to #7 and my mom doesn't even agree. But, the LORD is the one I answer to when I die. I don't dishonor my parents, I just trust that they are trying to look out for me and they know that Jesus is first above all! So you have lots off support! Just keep above the busy ness of those that are naysayers! God Bless you and your family!

  36. Greetings,
    I read your blog, but I have not commented before this. While I do read your blog,I do not read the comments made.

    In my state helmets are forced on us. I love bike riding, with my husband, but I don't like wearing a helmet at all. I do wear one as to not have to pay the steep fine for not wearing one.

    Your children, on bikes, are wearing helmets--was this not enough for the complaining commenters? It shocks me that one could build a complaint on this and turn your post, showing a beautiful family having fun together, something to vent on and complain about.

    I too talk in "baby-talk" to my babies and all other babies, I think it is something that most do.

    I would quess that those negative commenters have done this too, and will say that their need to be negative about all things Zsu is petty and they are essentially making sweeping negative generalized statements about you. How sad their lives must be.

  37. A bit off the topic. That photo must have come from Lagos. They only made helmets compulsory there in 2009. Its such a crazy place.

  38. No're kidding right? You seriously got flamed about the baby talk and bike helmets?!

    Knowing that my kids are more like "free range kids" than ones who deal with a "helicopter mom," my dad bought us the book 50 Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do). It's actually a really interesting book, although I'd never let the kids do a handful of things listed (like ride public transit alone).

    I was really floored that you got complaints about baby talk. Sounds to me like you're a real mommy and not just a producer of offspring.

  39. First time reader/commenter.

    As a single guy surrounded by friends & family who've become parents in the last 5 years, I've seen these people change radically. Where previously they had ideas as to how kids should be raised, they now have very strong opinions that should not be contradicted (if you value your health).

    The neat bit is that these strong opinions are often regarding fairly inconsequential things. How you talk to your kids is a really good example; you can find parents who adamantly defend both sides of the argument.


    Speaking only for myself, my family takes care when talking to my 3 year old niece; we try to make sure we treat her as a little person. We generally tend to think she's more intelligent (or at least 'well-spoken') as a result - but we honestly don't know. Maybe she's a smart child regardless of how we talk...

    Maybe we're too biased to know either way :)

    Happy 4th, Zsuzsanna

    PS. how weird is it that I randomly stumbled across a blog where my e-Friend Kelley comments too...

  40. I think most of it's just the nature of the internet. On most sites, you find dissenting opinions, often ignorant or rude. Because many of your opinions are controversial, naturally you will find people who disagree, often in a rude manner.

    I believe the bike helmet commenter was rude. That said, I'm worried by the number of adults out there who do not wear bike helmets, judging by the comments you have received. A pastor at our church was in a bike accident about ten years ago (he was in his fifties at the time) and brought in his helmet, or what was left of it, to show the children. It had been utterly pulverized, but because the impact hit his helmet and not his skull, he escaped with relatively minor injuries. Yes, the chance is small, but once you're that person, it doesn't matter what the chances were. I cannot force anyone to do anything, but I beg of anyone on a bike, please wear a helmet, no matter how safe it may seem. It could mean the difference between a small injury and a severe one, or even death.

  41. Honestly, I think that this is really hypocritical of you. You judge and criticize other parents about the way they vaccinate their kids, feed their kids non-organic vegetables, send their kids to public school, all the time. If you feel free to criticize these people about their choices regarding their children's health, then why shouldn't your readers feel free to criticize you when you make a dangerous decision regarding your safety and the safety of your children?

  42. Our county changed the bike helmet law a few years ago we just found out. Most people we talked with didn't know it. Now in our county in New York those under 18 have to wear a bike helmet when riding a bicycle. The state law only requires those under 14 to wear one.

  43. Love your blog,love your family,and love your attitude I wish i was as strong as you ,keep blogging your a inspiration!

  44. Zsuzsanna, you make a point of being blunt, so let me be blunt in return. Not wearing a helmet is a STUPID risk. Putting a helmet on costs only a few seconds. And it can spare your children losing a mother. My brother was coasting down a hill -- no traffic -- when his front wheel clipped a bump and he went flying over the handlebars. Even with a helmet, he was knocked unconscious and had a moderate concussion. Without a helmet, well, I would not have my dorky brother around anymore. It was a hill he had gone down dozens upon dozens of times. He should have had no problem. He could have died. Safety equipment is for those thing we can never predict. The odds may be one in a million, but if you're that one, your chances are 100%.

  45. I don't wear a bike helmet either and I used your exact set-up to get my triplets around. Two in the trailer and on on the back. It never occurred to me to put helmets on the ones in my bike trailer.

    The only comment I have is that if I tried wearing a big giant skirt while I was pedaling a bike, I'd probably fall off. I was wearing skorts during the last month of school and drove my kindergartner to school on my moped, sans helmet, when a classmate's father came pedaling by on his bike when I pulled up. He was so busy trying to look up my skirt, HELLO IT WAS SKORTS, THERE'S NOTHING TO SEE BUDDY, that he fell over the handlebars, flipped, and landed right on his back. He wasn't wearing a helmet. If you shortened up that skirt, you'd have the men falling all over for you.

    On that note, I got called out by the principal for not wearing my helmet to school. I am a bad role model, apparently. I'm going to take up smoking and get a few thousand tattoos and piercings and wear my stripper clothes next year to see if I can fit in better with the other helmet heads.

  46. I didn't wear a helmet. I got hit by a car, had a concussion and a broken leg. Thirty years later, I'm still alive. My kids have helment - can't promise my 15 yr old remembers to wear it. I'm sure she is much safer on her bike then driving my car - but she does that too!

  47. Oh bother! Your a great mama, and a great sister in Christ. I only wish I could meet you in person.

    I believe some sit around and wait for you to post something that they can pick on... even if they don't really agree with their own words. Their only purpose is to hurt you.

    You know the truth.... Rest in Him.


  48. I'm writing this with swollen eyes and a sore nose from crying all day. I spent the day at the hospital with some VERY dear friends of ours who's 19 year old son fell off a skateboard when not even going fast and hit his head. From what we gather from the doctors, that basically killed him, although his heart has continued to beat. His body will not breathe so he's been on a ventilator since the paramedics got to him and intubated him. He was declared brain dead 6 hours ago after another test shows no brain activity. The ICU was filled with at least 60 teenagers who were broken. It also had a family that is beyond itself - parents who will be saying good-bye to their only child - and dear church family who just stood there and prayed with all their heart. This young man had an entire future. But he didn't wear a helmet and fell from the grand height of 4".

  49. Mamame:

    I'm so sorry for you, your friend, and your friend's family. What a terrible loss. I'm praying for you and offering my most sincere condolences. God bless you and your friend and the child, may he rest in peace. It is never right that parents should bury their child.


  50. Thank you Mindy. Vince passed away a few days ago but they kept his body alive until his parents were ready to let him go. There was actually a bit of a battle in this because his father was so distraught that he wanted to keep him here, which was not good. There was a very dangerous point for their marriage and it took a full on spiritual and emotional fight to restore their relationship and allow Vince's body to rest. His organs were taken last night and as this morning's sun rises, 9 people are facing life instead of death because of Vince's death.

    Please pray for a large harvest at tonight's memorial service. Vince was a boy who was loved by everyone and there are so many kids from his high school who will be at the service who don't know Jesus. In Vince's death, not only will he save 9 lives physically but he can save so many more spiritually!! I know one girl gave her heart to the Lord while standing over Vince's bed - praise God!!

    God is the God who heals and we trust Him for comfort and healing for his parents. But most of all, we want Him glorified through all we do in regards to Vince's death.

  51. I have actually read several psychological studies that have PROVEN that babies respond better to high pitched voices and PREFER high pitched voices.

  52. Marine GirlfriendJuly 14, 2011 at 1:04 AM

    I disagree, a helmet saved my life twice actually. I was riding my bike, and came into the garage to find my mom, my abusive father was busy working on the motor to his car, his hands were full of oil and he had a huge hammer in his hand, I said something and he got mad at me. The hammer flew out of his hand of rage, and hit the top of my helmet and fell off and took a large chunk of my skin off my nose. If it wasn't for that helmet [that I was wearing cause I was riding my bike] I could have been brain dead or dead. Then the second time I was riding my bike and the one day I decide to use my helmet I go off this huge ramp doing a wheelie, and fall backwards hard enough to crack the helmet, imagine what would have happened if it was my head! God works in mysterious ways.

  53. I left a comment regarding your lack of helmet and did not mean to offend you or pick on you in anyway. I had a relative who had a bike accident (not involving a car). He was not wearing a helmet and ended up with a traumatic brain injury. Even though he has recovered, he does still have some permanent effects from it.

    I do hope you and your family remain injury free in your activities regardless of whether you choose to wear a helmet or not.

  54. Enjoyed reading your article. Living on the so-called liberal Upper West Side of Manhattan with 3 kids, none of whom wear helmets, invites all kinds of sniveling comments.

    These questions are used to determine who is a friend or a foe, and keep their kids "safe" from outside evils in an attempt at Disneyfication.

    I am now working on a project to record each judgmental rhetorical question starting with "No Bike Helmet?"

    I have two other good ones-- but my list is not yet complete, so I will add to them.


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