Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer in Phoenix


 For my readers from overseas, that's 48 degrees Celsius


The sky was overcast, so we all went on a bike ride together - me in the front with the three girls, then Solomon, Isaac, and John on their own bikes, and my husband at the far back making sure we weren't losing anyone. 
 Anna doesn't look like this in the picture, but she actually loves going in the trailer, or any stroller for that matter, as long as it keeps moving.

 Having Miriam in the back with Anna works well because she feeds her snacks and gives her water as needed. 

 This particular picture is from last week, I included it to show the whole getup "in action". 

The trailer and bike seat both work extremely well, and hardly weigh me down at all.  I was shocked at how well the trailer turns and runs. Still, I am also going to buy another trailer coupler at the bike store to put on my husband's bike, so that on trips where he is with us he can quickly hitch the trailer to his bike.


  1. Yowza - 119 degrees! I am thankful for our 80 degrees here in Wisconsin, though I can do without the stifling humidity.

    When our girls were younger, we used trailers to pull them with our bikes - I loved them. They could be shaded if need be, and I could pack tons of snacks and drinks for them and for us.

    Biking is a great family outing. Glad you all enjoy it.

  2. Looks like so much fun!! Makes me miss my old bike.

  3. 119* is CRAZY! I dont even know what thay feels like ! Wow.
    Biking as a family looks like so much fun!! The girls are all so PRECIOUS in the pictures! Anna looks like a little doll in there! I love it :)

    oh~ and the slip-n-slide birth....PRICELESS!!!!!

  4. We lived in Phoenix more than 10 years ago-I remember the heat! However, Texas can be just as hot with our humidity here.Thanks for being willing to put yourself out there with this blog, I may not agree with everything, but you are an encouragement to this homeschool mom.

  5. yeah but there's no humidity so it like heaven. right?

  6. 119-Wowza! So pulling all the girls is not bad huh? Everybody tells me 3 kids would be too much weight to pull (mine are about the same ages as your last three). It looks like so much fun!

  7. Is it a dry heat or a moist heat there? The heat has never bothered me, it's the humidity that's a killer. Feeling stuck to a chair, or like you're swimming when you walk, that's bad. And I can honestly say a 40 degree day with little humidity feels sooooo much cooler than a 40 degree day with humidity.

  8. I always wanted a trailer like that! How fun and oh my word thats some heat! How do you endure it?

  9. I'll pull Lydia and Josiah in our trailer, which is about 65 lbs combined weight. I do pretty well on pavement. The problem is that since we live out in the country, our road is not fully paved. When pulling them uphill in the dirt I struggle. I did buy the extra coupler, that way when I give out hubby can pull. And when the boys want daddy to ride fast, I don't have to be faint with worry about my babies going a million miles per hour in a trailer! haha

  10. It looks as if Becky's helmet is too big for her, is it the right size?

  11. Can you believe we have 2-3 more months of this heat wave?

    I live in Oklahoma, it's been 100 every day for the past month.

  12. Yech...119 degrees? We get up to 105 with 60 percent humidity...but I stay inside!!!! :(

  13. It's been 105 here, but that's a humid heat. I loved NM because it was a dry heat. That was my kind of place.

    Of course my brother lives in CA and his weather is much nicer. Oy, to hardly ever have to turn on my A/C sounds wonderful.

  14. I am seriously impressed by the kiddie trailer! I hope to be able to get one for our family soon! ;)

    Also, I am so happy that you posted a photograph of yourself cycling in a skirt...I do also with leggings underneath (just incase of wind!). So many people INSIST that it would be impossible and/or dangerous...they do not like it, when I dimiss that as nonsense!

    Glad you all had a wonderful afternoon.

    Loving all your recent posts...you are spoiling us! ;)

  15. Sara,

    No, Becky's helmet in the picture is actually Miriam's, so it is too big. I will have to get her a helmet of her own now that she is riding on the back of my bike. In all honesty, though, unless a rock were to fall straight down on her head, she could not get hurt in that all-enclosing seat. It's like one big body armor. Except if a car were to mow us over, in which case the helmet would do precious little.


    you are right, riding bikes in a skirt is neither hard nor dangerous, contrary to what scoffers will say. I have ridden bikes in skirts all my life, even back when I still wore pants. I, too, wear leggings (cut off at the knee) underneath in case there is a sudden gust of wind. :)

  16. While it's great that you are taking your kids out, you really should be wearing a helmet yourself, as well as have helmets on your kids in the bike trailer.

    It's easier to get injured on a bicycle than you might think. Pleae think about investing in some helmets before you go out again!

  17. I take my granddaughter for walks in the stroller. We don't have sidewalks. The neighborhood I grew up in here on Long Island has sidewalks. The only thing I don't look forward to is that she cries everytime we arrive back home. It is slightly hilly here so I get a workout.

  18. It's any wonder your children are still alive with all the things people cite you for. Relax people.


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