Friday, June 17, 2011

Odds 'n Ends

  • Summer has finally hit us in full force, but I really can't complain - this year, we actually had a lovely spring season with moderate temperatures up until very recently. Our pool is now bathwater temperature, and the water coming out of our faucets reminds me of lava.
    • We got a quarter of beef last Friday. Boy, this must have been one big cow, because there was a ton of meat. It took me quite a while to rearrange everything in the freezers so I could fit it.
    • While picking up the beef, I met another customer, a fellow German lady who embraces our ideas about freedom and government. She had even heard my husband speak at a rally in the past! More importantly, she is also a Christian. This week at church, we had a visitor who lives in Switzerland and listens to my husband's sermons online. He included a stop at our church during his vacation, to be at a service "live". Oh, I do get homesick for the old country often, but it was nice to meet two people in one week who are not as blinded as most of them are.
    • Anna turned six months old earlier this month. Wow, time flies! She is cute as ever. She learned to say "Mama!" just a few days before her half-birthday, making her our youngest child ever to do so (and only our second child to say "mama" before "dada"). It is so cute. I just never tire of a little baby calling me mama. Anna was eager to try solids until she actually tasted them, but now most of the time she turns her nose up at any food and prefers to nurse. She is learning to sit up, and also tries scooting around when I lay her on her tummy. She is still very petite and oh so cuddly! It is hard to describe, but she is just so perfect and angelic.
    • Becky, who is a chatterbox by nature, has just recently become really good at expressing herself. She has a pretty big vocabulary for a child her age, thanks to her older siblings. It is so funny the things she says in her funny little voice, and her facial expressions. She LOVES eating cereal, much to my dismay because I disdain the stuff and would never even buy it except for the fact that Becky is so slender I am glad for anything she eats a lot of. Which may or may not include bacon.
    • Miriam is doing so well learning to sound out letters and blends. She is also great at learning her numbers, counting, etc. She is such a sweetheart. She cries if I even just go to the mailbox without her, because she just wants to be with me wherever I go. She is very mothering and loves babies and dolls.
    • John had his half-birthday this last week, also. Like the rest of the kids, he has a heart of gold. He is doing really well on reading now, and actually has the confidence to think that yes, he CAN read books on his own. Tonight after the girls were in bed, I read a book to just him while the older boys were reading and playing on their own, and he was so happy and appreciative.
    • Isaac is, as always, laid back and dependable. His math skills have skyrocketed this last year. He reads even more and faster than Solomon, and loves helping any way he can - taking care of the dog, being a buddy to the younger kids, or even carrying Anna when I am busy. He almost never gets a bad attitude about anything.
    • Solomon continues to amaze us with his musical talent. I never once have to encourage him to practice piano playing - if anything, I have to tell him to stop so he can get his chores and school work done, too. It's hard to believe he is almost ten years old - I remember so clearly the day he was born, just like it was yesterday. 
    • I thought I should finish up the answers to the Q&A post from April. Then I realized that I have barely answered half of the questions. My apologies if you have asked something and are still waiting. I am plugging away at it bit by bit and will get it done one of these days. 
    • In the almost four years that I have been blogging, there have been times when I considered closing the blog, but these past couple of weeks I have almost done it several times. The thing that kept me from actually doing it was having unanswered questions that people had taken the time to type out and post, and I did not want to be a flake. Also, I love to go back to old posts and look at pictures and read about our memories. BTW, although the timing may suggest otherwise, it has nothing to do with all the hateful comments recently - I get them all the time, I just often choose not to publish any because certain people only become more contentious when they feel they have a platform. I could not care less about those comments - they honestly never bother or rile me. I told my good friend A that I was thinking about deleting the blog. When she asked me why, I didn't really have a good answer other than that I don't have any special kind of knowledge that cannot be gained elsewhere (in the Bible, online, in books, etc.). I am just me, which is nothing special, and I thought that maybe my time would be better invested offline. Blogging is pretty much my last and only hobby, so it's not like I am slacking in other areas of responsibility. I just don't feel I have much to offer besides what is already available online. Well, as you can tell, I am still here, but the subject is still on my mind - hence the recent lack of posting. Okay, so now I am sounding a little like a teenager threatening to run away from home. I just didn't want people to worry about me if I decide to leave the blogosphere.
    • On a high note, here are some pictures:

    We went to see a special balloon-making performance/story time at the library. Miriam and John got picked as some of the volunteers.

    I am almost done with the boys' room. Pretty much the only thing left to make are the curtains. The boys LOVE to relax in their room and read during our daily "silent time". 

    Anna loves sitting in her bouncy chair in the shade outside by my side as I watch the kids in the pool for about an hour each afternoon. The sound of the waterfall and the happy voices of her siblings often lull her to sleep. 

    John LOVES drawing. Anytime I haven't heard from him in a while, I can be certain he is sitting at his desk in the school room drawing one picture after another. I wish I had a method for displaying all of his art work, as well as that of the other kids. 

    Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


      1. Well if not having any knowlege that isn't available elsewhere is your only reason, consider it squashed :) America has a wide variety within the christian faith. Australia... not so much. The few people that believe as you and I do tend to keep to themselves, I know they exist but I'm yet to find a family of them. The books you talk about aren't available around here, we have two major christian bookstore chains and both are VERY liberal, so anything like that dosen't even seem to get published. The bible says a lot of course, but it dosen't talk about the dangers of vaccination nor does it go into specific about various aspects of child-rearing, though there are plenty of good principles.

        As for there being things available online, there are, and you're one of those resources :P If everyone thought that way, there would be no online resources!

        I follow you and a bunch of other large family blogs as my only way of having contact with people who think like I do, rather sad when I consider I don't actually talk to any of the bloggers outside of comments! You are the only one that really gets into anything political though, and while some of that is irrelevant to me, other things are a huge help. In fact, in relation to SIDS and co-sleeping, your blog was the one I read, followed the links from, and showed my husband, when we began considering which, if any, SIDS advice we would follow. Unfortunately I AM one of those people who has rolled right out of bed and other strange things, so we decided we needed one of those co-sleeping beds which go between mum and dad, except it was too big for comfortable sleeping, so when I discovered I was unable to breastfeed the baby slept in our room in a bassinet instead. We'll work something out for the next one who, hopefully, I will be able to breastfeed! (My problem with this one was, basically, that I was stupid enough to listen to the breastfeeding 'experts', the lactation consultants at the hospital after my high-risk birth.)

        Wow I've blabbered on a lot here. All I wanted to say was, your blog does make a difference, and I don't know about Americans but to those outside America you can be a great source of infomation and encouragment, so if that's your only reason to stop blogging, don't! :D

      2. Do not delete your blog please! I do not agree with most of the things you say here, but I keep looking forward to your posts because I love the mother in you :) And your kids too...they are adorable!

      3. I would miss you if you left. You do offer things other bloggers don't. First you answer questions. That is a big deal in the blog world. Most people pick and choose how they will live, what rules (if any) they follow, what questions they will answer and even what comments they will post. You walk your talk and I have the upmost respect for you.

        It is impossible to find women like you in or out of the church and that's why I turn to blogs. Your blog in particular. When I feel I can't get anymore done in a day or that I need some "me time" I think of you and all you do throughout your day and seriously, my self-pitty disappears.

        You are an encouragement to me and although I would understand if you decided to stop, I would miss reading how you deal with a thousand things.

      4. Okay...first of all...will it help you make up your mind if I BEGGGGGG and BEGGGGGG for you not to close your blog???!? I get so much from your blog. And it's not true that what is on here is somewhere else on the internet. It's edifying to me! There, now you cannot close it, knowing that you are helping out a sister in Christ! Hahahaha! Okay, so I am fooling around, but I am 100% serious at the same time! DOOOOONT GOOOOOO! :)

        Loved the updates on each child! My Jada LOVES to draw is always drawing something. She really wanted to pick up sewing, which is hard, because I cant really teach her anything because I know NOTHING about it. So now she tells me that she just wants to design stuff on paper and have other people sew it. Haha. Just two days after she said that, My nana told her that she should design a quilt and my Nana would make it. She was soooooooo excited. :)

        Anna is sweet as ever. All of the girls are. Arent daughters just so precious.

        Thanks for sharing all of that! I am praying you will do what you need to do as far as the blog goes! Of course if you feel that the Lord wants you to use that time for something else, I suppose I will be understanding...hahaha!


      5. Sounds like the kids have been very busy lately... :) We have lava water and bathwater pools here, now, too. Yuck.

      6. John sounds so much like my 6 year old son! My son is always drawing and inventing things; it is so precious to see their creativity! Anna is so adorable. I love what you have done to your sons' room! I would love to buy a share of a cow, someday. I always hesitate because of cost (though I know it is worth it) and space. I hope you have a blessed weekend!

      7. Don't delete your blog! I love reading about your everyday life and you are very inspiring and encouraging! There are so many negative people out there, it's nice to read about a well rounded family that knows and practices the truth!! Also about displaying your kids' artwork, you could pick a few favorites to frame but then take pictures of the rest and put them in one of those digital frames. that way you could display them all at once. just an idea :)

      8. Hello Zsuzsanna,

        I am an avid reader although our lives could not be more different.

        I really enjoy your blog and watching your family grow - your children are truly wonderful. I find your viewpoints enlightening, even though we may not necessarily share the same opinions.

        Please don't give up blogging, this blog is a wonderful 'scrapbook' for the children to look back on when they are grown. More importantly I think you are a wonderful example of a Christian mother and you can inspire many others with your words.

      9. I absolutely LOVE watching each of our children's personalities develop! As they mature, they go through so many changes, and I believe they need us to help them remember who they are at times, while still letting them grow. :-)

      10. Awwwwe, what sweet pics and updates :)

        When I closed my blogspot blog I used and got my 'blog' in a book! It was very affordable (for the pdf version) and it was a way that I could walk away from my blog and be happy about it. I had once closed another blog, and deleted the info only to regret that I never did save the info before I deleted it. So if you get to the point in your life where you are 'done' blogging, I recommend blogs2print.


      11. aww, you should keep the blog! I like going through and reading your old posts as well!

      12. I think there's value to doing anything you enjoy. It's good to have something for yourself. Also you'll be happy you chronicled these years later and your kids will love reading about their lives at this age.

        Time goes so fast.


      13. You and your husband have beautiful Children that are going to impact the world for the Lord.Your family is alot like ours (Skirts only,homeschooling,KJV Only,Baptist and we have the same view about Children)(that all children are a blessing from the Lord Ps.127:3)

        P.S We listen to your husbands preaching alot of the time(he preaches like our father he does not sugar coat it).

        ~In Christ~
        karin And Andrea

      14. Time does indeed fly! Happy half birthday to precious Anna! Our beautiful Meggie is also turning six months in just two weeks time! I'm beginning to feel those "broody" feelings return! ;)

        I just loved reading snippets of how each of your children are growing and learning! You have a beautiful family and adorable children!

        I'm sorry that you have been disheartened somewhat about your blog. Whatever you decide to do, please know that you have challenged and encouraged many ladies, and I for one am grateful for your "hobby".

        Ha, those photographs made me laugh out loud! What crazy balloon hats...I have never seen any so big! John reminds me so much of my own son...I think its the hair! Little Anna is such a sweetpea...sitting so contentedly in her chair!

        Have a great weekend!

      15. I saw on someone's blog (I wish I could remember who's) a great idea about saving kids drawings. She would take pictures of them and put the photos into an album for the kids to keep. It was much easier for them to keep the 4x6 pictures in an album than all of the larger papers in a folder or something else. Just an idea that might work for you with all your artists.

      16. Hi
        Here is an idea for your son: go to the hardware store and get a piece of the thin metal that people use for radiator covers in the size appropriate to hang his art (the people at the store cut mine to the size I wanted). Put the metal on the wall (you can nail it right in - the metal has perforations) or do as I did - put it in a frame (just got some moulding cut to size and made a frame). Then he can hang his art up with magnets - and change the art as much as he wants.

      17. I discovered you blog through your husband's Church Website. On the Faithfull Word website, Pastor Anderson addresses many pertinent and needful issues that no one else talks about. Much of the sound Biblical doctrine on the site is not found elsewhere.

        In the same way, your blog is a gem that contain an important perspective and information that is an encouragement to many readers who have not yet commented, such as myself.

        I feel your blog serves a unique purpose and is an excellent witness for Christ. Thank you for what you do and may God bless your family and ministry.

      18. Anna has red hair! As a fellow redhead, she delights me! You have a beautiful family. Salut!

      19. Dear Zsuzsanna,
        It would be totally understandable if you stopped blogging as you are so (through your blog) are a very positive influence.

        I am much older than you and yet I learn so much from your blog. I have really had to (re)think when you have posted some provocative ideas!

        I really do admire the way you and your family live healthily and you parent so wholeheartedly! Your writing and photos are just so enjoyable. Makes me just love those littles!

        It is through your blog that I got the link and listened to your husband preach on being saved through faith rather than works. I am 50 this year and it took me this long to get that?!

        In any case, should you decide to stop writing or sharing publicly, I thank you so much for your realness and your wisdom.

        Thelma Evans
        Alberta, Canada

      20. Zsuzsanna, I have to admit that I do not agree with you about a lot of things, especially when it comes to bible interpretation (I am a 1689 Baptist, i. e. Calvinist), however, I still think that your blog is valuable, because it is very challenging to todays worldview.

        Your blog gave me some headache but at the same time it helped me to grow and to position myself in the christian faith. Perhaps not in the way you would approve. To see you and your family living a life not conformed to this world is very refreshing, inspiring and unique, and I love that the internet gives all of us this right of free speech. Let's see how long this will last, since the gouvernments of this world are already thinking up plans to restrain this liberty. So perhaps this is the one and only chance for you to present your views & lifestyle to a worldwide audience. I personally need this input, not only from you but also from other bloggers, because it tells me that things can be done in totally different ways than the mainstream media likes to present to us.

        I also think blogging is a creative outlet and I believe all human beings should be creative since we were made in the image of God, the ultimate creator. This is why I am currently writing a christian novel. I also thought about giving up from time to time, but then I know that my story has never been told. I am the only one who can tell it, just as you are the only one who can write the "Are they all yours" - Blog.

        It is wrong to think that you have nothing new to offer. You do not need to re-invent the wheel, your life is unique and special enough.

      21. I want to add that I, too, stopped vaccinating after careful thinking and researching. A non-believing friend of mine once told me there was something wrong with vaccines, but you and your husband in combination with the swine flu craze were the main influences for me to stop this practice altogether. I don't think I could have done that completeley on my own. For such things you need support. So pleeeeeeease don't delete your blog.

      22. I hope you stick around ,your blog is the only one I read on a regular basis. I'm also a full time mom and homeschooling. We both had babies last year I had my first girl back in November.

      23. A lovely way to display (and keep a record of) your kids paintings is to take a digital photo of the best ones and use them as a screensaver on your PC. It enables you to 'keep' more of them than you would ever be able to keep of the hard copies, and you can look back and see the progress and development of their skills. Of course, the current favourites still belong in hard copy on the fridge door!

      24. Please be careful with that trunk. The reason new toyboxes are made so that they aren't totally sealed is because children climbed in them and were found later. Fingers don't get hurt on the new toyboxes,as well. I am not a fan of balloons(I don't allow them in our home-with the grandchildren) but those look great. I don't like bunk beds but those look very nice. I prefer captain's beds with drawers or mattresses underneath the bed. One of my granddaughters(16m.) is constantly getting hurt falling off the sofas. We're teaching her the correct way to get down from them but if it was up to me I would remove the couches. So now with 5 granddaughters(the 5th due any day) I dream about designing a child-proof house-no stairs,walls with round corners,etc.

      25. Oh I wanted to add, that I wasn't trying to encourage you to close your blog! I would LOVE for you to keep blogging, but being a mom to 6 myself with 7 on the way, I totally understand the feeling of just being done with it. It's just another thing on the list. It can be refreshing and helpful to get your thoughts out and have a journal, and sometimes that's the only thing that keeps me going.

        So if at all possible, I'm with the rest of the crowd that screams "KEEP YOUR BLOG OPEN PLEASE" We love you!


      26. just make it private. You shouldn't be posting photos of your kids for the entire internet to access at any given time.

      27. To help you battle bloggers burnout, I would like to make these suggestions:

        - You might want to take a summer vacation from blogging and return in autumn. Then you could surprise us all with a huge post on all the exciting things that happened.

        - You might want to introduce new features, like a video of yourself where you give a review on homeschooling material or a specific book you read.

        - You also have not posted a list of your favourite books yet!

        - If there should be an issue with the haters, just make the blog "friends only".

      28. I would be so bummed but understand if you felt the need to stop blogging. I just want to let you know your blog is what sort of led me to salvation. I googled something on big families, found your blog and loved it, then I found out your husband was a pastor and started listening to his sermons that changed everything and while watching the soul winning demo video got saved and my life forever changed so no, it's not something you find all the time and I am so grateful for it and your willingness to share your lives and discuss things no one wants to touch with a ten foot pole! :)

      29. I would make my blog private before I would delete it. If you have Mom Brain like me, then you probably search your own blog if you can't remember when you did something or you need a recipe. I search my blog to see how much someone weighed or when we went to the doctor or what year we did something. Deleting it now would delete all these memories for the kids. They can read this someday and think, "HUH? That's not how I remembered it!"

      30. I'm Sooooo late but please do not close your blog.Me and my husband are a young married couple with three children and we learn tons of stuff from you.We stay In new Jersey and as the weather is cold so are the people.There are not alot of people like you and your family.Your family brings my family a since of hope that maybe just maybe we may find some people here in new jersey that are true soulwinning,kjv ,believers of christ. please continue to blog you are such a blessing to my family.

      31. Maybe you could blog less frequently if it's a time thing?

        I would really miss your blog if it was deleted. It's so refreshing to read about a functional family, even if yours doesn't look like mine.

        The pics of your children always bring a smile to my face! They are so cute!

      32. I wouldn't mind at all if you stopped blogging. My world doesn't revolve around your blog.

      33. Proverbs 25:25 KJ- "As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country"(or state).

      34. Anna is adorable!!! Is she a little redhead? Her hair looks red in the pictures. Soooo cute.

        I would hate to see your blog go. I don't comment much, and when I do it's anonymous. I don't agree with a lot of things that you believe in, but I do enjoy reading the updates on your kids, and seeing the activities, crafts, and recipes you share. Your writing style is very engaging and I am always amazed that English is your second language. If you delete your blog, or even make it private, I would miss it.


      Your KINDLY WORDED, constructive comments are welcome, whether or not they express a differing opinion. All others will be deleted without second thought.