Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Anna, eating

I am so excited about little Anna. No matter what she does, I think she is just wonderful and cute (and she is). You may find this video boring because she is not your baby, but I am putting it on here just for myself to be able to pull it up again when she is older and feeding herself. 


As you can tell from the background on the video, I should be cleaning the dinner mess in the kitchen. My husband cooked today! - A first in almost 11 years of marriage. Maybe not a first, but I cannot remember him making dinner any other time before. He does take us out to eat, though, which counts just as much in my book. The five little monkeys all said that they liked HIS spaghetti sauce (made from scratch with fresh tomatoes) better than mine. I say it was because of the tomatoes he used, and because he was following MY recipe. The sixth and littlest monkey is non-verbal, but judging by the above photos and video, she, too, loved every bite. 

Oh, I love my children, and my baby! I was at the library with the kids today, and a lady kept smiling at Anna. Her husband leaned over, and facetiously asked "You want another one of those?!?" to which she (with a gasp) responded "Oh, no!" Their daughter, who looked about 10, was sitting right there. If she is anything like I was at her age, she probably would love to have a baby brother or sister. I said "Well, I would like another one!" to which the lady said "You do? Well, I already have THREE!" She could hardly believe when I told her I had SIX, at which point the husband, incredulously, asked again "And you want to have another one??" I told him that actually, I would really love to have at least another six. He smiled, and said that what I really wanted was my own reality show. Haha! Real soon. I would get canceled the first week because I am not friendly and patient and smiling and unflappable. 

Anyway, I just felt so lucky and blessed to be sitting there with the cutest baby and sweetest children in the whole library. And I am only slightly biased! :) Anna was so funny, she was sitting on my lap and enjoying every minute of the puppet theater show. I love having older kids for whom I will go to programs like that, because I never would have thought of going there with just a baby, even though she clearly enjoyed it.

I will spare you all more of my gushing. :) Gotta clean that mess, bathe the baby, get everyone in bed, mop floors, and do some grocery and errand planning for tomorrow.


  1. What a doll. I want another one of those. =)

  2. She is sooo adorable. I love how she grabs the spoon as it goes to her mouth.

  3. That.was.adorable. What a happy girl. She looked very blonde in this video, as opposed to some pics where she is a red-head.

    Don't ya love it when the hubby makes a meal for the first time in who knows how long, and the kiddos proclaim it to be the very best thing ever? My kids have done that to me, too, ha-ha!

    We love the library as well. I was a library lover from the time I was a little girl, so we have visited quite often since my girls were babies. It is still one of our favorite places to go.

  4. Okay...on the second video: You're talking to Anna and she has mommy-vision (you know, where the eyes just say "oh mom, you're the best EVER). Then you ask her "How 'bout some food?" Her eyes go to the fork and the expression on her face is utterly PRICELESS!!! It's as if she says, "ooooooooooo food!!!!!"

    I love how she's all wobbly still while sitting.

    Also, I'm always the person who says, "She looks just like _______." When everyone else says the opposite. To me, she really favors John. Maybe I'm crazy. One way of the other, she is just squeezable. I can't wait til our little one gets here.

  5. One more thing...
    I got a kick out of the reality show suggestion. You know, because anyone who has more than 3 kids is just trying to be like the Duggars. Seriously though, I am a friendly person, but patient, smiling and unflappable I am not. Nor am I gentle, nor am I a million other virtues...but hey, I love babies, kids, teens, etc.

  6. SHe looks a lot like Miriam. She has the big eyes like Beckie...I noticed that you have a slight accent; where are you from? Looking at your first name I'd guess Austria or Germany... :)

  7. I LOVE THESE VIDEOS!!! :) I also love how she holds on to the spoon/fork as it gets closer to her mouth. So sweet. She is even cuter in videos. You should do more...seriously. :) She's a blessing.

  8. Love the videos! I've been saying my little one (4 mo on the 1st) is growing up too fast, but seeing sweet Anna reminded me there are awesome bits yet to come :)

    My older one loved the videos too, as soon as he heard me watching this, he came straight over to see, and demanded 'niggin niggin!' Translation: again, again!

  9. Have you read this yet? I was so horrified when I read it, I literally laughed out loud when I thought of YOUR reaction. It's about Sweden going with a "gender-neutral preschool". They don't call the children boys or girls. They are all "friends".


  10. Spooky,

    her hair is really blond, but sometimes it looks red on camera, or if the light falls on it just so.


    we all think she looks most like John, too.


    my first name is Hungarian. I am half Hungarian, half German, and lived in both countries as a child.


    my husband had mentioned it to me. I am not surprised. I also heard about the couple who had a baby months ago but they are not announcing its gender until he/she decides what it wants to be. They said something along the lines of gender being just a concept that we are taught, but that it is not anything biological.

    Just give it another 20 years, and people like you will be called hateful, bigoted, old-fashioned, and backward for thinking that a boy is a boy and a girl is a girl, and that there is a big difference between the two. Once the "its" of this new generation who are raised "gender neutral" become adults, even the notion of being male or female will mean you were stifled as a child.

    Hey, I am SO HAPPY for you about your son's healing!

  11. My granddaughter(17 months) and I enjoyed watching these. I like the Bible name,Anna. We have a granddaughter named Hannah and our 5th granddaughter was born last week-Morgan Hope(Her older sister's name is Reagan Faith-2 years old). This gender thing reminds me again why we should use the word-children. I took out books from the library about marketing to children, years ago. The marketing industry likes the word -kids. I wonder what our Lord thinks of that word(Matthew 25:33 KJprofe). We also say the word "okay" too much and there's a history behind that-form the sign with your hand-what 3 numbers do you see.

  12. I LOVED watching your videos of Anna eating! She is just adorable!

    Our Meg has been trying out solid food for a little while now, and enjoys it very much! Like Anna, she very often tries to take the spoon right out of my hand, and it ends up everywhere! Such sweet memories!

    Thank you for sharing your cute baby girl with us! ;)

  13. I don't know what that-profe-is after KJ. I was holding my baby granddaughter so maybe some letters were pressed.

  14. Very cute! Seeing videos like this make me want another one right away. I personally think she looks like Becky, but maybe that's because Becky is my absolute favorite. (I'm allowed to have favorites right? They're not my kids! Haha) what is even the idea behind the gender neutral school? To avoid traditional gender roles? The way I look at it is, my kids won't be going to that preschool so I can't really have an opinion on it. It doesn't effect me personally. Same thing with issues like gay marriage. My marriage isn't harmed, my family isn't changed. I don't know if that is the wrong way of looking at it from a Christian stand point? The whole live and let live? As long as we are telling them the word of god should we really stop them from the things that they do that we believe are wrong? (obviously not wrong things like murder that hurt others) something I'll have to think about. Any thoughts? Don't get mad at me :) just curious

  15. Me and the kids loved the videos , Anna is adorable and I love the way she reaches for the spoon , I already can't wait to have another one to .

  16. I live on a miltary base(husbands in the miltary)And I only have three(want more though)and whenever we go somewhere on base people look at me like I am crazy,or they ask me do I want more.I always say i want however many God blesses me with and there looks at me get even more uglier lol! but I wish i had some good comebacks like yours can I borrow them lol? If the Kids are with my husband and someone comes up to him and says your hands are full ,he says better to have them full then empty!

  17. Oh I couldn't stand the baby talk. Why do people talk to their children like they are stupid?

  18. Your little girl is truly adorable. :)

  19. Oh I couldn't stand the baby talk. Why do people talk to their children like they are stupid?

    I agree.

  20. Latraviata...wasn't it you who said you were never commenting on Zsuzsanna's blog again?!

  21. Baby talk is an important first step in teaching a baby to talk. It is practiced all over the world and in many languages. Every language has its "baby talk"

    Refer to this article: http://pregnancyandbaby.sheknows.com/pregnancy/baby/The-importance-of-talking-baby-talk-to-your-baby-1907.htm

  22. Latraviata...wasn't it you who said you were never commenting on Zsuzsanna's blog again?

    How observant and alert you are!
    Babytalk is a segment of my profession.
    The above article is a lot of nonsense I can tell you that much.

  23. @ Anonymous & Latraviata: I have a university MA diploma in educational science & speech therapy (though I don't work in this field) and I can assure you baby talk is in most cases necessary for the early development of speech. Books have been written about this. Mothers do this automatically, it seems to be at least partly built into our genes.

    In a university project with stutteres our team has noticed that people who stutter very often have problems with rhythm and coordination, both in speech and physically. One of the things every mother can do to make sure her child learns to speak and move properly is to use rhythm patterns in communication with the small child as much as possible through baby talk, singing, clapping of hands etc.

    For further reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baby_talk

  24. L,

    we should all speak with as much grace as you do, but alas, you outshine us all. You are right in that I truly am an incompetent parent, much like every other parent in the world (except you). If you think babytalk is my greatest downfall, great! Personally, experts aside (who, like always, can't agree on anything), I think our kids are none the worse for my babytalk. They are all early talkers and avid readers.

    BTW, I was thinking about you this week as I translated one of those questionable medical journal articles. It was about treatment options for a particular type of cancer, taken from a 2011 issue of "Arzneimitteltherapie". I know you are much too smart to benefit from this information, but the client requesting this work (one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the US) seems to think they need it for their research. You know, because they are "stupid Americans". Their mom probably talked too much babytalk to them when they were little.

    Why can't you just mean what you say and never comment on here again? Go take your meds or hug a pillow.

  25. The Baby Book by William and Martha Sears encourages "motherease"(p.449)-or what many call baby talk.

  26. There are greater problems to be concerned about than if a mother talks baby talk to her baby. And her older children probably don't talk baby talk so it didn't hurt them. All her children look happier than most kids.

  27. I LOVE your videos, you're sweet Anna is ADORABLE! My baby girl is 5 months old :o) and I talk baby talk to her ALL THE TIME :o) In fact, my 6 year old wants me to talk baby talk to her too sometimes and I do :o) They both smile and love it.

  28. I just wanted to say that the videos were adorable!!! I definitely don't agree with you on everything, but your kids are totally cute & sweet--you're obviously a good mom! Also, babies are able to hear high pitched sounds better so high pitched talking (known as "motherese") is how God designed us to talk so that babies can better understand us. And almost all people use it w/o even realizing it when communicating with young children :)

  29. aww what an old high chair :(
    wish i could give u our flash one, but we don't even live in the same country!
    we have a really good one which is hardly ever used, lol. Will have to pass it on to someone needing one.
    Your kid's are adorable btw :)
    We have four boys, no girls. I'd love to have daughters to dress up! love the way they're all wearing identical dresses in your family photo! so cute! :)


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