Saturday, April 2, 2011

You found me HOW? - Part II

Every once in a while, I check my blog statistics to see how people find my blog. Quite a few find me through searching for something on google. It always makes for a good laugh.

announcing pregnancy through pizza delivery guy

Hm, that's a new one. I do crave pizza when I am pregnant.

7 months child cesarean where they are keeping

This left me worried and confused. But then, with "modern" obstetrics, nothing surprises me any more.

all the question and answer for who life is it anyway

Not quite sure I understand the question, but I know the Bible will have the answer to it.

"male gynecologist" "still man"
doctor anestesia pervert video
gyn exam pervert
how to get over not wanting a male ob gyn
is it weird to go a to amle obgyn
is it illegal to be your daughters obgyn
market for male ob gyn
ob gyn treating men
obgyn doctor doing perverted woman examinations
old perverted obgyn

This is only a VERY SMALL sampling of the many searches regarding the subject of male OBs that end up on my blog. On the church website, we literally get THOUSANDS of clicks from search requests like this every month. It is really quite sad and sobering. We are clearly not the only ones questioning the integrity of male OB/GYNs. Please read the truth here.

fun ways to announce you are expecting again?  
how to announce your having a girl
ideas for announcing pregnancy to family across the country

Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, ...

5 creative ways to announce your pregnancy
creative ideas on how to tell your family your pregnant again
creative photos for announcing new baby
creative things to do with a pregnancy test
creative ways 2 announce birth of a child
creative ways to tell church about pregnancy

Hm, why do I have a sneaking suspicion that all these "creative" search requests are from first time parents?

austin j decoster maine political donations

Oh no, not him! He is an upstanding Christian businessman who says he prays for the customers sickened by his products! He would NEVER bribe the regulators and authorities.

can preeclampsia be caught via animals

Um, no. But a lack of eating animals (or rather, protein) CAN give you preeclampsia. As will not consuming sufficient salt and water. Eating large amounts of trans fats (such as in fast food) has also been linked to preeclampsia.

how to child learn sharing and caring

Uh-oh. You need to read my post on that subject.

how clean is church nursery

You don't want to know. Please read this and this.

images on poor child spacing

Please click here.

kent hovind talks to 500,000 yr. old female

Now THAT is interesting. I bet she is one of the people working at the prison where he is being held unjustly. We know they only hire the cream of the crop for those kinds of jobs.

lachsschinken when pregnant

Mmmm! Wish I had some right now. 

looking at pornography when supposed to be homeschooling
You came to the wrong blog, that's for sure.

what does spaetzle taste like

That's easy - heaven on earth, of course!

typicall german person
typical german face

My apologies to whoever found me looking for these. I am definitely not a very typical German.

us border patrol sector enforcement specialist downgrade fed soup 

No, I would not like to be fed soup by a downgraded border patrol specialist.


  1. This was a good laugh! And what a way to start off my day.

  2. Zsuzsa~Hey can you share how you look this up? Very interesting!!!! Have a wonderful day.


  3. Were some of those supposed to be in English? ;)

  4. Curiouser and curiouser!

    I thought of you the other day because I have to do some physical therapy to treat costochondritis (inflammation of the ligaments in the chest.) So, clearly, my upper half would be totally exposed. The physical therapists were surprised when I told them I would feel much more comfortable with a woman. I actually took my business elsewhere when it came to one physical therapy clinic! Nothing surprises me when it comes medicine, although thank God for the advances in medicine, without it I wouldn't be here.
    God be with you and your family,


    (For your eyes about your trip)

    I have to apologize to you because I didn't realize you were already on your way when it came to your roadtrip, or I would have e-mailed much sooner! (Even though it turned out to be a bust--and I don't disagree with your husband one bit.) In fact, my husband and I were discussing how we could fit all the children into our humble abode and where to take you! We were thinking the Horse Park. Also, South Carolina is an A+ place for the beach! If you ever make it our way again, be sure to let us know, we'd be so excited to host you.


  5. Jessica A.,

    I use Google analytics:

    I think you have to activate it before it will start registering your stats.

    You can also go to the "statistics" tab on your Blogger dashboard, although I don't know if it includes all the same features.


    I am sorry to hear about your health troubles ~ hope you will be able to get relief with the physical therapy.

    Thank you for offering to put us all up! I think I have been cured of wanting to go on a road trip for some time, but if we are ever near where you live, we will let you know. The pin with the horse that you sent in your package is mounted on the visor in our van, reminding us that there are lots of fun places to explore. Some day!

  6. Why do you think Kent Hovind is unjustly imprisoned? Do you think he did not commit the crimes that he was charged with or that tax fraud/evasion should not be crimes? Just curious.

  7. Thank you for your kind comments, I hope it improves things as well, some days it feels as though I've been put through every 'latest and greatest' treatment. I always need to back up and tell myself the best in these cases is prayer, prayer, prayer.

    As for the trip, maybe when the children get a bit older! And by that time, Isaac will be old enough to ride. We were thinking they must be a bit disappointed, do you think they'd enjoy a video of a horse farm or the horse park? We were thinking of going and it would be our pleasure to bring along the camera and shoot (not in the Miriam way!) some of the horses. May God be with you all,


  8. i'm sure there are some male ob/gyn's that are perverts and no doubt there are women ones that are too, I mean wouldn't a lesbo ob be just as likely to molest a women as any man? I have had ob's of both sexes and have found that for the most part the men were more gentle and understanding than the women. My very first time having to see one was done by a woman because I was a teenager (serious gyn health problems) and a virgin and refused to let a man touch me. The "nice" woman ob/gyn humiliated me by refusing to believe I was a virgin. She was very rough (realized I was telling the truth after her brutal exam) and hurt me very bad. I was mortified. I then saw NP's after that and instead of trying to find the reason for my severely painful periods, I was told "it's just cramps, all of us have them deal with it." I refused to see a woman again for many many years after that. I had nothing but good experiences with the male ob's and none of them were perverted. I doubt very seriously that the majority of men get into that profession so they can ogle breasts and other parts.

  9. If you stop putting the keyword "pervert" in your blog posts, you'll stop getting perverts reading your blog.

    Just caught up on your blog and just wanted to chime in that I have taught my kids to laugh at the homeschooled kids. They all have a "look". I can always spot them at the community center. They are all hunched over and weird looking. I would bet you a $100 that if we did a line-up, I could point out the homeschooled kids JUST by appearance. No joke. I have a freaky people radar. I would probably think you were Mormon though.

  10. Oh, I know Hovind is innocent for a fact. We talked with the family personally and it's kind of a long story. However, he said God is really working through him in the prison and lots of people are getting saved. Basically Hovind was used as an example and wasn't given a chance in the world. He was very much hated and people wanted him out of the way. He wasn't even able to submit evidence which is really wrong.

  11. I've always, always believed you should never have a male dr checking you in your private areas. That was just common sense for me. I can't imagine how that's ever okay.

  12. Haha! Good laugh for a Monday!

    And, though I make it a habit not to comment on other people's comments on your blog, I'm going to make an exception here: Michele S - your comment is so narrow-minded and disgusting, it really makes me ill. Believe me, I disagree vehemently with MANY of the views on this blog, but my options are to (a) provide strong rebuttals; or (b) stop reading. Why don't you do the same? Teaching your children to laugh at other children who have no choice whatsoever in how they are raised/schooled is obnoxious, and nurturing this type of personality trait will only come back to do them - and you - harm. You should seriously reconsider! (And, by the way, I don't homeschool and don't think it would be right for our family. I just try not to be mean to little children!)

  13. I actually found your site in a quite random manner via "Jesus' General".

    You and your husband provide the General and his liberal and irreverent followers quite a bit of amusement!

    Having stumbled across it, I find it strangely compelling.

    You are clearly an intelligent woman but subscribe to so many ignorant and intolerant beliefs.

    It's an interesting paradox.

    We 'elitist secular progressives' tend to assume all fundies are ignorant (very biased on our part, I know!)

    Despite your very ignorant beliefs, you're not a stupid woman.

    Hard to make sense of that!

  14. Michele, that's okay. I really am not offended by you at all. I think if it were not for being a Christian, I would be a lot like you. It is refreshing to have people express their disagreement who are not afraid to reveal their identity.


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