Thursday, April 14, 2011


Wow, so many questions! I never knew this many people cared about my opinion. Hopefully you all are a patient bunch because I think it might take me at least a week to answer them.

Today was one of THOSE days. I let the little girls skip their naps because I had to take all six kids to Solomon's piano lesson. Becky napped in the car for a half hour or so, but by the early evening, both her and Miriam were really emotional and cranky. 

I got to the end of my day feeling like a supreme loser, because of all the things I had to get done today, I didn't even finish half. Then I thought of all the things I DID do (a whole long list of them), and I felt a little better - but not much, because all the other stuff is still waiting for me, plus more. Motherhood feels like bailing water from a sinking ship all day, every day. You never get ahead, but if you stop, you drown. I mean, how many times in a day, week, month, year do I wash the same dishes, fold the same laundry, sweep the same messes, and say the same things? Then I look at my sweet children, and they instantly make all the boring, mundane chores seem worthwhile. I mean, who else would I rather be working for? Every job I have ever had was boring and repetitive at times. At least this one is truly worthwhile!

I read a quote recently I really liked: "There are no perfect moms, but there are a million ways to be a great mom." Isn't that so true? Each little act of love and kindness, each time we stop what we are doing to kiss that little face, or help that older child, each time we go out of our way, above and beyond the "minimum" - they are all like little bricks building a "house", the word that the Bible often uses referring to families. I want a huge, big, splendid mansion of a family, no matter the cost. There are always shortcuts, cop-outs, and plenty of people that have no aspirations beyond mediocrity to pull us back, but I truly strive to be the best mom I can be, rather than just being content to be "average". Sure, I fail every day, but I'd still rather set high goals that I can aim for. It is such an encouragement to read about other mothers with the same desire, and to learn from them. What did ladies ever do before the internet??

One of the things we did today was to buy 8 baby chicks, and get them all set up. We have had chickens before, but we bought them when they were already laying. I figured this would be more fun for the kids. The thought crossed my mind that I was glad I'm not "Octomom" - even taking care of the 8 chicks in addition to the six kids kept me on my toes today. What if they were little newborns all needing to be fed, changed, bathed, rocked, and loved - all at the same time???!?

Solomon got to stay up late, and he so badly wanted to play a board game. My brain said no, but in my heart I knew these years are so few, and fleeting. I let him pick whatever game he wanted (Ticket to Ride - Märklin edition). He lost, which was sad for me because I'm pathetic like that, but I think he still enjoyed the special time. Oh, firstborn children are so special - they get to endure all our mess-ups, but they have also been with us from the very beginning of this parenting journey. We couldn't have asked for better children. They truly are life's greatest blessing.

Most of my housework gets done at night after the kids are in bed. Tonight, I still have to mop the floors and juice more lemons. The bathrooms could stand being cleaned, too, but I am not kidding myself. My husband is working late tonight, the kids are sleeping, so I really should make the most of this time. I am tired, but I never sleep well when my husband is driving home at night. 

Well, I better go. This was supposed to be a quick post, and here I just spent 20 minutes sitting around writing. Have a wonderful rest of the week everyone!


  1. This is what people are talking about, this post made you seem more real. You admitted you had flaws! This isnt ment to be a mean comment, so please don't need to write a nasty comment back.

  2. Ha, Zsuzsanna I know those days well...but then, once I have rested a little, I cannot wait until morning when I get to see their happy faces!

    I am encouraged by your willingness to play board games with your children even when you'd rather not. You are an inspiration to me as a Christian mother!

    Haha...loved your comment under your family photograph 2009! Your hubby will be so thankful when hundreds of people inundate his blog! Haha!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. This is a lovely post. I know what you mean about the repetitive stuff and drowning but when you do get a moment to watch your baby sleeping it's all worth it. xxx

  4. You listed the way you feel sometimes at the end of your day. I feel that way with only ONE child! I admire/respect any mother who has been blessed with six children! You seem to be a great mother! Your children are fortunate to have you home with them all day! :) Can't wait for your Q&A post! Have a great weekend!

  5. Ohhhh, your post touched my heart. I'm gonna link back to it because I really love it.

    I am so far from a super mom it's not even funny. You truly are not a supreme loser by any means. You are a wonderful mother and wife. I have great super mommy days and they the I-got-almost-nothing-done days. They just vary.

    You got chicks? Yay!! I love having chickens. Make sure you shows pics soon. :D

    I like to do my housework at night also. I'd rather spend more time around my family during the day. Plus, you homeschool so I'm sure you are super busy in the day.

  6. It is ALWAYS so encouraging to read about other mothers having days when they want to pull their hair out. I prefer reading those types of blogs rather than the ones where the house is always perfect, the kids are always nice looking, and all the chores got done.

  7. LOL! I can soooooo relate to a lot of what you just posted here.


  8. Would it be possible for you to have someone come in once or twice a week and help with the things you find most overwhelming? Someone coming in and doing the laundry or something similar would perhaps allow you some much needed time to rest or do things you otherwise are unable to? Ive seen people barter for that sort of thing so maybe that could be an option if you dont want to spend the money?

  9. Oh yes, I have been there at least once a week for the last 15 years! And I still would rather be at home with my 6 than anywhere else!! My mom told me it was like trying to empty the ocean with a teacup but I like your analogy very much.

    God bless you all!!!!!

    in His peace,

  10. :) I could have written every word you just did.

    I love being a mother to my sweet children too and am so thankful to the Lord. One day we will be old....but never lonely!!! What a blessing.

    Tell all hi from us!


  11. Yes, your husband had to "work late". More likely he's just avoiding being at home when the kids are awake and not having to help out (not that he actually does any work around the house, he's got the slave to do that). I bet he doesn't even take the garbage out and he certainly doesn't have to do any yardwork, seeing how ugly your yard is.

  12. Wow! I bet the person who did that last anonymous comment is the same one that posted a nasty comment on my blog. Looks like he/she was bored and was looking for someone to pick on again.

  13. WOW, that was very mean! Sometimes I think there are blog "lurkers" and when nice things are being said, they say something hateful to stir the pot...

    Very Christlike.

  14. Yes it does seem like a sinking ship but all worthwhile like you said. Love this post. Thank you for sharing. I steam cleaned carpets today and whenever I do something extra like that other parts of the house fall apart. Oh well...I think I'll just take my kids to the park tomorrow so I don't have to look at it. :)

  15. Thank you so much for this post! I have really been feeling like a "loser mom" lately and you are such an encouragement! I have learned SO much from your blog and others, I am very thankful for our internet--what did women do before it? :)

    By the way, that comment about the ugly yard literally made me laugh out loud. That person has no clue!!! They need to come to our house to experience an ugly yard!!! Who cares though--a nice yard is not the most important type of "brick" I need to be laying. :)


  16. I was wondering about instruments in church. Obviously we don't have a way to follow the literal letter strictly: lyres and timbrels are not commonly used nowadays. I know that Faithful Word uses piano, but pianos were not mentioned in the Bible.

    How do you decide which instruments to use to accompany hymn-singing? And which instruments besides the voice would you deem Biblically appropriate?

    The Other Sally

  17. Hey Zsuzsanna, I sent your kids a parcel about a month ago but I'm presuming it never arrived :( I'm so sad! If it ever turns up please give a small mention, but I think at this point it's probably a lost cause. Sorry about that!

  18. I missed a week or so of posts, so I'll oblige you by publishing just one big remark instead of several small:
    Goodness gracious, leave for a bit and it's all different! I love the biographies of the children. And vote for a new photograph with Anna included! (For some reason the page won't load for me. I think that your husband's site has been overrun with new photograph enthusiasts.) We were chaperones for a mission trip in the East--and no, we didn't see any serpent handling or cyanide drinking ;)
    I know I asked a question about pastors in the post about your children's lemonade stand. I love that you call your tacos HCCYGAT tacos--haha.
    If you haven't decided on a theme for your boys' room, may I suggest a good-old-fashioned wood fort? A good raccoon-skin hat never goes out of style there. Speaking of which, congratulations on the fantastic deal on the playhouse--it will certainly get more use than the average!
    And to the person who has chosen to leave such a strange comment on the state of the Anderson's yard--what a poor, clumsy attempt at being nasty.

  19. Megan, your package just arrived a couple of days ago! The envelope was very worn, and starting to tear in places, so who knows where all it has been and how it has been handled??!? You never know with our postal system... Thank you so very much, the kids LOVED everything. The LFC sticker is mounted front and center on our hall mirror now... :)


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