Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This week's projects

Ready to feel tired out? Here is a list of this week's projects. And yes, since my husband is not going on any out-of-town business trips, I really want to get them ALL done!

  • Finish painting the boys' room - hopefully, today.
  • Buy an overhead projector do murals - we are painting a cave over the room door, and a tree in one corner of the room. How cool is this one? Definitely not talented enough for that, but I love the idea.
  • Assemble the new triple bunk bed
  • Get the girls' summer clothes out
  • Take three kids and myself to dentist for checkups tomorrow
  • Take family for portraits on Friday
  • Sew a ring sling for a new mom
  • Possibly build one or two more 4x4 raised garden beds - not sure, because I'd have to buy more dirt to fill them. Gardening is going GREAT so far this year!!! I am so thrilled!!!
This in addition to the regular daily chores, library trips, unforeseen emergencies, and (of course!) blogging. If my family just quit eating, at least on days that I am trying to get a project done, it would save so much time in grocery shopping, meal prep, and cleanup!!! Ah well.  

Any tips you may have on the painting/murals would be greatly appreciated.


  1. the murals will be easier than you think. you'll just trace the lines and then color them in like a coloring book. good luck!

  2. Ooh!!! I want that tree in my room! You sound so busy! Have fun at those dentist's appointments tomorrow...

  3. Have you looked into wall stickers/decals? Probably more expensive than painting them yourself but a lot less work...

  4. That tree is so awesome, I want onae in the kids playroom...so cute! So...you should be recieving something in the mail from us any day. I have no idea how long it takes from Maine to Arizona, but let me know when it comes so I know it made it :) Good luck getting all that done, I just completely re-organized our school room and my craft stuff and that took a WHOLE DAY!
    Have a fun and blessed week!!

  5. Ha - I've often thought about not feeding mine either! ;)

    I am so loving your list, yikes! My husband often makes fun of me for mine as they get sooooo long! But I seriously find that is the only way to get things done and not to feel as though I'm drowning!

    I am impressed that you are going ahead with painting the mural in the boys bedroom! I often thought about doing that in my sons room...but I chickened out!

    Hope you enjoy your productive week!

  6. You should have seen the faces of my boys when I told them to save time, we were only going to eat every other day.

    You'd think they would know my sense of humor, but they really were worried!

    I'm fortunate that on the weekends, when I'm getting real involved in a project, my husband will get dinner started. And now the kids are getting where they can get things started too.

  7. I too am hoping to get many projects done this week because my husband is off of work for spring break. He's a computer technician for a local school so he gets the school holidays off.

  8. As you are a wise woman I have a question for you. Two months after my husband and I were married I lost my job. We had debt, so for about 6 months I looked in earnest for a job to no avail. About that time I realized I didn't want a job outside my home, I realized being a housewife and homemaker was what I longed for. Since making this decision with my husband I often feel guilty as we are still in debt but working constantly at paying things off. I feel as though I should just toughen up and go out and get a job. What are your thoughts?

  9. Did I see family portraits on that list? He gave in!

    Teasing, really. If your husband is like mine, he doesn't really mind getting portraits done, it's getting dressed, getting to the studio, waiting forever (since appointments are never on time), patiently waiting to get everyone posed correctly, and on the list goes.

    When my list grows I sing a Ron Hamilton song called "Little by Little."
    Little by little, inch by inch
    By the yard it's hard, by the inch, what a cinch!
    Never stare up the stairs just step up the steps.
    Little by little, inch by inch.

  10. Just a couple ideas to help with the murals :) For the stone I would paint it all gray then with a natural sponge in slightly different shades of gray add some texture, you can kind of rub it on a little so it doesn't look too "spongy". Darker at the bottom or in cracks lighter on the top.
    For the tree I'd use the same deal but add texture with an almost dry brush and just streak on different shades of browns for the trunk. Make sure to create some little wood knots! Don't try to do it "perfect" it's supposed to look like nature. Sometimes the messed up blobs can be worked in nice and add an extra dimension! Good luck!

  11. Oh, I wish I could help you with the murals and put myself to some use. I swear the moment it stops raining I'll go down to the fort nearby and take some photographs.

    This article broke my heart: http://thestir.cafemom.com/pregnancy/114867/couple_aborts_sons_waiting_for

    I would give my...anything...for one beautiful boy, let alone two. Sometimes it's so hard not to lose faith in people. Please, if you have a moment, say a prayer for me, I'm having a difficult time.

    I can't wait to see the new formal family picture, it seems we convinced your husband!


  12. Sooo glad that you got the package, but SOOOOO made that there is stuff missing!!!!! I SHOULD HAVE gotten the insurace :( In addition to the syrup, postcards and sticker, was a Maine bookmard, a package of Maine Playing Card, and braceletts for each other girls, and some pens from our Church here in Maine .... I am feeling so sad right now that you didn't get the rest of the stuff. :( And the lady talked me OUT OF a box and into that silly little bubble package....ergggg!

  13. I was going to email you but I dont remember your email address...sorry to leave ANOTHER comment...just wanted to tell you that the post office that I sent the package from now has a list of the items that you did not recieve and they are going to try to contact each place the package went (between here and AZ-Good luck) but anyway, if the items fell out and were set aside, they will re-package them up and mail them to you!

    I HOPE THEY FIND THEM....not that they were a HUGE deal, but still wanted the kiddos to have all the little things from ME (Maine...haha)
    Sorry again!

  14. Nicole,

    I am so sorry. :( I was going back and forth about whether or not to mention that the package arrived torn, because I knew if anything got lost you would be so disappointed. We really are so thrilled with hearing from you all, and the beautiful post cards, let alone all that yummy syrup for breakfast tomorrow. Please don't be sad.

    When we were moving from Indiana to Arizona, we were not able to bring anything besides what we could fit into our Ford Escort (which held us and three kids). The day we left, I mailed a couple of boxes from Indiana to our new address in Arizona of stuff that I could not pack in the car, but would not give up. One box held our picture albums. All of my pictures from my childhood were in there, as well as all the pictures up to Solomon's first birthday. It was all lost, and never retrieved. :( I am still so sad about that. The picture in my blog header is one of only two pictures of me I have from my childhood.

    Thank you again for your package, it means so much to us that you took the time to write us and mail us so many wonderful things.

  15. How exciting! I love your list. But I HATE painting. Would rather wave a wand and it appear on the walls. lol

  16. Don't waste your time and seeds doing anymore planting, wait until late Aug or early Sept and you will have great fall veggies. You are too late for anything except for melons.


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