Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This 'n That

  • Right now, I am guessing that the answers to the latest "Q&A" will keep me busy until next year this time.
  • Applying just one coat of stain to all the pieces of the boys' new bunk bed took four hours. FOUR HOURS. I still have to do one coat of sealant. Not to mention paint the room. I feel like crying just thinking about how much work is left on this project.
  • I did, however, finally manage to switch the boys' clothes from winter to summer. You know, because it's only 90+ degrees outside. Hopefully, the simple fact the boys now have no pants or long-sleeved shirts left will bring on another cold front. Also today, I retired all my maternity clothes. I'm about 2 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight, but I could really stand to lose another 20. Ha!  
  • A child in our subdivision nearly drowned today in the bathtub. As of right now, they do not know if she will live or die, or how serious her injuries are. There were about 5 squad cars, 3 news trucks, lots and lots of firefighters, a helicopter etc. on the street when I got home. The entire house was roped off in police tape. A lady from our church and I just knocked on the door of that house while out soulwinning last month. I cannot imagine the horror of having to go through something like that. Please pray for the little girl, and the entire family. 
  • Becky no longer cries when I wash her hair. She went from screaming through it, to laughing and enjoying it, overnight. Go figure. 
  • An old, grumpy, short-haired woman at a business today observed me as I was leaving with the kids. I was carrying Anna, holding Becky's hand in anticipation of leaving the door and crossing the parking lot. and telling Miriam to hold one of her brothers' hands. The kids were not rowdy at all - just smiling. Well-dressed, hair fixed, faces clean. We don't always make a graceful exit, but this time, we did. She looked at me and said, in a snarl: "Well you sure have your hands full!" I turned around, smiled really big, and said what I always say: "Wow, I have never heard that before!" That answer can really go both ways - a joke, or a dig. Her face turned from sour to disgusted, as she said: "Yeah, I'm sure! In fact, you have more than your hands full!" I bit my tongue and resisted telling her that her hands were empty, or that she looked bitter and mad, or that I'd rather be me than her any day. It's her loss, not mine. I have six little lambs peacefully sleeping under our roof tonight, and one of them will be snuggled in my arms in just a little while. She has neither!
  • Reactions like that are really rare these days. Almost always, the kids get complimented when we are out and about, and people tell me what a beautiful family I have.  Last week, a lady waited at the end of an aisle for me to round the corner. She kept standing there, waiting, and counting as one child after another came walking around the corner behind me. It was evident that she was a bit shocked, but she was really nice about it. She even called her mom to tell her about me going to the store with six kids, all of which were mine!
  • As usual, I snuck out of bed early this morning after feeding Anna. She woke up some time later, managed to worm her way all the way to my husband until her face was right in front of his, and then she kept yelling "Hey! Hey!" until he woke and opened his eyes to find her staring at him wide-eyed. She immediately rewarded him with a smile. When he closed his eyed again, she cried, demanding to be picked up. He told me about it later, and I thought it was just so precious. She has yelled "Hey!" at me before when she can see me, but I am not looking at her. Babies are so smart!
Off to bed I go! 


  1. wow~praying for the little girl in your neighborhood...please update us, stuff like that doesn't leave my mind very easily :(

    I get comments all of the time when out and about with the kids. I have had to bite my tongue more than once. Sometimes people love it and are so sweet, and sometimes others are NOT.

    Have fun with the boys room. We are having school vacation next week (and my husband is away for two weeks) so my GIANT project is cleaning and organizing our basement. It's a disaster. I MIGHT take before and after pictures but I may be too embarassed to post the before pictures! haha.

    Can't wait to see the boys room finished!

  2. Please, please, please feel free to share your warm weather with us in Wisconsin. Some days I honestly don't think that spring will ever get here. Congrats on your weight loss - I'll bet you look great. My sister-in-law has six children, and she gets comments quite a bit from folks when they are out and about. Of course, her kids are more spread out than yours - the oldest being 13 and the youngest 18 months, but it makes for great conversations.

    I am praying for your neighbors and their precious little girl. I cannot imagine the horror of it. If she survives, I pray that she will not be physicall or mentally damaged.

  3. That woman sounds really nasty. Im sorry you had to deal with her. I have 3 children in my care, and my own on the way. I already get those sorts of looks. Being told I have my hands full always make me roll my eyes. No kidding!

  4. I seriously don't know how you do it! I work 80 hours a week. We don't have children (not out of choice, neuromuscular disease..yay for genetics) so I can do that. My only free evening is Friday eves and I'm so tired on that day I don't even want to talk to anyone. I just want to crawl in bed and sleep for about a good month..ha!

    I don't understand why anyone would be ugly about kids that are well behaved. I'll have to admit I've seen parents whose kids are anything but that in stores and that irks me a little bit. But I suppose it's easy for me to pass judgement when I don't have my own to drive me just a little insane.

    I hope you post pictures of your boys room once it's complete. I'm sure we'd all love to see it!

  5. Oh boy. I wish we lived closer, I would totally come and help paint. We've done so much painting here at our new house, I'm a professional now.

    That is absolutely terrible about your neighbors daughter. I hope she makes it. Oh those stories just make my heart hurt.

  6. who cares if the grumpy woman had short hair or not, there are rude people with short hair and rude people with long hair. you just happened to encounter one with short hair.

    if you're rolling your eyes at this point, allow me to ask you this: if the woman had been the opposite, and was very nice to you, would you have mentioned how long her hair was? i'm not saying it was okay for that woman to be mean and sarcastic, either. just wonder what her hairstyle has to do with the fact that she's rude.

  7. Oh, that's terrible about the neighbor's child. I hope that she is going to be okay. What a horrible experience. I am praying for her.

  8. I'm praying and hoping for that poor little girl and her parents, what a tragedy. Her family must be hurting so experience such an awful event.

    I ask this question with the utmost respect, but it came to my mind: how old do you start teaching your children to swim/stay away from the pool and what method do you employ to do so? It seems like everyone has a pool where you reside and it would scare me so.

    May God be with you and the family,


  9. A friend of mine who has four children always says "Better full than empty" when people comment on her having her "hands full"

  10. that old biddy is probably new to your area and hasn't noticed all the mormons yet, or she wouldn't think anything of you having a large family, then again some people are jerks and think loving to have children is a mental disorder.


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