Friday, April 8, 2011

Our week

What a busy week it has been, indeed. Yesterday night when the kids were sleeping and the chores were done for the day, I finally had time to turn my computer on, but I was so tired, I was practically falling asleep while typing, and then the internet was acting up.

I was able to rearrange our bedroom on Monday. Because I was doing it by myself while my husband had taken the three boys to their kickboxing class, I was trying to move furniture without taking any of it apart, or even unloading it. Basically, I was sliding everything across the  floor. Do you know the game "Rush Hour"? Well, it was just like that, except worse. The girls and I were literally barricaded into the bedroom (which is 250 sq ft) for over an hour because the door was blocked by furniture, which was blocked by more furniture, which ... you get the picture!

The boys' bunk bed will hopefully be finished by next weekend. It comes unassembled and unfinshed, so there will be more work with that, plus the decorating. It has been fun trying to think of what to do, and how. Any tips on where I can rent an overhead projector for doing a mural?

Do you remember my post about the Seeds of Change Growing Millions project? Well, I got my seeds this week! How fast was that?!? I was so thrilled to see all these seed packets for wonderful vegetables, medicinal grade herbs, and flowers. We are going to share the extras with other gardening friends and relatives. A lot of the seeds were heirloom quality, meaning that we can preserve our own seeds to use in next year's garden (rather than the typical hybrid seeds that only grow for one generation).

Last week, I had already put out pepper and tomato plants of various kinds, as well as a few culinary herbs.  They all seem to have transferred well, and are thriving. Yesterday, I put out seeds for three types of corn, 4 types of beans, and planted starters for pumpkin, watermelon, and 2 types each of zucchini and cucumber. Today, I wanted to throw out some flower seeds, and get a medicinal herb garden started (something I have been wanting to do for years). I am very determined to have this garden actually yield some produce this year!! I am either going to learn how to grow stuff in the desert, or I will die trying. My gardening skills really are pathetic!

That reminds me of April Fools' Day: Solomon had printed a fake seed packet for a "doughnut tree", and surprised Miriam with it after her nap. She totally fell for it and planted the cheerios/"doughnut seeds". Poor baby! She watered it carefully every day, and it took her days to figure out she had been the victim of a prank. When she did, she just laughed it off, so that was nice.

The kids were pretty goofy that whole day. Isaac had taped a piece of string to a (very real-looking) fake cockroach. They taped the other end of string to the inside of the fridge door. Every time I opened the fridge, I had a cockroach "jumping" at me, and it made me scream in disgust a couple of times.

I think it was John who used a strong rubber band to hold down the button on the water sprayer on the kitchen sink. That way, whenever I would turn the faucet on, I would instead get blasted with the sprayer pointed straight at me. 

My rather corny "pranks" were to serve a lunch of meatloaf and mashed potatoes with gravy (made from vanillla ice-cream and chocolate marshmallow treats), and giving them glasses of juice for breakfast that were really made from jello. I also unraveled some TP in both bathrooms, and wound it back up with a couple of dollar bills hidden in them. It worked as a nice reward for those boys who remembered to wipe the rim when they were done using the bathroom, so I think I might employ this trick on and off all year.

Anna, our little love bug, is four months old today. Oh, what a joy she has been every moment of her life!!! I can honestly say that I love each and every one of our children equally, but there is something especially sweet and innocent about a little baby. As I get older, it seems that I cherish this phase more and more with each new baby. 

Things like sleepless nights, dirty diapers, spit-up, and other typical "baby complaints" rarely ever cross my mind when I look at her. Instead, I could sit for hours just holding my sweet little one, brushing her downy hair and furry ears and back, play with her little fingers, kiss her tiny toes, and tickle her sweet tummy. And as if the way she feels and smells is not enough, she has the most adorable smile to boot. Perfect strangers at the store often get teary-eyed when she breaks into a huge smile at them. Oh, what a little angel!!! Of course, it helps a lot that she has been one of our easiest babies!

This is how I found her in bed yesterday morning - she had pulled the covers all the way up to her face, and was peeking out grinning at me from behind them. It was so sweet and funny! :)

Makes me want to have another child. And another, and another, ...

Well, I better go. Another busy day ahead of us!


  1. Great pranks! Bless sweet Miriam planting her doughnut tree! ;)

    I had to laugh about you re-arranging your bedroom Zsuzsanna and blocking yourself in, as I did that in my daughters bedroom today! We are expecting guests so I was adding another bed to her room and I moved a few things around so it would all fit. I didn't leave the room for hours and it still isn't finished!

    Glad you all had a lovely week! Enjoy your gardening!

  2. Oh, Anna! I'm glad that Miriam was such a good sport about that prank.

  3. The baby is just precious. All your children are beautiful, but the baby is special. Perhaps you are right it is her age (and ours!) I hope you will have many more, I know I pray I will, although I am 43 so I don't know. I am so grateful for the 6 God has given me!

    in His peace,

  4. I love the rubber band and sprayer prank! I need to try that.

  5. Your pranks sound like so much fun! Good job on your gardening endeavors! I cannot believe how big Anna is; time is flying!

  6. What fun pranks! Gives me ideas for my family next year. I have barricaded myself in a room with furniture many a time; rearranging is fun, though! Good luck with your gardening. I seem to kill practically everything I look at, so I understand the frustration of someone who wasn't born with a "green thumb". I am sure soon you will be posting pics of all the lovely things growing in your garden. I really enjoy the pics of your family - your kids all seem so sweet.

  7. Fun pranks! Yes, your baby is beautiful! What a fun age...

    Your sons take kickboxing? My son is not showing too much interest in sports yet. He's four and a half. We have thought about putting him in karate. Any suggestions on the two? (kickboxing vs karate) How do they differ? Is it good for teaching them to follow directions/discipline etc?? Just curious and looking for some advice... :)

  8. If you know anyone who attends a church that doesn't use hymnals, a lot of them use overhead projectors to put song lyrics on the wall. Also, many public school teachers and college professors use them. I know those aren't the circles you usually run in -- perhaps a business person who regularly gives speeches or talks? Alternatively, I found one at a rummage sale for $5 once. It works so well, I'm thrilled you're going to use the idea! Makes it SOOOOO easy to paint a gorgeous-looking wall. :)

  9. I got bored. I googled

    I have no idea where Tempe is in relation to you so I hope it's not far

  10. Our children took kickboxing because of a friend of theirs but then we took them out-it became too much like the martial arts. Our sons were aggressive enough. My Bible concordance says fist fighting-punishment of:Exodus 21:18,19-we don't like boxing. We don't celebrate April Fool's Day/All Fool's Day-Matthew 5:22(KJ),Eph.5:4(KJ),Eph.6:11(KJ),I John 3:7(KJ),etc. Do you celebrate May Day-May 1st? Pranks remind me of Halloween tricks-"trick or treat". We don't celebrate Halloween.I remember years ago my atheist uncle called me up and told me the family had fun playing a board game and that I wouldn't like it because it taught the art of lying. I don't remember the name of that game. PTL

  11. One reason I threw out the Alpha Omega Publications high school P.E. book a few years ago(I appreciated your post about Alpha Omega Publications,etc.-March 2010) was because it promoted yoga,etc. I put martial arts and yoga in the same catagory. I couldn't even put the book in our homeschool giveaway box. The Christian book-A Time of Departing-has a chapter on yoga,etc. Cathy Burns's book on symbols discusses martial arts and the yin/yang symbol(where the paisley design comes from).

  12. Taryn, I see nothing wrong in playing pranks and having fun. The seed packet said to plant the "seeds" in a cereal bowl and cover with milk, but Miriam wanted to plant them.

    As for the kickboxing, it is actually a style called muay thai, something my husband used to be very active in himself, and has just recently taken up again. He was careful to chose a gym that does not at all promote Eastern mysticism. Men learning to fight with their hands is very biblical:

    Psa 18:34 He teacheth my hands to war, so that a bow of steel is broken by mine arms.

    Also see II Sam 22:35 and Ps 144:1

    "Unto the pure all things are pure" is my motto on matters like these - there are enough commands in the Bible to obey, I will not spend any time digging through manuals on witchcraft and agonize over every aspect of life, in hopes of finding something remotely pagan about it just so I can exclude it in the future. We do not celebrate Halloween because it is obviously satanic, but that hardly relates to playing practical jokes. I am NOT a puritan who thinks it is a sin to have fun and laugh.

  13. Sounds like your family had a great time. I would recommend trying to find an Opaque projector for a mural instead of an over head though.

  14. Have you ever read the "All of a Kind Family" books? They are very cute books about a Jewish family in New York City at the turn of the century. What made me think of it was, their mother came up with all sorts of inventive ways to make them not mind doing their chores, and one was that she'd hide buttons in places where you wouldn't see them if you didn't do the job (in this case dusting) properly, and get the girls excited about the chore by playing the game of finding all the buttons. :) Your dollar bill prank made me think of it.

  15. Got my seeds in the mail yesterday!!! I must admitt my jealousy! Looks like you got some GREAT seeds! I got about 6 different kinds of lettuce...haha, and a lot of other repeats...but that's alright :) Still a blessing to only have to pay the shipping :) Can't believe you got watermelon, cucumbers, zuccini, pumpkins....WOW! The only thing besides the lettuce that I have ever heard of was TOMATO...hahaha!

    Thanks for sharing that site!!!

  16. There is nothing wrong with kickboxing whatso ever and my husband loves that also. It's completely different than that martial arts stuff.

    Playing pranks is fun! Nothing wrong with it. The only time it's wrong is when someone gets hurt in the process so don't worry what anyone says about it. :)


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