Friday, April 22, 2011

Just another quick update

So many posts I want to write, or have already started, plus the Q & A - and so little time! What is it about spring that makes me so busy? 

Yesterday, I was up from 5:15 am until midnight, and except for the last hour of that at night, I really worked the whole entire time. I finished applying a coat of sealant to the boys' bunk bed, replaced a faucet in the bathroom (which led to other plumbing issues I was incapable of fixing, but there is a plumber at our church who came and bailed me out - I was without water for about 8 hours total), built a 4 ft x 4 ft planter for the front yard and filled it with dirt (lots of it - the planter is 18 in deep), finished washing everyone's bedsheets once the water was back on, did some other gardening, and on and on. The work was not what made the day hard, it was the fact that all the boys yesterday were bouncing off the walls and bursting with ill-applied energy, and that everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. At one point, my cell phone got knocked off the counter (it really was an accident), and the screen on it broke. Part of the problem I think is that we have not been doing any field trips or special outings in several weeks. Doing the same old - same old things everyday apparently drives the kids (and me!) nuts.

The good thing about days like that is that they end, and that the next day is usually better! I even slept in until 6:30! :) So much left to do this week/month still, but I like work, just not chaos. The main projects at the top of my to-do list now are painting/decorating the boys' room, making a special lunch for Easter/Resurrection Sunday (a German meal - smoked pork tenderloin bakes in puff pastry), planning our church's Mother-Daughter-Tea, and keeping all my plants alive. U-pick peaches at our favorite organic orchard should be ripe in just a couple more weeks, which means lots and lots of making jelly, and canning fruit. In fact, I am thinking about heading down there today to pick some veggies and give the kids that outing that we all need to break out of our routine and reconnect, rather than just dole out chores and school work. 

My own gardening is going surprisingly well so far this year. Maybe it's because we have been having a very mild (i.e. cool) spring. The boys are great about helping with the watering, and keeping Becky from "harvesting" our seedlings before they have a chance to grow up. (She's killed a couple... )

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and give a quick update. I'm hoping to get a chance to blog more after bedtime tonight. 

P.S. For those who have asked, I have not heard or read an update on the little girl that drowned. I believe she is alive but in critical condition. Please also pray for another young lady that we used to go to church with when we lived in California. Her, her 4-year old son, and the baby's Dad were in an accident on Highway 1 in California. Basically, they came around a bend on this very curvy coastal highway too fast, didn't make the curve, and went flying off the freeway and down a 100 ft drop. They landed on the beach below - the car was actually in the water. The mom and little boy are both in very serious condition, but I believe both are expected to survive. The little boy had both lungs punctured, and I think he broke several vertebrates. Last I heard, he was unable to move any part of his lower body. Please pray for this family.


  1. Yes, springtime really is manic! It sure is here...we are still hectic here, though our additional farming chores are slowing down a little!

    Ha, I am often an up till midnight too, such a lovely time of the night when everything is quiet. If my husband is on a late shift at work I use the time to do extra chores! Adult life is one big party huh?!

    I was so sorry to hear of the poor little girl who drowned, I will pray for her and her family.

  2. Hi Zsuzsanna, I had a question I would like your advice on. I am posting it here so as many people won't see it. My husband and I have tried to have children for years. We just found out my husband had no sperm in his analysis. Most doctors say it would be impossible for us to have children of our own. I didn't know if you knew much about this. Do you think herbs or something would help, or have you heard of this problem being fixable? Because of the nature of this question, and not to embarrass my husband I'm posting anon. I am heart broken and hope there is a fix for this.

  3. Thanks for no help on my question


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