Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter/Resurrection Sunday

Those of my dear readers who do not celebrate Easter/Resurrection Sunday may prefer to just skip this post. I have read all the arguments, and respectfully disagree. That is not the point of this post.

Our family does not always do something special for Easter. I guess we probably average every other year - the years that I am not in the throes of morning sickness! Every other spring, I am well and full of energy. Every other spring, I am sick and miserable from suffering severe morning sickness. This is one of the "good" years. 

Still, nothing much or too fancy, but  I thought I'd share. Really, I am just looking for an excuse to sit and blog when there is SO MUCH prep work left to do for tomorrow.



Chocolate croissants
Fresh strawberries
Freshly squeezed orange juice


Smoked pork tenderloin baked in puff pastry
Garlic and nutmeg mashed potatoes
Steamed asparagus and steamed carrots
Fresh lemonade
Izzy sodas


Lemon bars
Chocolate milk

As far as gifts, I got each of the three girls a matching dress. They will also be wearing these to our Mother-Daughter Tea next month. Each of the boys is getting a different book. My husband is getting - well, I can't say, he might read this yet tonight! I will hide each gift in a different spot, and do a little treasure hunt for each of them. Nothing big, maybe just three or four clues each. The only problem right now is that I put all the gifts in a bag and hid it somewhere, and I have no clue where I put it!!! Maybe that will be the extent of the treasure hunt - find the bag that Mom hid!

Do you want to see my to-do list for tonight? It is super long because I am trying to get everything done tonight so as to have a relaxing morning. Haha! Any pastors' wives reading here who have had a relaxing Sunday morning that they can remember? 

In no particular order, I still need to:

- make the church bulletin
- take a shower
- hang a bunch of clean laundry
- finish picking up the house
- hide the gifts and treasure hunt clues
- do as much food prep as possible - make the dessert, wrap the roast, peel and cut the potatoes, etc.
- mop the floors, if I can (this might not get done because I will not work past midnight)

Alright, I can only procrastinate for so long. I am hoping to share pictures of it all within the next few days. What are your family's plans for Easter/Resurrection Sunday?


  1. Hallelujah He is risen!

    Oooh your Easter Sunday lunch sounds delicious...especially since I love nutmeg in mashed potatoes!

    My husband has a very sweet tooth, and wished for the children to enjoy small chocolate eggs in our bed this morning, while we read from the Bible. It was a blessed time! ...Though our bed sheets are now covered with blobs of melted chocolate!

    Other great news that we have had over the Easter weekend included, giving my father his very own KJV! This is the first time he has ever owned a Bible! It was an exciting time!

    I hope you and your family have a blessed day!

  2. Have a wonderful Lord's Day!!!!! He is Risen :)

  3. Your menu for Easter looks incredible! We too sometimes get matching outfits, but not this year.

    We are sort of in the middle with Easter. Our church does not have a sunrise service; If they did, we would not attend. We are having a ham this Easter, but only by coincidence. My MIL bought it from a fundraiser and we're eating with her. The kids get a small treat for Easter, usually a "normal" candy: M&M's, Skittles, etc. We do allow them to hunt eggs, but they are undecorated. I haven't seen anyone claiming that the egg hunt is pagan, just the decorating. No mystical creatures allegedly visit either ;)

    Our church has a nice tradition that I'll hopefully get to post about later.

  4. That is so FUNNY!!! I haven't ever lost anything yet, but my mom does! (and probably every year!) She once gave me something for an "Easter" gift that she had bought 2-3 yrs before and lost! LOL...

    I have a question...If you peel the potatoes the night before how do you keep them from going brown?

    Our Easter/Resurrection plans are...REST! I've got 7 people sick (croup again) and only 3 who are feeling OK. They're starting to complain too :(

    I hope you guys have a blessed day!

  5. We have a turkey dinner on Sunday. One son and his family bring the soda. Another brings the dessert. Our autism-spectrum high-functioning beautiful daughter(28) is home for the weekend(She lives in a group home nearby). We have two recent birthdays for the two youngest of our 6 so we celebrate their birthdays. We enjoy the granddaughters. We had the KJ Bible at the table after dinner(1 PM so our older children could visit their in-laws after) and we read where Jesus spoke about Jonah and the whale(Matthew 12:40KJ). We also reviewed our chart that says Jesus died on Wednesday at about 3PM and rose on Saturday(?) before sunset. We do not celebrate Herod's Easter-(Acts 12 KJ).

  6. I forgot to add that my daughter(21) helped me-making the mashed potatoes,etc. Aren't daughters wonderful-we have 2. We trusted the Lord and He gave us 6 children(my mother-in-law had 9-trusting the Lord). I forget if I said Jesus rose before sunset(72 hours after Wednesday's death/burial). 6PM-6AM and 6AM-6PM days and nights that we learned about from Messianic believers. I still am learning/questioning about this.

  7. My husband and I woke our son up and gave him his Easter basket. It included some candy he enjoys, one small toy and some plastic eggs to "hide" later in the day. We sat on the couch and read the Resurrection story together out of the Bible and prayed. I made pancakes and then we headed out and visited other family members! It was a great day!

  8. You said: Any pastors' wives reading here who have had a relaxing Sunday morning that they can remember?"

    My husband's not a pastor, but I can say that we've never had a relaxing Sunday morning. We usually get to church an hour before Sunday School, around 9, to take care of some responsibilities, which means that we get up at the crack of dawn. It's always a mad-dash to get everyone ready, fix breakfast, start lunch, etc.


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