Monday, April 18, 2011

Catching my breath

Wow, the last few days have been a WHIRLWIND. Taking care of the chicks, as well as keeping my sprouting vegetables alive, has been a challenge. Living things take so much nurturing! Until my seeds started sprouting, I had seriously been dreaming about them growing almost every night. The chicks seem happy and content - the only challenge has been keeping their water dish reasonably clean.

We got a package this weekend all the way from the UK! Lo and behold, there were trump cards in there!!! Growing up in Germany, my brothers and I used to play trump cards all the time, but apparently, they are not very common here because my husband had never even heard of them before. Solomon and Isaac are loving playing with the cards. The package was filled with lots more cool goodies, and information about Liverpool. Thank you, Megan!!! We also got cards from several others last week, but I have not yet updated the map in the sidebar.

Saturday morning, Solomon had his first piano recital ever. He did really well. He has been taking piano lessons for about a year and a half now, but my husband was teaching him on and off before that, too. His teacher is such a sweet, talented, and patient lady. She has a daughter Solomon's age, and they enjoy playing together. The recital was very lovely. 

Also on Saturday, my husband picked up the boys' new triple bunk bed. It does not come fully assembled. The wood is sanded, but not finished. I spent several hours today staining the wood a walnut color. Tomorrow, I am hoping to finish staining, and then applying a coat of clear sealant. Lots of work, but it is fun and relaxing - at least until the baby starts fussing. Before we can move the bunk bed in, I will have to paint the walls in the room because the bed will be too large to work around. The boys decided on a "camping/log cabin/woods" theme, and we found a book at the library with tons and tons of great ideas that I think I will be able to pull off. I am really not that handy, but the directions are very detailed. 

Later on Saturday, a family of 7 who was vising from out of state came over for dinner. The kids had lots of fun playing together. Sunday was busy as usual. In the afternoon, I took a meal to a family in our church that just had their first baby. Then, there were two baptisms after the evening service, which made for a late evening.

Today has been another busy day, but the boys were so helpful. They now do all the laundry that gets folded (about half of our total laundry), while I do all the things that get hung. Isaac is in charge of taking care of the dog and helping with the chicks, while Solomon is responsible for keeping our little vegetable seedlings well watered. It's work to stay on top of them and make sure the work gets done right, but they are helping a lot. 

For dinner, we had the best steaks EVER. Seriously, I have never had a steak as good as these were. I think it was tenderloin steak? Some cut from the quarter of beef we bought from a local ranch. The kids were grubbing it like crazy, and I had to finally tell them "no more" and instead offer them more of the side dishes just so I could save some steak for my husband. On the side, I made oven-baked potato wedges, arugula salad, and fresh lemonade. I am almost done juicing the last of our lemon crop, and then freezing the juice. We will have fresh lemonade all year this year! Ever since my husband and the boys started kickboxing a few weeks ago, they have been eating so much it's not even funny. I'll just barely have the kitchen cleaned after one meal, and they will all come asking for food and telling me how starved they are. Just for an afternoon snack today, they polished off a whole box of cereal and a half gallon of milk.

Well, I better go. There is still some stuff left to do tonight, and I am hoping to finish staining the bunk bed outside in the fresh morning air early tomorrow before the kids wake up, and before it starts heating up. Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Can I ask why you have so many chicks? Are you planning on killing the baby chicks when they get older for food or just to lay eggs?

  2. Congratulations to Solomon on his first piano recital! Our daughter will be taking her first piano examination at the end of the year and she is working hard to be ready for it!

    Your chicks are so cute! Do you know which breeds you have? Becky looks so delighted holding them! Hopefully Amy's chickens will hatch some out this year too!

    Great photos Zsuzsanna...I love Johns costume! His hat is just too funny!

    So thrilled that you got a package from Liverpool! My family are originally from there and lots of them still live there. My accent is now a little muddled though scouse/Irish! Ha!

    Glad you are enjoying your busy week!

  3. Whew, just reading your blog post makes me tired! Thank you for posting pics of your lovely family; I very much enjoy reading your blog. The boys' "rustic" theme for their room sounds great - what fun it will be to paint and decorate. My husband is from England, and he has taught me to play trumps; it is a very fun game. Our kids enjoy playing it, too. I think playing it also helps sharpen their math skills.

  4. Wow! You have been super busy. The chicks are so cute. Your little ones look like they are having a blast with them.

  5. Oh thank goodness! I thought it would never arrive. So glad to hear the boys like Top Trumps, it was a favourite of my little brother and I too.

    Sarah: I'm the other way around, we're all from Liverpool but way back we came from Ireland. I think everyone from Liverpool is Irish somewhere down the line!

  6. Hi, Zsuzsanna! I just wanted to thank you for posting these "life update" and homemaking/parenting/crafty/etc. posts. They are so inspiring! I am someone who NEVER has an original crafty/fun/activity idea, and the things that you write down are an inspiration - both in actual ideas, and in just inspiring me to keep going, keep doing fun stuff with the kids, keep trying new things, rather than just sticking with a ho-hum routine. (After reading this entry I got inspired and actually made an activity for our son... homemade Resurrection eggs. He loved them! And I wrote down your April Fool's ideas to ue for next year.) And your level of energy and activity amazes me! So thanks a bunch.... keep it coming!!

    I calculated that you have something like 70-80 questions to answer on that Q&A, so... I'll look forward to reading next year or thereabouts!! :)

  7. Random question: the trump cards, are they the Liverpool FC set by any chance? They sure look like it!

  8. Oh, Zsuzsanna, I am utterly exhausted just reading your post today!

    Your 'little birds' are so lovely with the chicks; I believe my estrogen level went to near Chernobyl levels! What adorable creatures! The only danger in having edible pets is when chicken 'Susie' or chicken 'Sally' stops laying eggs and becomes supper...I remember a few tears seeing my uncle and aunts sheep go off to market, but it's a good lesson to teach--meat is animals. Sounds silly but I swear some children will never learn lettuce is from the ground and meat is from an animal! My little niece once told me lettuce was made in a factory and then put in a bag--we had a little laugh at her expense, poor creature.

    I am also undeniably envious of your children's trump cards--I haven't thought of those in donkey’s years and will have to get hold of some myself...speaking of England ('ello, Megan!), are you going to allow the children to watch some of the upcoming nuptials between William and Catherine? I know you discourage television but it's such a rare event...

    I'm so glad that Solomon's piano recital went so well and reflected the time and energy he devoted. You must be very proud, as he deservedly looks in his photographs. You must take a video camera along to the next one in order for all his fans to hear him play so well!

    I like the theme the boys picked for their bedroom and I should get to take some pictures of a fort that's near my home that could perhaps provide some inspiration. I'll put it on my to-do list (what is it about this time of year?!)

    My husband and I wish you a happy, holy Easter week, may the Lord be with you.


    P.S. Your husband always looks so happy when he is with his children--he looks ready to burst at the photograph of him holding Anna at Solomon's recital.


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