Monday, March 28, 2011


Many, many thanks to those of you who offered for us to stay with them on our trip. Unfortunately, the idea is off. Let me explain:

My husband was going to take us as far as the Ft. Worth/Dallas area, where his sister lives. He was going to fly home from there, and the kids and I were going to continue on east, as far as South Carolina, to stay with relatives there for a week or so and then get on the road again to make our way home. Since I was going to be traveling alone with the kids, we were going to take our time and see attractions along the way.

We actually did leave last Thursday, because this week my husband might have had to go to California on a business trip, meaning he would not have been able to come with us for that first part of the trip. We left at shortly after 3 pm, and drove straight through because with six kids, it is simply easier to take turns driving at night while they are sleeping. It took a total of 16 hours driving, plus a couple of hours for breaks, plus losing 2 hours for the time difference between AZ and TX. 

We arrived at my SIL's house on Friday afternoon (my birthday). We went mini-golfing that evening, and hung out at their house. The kids had a lot of fun playing with their cousins, whom they had not seen in years.

On Saturday, we went to an old part of Fort Worth and watched a (staged) cattledrive. My husband and Solomon rode horses for a bit, and then we left to go to see our nephew's martial arts training. Back to the house for lunch, where we only had a couple of hours before I was going to take my husband to the airport to fly back to Phoenix in time for church services on Sunday.

After dropping my husband off at the airport, I stopped at a store on that side of town. As I turned off the car, I realized that my husband's keys were in the ignition, and I was afraid he would not be able to get into our house at home. I called him to see if I needed to rush back to the airport to give him the keys, but it turned out they were just his spare set. Still, he said I'd have to come pick him up because he was unable to get on the flight. 

He had refused the naked body scanner that everyone at this particular gate had been put through, so he was to be subject to an "enhanced patdown". The TSA agent told him he would be running his hand all the way up the inside of my husband's leg, feel around "some sensitive areas", and go back down the inside of his other leg. My husband inquired what he meant by "sensitive area", which infuriated the agent and he just repeated that it was a "sensitive area" he was trying to explore. My husband informed him that he would consent to the patdown, but that none of his private parts (not his wording) were to be touched. He said it quietly, where only the agent could hear it, yet the agent freaked out, saying that there were children around. Those same children who were going to be seen nude on a computer screen a moment later, or else molested under the guise of an "enhanced patdown". So it is okay to TOUCH and FEEL AROUND a child's (or adult's) private parts, but it is not okay to talk about it??!? Long story short, my husband would not agree to be molested by this TSA agent, so he was not allowed to clear security and get on the plane. The airline refunded his ticket, and I picked him up around 5 pm.

Allowing for the time it would take him to rent a car, get back to his sister's house and pack his stuff, and then get on the road, this gave him a little more than 17 hours to make it back home to Phoenix in time to preach. The drive takes 16 hours if there are no accidents or traffic along the road. He said he could rent a car one way and make it, but I hated the idea of him driving through the night for the second time in three nights, without the option of pulling over and sleeping for a couple of hours if he got tired. I was having second thoughts about my ability to drive long distances alone with 6 kids anyway, especially because of Anna, who is nursed exclusively. So I packed up the van, and all 8 of us headed right back home, again driving through the night. 

It was a long drive, but because we were traveling west and gaining 2 hours in the time change, we  had 4 hours more darkness in the van that we had had on the trip east. Of the 16 hour drive, the kids spent about 12 sleeping, which made it much easier on them and us. 

We got back to Phoenix at 9:30 am. My husband teaches a Spanish class on Sundays that starts at 9:45, so he just barely had time to get ready and make it in time. I was going to get there at 10:30 with the kids, who had to be cleaned up, fed, and dressed. I also had to get myself ready, print the church bulletin (which I had made along the road on my laptop), and make the house (that we had left in a hurry days earlier) presentable for baptisms after the morning service.

To make things more interesting, the gas heater on our built-in spa (which we were heating for the baptism) had a malfunction and almost went up in flames. Thankfully, our neighbor came over to alert me about the smoke coming out of our backyard, and I was able to turn it off just in time. Nothing like walking up to a smoking gas heater that is raging flames on the inside to wake you right up and get the adrenaline going! After I turned the "off" switch, I could hear that the flames inside were still raging, and at a loss of what to do next. I tried calling my husband (this was after his Spanish class but before the service), but he didn't answer. Thankfully, he walked into the backyard just moments later, turned off the gas main, and the fire stopped. Apparently, he had decided to come back to the house between his class and the service, which he usually never does.

We had the baptism in cold water after the morning service. In the afternoon, my husband was able to figure out what was wrong with the heater (it was not getting enough water because of a problem with the pool filter, causing it to overheat), fix it, and get the spa ready for 3 more baptisms after the evening service. 

An interesting birthday weekend indeed! I knew turning another year older would be rough, I just didn't anticipate quite how much so! I will be making myself a birthday cake later today to sweeten the deal. My husband offered to bake or buy one, but I love baking so this will be fun.

I am very glad to be back home safe and sound. Many thanks again to all those of you who so generously offered to put up the kids and myself. Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. Just the very thought of an enhanced patdown makes my stomach turn. As for the body scanner, I would refuse to be someone's porn centerfold. Not to mention the health issues from the scanner. I honestly have never flown in a plane, and I WON'T be starting now.

    My mother made this "bright" comment as we were talking about TSA molestation: "Don't you think that the TSA agents would eventually get desensitized to seeing naked people all day?" To which I quickly replied, "Well, I've never had to deal with pornography in my house, but I've never heard of anyone saying 'I used to look at that stuff, but it just doesn't do anything for me anymore.'" When does the flesh get desensitized to anything? The more you feed it, the more it wants.

    Anyway, that's so sad that your plans got tossed in the trash. Just wait until they put check points along the interstates. It'll be like what your husband went through with border patrol, but this time it will be the TSA equivalent. Then traveling will be really fun.

  2. Sorry your trip didn't work out, and that is awful about the airline security!! I just wanted to let you know I recently posted a few pictures of our church homeschool group's trip to the Oklahoma State Capital, and thought it might be helpful for your Cantering the Country. You can find it here...

  3. Good for your husband for taking that stand. I refuse to go through a naked scanner or a pat-down and for the moment have simply elected not to fly at all. You're fortunate though that they refunded the ticket and didn't file charges. Many people that have taken this stand have been out the ticket price and some have been fined up to $11,000 for this!

    Land of the free no more. :(

  4. Just wanted to say "thanks" for the felt food! We got them on Saturday, and the kids have been enjoying them since then....I have to remind my 1 year old you can't really eat them though:-)

  5. Well you can never say your life is boring! Has your husband ever missed a service? I don't think majority of pastors would have gone through all that to get there in time and what a great wife you are to cancel your plans and come back with him. I'm sure you will always have time for road trips and maybe with another adult to help? Maybe a mothers helper from your church who would also love to see the country.

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  7. Maybe you need an assistant pastor! That's a lot of driving in such a short time.

  8. Those searches are the reason my kids and I will probably never fly anywhere. I will not ever allow one of those perverts to touch my daughters so if we make trips, it will be by car. Good for your husband for taking a stand against government sanctioned sexual assault.

  9. I am so glad he got his ticket refunded. I just can't believe that kind of security. I am glad he took a stand against it. I am sorry your trip didn't work out, but it seems you all had enough excitement.

  10. Yikes - sounds like an unfortunately eventful birthday! Well, happy bday anyway...And as for the TSA procedures/patdowns, I think it is all ludicrous and pointless. Though I don't agree that it's like porn - the pictures aren't "sexy," though they are revealing of body shapes/contours, my main beef is that it isn't an effective screening technique, not to mention a violation of rights. They should use similar methods to what the Israelis use - profiling and intensive interviewing.
    Some people are truly evil, and I do believe they mean harm to America in particular and the Western world in general. (I know you may think otherwise, but you'll never convince me the US "planned 911", so let's just agree to disagree there...) So some measure of security is, obviously, necessary. But by lumping everybody in together, regardless of the risk they pose, you are infrining on the freedoms of the majority in order to avoid insulting a minute minority.

  11. It's great that he refused tsa, I would have also. Didn't he know that would happen? You did a big post on it a while ago. I thought you said in the post you wouldn't be flying because of it, or something like that. So I was just wondering why he even tried to fly?

  12. Honestly you and your husband are total idiots. The entire world is not out to kill you. Yes, I hate the screenings as much as anyone but I know they are in place for the safety of the passengers. Your husband is not the most special person in the world he doesn't get to refuse to comply with safety procedures such as a simple scan or a few border patrol questions. I don't know where you guys got the idea that you are the most special people on earth but oyu aren't. You're annoying and ignorant and I hope you figure that out soon. If you don't like how this country is run the GO BACK HOME!

  13. The TSA stuff is absolutely ridiculous. We used to fly a good bit (because the drive to see my mom is about 13 hours whereas it takes 2 to fly) but we haven't since all this happened. I absolutely refuse to have my kids "patted down" by the TSA agents, and I am not about to subject growing bodies to that "perfectly safe" scanner with the ionizing radiation in it. Not to mention I am currently pregnant, and I don't even want to go through a regular airport scanner when I am pregnant, much less one of the new kind.

  14. I really do not understand why everyone is freaking out over the scanners.

    If you do not want to go through them, then take some other form of transportation. seriously. TSA along with many other organizations released a statement that the scanners are safe.

    I personally have had two experiences with airport security since the new scanners have been put in place.
    My first experience i was hesitant to go into the scanners because i feared that there was extreme levels of radiation. i decided to opt for the pat down. I however decided to be bikini girl, except i was one piece woman, and walked though security that way. i did not have to endure any type of pat down and they sent me on my way :-)

    My second experience, after statements issued that the scanners were safe, i decided to go through them.
    In all honesty, i am sure the TSA agents aren't enjoying looking at the images on the scanner. YET it is their job, and it is there for safety reasons.

    I personally do not mind this one bit. I am all for security and the government is putting my safety first. i may have to sacrifice a little bit, but at least i know they are taking precautionary measures to prevent another attack on the United States

  15. So sorry about your trip, but it was great to get to meet you and your family. Glad you were able to stop by our house before you left DFW. If you plan another trip, let us know and we'll see if our mission house is available for you again. God bless you.

  16. I honestly don't think it's fair to those of us who have been sexually abused to have to go through it again in the name of travel safety. Hopefully sexual abuse victims will lobby against this stuff too. Have we not gone through enough already?

  17. I have to agree with your husband on this one. I will probably never fly again for this reason. I wish more people would opt out of the naked scans/invasive pat down.

  18. The TSA story was a lot more involved that I went into in the post, but I think my husband may be making a YouTube clip about it himself. Let's just say that as a matter of course, he had to be cleared by airport police because he had already gone through the metal detector after refusing the naked body scanner. Once you go through there, you must be cleared by police, and cannot simply walk out. As a matter of course, they handcuffed him and set him on the ground while taking his ID and digging through his belongings. When he was finally released, he asked for the name and badge number of the police officer, which they are required by law to disclose when asked. The officer started screaming and proceeded to arrest my husband for "disorderly conduct" as retribution, but was stopped from doing so by his supervisor. Anyone who thinks these people are anything less than evil jerks on a power trip is sadly deceived.

    The ticket was refunded because it had been booked less than 24 hours before, and United refunds tickets within 24 hours. Otherwise, it might have been a little more hassle to get them to do it, although the agents at the counter said they would probably do it because my husband is a "silver status" frequent flier.

    Katarina, you're welcome.

    Karen, only when he was sick (that happened once in the 5+ years of our existence), out of country (again, only happened once), or I was in labor (once).

    MamaAnt, I am sorry, too. We were planning on stopping by your house on the way home. :(

    Stefanie, my husband has what would be considered an "assistant pastor", and he is a very good preacher. Still, my husband makes it a priority never to miss a service if at all humanly possible.

    Mrs. Grice, it was so nice to meet you and your family! I am sorry we didn't get to visit your church on Sunday. Maybe next time! Thank you for your offer to let us stay in your mission house.

  19. Whew, busy weekend, huh? Glad your family made it safely back home and got to visit some family for a short time.

    I have not flown since the new body scanners were implemented. However, we are flying down to Disneyworld in August, so I guess I will find out then. Not sure how many of these airport security guards want to see my body naked after having two kids, LOL!

    Every time I fly, however, I always, always, always set off the metal detector. I joke that I could walk through with nothing on and still set the thing off. So I have been gently patted down as a result of that, and it has never been a problem. I realize they are just doing their job for the safety of the millions of us that fly.

    And as for sexual abuse victims that were mentioned above, I am so sorry. I cannot imagine how it feels.

  20. i actually dont mind a good old fashion pat down. ;-)

  21. Wow, what an intense weekend!! I hope things settle down for you this week and get back to "normal" quickly. Did you all have a good time visiting in Dalllas while you were there? Pretty neat that my birthday was the same weekend as yours. (I just turned 37 on Sunday) :) Maybe we will get to meet in person some other time. My father in law lives in the Phoenix area and we might go to visit him this year sometime...

  22. "Z",

    Sorry to hear about the illegal and unconstitutional TSA acts. Your husband is not alone...please see or Facebook Group "We Won't Fly" for further information.

    For those who ask why this is such a big deal, it is because the stripsearch scanners are violations of the 4th amendment. I don't mind NOT owning a gun, but I can't stop the rights of others and force no one to own a gun because of the 2nd amendment.

    At any rate, if you are ever faced with airport travel, seek out metal detector security lines. Dallas/Ft.Worth just requires timing to find the lines running metal detectors. Regards,Jeff

  23. To the moron who said this;
    Honestly you and your husband are total idiots. The entire world is not out to kill you. Yes, I hate the screenings as much as anyone but I know they are in place for the safety of the passengers. Your husband is not the most special person in the world he doesn't get to refuse to comply with safety procedures such as a simple scan or a few border patrol questions. I don't know where you guys got the idea that you are the most special people on earth but oyu aren't. You're annoying and ignorant and I hope you figure that out soon. If you don't like how this country is run the GO BACK HOME!"

    They are not the idiots, you are. Even to send you through metal detectors,the so-called supreme court allows that as an "administrative search". That's just another way of saying "general warrant". One example of a general warrant is the "Writ of Assistance" from Colonial America circa 1760's. This writ allowed British Soldiers to make the colonists engage in un-warranted searches. A lawyer, James Otis, made quite the speech against them. John Adams said "It was the moment when the Child Independence was born". He meant this type of search was a large part of causing the American Revolution. In no way did James Madison, when he wrote the 4th amendment, mean that this type of search would be OK. So her husbands rights were all air travelers rights are. So why don't you just leave!

  24. Joanne, you are believing a bunch of BS. Even the TSA had to admit that some machines were putting out as much as 20 times the amount of radiation that was previously claimed. They have tried to explain this away, but I wouldn't believe that for a minute. The US government has a track record of lying about radiation levels. My own father worked on Amchitka Island between the nuclear tests back in the 70's. The government said the radiation levels were safe, problem is it eneded up killing him. He was basically murdered by our government. A person from the D.O.E. told me he thought those people had been exposed on purpose.

  25. For all of you that think the new TSA procedures are for safety, when was the last time a bomb went off in a USA airliner? 1962. That's long before the metal scanners. These procedures are about conditioning the people to do exactly what they are told, the founders of our country would call that "tyranny". And from some of the comments, it looks like many of you are falling for it.

  26. Kudos to your husband for standing up to the thugs at TSA who were threatening him with sexual assault. I won't fly. It is simply not okay to force me to pose for pornographic pictures, and it's far less okay to force me to endure unwanted sexual contact. These depraved monsters are trampling basic human decency and spitting on our Constitutional rights. I applaud you and your family for fighting back. Keep on doing great things!

  27. to anonymous one- (the anonymous complaining about the moron)

    would you say that America is EXACTLY the same as the 1760s??? No. we have to make up laws/codes for everything new that comes into existence.
    Do you have the right to travel freely across your country?- yES.. BUT if you are driving and you break one of the laws in place, you are required by law to stop if an officer lights you up. The same way airline personnel and the government have the right to check your things/ you before you bored a flight. Obviously the metal detectors don't work so well. PLUS terrorists are getting quite clever at bringing weapons & bombs on flights. After 9/11 we all saw the gaping hole in our airline security. i throughly support these measures taken by the government. you have 3 choices.
    choice one- go through the scanner
    choice two- opt out and get a patdown.
    choice three- dont fly. period.

    and other anonymous. very unfortunate what happened to your father. Yet that was almost 40 years ago. So they probably didnt have as good of knowledge about radiation as they do now.

  28. ^^ joanne is a TSA sockpuppet. All the same talking points, to the bloody letter.

  29. @Joanne

    I understand you are scared about airline passengers potentially setting off a bomb, although that hasn't happened for over 49 years in the US.

    I just wanted to clarify some of your assertions in your recent post. The police do have the right to pull you over..IF you break a law. In the case of airport security, they are trying to perform illegal searches even though there is NO suspicion you have broken a law. So, your analogy is not quite right.

    A better analogy would be if you were to tell me that you fully agree that police can take any pedestrian walking by a potential terrorist target such as an IRS building, like in Oklahoma City, and stripsearch them at any time. Of course, you would have to agree that teenage girls and boys are subject to this treatment of course or even babies, as that is what the TSA is doing every day.

    Also, the stripsearch scanners are NOT more effective than a metal detector. See my link for the story - about Dallas/Ft.Worth airport no less which "Z" has written about in her blog - where a TSA agent took a gun 5 times through a stripsearch scanner without detection. You can't logically argue that if they can't see/find a regularly shaped gun that they can find an irregularly-shaped blob of non-metallic bomb material. (LINK:

    These stripsearch scanners, which fail anyway, are not used 100% of the time which means we are still "vulnerable" by your logic. Yet nothing has happened. I believe it is a challenge for terrorists to find a person who can get a ticket for a flight in the US, be willing to kill themselves, and who can even get a non-metallic bomb to go off and do real damage.

    But it doesn't matter - just like our Constitution lets 12,000 Americans die every year from guns, or it allows major media to bash our President, or it lets women vote, that same Constitution protects us from police state stripsearches.

    Joanne, I would be perfectly happy and respectful of your rights if the airlines - and not the government - could offer different security for flights. We could have "Legal metal detector searches" flights for people who are willing to take their chances at 0 dead in 49 years, and we could have "Voluntary stripsearch and sexual groping for people like Joanne" flights where they don't impinge on my constitutional rights but they provide peace of mind for those who want a higher level of comfort. That is a win/win.

    Respectfully, Jeff.

  30. Joanne, I'm the one who called the guy a moron, he called the blogger an idiot. Do you know how the FBI thinks the 9/11 hi-jackers got the knives aboard the airliners? They believe it may have been from the airline caterers. Those types of jobs don't have much more scrutiny than they did back then. Would you like to know the identity of one of the guys who was working catering at Boston Logan airport on that day? It was "Hussain Al-Hussaini" He's the former Iraqi soldier that Jayna Davis identified as being john doe #2 that was seen with Tim McVeigh. (read "The Third Terrorist" by Jayna Davis.) If the government is worried about security, why are they letting this guy run around? By the way, he got arrested the other day for slashing somebody with a broken bottle.

    And why would we need a law for everything that comes into existence? You have been brain washed into thinking the government has to control everything.

    How does being caught doing something illegal and being pulled over for it, equate to being searched before you board a plane? Where is the probable cause that a crime has been committed?

    I'm also the guy who lost my father because the government decided to allow certain workers to be exposed to radiation, they did this to see the effects of the bomb they tested. And that's "unfortunate"? You have to be a government stooge to say that, it is far beyond "unfortunate" is the very height of tyranny.

  31. @ "Jeff"

    In regard to the last paragraph of your comment
    "Joanne, I would be perfectly happy and respectful of your rights if the airlines - and not the government - could offer different security for flights. We could have "Legal metal detector searches" flights for people who are willing to take their chances at 0 dead in 49 years, and we could have "Voluntary stripsearch and sexual groping for people like Joanne" flights where they don't impinge on my constitutional rights but they provide peace of mind for those who want a higher level of comfort. That is a win/win."
    Airline security isn't just about keeping those on board the aircraft safe. It's about keeping everyone safe. I am not ok with one of your take a chance, don't screen me flights being hijacked and flown/crashing into buildings full of people. If you feel TSA procedures violate your rights that's your opinion and you are entitled to it but please do not jeapordize MY safety.

  32. @lil brit- is a scared little girl to fly on an airplane these days

  33. Your husband did this just to make a big deal about it. Come on you guys knew it was like this, you did a whole post about it. So why did he even go to the airport? He knows what they do, and that they won't let you on a plane unless you agree to a body scan or pat down. I would not do eaither one, which is why I don't fly. I am sure your husband loves makeing a huge deal about it and probly knew exactly how to upset the tsa agents. If you just refuse and want to leave, they don't put you in hand cuffs for disorderly conduct. He probly was acting disorderly and it was most likely unnecessary. I don't believe in what the tsa and government do at all, but It is stupid to go to the airport knowing what they are going to do, and then get upset that they won't let you on a plane. I think he made the situation a lot worse then it could of been. There are much better and more affective ways to protest tsa, rather than making a big fool of your self. But now your husband will get to make a you tube video and go on a rant about how is was mistreated, when he made it that way on purpose. You can say this was not his intent all you want, I don't believe that. He knew better that this would happen. I understand that what they are doing is wrong, and believe me I believe the same as you on these issues, but handling it this way is stupid. If you don't want molested or a naked picture taken of you don't fly! It's sad but that's what it has come to.

  34. I'd like to clarify that my husband has never before stated that he would no longer fly following the increased "security" measures.

    I said that the kids and I would not fly. The TSA had announced on their website that anyone wearing loose-fitting clothing or skirts and dresses could be subject to an "enhanced" patdown. Since the girls and I only ever wear skirts/dresses, this was a risk we were not willing to take. Plus, I would never risk exposing my children to the caprice of TSA agents and airport police.

    My husband has to fly a lot for business, and has flown since the new "security" measures, without ever having to go through a naked body scanner, or undergoing a groping session. Not all airports have these scanners, and they do not always use them, or on all passengers. This was a first, and while he knew there was a chance it COULD happen, he didn't think it was likely to. Now, he will not fly again, but he has not said so before this incident.

  35. Even if he didn't think this would happen, and you had to know it eventuality would. He still probly made it worse than it could have been. I would bet there is more to this then you told. Yes most cops are jerks but, they don't try to arrest someone for disorderly conduct if they are handling the situation correctly.

  36. Every time I see someone tell you your being rude or un Christ like, you just tell them they are not eaither. That is just a cop out. You always seem so proud and like your miss perfect mom and Christian. Some post I think you make just to hear "your such a good mom" I know lots of moms who do everything you do with your kids, your not special. Maybe people would listen to what you had to say and not be turned off most the time if you showed to be humble just a tad. You are to proud and upright to ever do that though. You come off as very cold hearted even if you are not really like that. I know tons of others have also said this also to you. Working on a full house blog is a great example. she believes mostly the same and comes off as a sweet, kind hearted person who wants to help others, without compriseing. You for some reason think you have to, to be nice. She also shares her hard times, and how God works in her life, and it really helps and encourages others. Just something to think about. I don't care if you publish this, I know you read it.

  37. Ann,

    I have an idea: why don't you come live at our house, experience daily life with its ups and downs, and then "share about the hard times" we experience. Personally, I do not like to dwell on them on my blog, but you are welcome to fill that gap.

    This blog is primarily written as a personal journal for myself to look back on. It is not to show how good of a mom I am, but to remember all the fun times we had. At the end of a crazy day, I prefer to focus on all the things we DID get accomplished, rather than all the chaos, messiness, noise, and unfinished chores. Twenty years from now, my laundry and housework will be caught up, and it won't matter how grouchy it used to make me at the end of another 16-hour workday.

    You may not know that I have actually met Jessica in person. Can you imagine that her and her family came on a visit all the way to AZ just to see us, after listening to the sermons online??? You are right - she is so sweet!! Her children are absolutely adorable!! I, too, enjoy her blog. But we are two different people, and our writing reflects that.

    You know, when you just can't take it any more on my blog, there is a little "X" at the top right of the page. You can click it anytime, and nobody (except your own curiosity) will ever make you come back here.

  38. Ok I was talking about how you come across on your blog , not your everyday life. I said you might not be thay way in person, but you come across that way on here. Yes I can imagine you have met her, because I knew that, I knew all that, It's is exactly why I used her as a example. I have read about it on her blog that they went to AZ and seen you. I know you guys are friends. I also never said you should dwell on bad stuff, where did you get that??? I think you could show yourself a little more humble then you are. You really misunderstood what I said, I was talking about sharing how God works in your life ect. That shouldn't be bad stuff!

  39. To Anonymous from Richardson, Texas:

    Seriously, do you have to talk with such hatred? Can you talk normal or do you treat everyone with such disdain? I feel sorry for you and those around you. Misery loves company and that's why you hunt people's blogs and say vicious comments.

  40. Seriously though, I won't be going to the airport. My pastor said we are being "Frogged".

    You can put a frog in boiling water and he will just hop out knowing he's in trouble. Or, you could put him in a pot on the stove with cold water. As you slowly turn up the heat he won't even notice and eventually will be cooked alive.

    Some may not think what's going on now is a big deal but believe me, we are being "frogged". Our rights are slowly being taken away and it's getting worse and worse.

  41. It's weird that so many people are perfectly willing to blow up men, women and children in Iraq, to "protect" us, but can't be bothered with security checks at airports. Kind of sad, really.

  42. Does the "TSA are perverts" thing mean that police and corrections officers just want to rub all over criminals?

  43. I can't understand subjecting your children to driving, which is so much more dangerous than flying , especially when you both were behind on sleep. That is equivalent to driving drunk. I can't understand the disdain shown in these comments for those children of God, created by His hands: those people working at the airport. Flying in itself subject all in airplanes to radiation, so it isn't a fear of radiation that keeps people from flying . If you think that the workers get some kind of sexual jollies from looking at the scans, well, it could just be that you are projecting. Really, if that is how you feel, do you go to a doctor, get xrays? Etc? People in general just aren't as perverted as you seem to think.

  44. Hey Zsu,
    I came across this article today, and it TOTALLY reminded me of your husband's ordeal. I thought I'd dig up this post and give ya the link:

    Excerpt: "It's circular reasoning where, you know, I'm going to ask someone to surrender their rights; if they refuse, that's evidence that I need to take their rights away from them."

    But of course, you didn't need an article to tell you this ;-)

  45. Sorry to pester :-)
    I noticed that the word "arrogant" is often used in this article. I wanted to be clear that I don't think your husband is arrogant. From what I read on his blog, my opinion is that he is confident and steadfast in his beliefs. These qualities are often misinterpreted as arrogance.

    Just wanna be clear. :)


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