Friday, March 11, 2011

Legoland trip

Last week, our family took a 2-day trip to Legoland in California. The park is a good 6 hour drive from our house, which is a ways, but it's always worth it. We left our house very early the first morning and drove home very late the second day, which made it easier with the kids. Anna, our little homebody, did well on the trip. I had been nervous about her because while she is a perfect angel at home, she does not like being away from the house for any length of time.



 Becky was absolutely terrified of this costumed guy







 Anna has started sucking her fingers and thumb


 "Hey, Mom!" :)





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  1. Oh my...your babies are all so beautiful!!!

    I am waiting to see just who can come up with a nasty comment on THIS post for crying out loud! First, it was the taco post(s), then it was the child training post...I am sure someone will find something wrong with Legos! LOL!!!

    Anna is growing up so fast...she is ADORABLE!!! :) Blessings to you and your sweet family!

  2. Great shots of Becky in the fifth and eighth photos! I like that photo of you holding Anna. She's too cute! Love the expression on her face in the last photo.

  3. What a fun trip! Thank you for sharing your photos. I love the picture of your hubby and the boys on the rollercoaster, and the fact that your oldest seems to be the only one NOT holding up his hands (I don't blame him). :)

    On a sidetracked note, I have had a "green smoothie" every single morning since you posted the recipe, and I love them!

  4. Wow! Looks like fun, was it fairly reasonable in price because of the off season?

    Several years ago we went to Knotts Berry Farms in January and paid very low price.

  5. Thank you, Sally. Believe it or not, I get quite a few comments on posts like this telling me how ugly my kids are. I don't publish them - they are just jealous! :)

    *Trini*, thank you. Anna really is a little doll.

    Spooky, you are right - Solomon was the only one NOT putting his arms up. Typical cautious firstborn! So glad to hear you have been enjoying the green smoothies!!!

    Humble wife, Legoland offers homeschool days most Mondays during the school year. Admission was $21/person, about one third of regular admission.

  6. Zsuzanna, I can't believe that people call your kids ugly...that's just mean. Oh, what jealously can do to a person...


  7. People leave comments saying your kids are ugly??? That is insane! First of all, they are not at all...But, more importantly, what is the point of being needlessly cruel about children. If they hate you and your blog so much (and, let's be honest, you CAN be pretty inflammatory!), why do they continue reading?!?!? Anyway, these pics are great - the kids look like they had a great time! I'm curious - what do you do to keep them all occupied during the long trips? And how do you manage with hotel rooms/sleeping arrangements? We have a big trip planned with our 3 kids in a few months, and I'm looking for tips!

  8. What a fun trip!I wish I had a lot of brothers and sisters growing up. Did you get a lot of looks and "Are they all yours?" questions :)

  9. What a fun family trip you all had! Love the close ups of Anna...what a sweetiepie! I also understand your comment about Anna being a homebody...our little Meg is the same!

    Glad you were able to get away for a short break. I hope that our family will be able to get away for a short break later in the year - Spring time farming is such hard work!

    Also just to let you know that I have enabled my comment moderation!

  10. One thing, your children are gorgeous, I already opted for Becky but unfortunately you didn't reward my request.
    How much I disagree with you, there is always the politeness of a civil dialogue or conversation.
    Lashing out to your children is appalling and rude!
    As parents our children are our Achilles heel and don't dispute the differences of opinion over the heads of our children.

  11. Was that you I saw in two photos? Is that some kind of a record?!


    Love lego and would love to visit legoland!

  12. The boys are getting so big--you need to put bricks on their heads! (I kid, it was what I was told as a young person--and I always terrified that at some point it would happen!)

    And the girls are as beautiful as ever, especially your latest edition. One may say a lot, but they cannot say you produce ugly children, let me assure you of what the others have said!

    May I ever so kindly suggest that you're in need of a new family picture--a lot has happened since October 2009!


  13. I'm melting, those little Anna baby hands. I love the picture of you holding her. As mom's, we often get neglected in the pictures. I have to hide the post from my kids tho. We had a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Lego Land get canceled due to circumstances out of our control : ( Your kids all look so happy and are certainly enjoying everything.

  14. Wow that place looks so fun! Whoever says your kids are ugly can shut it! They are adorable kids! Crazy people.

    Anna is getting so big! <3

  15. Totally off topic, but I know you're somewhat of a health guru. Are raw vitamins from food the best choice to take for a multi-vitamin? I'm always low on iron and several vitamins and hate the insanely expensive ones my doctor perscribed. Any opinions would be great!

    Cute kids by the way! :o)


  16. This is also totally off topic, and you might not want to publish it since it's about a "sensitive" subject. I know you're into natural and organic, and I know you cloth diaper. Do you use cloth menstrual pads for yourself? If not, since you cloth diaper, you might want to give it a try. I use them, and compared to cleaning cloth diapers, cleaning cloth pads is a snap! There's 2 major companies that are menstrual pad only: lunapads and gladrags (on the net); sckoon organics is diapers as well as pads, and there's several small companies and WAHMs selling them on etsy. There's also patterns and instructions you can find on the net. In a thread on Christian Mommies forum, I found a link for homemade pads:
    Anyway, it's something you might want to look into!
    Aren't vacations with kids wonderful? Mine are grown now, and those are some of my favorite memories. Now I have grandsons to take places. :-)

  17. Hi Zsusanna- I'm pretty much your opposite in every way but I read your blog because it's interesting to see a world I know little of. I have a question- what do you think of "home church"? I grew up in a mid-sized city in Canada with plenty of denominations available (including a few kinds of Baptist, though I'm not sure if Free Will was one of them). One family I knew found that it was easier to do their Sunday services at home, as they found all the local churches too liberal. Do you think that it is appropriate to hold services in the home with just the immediate family, or is the larger Christian community essential for worship? You don't need to publish if it's too OT, but I'm genuinely interested in your answer.

    Also, although I vehemently disagree with you on many things, I think it is always "dirty fighting" to attack someone's personal life or children. Don't think all of the people who disagree with you are out-and-out mean. Your kids are cute and they'll turn out just fine.

  18. Wonderful price~ I am happy to hear that about homeschoolers although I only have a few months left.

    I loved legos for the children, we began buying legos while in living in Germany in the early 90's. Still have a box of them.

    Sorry this post or any post for that matter have turned ugly. I visit here knowing your beliefs. We share our love of the Saviour, and then have a few arenas that we differ in such as personal likes. How you post, what you post about, and especially your children is at your discretion.

    I find sometimes that bloggers write to stir the water or commentors to be annoying...but the bottom line is this: much like a place, book, or program(if one watches tv) the internet is a place to leave if it is not what you wish to do. We do not always want yes mam comments but vile hate need not apply.

    As a Christian one knows that other Christians may still be on milk and that is evident in how they approach something as simple as attacking children.

    Thank you for your sharing the costs and the homeschool tip as that is very good news for all homeschoolers.


  19. Hey TheCanuck!
    If you want someone else's opinion, I think home churches are okay but not, but not all of them, and they are not for everyone. I have been involved with church planting, and one of the church plants I was involved with started as a home church. We were tied with a denomination; Southern Baptist.
    But with a home church, especially an unaffiliated one, you do have to be extremely careful. Do they teach the truth? Do they use the tithes for the community and outreach, and not just to give the leader extra income? That sort of thing.
    I'm like you. I don't agree with a lot of things Zuzanna stands for, but the kids are darling. Love reading the "kid posts."

  20. Hi Zsuzsanna, I just wanted to say that you look really good on the pics. Very young, healthy and relaxed. Somehow your lifestyle, as hard and uncompromising as it may sometimes appear, seems to pay off. If people make stupid comments about your children, that tells me more about them than abour the kids. Your children are absolutely fine and are lucky to have parents like you and Pastor Anderson.

  21. I loved these great photos. I didn't even *know* there were a "Legoland." My kids would have loved this.

    As I read the last few comments, I too was curious about your feelings on home church. I feel that home church can't be a scriptural church. There are *so many* teachings in the epistles directly for the church that are simply not applicable when you have only 1 or 2 families.

    On the other hand, I know the thought of home church has been very, very tempting to me lately. Our church seems to be increasingly liberal and at times, in direct contradiction to what we are teaching our kids. The contrasts are not in doctrine in the strict sense of the word, but in standards and conservative beliefs of our family. These conservative beliefs we have used to be preached from the pulpit, and the past few years have been shied away from. I can't imagine going to church anywhere else: my husband was saved in that church, he's been a member there for almost 20 years, we were married there, and more.

    There are a lot of churches here in the "Bible Belt," but you know the rural nature of our town. There are no other doctrinally sound churches for 20-40 miles. Most of those are even more liberal than the one we attend.

    Anyway, what a very long comment. Seems like I do that. :-) Y'all have a great day.

    PS. All those nasty comments about your babies are just because mean people are jealous that your kids are so sweet and cute. ;-)

  22. In response to Rebecca's comments about home church: The Church isn't a building, it's the Body of Christ. Jesus said "where two are three are gathered in My name, there am I in the midst of them." Do you think the early church met in buildings? They met in homes. As the end times keep unfolding around us, I expect to see more Christians meeting in homes. The music in many "evangelical" churches is enough to make home church very appealing.

  23. Renee, we book rooms through bidding on priceline - it's a killer deal! We usually book a resort, or anything three stars and up, because those rooms usually have two rooms: one with two beds, and another room with a sleeper sofa. Plus, they offer bassinets for the baby, etc. If the three boys are sharing a queen bed, the best way to "fit" them is to lay them side by side across the long side of the bed.

    Alice, indeed, it was me!

    Mindy, yes, a family photo. Please tell that to my husband, who could think of at least a thousand things he'd rather do than go to the portrait studio. Maybe it'll happen if I bribe him with my upcoming birthday.

    castiron, what a bummer! The kids must have been really sad about that. It is one of our favorite places to go.

    Landa, yes on the vitamins (I use New Chapter Organics), and Floradix for the iron. It works wonders!!!

    Elisabeth, thanks for the tip!

    Canuck and others asking about home church, it is perfectly fine and right to hold services in someone's house/home. The word "church" means assembly, i.e. the people, not the building. BUT it is important to realize that the Bible tells us to reach others. So it should be something where the church is actively trying to add new people, not just be content to have their own "private" circle. When our church started, we met in our house, but we eventually outgrew that.

    Rebecca, thank you!

  24. Hi Zsusanna,

    Just to clarify, I meant the structure of only having one family there and not inviting anyone else, not the building. I know plenty of people who have churches in their homes and have an open community. Thanks for answering the question.


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