Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Recent happenings

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. Below are some pictures from a field trip we took to the Wells Fargo Museum in downtown Phoenix. It was so much fun. The museum offers many hands-on activities for children, such as printing their face on money or an old newspaper, using a telegraph, riding in a replica of a stagecoach, and many more. The kids had a blast. Best of all, it's free! If you live in the area, or come for a visit, you should definitely visit it.


The kids have SO LOVED getting cards, letters, and even some packages from others across the country (and even one from Canada). Thank you all so much! We are sending everyone who included their sending address a card back, so be watching your mailboxes for that. This picture was taken last week, so not everyone's card is included in it.

And then, boy, oh boy, we have all been sick with a bad cold/flu since Monday last week. While at it's worst it only lasted about 24-36 hours, we got sick one after the other, so it's been dragging on. My husband was the first to come down with it, and the last one to get well - he spent a whole week unable to even get out of bed, and is still feeling tired and sick, but getting better. He didn't even preach last Wednesday night, or this last Sunday morning. Tonight, he preached, but his throat is hurting badly again now. The rest of us didn't get it near as bad. There was one day last week when both of us parents were too ill to even want to get up, but three of the kids were also sick and had to be cared for (in addition to a needy newborn). It was a pretty long and shall I say terrible day. Other than my husband, the only one who is still sick is Becky. She is very congested and has a cough, but I started her on a natural cough syrup this morning that is doing wonders for her. I am so thankful for medical professionals who actually know what they are doing, and know how to help the body heal itself.

Because everyone wanted to lie on the sofas, and there was limited space, I dragged the girls' little beds out to the living room for several days. That way, they were not too bored alone in bed in their rooms, and it was easier for me to keep an eye on everyone and bring them what they needed. Only one of their beds is shown in the picture, but I brought both out. Becky has been keeping me up a lot the last couple of nights. Not only does she cough loudly, but she also asks for water throughout the night, or for me to put her blanket back on her just so. I am understandably tired. The boys have been super good about helping me by reading to the girls to keep them entertained, helping with chores and laundry, and leaving me sweet and encouraging notes.

It has been unusually cold for Arizona this last week. In fact, we even dipped below freezing for a couple of nights! The water in our spa had a thin layer of ice. Sadly, frost kills the lemons on our lemon tree, and any blooms that it already had. I was able to pull several buckets of the lemons off the tree before the frost so we could juice them and freeze the juice. But normally, the lemons stay good on the tree until late April or early May, giving us fresh lemons for half the year.

Well, I'm off to bed. I hope everyone has a nice rest of this week.


  1. I'm so sorry that your family has been sick Zsuzsanna. But glad that you are all on the mend, albeit a little tired!

    As for the weather you are experiencing, it seems to be the same the world over! We here in Ireland have never had such cold weather. Since November we have had very deep frosts that are only just now becoming a thing of the past!

    Hoping you and your family continue to heal.

    God Bless

  2. Wow - that really does sound like a rough week. I feel for you as my 3 kids were all super sick last week and early this week. I also came down with something but didn't get as sick as they did. My youngest is only 19 months, and he was so, so miserable. It was awful to behold...I just wanted to take it all on myself instead! I hope that at least little Anna wasn't too sick - it's so hard when they are babies. Also - wanted to tell you that I did try the cough syrup and it definitely helped. They are still coughing in the mornings from the post-nasal drip overnight but much, much better during the day. Nice to see them smiling and happy again, and I hope your family is back to that point as well. Try to get some sleep!

  3. Glad you are all starting to feel better. Being sick with a larger than average family can sure make things interesting.

    I think about your family, and pray for you often.


  4. Sorry to hear that , hope your all better soon...

  5. My sources say it was H1N3, a combination of 2009 H1N1 and the regular flu. So now the pig flu has mutated. We already had H1N1, which knocked my kids out for a week. This year, they only missed one day of school and the other kids were out for a week and on breathing treatments. So now that you guys have had it, you have lifelong immunity!!! I use Sambucus and Umcka in medicine cabinet. If you have never checked out Umcka, you should. It is made in Germany and is clinically proven to shorten the duration and severity of flu.

  6. great pictures, but I would like to know you and your husbands view of immigration. You're clear on every other topic but when it comes to immigration I'm getting mixed signals. Do you believe in nationhood or would you like a multi-cultural society. and do you believe it is right or wrong for people to want to protect their culture? with mass immigration many cultures would simply cease to exist. I don't want to argue, I would just like to hear you and your husband view. I know the Bible says we should all immigrants with dignity and respect but I don't think that's an endorsment for mass immigration. and I know you like to use Acts 17:26, but I would remind to look at the second half of that verse and notice how the word "nations" is plural.


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