Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine's Birthday Girl

Miriam was born on Valentine's Day, four years ago. Our first daughter, after three sons. She is the perfect little love bug, so this birthday suits her well.

We had a nice, quiet day celebrating her birthday. After she opened her gifts, I fixed her breakfast of choice - bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, and toast. Such a simple gesture, but it made her so happy. She is very easy to please.

 I made a box of sweets from felt as a gift, because she loves playing with pretend sweets.

 This bow holder will come in very handy for her growing collection of hair pretties. I made it for her birthday, along with all the clips that are on it. 

Around 11, we finally manged to make it out of the house. I took all the kids to an indoor play town, something they had been asking me to do. Sadly, since we last went (at least a year ago), Solomon has grown up so much that he had little to no interest in playing there, and Isaac was starting to not be as interested as he used to be. They didn't complain or say anything, it was just evident by the way they sat there, just watching their younger siblings playing. How sad is that? I used to be a mom of babies. Then I had babies and young children. Now, there are older kids and younger ones, and babies. It's easier in some ways, but it's harder in other ways. Watching them grow into adults right before my eyes is one of the sadder parts of parenting. Then I smell Anna's baby head, and kiss her soft cheeks, and life is wonderful no matter what.


We headed back home around 2 for a late lunch of Miriam's choosing (hot dogs, of course), and then skipped nap time in favor of picking up the free dozen doughnuts at Krispy Kreme that they give out to everyone on their birthday. Wow, how much junk food can we possibly cram into one day???

Back at home, we spent a quiet evening of building Legos, storytime, and the usual bedtime routine. Because it was her birthday, Miriam wanted me to read "Cat in the Hat" to her. She knows I don't much enjoy reading it because I have read it probably over 500 times in my life, and have it practically memorized. That was all she wanted - she didn't even ask to get to stay up late because it was her birthday. Still, I put her in bed last of all the children, after lots of cuddling on the sofa, and telling her about the day she was born. She again insisted that she wanted to stay living with us when she grew up, and never get married, because otherwise she would miss me too much. What a little sweetheart! She really has a heart of gold.

Life has its ups and downs, but these little precious souls have a way of putting it all in perspective. They make every day special just by their presence. I'll say it yet again: they grow up too fast. You blink your eyes, and they are no longer babies. You blink again, and they are almost as tall as you. One more blink, and they will be adults. I used to wonder why God didn't equip children with an "off" button. Now I wonder why there isn't a "rewind", or at least a "pause".

Ah, birthdays are so bittersweet.


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  2. Happy 4th birthday Miriam! What a sweetpea she is Zsuzsanna! I loved the hair clip holder you made for her, she looked absolutely delighted with her gifts!

    I agree that time moves too fast with our children. I actually get teary eyed when singing happy birthday to my own!

    God Bless

  3. Awwww!!! This is just the sweetest post ever!! :) When you wrote about her not wanting to get married so she can live with you, it melted my heart :)

    God Bless,

  4. My Lydia turned 4 on the 7th. Looks they are EXACTLY one week apart.

    This post really brought a smile. :)

  5. What cute gifts you made! Looks like she had a fun day:) It really is sad how fast they grow up!!!

  6. She is a beautiful, precious little thing, what a wonderful Valentine for your husband and God to give you, your first little girl! No amount of roses or box of chocolate can beat that, I'm afraid! I'm sending birthday prayers to Miriam and a good round to heal the 'flu attack on the family.

    I was laughing about the biscuit/scone/cookie confusion--that's why we've got big tummies--cookies morning, noon, and night! (Sadly close to the truth in some cases ;)

    I'm close to being done with my little project for the children--ever have a couple of weeks where everything seemed to explode at once? Not with six children? I never! (haha) Asking for prayers for my wonderful friend who safely gave birth to a little girl herself! Up in ten minutes to use the shower--definitely a difference, my goodness.


  7. Miriam is so sweet , kids do grow up to fast , when I think about how old Dallas is and that she may be leaving home in 3 years , I start crying :(

  8. Awww. Happy Birthday Miriam ! They do grow so fast. I too wish there was a pause button. :(

  9. Happy birthday, Miriam. My little girl turned 4 just a few months ago. Being a mom really is bittersweet, but as my mother tells me, when your children have children you get to relive the joy all over again without having to be the one that disciplines them!


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