Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Isaac!

Birthday Boy is on the far left

Isaac, our second oldest, turned 8 years old on Friday. He is such a little ray of sunshine. His name means "laughter", and it really suits him perfectly. Not only does he always have a happy disposition, but he is usually up to some funny mischief. He has been audibly laughing since the day he was born.

As usual, the kids woke up early, excited to watch Isaac opening his presents.

He has wanted a state quarter collection ever since we started learning about the different states this year.

A felt breakfast set to feed his stuffed bear, "Douglas".

For breakfast, Isaac had requested "palacsinta", which are basically the Hungarian version of crepes. He was busy playing with his gifts while I cooked, but Solomon took an interest in learning how to flip the palacsinta in the air after seeing me do it. I still remember learning how to flip them, and the excitement of it. He figured it out after only dropping one.

I love this picture! 

As usual for a day like this, it took us until about 11 am to have everyone cleaned up and dressed, lunch packed, baby fed, etc. until we pulled out of the driveway. We were going to the Arabian Horse Show in Scottsdale, because Isaac loves anything and everything to do with horses. All the children really enjoyed themselves there.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Isaac. It looks so much like my husband did at that age. He wanted to sit in the seat with the number 8 because it was his 8th birthday.

All six of them

Don't let this picture fool you - she insisted on being carried pretty much the entire time we were out.

Anna loves being held by Solomon, and he likes being the big brother and carrying her around. 

The crowd at the show was definitely an interesting one. We kind of stood out with our "large" family, and several dozen people commented on how beautiful and well-behaved the children were. That is, until a couple of them started running back and forth on the mostly empty bleachers in the back while I was nursing Anna and handing out sandwiches to the other kids. An elderly couple quickly got up and looked for seats in the next section, and really, I could totally empathize with them. Later, another lady rolled her eyes at me repeatedly for having six kids, and taking them all out by myself, especially with a "newborn". It didn't offend me at all - in another life, I would probably have felt like her. Funny thing is, she can probably handle keeping 6 rambunctious colts in line at the same time, something I could never do. To each his own. What did stand out to me were all the people there who treated their dogs like babies. We're talking strollers and sling-type carriers. These weren't teacup chihuahuas, either - all mid-size dogs, including a bulldog. A bulldog, in a stroller? Really? I am surprised these people have not yet come up with some way to diaper and breastfeed their dogs, too. Oh, that's right, they now have dog diapers. But I digress.

After several hours there, we headed home in the evening, but not without making a pit-stop at Krispy Kreme for Isaac's free dozen of birthday doughnuts. Oh, I know it is NOT a good place to eat. I am afraid if I do not allow the kids to continue this unhealthy, but traditional yearly indulgence, they will write me off as a health food fanatic when they grow up. What's doughnuts once a year, right? :)

Back at home, it was the usual bedtime routine (i.e. loud and chaotic), but Isaac got to stay up for a good hour past his siblings. I asked him if there was anything else he wanted to do to make his birthday better, and he said he couldn't think of anything. He is always such a sweetheart. So instead, we just sat on the sofa and I told him about the day he was born.

We waited to make his special birthday dinner until the following night, so my husband could be there for it. He had asked for hamburgers, fresh fries, and fried onion rings. 

We didn't do a party for Miriam and Isaac this year, but we are going to take the whole family on a quick trip to Legoland in CA later this month. 

This concludes the birthday season in our family for the next 7 months.


  1. Happy 8th birthday Isaac! He looked as though he had a wonderful day Zsuzsanna!

    I loved Isaac's felt 'breakfast' set'...I was inspired to start making these for my children after seeing Miriam's 'sweets' set! I will put ours away until Christmas/Birthdays.

    I do love the photograph of Solomon carrying Anna...he looks much more capable at doing it than most adults!

    Also I just wanted to let you know what a blessing your husbands online sermons have been to our family recently. It is so refreshing to hear a pastor preaching whole truths from the Bible.

    Unfortunately Catholicism is in the majority here in Ireland. Even the Christian Fellowship church where we have begun to attend, the pastor seems afraid at times to speak the truth. On one occasion they had a woman preacher stand to give us the sermon! We are somewhat new Christians and need to hear Gods truth as it was intended!

    Thank you again.

  2. Happy Birthday Isaac! I love the picture of him at the horse show, what a handsome boy! That picture of Solomon flipping the "crepe" is great!

  3. So many comments I can leave about this edifying post!

    My John is turning 8 Friday. This is two kids we have with similar birthdays now. LOL He looks so grownup in the second photo.

    Your felt food is so impressive. Very nicely done. I'm a teeny bit jealous.

    Amazing work there by Solomon. I love the concentration in his eyes.

    There is a point where you sort of care about what strangers are thinking about your rowdy kids. Later, you just really get over all that. I had a lady be very rude to my children at Target. I was really trying to some comparative shopping. Before I knew it the kids were running around like animals. The lady smugly says to me, "You have such well behaved children." then rolls her eyes. What's sad is that the little hypocrite had her ONE son of at least eight who was RIDING in the cart while WATCHING A DVD. Oh, and her mom was shopping with her too, making two adults to one kid. Some people show their own stupidity before you can even say a word.

    Tell the kids we LOVED our letter from Arizona! Love the brochures too. Very interesting.

  4. Happy birthday, Isaac!!!! I love the photo of Solomon with the crepes... Anna's getting big...

  5. Are you seriously saying Isaac laughed out loud the day he was born??? Or is that a "figure of speech?" Perhaps an exaggeration?


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