Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Evolution Art Contest

Please head over to my husband's blog to read about (and hopefully participate) in his Evolution Art Contest.

You can listen to the Sunday night sermon in its entirety here, or watch it below.


  1. Zsuzsanna- I'm not certain how it's showing up on your screen, but the video is bleeding over and covering the address for sending correspondence to the children. Just thought I'd let you know so you could re-size it if you wanted.

  2. I noticed this yesterday at your husbands blog and it made me laugh aloud!

    "Evolution: because it makes as much sense as anything else atheists say."

  3. Surely putting your husband's great ignorance on display is not the best way to 'honor' him as a wife?

    Perhaps you should respectfully encourage him to educate himself before making a fool of himself?

    Or are you deliberately trying to shame him?

    It's like he and the audience are reveling in their stupidity.

    If you are not mocking him, PLEASE consider using a science tutor for your kids when they get to more advanced levels of education.

  4. About the only thing I agree with in that sermon is that you can't have it both ways ie either God created the Universe or evolution did; evolution cannot be the hand of God. I think your husband fails to understand basic evolution: T-Rex did not evolve into a chicken. Chickens and T-Rex have a basic common ancestor. And yes, T-Rex (and other dinosaurs) probably did taste like chickens. It is now pretty common knowledge that dinosaurs and birds have more in common than dinosaurs and lizards (as was previously thought).
    I think next time he wants to try and debunk evolution he really needs to have a better understanding of the process behind it
    On another note: do you have a link to the sermon he mentioned? The one about how he shows that the Earth is only about 6 thousand years old. I have heard that age bandied around before but have never seen anyone actually go through and explain step by step

  5. Hi Zsuzsanna ~ I like your blog

    I recommend this book by Jerry A. Coyne to your husband & any other interested parties:
    Why Evolution Is True

    The 'Evolution Art Contest' video exposes the Pastors ignorance of the natural processes that formed & sustain our planet

    Michael Fisher (from the UK)

  6. Dear Mrs. Anderson

    Well, look, I can understand that some people see evolution critically, I do too on some extent. And that's ok, after all, science lives from different concepts and ideas. But please, before dismissing evolution, make yourself familiar with the concept first. It would help avoid such toe-curling demonstrations of ignorance as shown in your husbands video. With such ridiculous displays, you just help the Atheists.

    Best regards from a Christian from Austria,


  7. Anon:
    you should read "The Lie: Evolution by Ken Ham and The Answers by Ken Ham also.

  8. Sofie,

    having been raised in Germany, and attending school as well as university there, I am very familiar with the teachings of evolution, which I once subscribed to. I now laugh and shake my head at how foolish I was to believe something so silly.

    Being a Christian means believing on God. Jesus was the word made flesh. One cannot be a Christian while denying some or all of the Bible. There is no such thing as a born-again evolutionist, because it is an oxymoron. The Bible clearly teaches creation.

    Maybe, like me when I believed in evolution, you are not familiar with the Bible account of creation. The things I was taught in Religious Education class about what the Bible taught were nothing like what the Bible actually says. For instance, I was taught that the Bible says the earth is flat, and many other such lies.

    I highly recommend the creation seminars by Dr. Kent Hovind. You can view them here:


    Whether or not you agree with them, I am certain you will find them highly interesting.

  9. "The things I was taught in Religious Education class about what the Bible taught were nothing like what the Bible actually says"

    Couldn't the same apply to your education on evolution in Germany? Perhaps you are not as familiar with evolution as you believe you are.

  10. Believing that the earth was literally created in 7 days, that the devil came to eva as a serpent, or that the earth is only six thousands years old is just as silly as believing the world is flat.

    In fact evolution deniers ARE the modern version of flat earthers or those who scorned galileo and copernicus.

    Intelligent christians understand that the bible (written by imperfect men - not god) often employed parables to teach moral lessons.

    It is impossible for the bible to be 100% the literal truth - there are countless contradictions in the bible (I'm sure you'll have some excuse about this being due to translation, but even if that were the case, how do YOU know you have the correct translation? Unless you are some all knowing being....?)

    Notwithstanding the many inconsistencies and contradictions within the bible, one would have to have an immature and superstitious mind to believe it is the LITERAL truth.

    That doesn't mean the bible doesn't contain MANY important truths.

    But to think it is literally the truth? 100%?

    Come on!

    That's the equivalent of a kid who grows into an adult and still believes in Santa Claus.

    Science has in fact proven the bible incorrect in the age of the earth (over 4 billion vs. 6,000K). Not to mention the many other parables within the bible that can be proven impossible by science (moses parting the red sea for instance).

    Out of curiosity, since you believe in the bible literally, I assume you do not eat shellfish or wear blended fabrics?

    If any of your children curse you when they get older (even well raised children can be brats when they become teenagers), I assume you or your husband (probably your husband I guess - not sure on the rules) will put them to death?

    If not, why will you blatantly disregard god's law?

  11. We hope to visit the Creation Museum in Kentucky one day. Did you hear they are building a replica of Noah's Ark? The web site is answersingenesis. I saw Ben Stein's documentary-Expelled. He interviewed Richard Dawkins. When Dawkins says that about aliens seeding life here-it sounds like Scientology- started by science-fiction writer Hubbard. We enjoyed Kent Hovind's teachings.

  12. You are not a stupid woman. Clearly. I believe you're smart as all heck...which is why I wonder why I have to wonder at how naive you are. You seem like a wonderful mother and I believe you've a powerful drive to protect your children. I am pleased to know you are able to generate income to provide for your children. I am glad of all this because you are married to a snake oil salesman. Seriously, I don't know how your radar doesn't ping when you are in the same room with him. I have no doubt, having read his writing and viewed his sermons, I am certain that something is amiss with that man. All charm, no substance. Don't be surprised if one day a personality order is laid at his feet. You are attracted to his charm, his good looks, his power, his ability to sell anything that will get him closer to what he wants...

    Something is going to come crashing down on your family some day...via your preacher man, I assure you...I am glad to know that you have the substance to withstand it.

    Your husband is making a blasted fool of himself. He is doing nothing to forward the Christian movement when he shows his ignorance in such a bold fashion. Verbally mocking something doesn't make it TRUTH. I really, really hope that if you want to aide your husband as a preacher's wife you will do whatever necessary to stop him from shaming himself in public. It's really, really embarrassing to watch and it really discredits the rest of his message. There are not so many people out there who are entranced by ignorance.

  13. Romans 1:19-22 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed [it] unto them.
    (20) For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, [even] his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:
    (21) Because that, when they knew God, they glorified [him] not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
    (22) Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

  14. An interesting book is What Darwin Didn't Know-A Doctor Dissects the Theory of Evolution by Geoffrey Simmons,M.D.(2004). Another good book is One Race,One Blood(2007-$14)at answersingenesis.

  15. We don't believe the earth was literally created in 7 days- we know it was literally created in 6 days like the Bible(KJV) says. According to Acts 15 Gentile Christians don't have to follow the dietary laws like the Jewish believers I know do but our family attended a Messianic church in Florida in the 1980s so we do not eat ham,pork,shellfish or any unclean food listed in the Bible. Jordan Rubin's health books ( The Great Physicians Rx for Health,etc.) explain why not eating those foods are a healthy thing to do.

  16. Unfortunately, Hovind's arguments have been debunked several times over. If you believe in a young earth, then do so because of your religious faith, not because of psuedoscientific arguments by Kent Hovind or any other creationist.

    Kent Hovind is egregiously unschooled about the topics he covers. There is some debate as to whether he willfully misrepresents science, or whether he just doesn't understand it well enough to argue against it. The consensus seems to be that it's a little bit of both.

    With just one click you can visit a list of his proofs and refutations:


    I think this is one of the most damning things he has done (big lie), and it's all documented right there on the page:


  17. By the way, if you want a strong foundation to support your belief in a young earth (as opposed to faith alone) then you might want to become familiar with evolution as described by scientists--not by creationists. It would make sense to get your information straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak. :)


    Learn the science and then build your arguments.

  18. The world was created in 6 days and is approximately 6,000 years old as taught in (Abeka's,Christian Light Education's, Rod and Staff's,etc.) history textbooks. Science textbooks(Abeka's,etc.) have units such as Science vs. the theory of Evolution.Adam and Eve were created about 4000 B.C. and the Great(global) Flood(Noah) took place about 4,500 years ago. We believe as the Creation Museum displays-that the dinosaurs(no relation to birds) and man lived at the same time. There were dinosaurs on Noah's ark. Adam and Eve had medium-brown skin color(amount of melanin). We believe we are one blood(one race)-Acts 17:26-"races" is an evolution term.

  19. I don't think that any of you guys who come to this blog to insult Zsuzsanna would be able to take as much heat as she does without getting a nervous break down. That alone shows the benefits of being rooted in biblical beliefs instead of the everchanging opinions of this fallen world.

  20. Zsuzsanna, I'm a reader more along the line of your husband's most fervent detractors, but I commend you for posting detracting comments, provided they're articulate and respectful. Thought, challenge and engagement are always good. Best wishes.

  21. I, too, am impressed that you post unfavorable comments.

  22. If anything can be said, it's that Zsuzsanna has an incredibly strong and unflinching faith in the word that she follows. I don't agree with the theory of creationism, and am an evolutionist, for lack of a better term. Still, I wonder if there isn't some great power that put all of this here for us to ponder in the first place. To those of you who are trying to convince Zsuzsanna (or her husband) that creationism isn't fact, think about how willing you would be to adopt a bible-based, creationist line of thinking, simply becuase someone asked you to abandon your belief in evolution.

    Live and let live I'd say. If this blog has taught me anything, it's that.

  23. The Bible says that the earth is round-Isaiah 40:22(KJV)-the "circle of the earth". Galileo Galilei-"A hundred passages of holy Scripture teach us that the glory and greatness of Almighty God are marvelously displayed in all his works and divinely read in the open book of the heaven."

  24. The Bible says that the earth floats in space-Job 26:7- God "hangs the earth on nothing". The Bible says the universe was created in 6 days-Exodus 20:11.From the genealogies in the Bible we know the creation was about 6,000 years ago. An interesting booklet(answeresingenesis.org) is What Does the Bible Say about Astronomy?

  25. There's a book-Cry Freedom by Lida Vashchenko(1987). It's a true story about a Christian family with many children in Russia. They ended up living in the basement of the American Embassy on their way to America.I remember when this was in our newspapers. Lida tells how they were treated by their atheistic-evolutionist neighbors. Tv and government schools are indoctrinating for a reason. As Ben Stein shows in his film-Expelled- scientists who believe Scripture- like Galileo-get fired from their jobs.

  26. I sure got some flack on Facebook for allowing my children to participate in this contest. And, how I need to teach them to be tolerant of others views and not make fun of them. ;) It's amazing to me though that atheists or evolutionists can poke fun at creation all day long.


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