Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A quiet week

It's been quiet around here. The last couple of weeks, I feel like I am finding my groove and adjusting to life with 6 kids. Anna is starting to sleep so nicely on her own at night (in our bed, just not with me there feeding her) that I have a little time each night to get stuff done, be it personal time, or chores. Mostly, I have been working on birthday gifts for Miriam's 4th birthday next month. I made her a holder for hair bows, as well as all different types of hair clippies to match her various favorite outfits. There are a few more bows I want to make for her, then I will move on to sewing her one or two new nightgowns, a couple of new skirts, and matching outfits for her favorite doll. 

Here is a picture of Becky wearing two "loopy bows" I made for her. She really liked them, and they stayed in nicely all day long. Isn't she cute??!?

School is in full swing and going well, especially considering that we had a baby 7 weeks ago. We are almost half-way through this year's curriculum, and everyone is still going strong and enthusiastic (well, as much as can be expected). Wow, the kids are growing too fast. Solomon is up to my shoulders now!

Of course, everything is not sweetness and light all the time - I'm just the type who doesn't much want to relive life's inevitable challenges once the day is over and everyone is asleep in bed, safe and sound.

One thing this week made me really sad :( Isaac had lost a tooth last week, which to him is a joyous event because it represents a source of income. Now, I never will understand why kids in America get money for losing teeth, but they do, and so ours do, too. The thing that made me sad was not the fact that he lost his tooth (well, that too, but that's not what I wanted to talk about), but that I totally forgot about playing "tooth frog" for several nights after that. 

Then on Monday it dawned on me that he had lost a tooth days earlier. Hoping he had likewise forgotten about it, I asked him if he ever had put the tooth under his pillow. Now, any other of our children would have reminded me, several times a day and especially before bedtime, that they had lost a tooth [hint, hint, wink, wink, nod, nod]. Not Isaac. He is such an easy-going person, and never one to pester or impose. He just goes with the flow, smiling the whole time. Because of his personality, I have a tendency to overlook his needs more than those of children who assert themselves. Anyway, he started looking really sad, and said that it had been there for days, to no avail. Still skeptical, I asked him to bring me the tooth. He dug this out from under his pillow:

" fine $2.50$ must Be Paid by tonight"

If you look closely, you can see his little baby tooth in the bottom right corner. I felt so bad, especially because I don't know how many nights ago he had written "must be paid by tonight" - and I didn't want to ask and find out. I tried to brush it off as to not make him feel more sad by cheerfully telling him that the tooth frog must have had more business than usual, and that surely he would come that night. Yes, he knows that I am the tooth frog, but still. 

Later, after the kids had gone to bed, I was still feeling bad for having "forgotten" him, so I went back to his room to kiss him one more time and tell him good night. There he was in his bed, with his comforter pulled up all the way over his bed, silently crying really hard. Ugh, I felt so horrible. It wasn't about the tooth, it was just that he got overlooked, and we both felt the pain of that. 

Anyway, I was able to chat with him for a minute and cheer him up. And I made dead sure that the tooth frog made his appearance that night:

I really have been fighting a cold/sinus infection all week - my third in the last two months! I have not been sick in what seems like forever, so this cold haunting me is really getting unpleasant. 

As I said at the beginning, nothing much going on around here. I try to really focus on enjoying everyday life with the kids, rather than waiting for some big outing, vacation, or other special event. Even if life seems to be nothing more than a daily repetition of the same mundane tasks - the kids are growing older and bigger every day. This is the time in my life I will look back on years from now, and missing it. I am just trying to make the best use of the time we have together as a family.  


  1. Oh my, three sicknesses in two months? I'll be praying for you! I've got my second cold of the month/new year and I am struggling to keep up with school...with five kids and an infant...I can't imagine! Yes, I remember the days of the "overdue" tooth fairy...

  2. Poor little guy. :( I've forgotten my kids' teeth before too and yes, it is a horrible feeling.

  3. When our 6 children lost a tooth they went to their father and he gave them a dollar bill. We never did the tooth fairy, Santa, Easter baskets,etc. We don't use the word-kid(s) because of Matthew 25:32,33. We never celebrated Halloween. First, we stopped celebrating Easter(Herod's Easter-Acts 12:4)- our church calls it Resurrection Sunday. Recently, we stopped having a Christmas tree-we agree with those(lasttrumpetministries,Messianic Jews,etc.) who say Jesus was born during the Jewish holidays(Sept./Oct.). We have turkey dinners on Resurrection Sunday,Thanksgiving, and Christmas(my husband gives the children-under 20 years old(Numbers 1:45,etc.-when Scripure says one becomes an adult)- and grandchildren gift cards) . Of course, we celebrate many birthdays-that started with God's people(some people don't use round cakes or candles because of the sun worship origin). We, also, don't have images of Jesus(Warner Sallman,etc.). I do like Christian Light's new board book with a short-haired Jesus(1 Cor. 11:14). We don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day(Abeka has a section on St. Patrick in their Church History book-11/12 grades- that I agree with). We don't celebrate other holidays that the government schools do- May Day,etc.

  4. what a sweet boy!! you are very blessed! hope you have a good day!

  5. This post really brightened my day. One of my "middle kids" seems to always get over looked too because of similar personality issues. The oldest, with his take-control-and-fix-the-situation personality, has no problem communicating a problem, but not this middler. You would never mean to overlook him, he just doesn't speak up. He is used to just going with the flow of the home. I have royally messed up with him before. Those very sincere crocodile tears hurt so badly. Thank God that he is also super forgiving!

    I love Isaac's note and that he's included a "fine!" LOL!!! I also ADORE your note back to him.

    I used to get sinus infections all the time. Apple cider vinegar (with the mother, of course) was what did the trick for me. I think I did 2 tablespoons twice a day. The only way I could drink it was if I mixed it in a cup of the coldest ice water. I don't know if you've tried it before. It was so nasty, but it worked for me.

  6. Sounds like your resistant is low; have you thought about seeing a dreaded doctor? Maybe an antibotic would knock it out. In fact, just last weekend I met someone who had had a severe sinus several years ago and the infection spread through his body, damaging his kidneys which resulted in a kidney transplant last year. A doctor once told me it's just a few short inches from the sinus cavity to the brain. A word to the wise:
    Rid yourself of the infection, Zsu.

  7. Oh, on the ACV tip, I forgot to add. I always keep taking it twice a day for a week after my symptoms have been gone. :-D

  8. We got the birth announcement. Cute! I think I only sent those out with my first baby.


  9. Awww, I think many of us, as parents, have been in that situation where we forgot something with one of our children. It IS a sad feeling!

    Hey, do you suppose Isaac would be willing to share a picture with your readers of his grin without the tooth? I think we'd love to see that!


  10. Oh that hurt my heart about Isaac being sad. Obviously, I know it was never intentional on your part, but I could feel his sadness as you described him crying with the covers pulled over his head. I hope money cheered him up just a little bit. :)

    And the hair bow on Becky, too cute!

  11. That is just SO sweet! I love the note that you left him!!

  12. Hello Zsuzsanna,

    I think you'll find quite a few posts from me when you check tonight, as I am waiting on a nephew and, while I can't be more pleased, these things take time, as you certainly know, and I've chose to spend it with your blog.

    I am curious, what special things do you do when your children are born? Do you keep a baby book for each? Do you take handprints/footprints as they do in hospitals? I'm just curious--and off to get a newspaper--we always get the daily newspaper from the town in which the child is born.

    God bless and loved Anna's pictures,

  13. Zsuzsanna,
    I am wondering why you do the tooth frog when you dont do any other imaginary creatures? (ie. santa, easter bunny, ect...)
    I honestly just want to know because this was the first year that we didnt "do" santa with our children (age 5 and 3), and I dont know how were going to handle the tooth situation when my daughter starts loosing them.
    ps. it had to be heartbreaking to see Isaac so upset :(

  14. I am a softy, too. I hate to see people get and feel hurt. I am sorry he felt left out, and I am glad you were able to make it up to him! I hope he is feeling better now!

  15. Oh poor isaac , hopefully kids don't remember the mistakes we make very long , I hope you start feeling better soon . Love the hair bows , Riley don't like to wear hair bows yet .

  16. I should add that we don't celebrate St. Valentine's Day. has an online tract(Be Nobody's Valentine) that we agree with at their main web site(KJV-only). has holiday info at their Believer's Corner(they're KJV-only). I left the Catholic church when I was 16 and we were married in a Baptist church. We need to study history and know why we do things. If I could go back we would have no made-in-China holiday decorations in our house. One year the fumes from a real Christmas tree gave me the worst migraine.

  17. Oh poor Isaac! I loved the 'tooth frogs' reply though! I bet that cheered him up immeasurably.

    Becky's hair bows are so sweet. Can I ask whether you used a tutorial to learn how to make them...I would love to try to make them for my girls.

  18. Totally unrelated to your post, but you should read this article:

    It will totally reaffirm to desire to keep your eyes on your kids at all times!

  19. Taryn, You are way to0 up tight...a migraine from a Christmas tree. Really? Ugh! Maybe you will also get a migraine from an unfulfilled chocolate craving on V-day.

  20. doctors-warn-Christmas trees- is about mold spores from live Christmas trees triggering headaches,sinus complaints, asthma attacks,etc. There is more info than that on the internet.

  21. I have not been to your blog in a very long time. Congratulations on your newest addition, your children are soooo cute! Enjoy these sweet precious blessings. I have six, too, three of each. Fun!

  22. taryn, lighten up a little bit and enjoy life. BTW do you wear any jewelery because in the bible it says you should not adorn yourself with anything except your wedding ring. do you tithe 10 percent of your family income and do you do nothing but church on sunday. sunday is a day of rest no shopping etc...your tires on your car are round, probably your plates too, a cookie is round too so does that mean everyone should get rid of round things because of people who worship the sun or only get rid of round cakes???

  23. Our Baptist Church teaches that Gentile Christians do not have to tithe-according to Acts 15(sometimes we have given more than ten percent). I agree with many and do not wear any jewelry. It does not say in the Bible that you can't wear any jewelry except your wedding ring. I am allergic to metal,nickel,etc. but missionaries found that when they told new converts to stop wearing pagan jewelry the converts would point to the missionaries' wedding rings. Many missionaries stopped wearing them. People in our church do wear jewelry because the Bible doesn't say not to.We do have round cakes(Carvel) but we have a large family and they are usually too small for us. Sunday is the Lord's Day(Acts 20:7,1 Corinthians 16:1,2;Revelation 1:10-KJV) not the Sabbath Day(Exodus 20) of rest.

  24. Wow! That is super adorable! Your sweet little princess is cute too. :)


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