Saturday, January 22, 2011

Call me crazy

If you find hate mail in the form of anonymous comments perturbing, do yourself a favor and skip this post. I myself find it rather cowardly and ridiculous. The only reason why I am choosing to post about this particular comment (and believe me, I've had plenty this week!) is because it perfectly showcases the hypocrisy of all the tolerant, enlightened people who think I am a crazy, horrible person. 

I received this in response to my post "So you're married to a jerk...", which was not a post addressing domestic violence but rather spouses that are "supreme jerks". 

I edited out the profanities. Ready?

You are a [sic] ignorant, stupid woman! If I was ever :graced: with your presence, I would sucker punch you in the mouth that NEVER STOPS! You have no experience with this - so shut [...] up about. Go back to doing what you do best. Laying [sic] on your back and shooting out ugly kids. [You know, this isn't the 1950s - women don't give birth *lying* in the supine position any more.]

Really? Stay with a man that beats? You really should not be giving that kind of advice. Do you know how many women are murder
[sic] each year becasue [sic] they stay in abusive marriages? [...]

Obviously you wear the pants in this relationship. Maybe ole' Stevie boy should start wearing your jean jumpers on Sundays......
[for the record, I don't have any jumpers, jean or otherwise]

You and your family make me sick! I hope your newest succumbs to SIDS. One less idiotic fanatic in the world. 

Hm, is it just me, or does this person have a serious anger problem? So she'd like to punch me in the face and wants my baby to die because she somehow perceives me as sanctioning domestic violence? And accusing me of being ignorant and stupid while herself making one grammatical error after another? That makes a whole lot of sense. I rest my case. 

No more of this. I can't reason with insane people.


  1. Wow this person thinks something is wrong with you?! I guess I missed the part where you told women to let men beat them and there children? I'm not sure why people think that.

  2. I am so sorry that you had someone leave such a hateful comment on your blog.

  3. I don't frequent this site, and I don't plan on coming back. I stumbled upon it via another website entirely.

    That being said, I'm only writing to say that it does make you seem very childish and ignorant to point out the grammatical errors of someone commenting on your post and not actually address the issue itself. What does grammar matter when reading the feelings of the person trying to convey them to you? A comment on your website in response to your post will surely never be published in a book where grammar matters.

    It makes you seem as if you have absolutely no interest in a reasonable discussion, grammatically incorrect or not, but only want to push your beliefs on others. If that's your agenda, why leave yourself open to receive communication at all? I don't know how this site works, but there are plenty of websites that give you the option of disallowing comments. When you take something that somebody said and then argue on the internet over semantics instead of the points trying to be made, you further prove their point and not your own. It's like "arguing with a brick wall", and it probably discourages others from saying anything to you when talking to you seems pointless.

    I don't believe this person was saying that you're ignorant or stupid in the book sense, only in the sense of your beliefs and actions. I.e, What you're saying is dumb, not the way in which you said it. When I'm thinking to myself in my own mind, I don't see grammar. There are no capital letters or punctuation of any kind. My thoughts remain the same regardless, and they still have meaning. I would never tell someone what to do, but you should (suggestion) argue the meaning behind the words instead to keep your readers interested in what you have to say rather than making them more inclined to turn away. Intellectual discussions seem far more intelligent, don't you think? It doesn't make you wrong to say to someone less educated, "While I do not agree with it, I do see your point." It only shows that you're the more mature and sophisticated of the two.

    That is all.

  4. Ah, hypocrites don't you love them? I love how the answer to your supposed support of abuse is to abuse you and wish death upon your child- makes perfect sense.
    God bless you Zsuzsa because I don't know how you can stand these comments all the time.

  5. I had to reread the post and comments-I still can't find where you even might have hinted that a wife should continue living under the same roof as an abusive husband. Where did these people get that idea-from other people's comments? Talk about being accused(Rev.12:10). I know this is a serious post but I had to laugh at what you said about not having any jumpers. You are so sweet-your husband,children and church are blessed. Thank you for this blog.

  6. Oh my!!! I too grow weary of anonymous comments. How cowardly!!!

    You handled it well though...good job! :)

    You must be doing something right to get so much negative feedback...keep on keeping on, sister!!!!!!

  7. That was horrible!!! What an evil person that was!! :( I'm so sorry you have to deal with people like that. I hope that hateful, mean person is institutionalized.

    Wishing you the best,

  8. Whoah. Not that I didn't know that there were nuts responding to you, but when the attacks become personal, that is simply over the top. I didn't agree with much in that post, either, but in a million years, I can't imagine attacking you personally.

    - Sally

  9. While I almost completely disagree with your post on divorce, I think wishing your child to die is taking it about ten steps too far.

    People are ridiculous. Sometimes I think that of some of your posts too, but I wouldn't DARE dream of threatening physical harm because of your words. Opinions are like...well you know (LOL)..everyone has one. You're entitled to yours even if half of us disagree. Your blog, your life. :)

  10. "You know, this isn't the 1950s - women don't give birth *lying* in the supine position any more."
    Unless their midwife forces them to against their will. (Although in the UK it seems to be the standard position anyway.)

  11. I hope you don't stop blogging over the constant hateful comments. We need more bloggers like you not afraid to stand up for the truth..Wishing things like that on children though, are beyond crossing the line!

  12. I have to confess that when I read your post I was annoyed with what I *thought* you were saying and nearly made a similar comment to many others citing a real life example of physical/emotional abuse extending to the children. However, on reading through all the comments I realised that you were not actually saying what I had thought you were but that you hadn't explicitly contradicted the assumption that most people would make on the basis of what you said.

    You said it would be wrong to divorce which led people to conclude that you were saying the right and best course of action would be to continue to live with an abuser. This of course is based on the assumption that there are only two options and that if you think one of them is wrong that you must think the other is right. I think I would be right in saying that actually you were stating that all available options would be wrong (and that this is as a result of sin) and that "separation" rather than "divorce" would be an available option.

    (Although it is a moot point, personally I would view "divorce" in the modern sense of the word to be merely legal recognition of what has already taken place through "separation" since "divorce" in Biblical times was self certified rather than regulated by the state so I wouldn't make such a distinction as you have made.)

  13. You know, after reading your entry on why divorce is never OK, I was too angry to even leave a coherent comment that wasn't a bunch of swear words.

    You see, my mother was widowed when I was nine years old and when I was thirteen, remarried a man who abused me almost daily until I was eighteen years old. My mother refused to divorce him until he impregnated me (I later miscarried). My biological father, who I loved very much, died from cancer. The pathetic excuse for a human being who I called my stepfather for so long is still alive and last I heard, remarried. Your comments on the only way to get out of a marriage would be for one to die infuriated me, because if that was the case my mother would still be married to that... thing that forfeited its human credentials long ago.

    I find you and your husband to be wretched, wretched people on the same par as my stepfather, but I would never go as far to wish harm on your baby. I'm angry and bitter, but not that twisted. I am not sorry that you were insulted, but I am sorry to hear that someone wished ill on your child, and I hope that she grows up to be healthy and happy.

    PS- The mental image of your husband in a jean jumper made me literally fall off my desk chair laughing. If he ever does wear one, PLEASE post pictures, it would be the most amazing thing ever.

  14. Honestly, I don't agree with the majority of your religious and political views. However, they are YOUR views, and you have the right to express them.

    No one has the right to wish death or harm upon you and your children. I am speechless that anyone could be that heartless. Maybe disable anonymous comments? That might save you a ton of aggravation.

  15. Wow some pepole need to take 1 Timothy 2:11-12 to heart and learn to be quiet! lol

  16. I would suggest disabling comments on blog posts where you do not wish to have to elaborate your opinion on issues that can be controversial. I understand some people might want a debate, but your blog, your rules - you don't owe anyone an explanation, it's just your opinion. As for the comments you've received, all I can say is there are some very callous people in this world.

  17. The acts of threatening violence and wishing harm to children are both reprehensible. How sickening.

    Please remember that not every person who disagrees with you is as crude and immature as these people. Every side extremists.

  18. Oh my, how awful! I'm sure this anonymous comment about your precious Anna was terribly hurtful Zsuzsanna. I wish this person had not left this comment for you.

    God Bless

  19. Whilst I do not in any circumstances agree with offensive comments, insults and something as dreadful as someone wishing your child would die of SIDS, I do feel that you did bring some of this onto yourself.

    You labelled your post 'controversial', as indeed it was. Your post and your comments did indeed lead people to believe that you feel that a woman should stay with an abuser and instead pray for him.

    Abuse is a very serious issue and those that are in that situation need help, support and a safe place to go. What they do not need is someone telling them they should stay with their husband and pray and telling them that ending that violent marriage would be unbiblical.

    I could never, and would never agree with the anonymous comments you have posted today. To wish for the death of a child is a terrible thing and I hope that 'anonymous' takes a step back, calms down and realises it was a horrible thing to say.

  20. This person is sick. Anyone who would wish harm upon a child is a horrible person. So sorry you have to deal with people like this.

  21. To all those people who think bad of Zsuzsanna because of her recent post: if you would at least try to understand the logic of the bible and not be so predjudiced against it. Because the more you read it the more logical it becomes. In the meantime you just need to trust God that He knows what He is doing. And this is of course the hardest part. Anyway, don't get yourself in such a rage, instead read the bible for yourself and pray for wisdom and understanding.

  22. Some of the most closed-minded, intolerant and hateful people out there are the same ones screaming for open-mindedness, tolerance and love for all.

  23. I just don't get some of the posters logic. Your strong view on marriage makes you the wearer of pants in the family? To me, that would show the exact opposite, oh well. And why is a man wearing women's clothes funny? I've seen clips of men in drag on stage and the audience is just in an uproar and laughing...did I miss the memo? not funny at all to me, oh well.

    I agree with Rebecca above, "at least try to understand the logic of the bible and not be so predjudiced against it". I think a lot of backlash and hate against Zsuzsanna is because of an internal hate against God and His precepts.

    A couple of weeks ago, there was a blog that linked to this one, to mock and make fun of Zsuzsanna. One poster even mocked the spelling of her name. Guess they didn't know that she is from Germany, guess she didn't know that people in other countries have their own language and spellings that may be different than America. Talk about ignorant.

    I appreciate you blog, Zsuzsanna. You have taken a stand against things that others wouldn't be brave enough to touch. And taken a stand against things that 99.9% of Christians don't have the same views on, such as the growing police state and the un-constitutional wars. You will have many critics who only want to throw you to the lions.

  24. This is what happens when people preach hate. Hate breeds more hate. That person wishing death on your children is no different from you and your husband praying for and wishing death on the President. You're all wrong.

  25. To Rebecca, "DITTO!" Well stated. I was scanning the comments, thinking the same thing and ready to post it. So, THANKS AND AMEN!

  26. When I think of Proverbs 29:2(KJV) I think of Gianna Jessen who was a baby that survived an abortion. When I think of people who support infanticide for babies that survive abortions I think of Psalm 55:15-23...(KJV). This reminds me of a story I heard about the Mayflower-2 crew members were persecuting the Pilgrims and their children. One man became sick and died- and the other man fell overboard. People think we're suppose to be like the tv preachers- never discuss what the Bible says about abortion, divorce,hell,etc., and get paid for promoting modern version Bibles.

  27. I don't at all agree with the hateful comments you receive. I think that practice is disgraceful. But when you comment on them, you might want to stop pointing out all the typos as if they are part of the problem. :) I've seen plenty of typos and grammatical errors in your blog posts.

  28. Why do the stupidest people on the planet always call everyone they disagree with "ignorant"? I am so sick of the mis-use of that word.

    Seriously you can show them statistics about the life spans of something like sodomites, you can detail exactly how it's wicked biblically, not normal morally, filthy cleanliness-wise, biologically perverted, psychologically insane etc. etc. and what will they say to you in light of all your facts and information? "You're so ignorant!!"

    I think I've figured out that this "ignorance" thing that morons spew has nothing to do with the dictionary definition of not being aware of something and has taken on a new definition that is basically "tv, movies, music, pop culture and all of academia agree on this opinion and have brainwashed me to agree as well. Being the majority it must make it correct and true. Not agreeing with this opinion therefore makes you IGNORANT despite anything else under the sun."

  29. Like many of your other commenters, I often disagree with what you are saying on your blog. However, it is YOUR blog and you have a right to say what you want on it. Someone deciding to lash out at you for your opinions by threatening harm to you or your family is just 100% wrong, in my opinion, and I'm sorry you're having to deal with it.

  30. I don't think it kind to hate or wish death upon anyone! Not babies, not wife's, not husband's, not presidents! Not anybody!

    But what I think, does not really matter.

    What would Jesus think if he were here on earth today and came into the presence of a woman being severely beaten by her husband?

    What would Jesus do if he were on earth today and came into the presence of a child, being abused either physically or sexually by a father?

    What would Jesus tell us to do in these situations? Honestly.

    Jesus was compassionate.

    What would Jesus think if he were reading this blog right now? Would this blog and it's contents and words, such precious words, please Jesus?

    Words are so powerful. Jesus was SO careful about the words he chose to share with us.

    Peace be with you & your family Zsuzsanna.

  31. Oh wow. I won't begin to say the things I would like to do to someone who would wish ill of a child. Maybe it's my new mother hormones getting the better of my, but I could wring the neck of the immature, childish moron who wrote that.

    I don't agree with all your posts, but guess what? It's YOUR blog! You can't write what you want, when you want. Sheesh, I got the same flack when I wrote about abortion is murder. Keep strong. Btw, your newest is adorable. Congratulations!

  32. People can be so mean and terrible. I love reading your blog and have leaned so very much from you. You inspire this mom of two to be a better wife, mommy, friend, and Christian. Thank you so much for this blog and what you do. :)
    PS hoping YHVH blesses us with baby three...YOU helped us to understand YHVH's calling for us. Thank you.

  33. I do not agree anyone should stay with a abusive husband and Jesus would not either! And some marry them not knowing and it becomes a cycle and maybe a wife turns to God and her husband does not and becomes more violent and burns her bible etc! No one should stay with this and a unrepenant husband as it affects her and children! I do like your ideas though re home schooling staying at home and much more! I will Pray for you and your family and the blood of Jesus be always around you as I am concerned after reading so much about you and husband and God will take care of you all as he loves us to Pray for all so God bless you always and your precious family!


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