Monday, January 17, 2011

Flower Girls

Miriam and Rebecca were flower girls in a wedding at our church last weekend. They were so excited, and did really well.

And just because Anna was too little to be a flower girl didn't mean she couldn't dress like one.

My alternate post tonight would have been "101 Reasons why today was a bad day", but I didn't want to relive it even mentally. Okay, maybe not THAT bad. I'll leave it at that.


  1. Please post your bad day, might make me feel better about mine ;)

    The girls look lovely BTW

    and, while I am here, thanks for fixing the hyperlink issue

  2. The girls all looked beautiful! The bride looked very beautiful herself, wish them the best.
    I hope your day got better :)

  3. It's so bittersweet that babies have to grow up so fast. Anna looks so big. She looks adorable in that frilly dress. Miriam and Backy are so cute too. They look so excited!

  4. Sorry was a rough day, but the girls look so sweet! Dressing up girls is a joy every mother should have!

  5. I watched the wedding on Youtube! Loved it and sent the link to an unsaved friend who wants to marry this year to show her what I think is a great wedding vow.

    Congratulations to the couple!

  6. The girls look so beautiful. Little Anna looks like a little doll. She's so precious! I want a little girl so I can dress her up so pretty. hehe

  7. I really like the pics of your girls...they are adorable. I have 3 girls too and they are just precious to me. And just to add encouragement to your day, since your latest remark about your troublesome day....Yesterday seemed to be the most terrible day. I couldn't wait until I could just go to bed. Then through much prayer and determination the day today turned out GREAT. Just keep going, you'll make it through. You are a great mom!

  8. I had a 'flower girl in training' at my wedding as well--although mine was still too involved in training to worry about what dress to wear--my gorgeous niece made her own special arrival!

    They all look lovely, you must be very proud of your girls. (And I could see why trying to get six children, two that are flower girls, one an infant, and three that are active young boys could be a 'worst day,' or at the least, tire you out a bit!)

  9. Mindy,

    my apologies about the misunderstanding. The wedding day went off without a hitch (no pun intended).

    The bad day I was referring to was this Monday, over a week after the wedding. It was just one of THOSE days. I thought about blogging on all the things that went wrong that day (a lot!), but decided to instead remember the really nice day a week earlier when the girls were flower girls. I hope the bride didn't read my blog and think I was referring to her wedding day! :(

    But you know the funny thing? As bad as that day was, I cannot remember any of the many reasons that made it so rough - except one: Becky breaking my cell phone. Ah, the craziest part is that I am going to miss all this one day.

  10. Ah, forgive my misunderstanding! Please tell the bride she looked positively glowing and her wedding looked absolutely lovely, (but I'm sure you being exhausted still stands!)

    You write you will miss this all someday, but think--someday you'll be the matriarch of all this madness multiplied, God willing, by grandchildren--a three-ring-circus that'll be indeed!


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