Thursday, January 20, 2011

6 week check-up

Can you believe little Anna turned 6 weeks old yesterday? Wow, time has a way of flying by. Here, in no particular order, is a little update on what our baby is currently up to.

  • She continues to be a little spitter-upper. In fact, I have nicknamed her "Itty Bitty Spitty". I think part of the problem is that she enjoys nursing for comfort, i.e. she is using me as her pacifier. Of course, she still gets milk, so much so that it makes her throw the extra back up. Miriam did the same thing as a baby. As with Miriam, I finally resorted to buying her a pacifier to use for those times where she is obviously just nursing for comfort, but she is not very good about keeping it in. Becky also thinks it's funny to "wear it" herself, as she calls it, so I can rarely find the pacifier when I need it anyway.   But alas, our sofa has way too many spit-up stains right now.
  • While she will only rarely let me hold her without demanding to be nursed, she will allow my husband, Solomon, and Isaac to hold her for long stretches of time. Often, she falls asleep while one of them is carrying her over his shoulder. It is so precious. 
  • I really enjoy having her with me in church. It is a time I look forward to, as I get to just sit and relax with her for a good hour without any interruptions from the other kids. Well, Becky has been acting up in church lately, but overall, it is still a special time I get to sit and just enjoy Anna. I am SO GLAD she is not in a nursery somewhere else.
  • Ditto for bedtime - once the older kids are in bed for the night, I enjoy holding Anna in a quiet, dark house. And snuggling up with her all night long is of course the highlight of both of our days. 
  • She really loves having no diaper on. When she is fussy and won't be content with anything except nursing, but I am busy and not able to feed her right then and there, I lay her on the sofa, with a diaper under her bottom and a blanket covering her legs. She usually will stop fussing right away and lay there, looking around, for a quarter hour or so, long enough for me to quickly do whatever it is I need to do.
  • Riding in the car seat is getting better, too. She will now usually only cry very briefly, if at all, when I first leave the house, and then stop even if she is not asleep. She still loves this one particular piano/violin instrumental music CD. It's starting to drive the rest of us slightly crazy. There are, however, 44 tracks on the CD. So it's not as bad as Becky was, who only would not cry in the car as long as we kept looping this one certain instrumental rendition of a hymn. It was about 4 minutes long, and that's pretty much all we ever listened to while going anywhere in the car for the first year of her life. 
  • At the check-up with the midwife today, she weighed 8 lbs 7.5 oz and measured 22 inches long. At birth, she was 6 lbs 13 oz and 19 3/4 inches, so she's grown quite a bit. It was so funny seeing her interact with her midwife. Anna was obviously happy to see the midwife, and was all alert and interacting with her eyes and facial expressions. It's hard to explain, but it was obvious she knew who she was "talking" with. Honestly, babies know and understand so much more than we give them credit for. 

  • Anna also recognizes all her siblings, and grins ear to ear for them. I really have to try and get a smiling picture of her one of these days. And, she likes having kisses blown at her.
Oh, I could go on. Babies are so sweet. They certainly help balance some of the stresses that come with having older kids by reminding us how sweet and tiny they likewise once were. Little babies don't give cell phones a bath, take in stray mutts they find while out riding bikes, run over each other on said bikes, grumble about having to work, tease their siblings just for the fun of getting a reaction, and so forth - not that our kids did ANY of these things in the last 48 hours... :)


    1. Good to hear she is thriving!

      I too, am soooo thankful for our church and the fact that they do not have a nursery. It is so enriching and comforting to have your babies with you during that most critical time of learning and training!

      Anna is B*E*A*U*T*I*F*U*L!!! :)

    2. She is so adorable! Scary how quickly the time goes by. I remember thinking I can't wait until Sophia is older and a little more independent it will be easier. HA!!! What a fool I was :)
      I never wanted to use a pacifier even though she wanted to nurse for comfort 24/7 now I wonder if that was a good idea- since she's 16 months and STILL nursing for comfort all night :(

    3. Great news! She's so sweet. Babies grow so fast. I got to hold a little baby around her same age at church the other day. So sweet!

    4. What a sweet face, she does have a "I know you from somewhere..." look about her when she looks at your midwife. Thanks be to God that you are both thriving after such a scare.

      It always amazes me, as your list regarding her likes and dislikes remind me, how God gives us each a distinct personality from the very beginning. Keep enjoying and God bless,


    5. Sounds like your older kids are pretty typical. I have 4 and 6 year old grandsons, and I had to chuckle about the giving a cell phone a bath, running over each other w/ bikes, etc. So funny.

    6. Anna is absolutely beautiful!!! I can't wait to get married and have babies of my own some day :)

    7. I'm surprised that your midwife has a tattoo. I guess you can only be so choosy in AZ.

    8. JustSaying, we actually are fortunate to have many wonderful midwives to pick from. Whether or not they have tattoos has never crossed my mind as a qualifying factor. Not only does my midwife offer excellent care, but I think she is also beautiful and very loving towards the moms and babies.


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