Monday, December 13, 2010

John's 6th Birthday

Johnny turned six years old this Saturday. It's hard to imagine that my baby boy is growing up so fast! John is a funny little character. He is very sharp, and has always had a big vocabulary for his age, which makes for some hilarious quotes from him.

Since I had just had the new baby three days earlier, we had a very low-key birthday. John brought his presents to our bedroom so I could watch him opening them from bed. Normally, I make the kids whatever they want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on their birthday, but since I was not able to cook him the special breakfast he wanted, he took a rain check on that for another time. After breakfast, my husband took all the kids to the park while I rested some more. Then just him and John went to ride kiddie go-karts at a fun park nearby, and do a couple of rounds of airhockey. For lunch, my husband made hot dogs for everyone, as per John's request. The kids played together in the afternoon, and I was able to make tacos for dinner with the help of a friend from church. Overall, a very quiet day. We had cake at church the next day in honor of his birthday, too, which was nice.

John was the one who got to cut Anna's cord after she was born, since he was the birthday boy. He was pretty excited about that. 

One of his gifts from us - a race car driver outfit

 Remember when Solomon found the money in the wallet? He bought John a birthday gift with some of it.

They were slides of pictures from NASA that can be viewed with this little viewer the kids already had. John loved it, as he often pretends to be an astronaut. In fact, he is pretending to be something or other (fireman, doctor, astronaut, cowboy, knight, etc.) pretty much every single day.

 Isaac, John, and Solomon. The girls were all still sleeping.

 I sewed him these camo pajamas. They are a little big on him, but I guess that's good since I'm sure he won't want to part with them for quite some time. He does not like giving up outgrown clothes. 

The other gift from us


  1. Happy birthday to your little boy!

    Is that your collection of fabric folded on the shelves behind him? It looks like a wonderful collection!

  2. Happy Birthday John! He's getting to be such a big handsome guy! (I think Sophia has a crush on him, she always cracks up when she sees a picture of him lol)

  3. Stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and have spent some time reading it. You have a beautiful family, and I congratulate you on your sixth child. Happy to hear everyone is healthy.

    I am sorry to say, however, that I find you to be a very close-minded, oft times nasty person. When I found this blog, I was excited to read about a fellow sister-in-Christ and her family. Unfortunately the things I have read have been very hateful and narrow-minded and have certainly not glorified the name of our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I will pray for you and your family, Zsuzsanna, but I will not be returning to this blog.

    God Bless You,



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