Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Wow, it's hard to believe another year is over. Surely, I can't possibly be aging at the same rate as calendar years are turning?

Just for fun, and because I have no inspirational new-year's-resolutions to share, let's revisit this past year's most viewed blog posts, as well as my own favorites. 

 - what a month! I blogged on hating, abortion (warning: graphic), and public "education".

 - my personal favorite was a video the kids made. I also blogged more on public schools.

 - to change things up, I criticized a popular homeschool curriculum, and wrote about the best thrift store find of 2010.

 - another busy month! I reposted "The Gender Wars are Over", expressed my disgust at homos pushing their agenda in public schools, explained why I do not support our troops, lamented the sad state of our tax system, and - on a happier note - announced my pregnancy with Anna.

 - I was in the throes of severe morning sickness, and blogging less. My personal favorite was this cookie jar.


- not blogging much for summer break, but I did give my 2 cents on the employment crisis.

- this month featured my husband again being exonerated, a warning against "Christian businessmen", and vaccines.

 - I blogged about my favorite bread recipes, and this year's best freecycle find.

- A lengthy Q & A, and my thoughts on sharing.

- Solomon stirred up an unexpected debate with his post, while I blogged about TSA molesting travelers for their "protection".

- Anna's birth announcement was the highlight of the year, and her birth story was nothing short of miraculous.

Surprisingly, I did NOT make Babble's list of Top 50 Mommy Bloggers. Not even in the "controversial" category. Although personally, I think that category is pretty boring and not very true to its name. And if I have to be short-haired broad blogging on the New York Times website about such topics as "a complex and unconventional family" that "took five adults to bring two little children [...] into the world" using reproductive technology to make it to #1, I hope I never get on that list.

And as for my new-year's-resolutions? Hm, let's see - in 2011, I resolve to...
  • get through an estimated 4,000 to 5,000 diaper changes without once loosing my lunch (number depends on how soon Becky will be completely out of diapers).
  • wash ca. 1,000 loads of laundry without 1) disintegrating any ball point pens in the dryer and ruining a complete load; 2) loosing more than half of our socks to - wait, where DO they all go? 3) more than 50% of my laundry consisting of clean clothes that got put in the dirty hamper by mistake.
  • spend no more than 6 hours per day in the kitchen, and no more than 2 hours per day running errands.
  • have enough brain power left at the end of the day to be able to tell my toothbrush apart from everyone else's (and to have the energy left to want to brush my teeth).
  • cook and serve a total of 7,665 healthy, balanced, nutritious, and tasty meal servings for our family, and then watch at least one person at each meal picking over their food slowly because they don't like it. It's statistics, folks - with seven people eating, there will always be someone who doesn't like some part of any meal. Including Anna eating solids for the second half of 2011 brings the total to 8,212 servings. I won't even try to include all the food I cook for various church functions in this statistic.
  • not fall asleep every day from the boredom of listening to another child learning to read simple blends and sounding out hundreds of consonant-vowel-consonant words like tan, ten, tin, ton. Rinse and repeat ad nauseam.
  • not quit my full-time, unpaid, indentured servitude as laundress, cook, maid, teacher, cab driver, nurse, secretary, purchasing agent, entertainer, judge, jury, and executioner. 
  • produce about 60 gallons of milk while accomplishing all of the above, and feed them to baby Anna any time she likes, day or night. 
Happy New Year to all you hard-working moms out there. Nobody will ever know or understand your labor of love, day in, day out, 365 days a year, year after year, but God does.

"And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not." - Galatians 6:9


    1. Zsuzsa~ I loved this post. You make me laugh!! Yes, let us not grow weary!!!! Oh how often I feel weary!!! :) You forgot to add that in the year 2011 you were gonna make a trip to Idaho to see your friends!!!!! RIGHT???? :) Well take care. Tell Pastor A. and the kiddos hi from us and tell Pastor A. that his preaching is still amazing and we can not get enough!!! Listened to the old one last night "circumsision"....we have already heard it but it is such a good one. Okay enough babble. Take care.


    2. I live about 100mi southeast from you; I know that you're getting the same cold snap we are right now. Since you don't believe that women should wear pants, what do you do when it's below freezing out? Freeze? Wait until it warms up? I'm honestly curious about this.

    3. Elisabeth, I wear tights, or leggings, under my skirts, and knee high boots. Knee high boots are the BEST invention ever for cold weather + wearing skirts. I also wear long skirts only. I've not had a problem with being too cold on my legs since I bought the boots. You can also be selective on what kinds of skirts you wear in cold weather, that's when I pull out my ankle length wool skirts. :) I know you weren't asking me, but anyway. :)

    4. I LOVE this post! You have such a great sense of humor!!! I love your I know what to look forward to when I have a few more children running around! :)

      Have a blessed new year!!

    5. Wow, I didn't realize that a nursing mom makes that much milk in a year... that's awesome. Those statistics on how much you do in a year are amazing... I seriously don't know how you do it without passing out from exhaustion at the end of each day. Wow.

    6. Jessica,

      we'd love to come visit you all sometime. But why do you live so far away?? Maybe the summer heat will drive me far, far away from here.


      Katy-Ann's answer is exactly what I would have said - tights or leggings under long, thick skirts. Although that really is not necessary here, the coldest we have had was 40 degrees. But back in Chicago, that's what I used to do.

      my number was based on making 20 ounces of milk per day for the whole year, which is actually on the low end. Some babies drink as much as 32 ounces per day. I didn't realize how all these things added up, either, until I did the math.

    7. The life of a busy happy mother.


    8. Just as a note on the milk production debate (and not to cause any sort of Duggar-related kerfuffle), remember how much milk Michelle Duggar pumped in the hopes that Josie could use it? I recall oodles and oodles of milk in one refrigerator after another. (Yes, oodles is a technical term ;)) She even called herself 'the dairy queen,' which gave me a chuckle--I think many of us feel like 'dairy queens' or 'milk maids' or a certain animal whilst breastfeeding! For those that didn't know, Josie was lactose intolerant and couldn't take Michelle's milk (pre-pumped or otherwise) and she instead donated it to help other children--what a tremendous blessing she gave to those children without the benefit of their own mother's milk, so all was not in vain. I'm sure Anna appreciates your efforts as well! God bless you and your family in the new year, Zsuzsanna!

    9. Hi Zsuzsanna, I have a question for you that I skipped my mind earlier. What do you give to first-time mothers (or recommend for any new mums, whatever the number) at their showers? Just the curious in me!

      Mindy (again)

    10. "judge, jury, and executioner."

      That cracked me up!

    11. Happy New Year's to you! Blessings!

    12. I have seen some of the negative things you've said on your blog about your home country, and until now I didn't understand how bad Germany was until I read this article about former chanellor Schroder...
      wow!! and I always thought of German men as being strong!!

    13. I love this post lol
      My main resolution is to be more organised. I've let slip recently and i just can't cope ;-)

      Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family


    14. I so appreciate your blog; your revelling in being Mama to many and wife to one! We have just taken in some foster children AND I am 12 weeks pregnant and have two kids already and everyone is acting like this will be bad for my though large families haven't been the norm for ages! Just bothers me, I guess.

      Refreshing to read your blog...and Anna is BEAUTIFUL! All of your kiddos are!


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