Wednesday, December 22, 2010


To life with six kids, that is. It's been interesting, but good. Anna is starting to like the car seat more. I have only taken her out by myself three times, but she stopped crying and fell asleep within a few minutes' drive each time. She seems to like listening to this particular violin/piano instrumental CD. Maybe it's because her Dad plays the piano at home a lot, and she recognizes it. 

She eats like a little piggy, and sleeps the rest of the time. There really is never a stretch for more than maybe 10 minutes that she is awake. BUT she usually wakes up if she is not being held, so she has been spending much time being carried in a sling, or in the arms of her Dad or older brothers. In the mornings, she has been staying asleep in our bed on her own after I nurse her. Today was the longest yet, almost 2 hours. 

The other kids are doing well. The only one that has been acting up more than usual is Becky, which I expected, as she was already going through a rough phase. She is very excited about the baby and doesn't seem jealous. She simply figured out that while I am sitting down nursing Anna is a prime time to steal the chocolate out of her siblings' advent calendars, unravel a roll of toilet paper, squirt a new tube of toothpase all over the floor, and get into all kinds of other mischief. 

Miriam is all over the baby. She is so cute and mothering. She got asked to be the flower girl at the wedding of a couple in our church. They are getting married in January, and she has asked me probably a hundred times every day how much longer it will be until the wedding (literally). She is SO excited.  It's all she can think and talk about anymore. Note to self: next time, don't announce such monumental events to little kids until the day before. 

The boys have been doing some school work here and there, mostly during the girls' nap time. They also spend hours every day reading or playing outside. Their Dad and Grandma bought them some "Hardy Boys" books, which they love. My husband has also been taking them to the office or out working with him a lot. 

We will be celebrating Christmas with "just" the eight of us, as we have no relatives living in town. My husband's younger sister and her husband will be with us the day after Christmas, though, so that will be fun. We are opening the presents on Christmas Eve after our traditional dinner of hot dogs, and having the usual ham dinner on Christmas Day. It's so childish, but I get excited just like the kids every time the mailman drops off another package at our house. I still have three gifts to finish for the kids - hopefully, the baby will cooperate. There are also more packages to wrap, which is not easy with a baby in arms.

My husband's mom - she must have read the "Cat in the Hat" books several dozen times while she was here because the kids kept asking her to do so.

 Grandma with all three girls

 The matching dresses were Christmas gifts from her to the girls.

Our church is celebrating its 5th anniversary this Christmas Day. We have special things planned for the next day, Sunday, our anniversary service. Being married to a pastor, particularly the pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church, is not always sweetness and light. There have been many struggles that nobody would ever know about or understand unless they have been in the same situation, and beside all else, it's just plain hard work - for both of us. Last Sunday, one of the key men in our church, who has been with us for over 4 years, preached during the evening service, and his words really encouraged me. At the end, he and the church presented my husband with an exceptionally well-made photo book that chronicles the last 5 years of our church's existence, as well as a very generous gift. It was so nice! 

Hope everyone is enjoying this last week of Christmas!


  1. Beautiful pictures, as usual! Congrats on 5 years :)

  2. Love the pics , the girls are so beautiful , cute dresses . I have a hard time when I tell my kids that we are going to a theme park or anything else early , even the night before they get so excited they can't sleep .

  3. Love all your recent pictures. Beth gets all excited when she sees a baby picture. We look at your pictures together, and she shouts BEBE everytime she sees Anna. I can wait to see her reaction when she meets her new sister.

  4. Hi Zsuzsa!!! Oh little funny. Joshua is definately always into mischief and it has magnified since Hannah's arrival!!! Hannah too has been held so much and she does not let us set her down. :) Which is good and bad. Like the times I really need to deal with like 5 billion things at a time. How nice your mother in law comes and helps. I never get help. Well Chad does though. I know so many dont know all the "behind the scenes" stuff with church and all. I know it is not easy for you but press on because you know the hard truth of Gods word is being preached and SOOOOOOOO many have gotten saved!!! We pray for you all and love you guys so much. Cant wait to fellowship again someday. Take care and rest and enjoy the madness!!! :)


  5. I've been meaning to ask (but got sidetracked by the whole new baby thing!) how is the studies on Australia coming along? I am very interested to know what the boys have learnt about this sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains...

    (that last statement was a bit of a joke for the Aussies LOL)

  6. I'll be praying for you to adjust. You're Becky sounds like my Sophia :) Whenever it get's a little too quiet I know there is trouble lol. As a side note, thank you for mentioning in the past about when they have a silent cry to blow in there face. My little monkey has NO fear and I've been using that tip a little too often!

    Happy 5 years with the church! We only found you all maybe 3-4 years ago and it has been a blessing. I can not even begin to explain how much we have learned and grown. It truely has changed our lives. Some may debate if that's good or not lol. Just from what I've know that has gone on in the past it does NOT seem like an easy job for either of you. I can not imagine the stress with all the kids and all the problems with the church but you will be blessed so much!

    As always the children are just adorable! I love the matching dresses, they are so cute!

  7. Anna is so precious! I think she looks a lot like John, and Becky. The polka dot dresses are so cute. I'm glad you're adjusting. I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

  8. Bless, such funny antics from your little Becky! I bet the others were pretty cross to find their advent calenders had been raided!

    The photograph of your two little girls in their matching dresses is just so precious Zsuzsanna.

  9. I think I'm starting to understand the hard work it takes in the ministry. It can be very overwhelming and exhausting and that's coming from a mother of two not six. Then I start thinking of the fact that you have to home school your children as well (not there yet) but I watch you and know you are very good at juggling all these responsibilities. You are a huge encouragement to me.

    P.S. At least you are out of the house! :)

  10. Just curious.... At what age do your girls start wearing dresses only? I am just wondering as I noticed your newest addition in in a cute little sleeper.

  11. Is it just that photo, or does Anna really have fingers that long? She looks like she has the perfect hands to be a pianist.

  12. Thank you all!

    Alice, I'll have to have Solomon write up a report on Australia for an assignment and post it here.

    ~M, our girls are "dresses only" their whole life, BUT I consider sleepwear and underwear an exception to that rule. For example, I will put a baby in a sleeper, the girls wear tights in the winter, etc. When our babies are so little that they can't sit on their own, I usually keep them in sleepers all day long because it is so much more comfortable than miniature versions of "big kid" outfits.

    she does have very long fingers, as well as toes. Seems like all of our girls do.

  13. I am looking forward to reading it!

    oh, and my grammar in my first comment was appalling! I have no excuse!

    Thanks also for the Christmas update :D


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