Thursday, November 18, 2010


I FINALLY got a birth tub today, after trying to get one lined up for the last 4 weeks. Which really is nobody's fault but mine, since trying to reserve a tub that close to my due date is a somewhat crazy notion. I usually call the "tub lady" in my first trimester, because she books out months and months in advance. Sure enough, she was all booked out. 

It was getting to a point where I thought about just ordering a kiddie pool on Amazon, but did not like that idea too much because it would have been pretty shallow compared to an actual birth tub. Then the midwife I had with Miriam and Becky (which sadly did not work out to have her again this time) emailed to tell me she had a birth tub in her garage, and that I could use it for free! 

The kids and I picked it up today at her office; it was so nice to see her again. The tub was a breeze to inflate with an electric air pump another lady from church had loaned me, it didn't even take 5 minutes. Of course the kids got all excited about it and wanted me to fill it with water just for fun, but I know better than that! The tub will stay deflated and stored out of their reach until I go into labor!!

Aside from all that fun, I worked on the kids' advent calendars for a little while, and also managed to precook a few more breakfasts and dinners today. I am just now done with the last of it, and getting ready to clean the kitchen one last time, as well as the living room and the other "public" areas of the house. I really enjoy getting everything neat and tidy at night, even though it never stays like that for more than 5 minutes once the kids get up. It's like bailing water from a sinking boat - you don't make any progress, but you have to just keep at it. Off I go!


  1. 19 days to go! Wow! Here's hoping the rest of this pregnancy goes well and that you don't spend too much time in that birth tub ;)

  2. Hi, I just had a question about the brewer diet. It might be a stupid question but I want to make sure I'm doing it right. For the fresh greens and fruit, does it count if I make a green smothie out of them? Thanks for all your great info on pregnancy and birth! My friend just had a baby in the hospital and there is no way I am doing that! It is nuts how things are done there! Can't wait to read your birth story!

  3. I wish I had had a vaginal birth, I ended up with two sections, both emergency. I would have loved to give birth in a tub! I was wondering, do your girls always wear dresses, or do they wear pants sometimes? I wondered if it was a modesty issue, and if so, what do they use for bathing suits?

  4. Don't you think the last few weeks seem to go by so slowly.
    But saying that, I can't believe that you've only got 19 days left :)
    I wish I had the choice to have a water birth but in my time that was only just coming back so i never got the chance.


  5. What a blessing that you are getting to use the tub for free. I love how the Lord works things out. I used a kiddie pool from Amazon, it was fine for me since I don't have anything to compared it to I would use it again. I got the deepest one I could find, that was only 1 inch shorter than the tubs my midwife had.
    Time goes by so fast, soon you'll be holding your precious little one:0) Can't wait to hear your birth story!

  6. I can only imagine how relaxing a warm tub like that would be when you're laboring. How wonderful! Do you not only labor in water, but deliver in water, too? If so, are you ever worried about the associated risks (infection, pneumonia, etc.) of potentially exposing your baby's lungs to contaminated water? Or maybe it's just me who's a worry wart!

  7. Hello, I love reading your blog. I was wondering if you could do a post on what kinds of things you do for natural healing especially now with cold and flu season? I would be so grateful!Thanks!

  8. "It's like bailing water from a sinking boat - you don't make any progress, but you have to just keep at it. "
    This is perfectly, perfectly said. I totally agree and relate.

    Where was John for this picture? (at least I think it's John)


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